When was the last time she had real proper sleep? She wasn't sure about that, but she knew that it's been a while. Sleep deprivation was not at all a foreign thing to the Aspect of Magic. Neither was the effects of insomnia itself. It wasn't the first time, and it surely won't be the last. Fluttering her eyes open, she was greeted by the bright red ruby gemstone on the desk in her room. Malva found herself straggling to get there as her movements became very limited and held back when she was trying to get to the desk. She felt extremely tired and exhausted, she knew this feeling. How she wished it wasn't anything weird at all, but this level of exhaustion should be illegal just as well if it could cause the victims to fall into the grounds of hallucinations. 

'No amount of hallucinogen could top this.' She thought. She wasn't wrong, because this was heavier and much more fatal than a simple dose of hallucinogen. 

Malva then fell on the grounds with a thud. She hasn't felt this weak and helpless in a long time, minus the exception where her entire siblings suffered the similar but a much more larger scale than ever when the time rupture was caused and ripped through the history. Grumbling in distress, the Russian light haired woman tried to pull herself back up on her feet, to which it went off as one of her many futile attempts. However, on her second try, she managed to get up half way, where she ended up leaning against the desk and took the ruby gemstone with a single swoop, before making her way to the storage room next door. The storage room was where Malva kept all her ingredients, enchantments and potions. It varies from simple herbs to actual talismans.

It was a twin door to her room. She's the Aspect of Magic, she's bound to have her own space of work to experiment on the things she would later on document. Despite taking quite some time to get there due to the muscle pain that was eating up her joints, she eventually arrived. Twisting the door knob open, she pushed herself in and eyed the shelves and cabinets. The moment she opened the cabinets, she took every single thing she needed as fast as her hands could work. That was when she pulled herself to one space, where she always worked her magic. A mahogany table and a chair, with sheets of papers and different kinds of spell books laid on it. It was messy, but still neat in a way. 

Every spell book differs from the covers, but one could still figure out it was created by the same person. There was a distinctive mark on every cover. A sigil of a dragon surrounded by both palettes of purple and dark colors. It was how Malva's dragon was like. Dragging herself by the feet, she crawled her way up until she got on the chair. Her breathing were ragged and it was getting uneven every second that passes. She had no idea why she even took the damn potion in the first place. Maybe too much of sleeping draught for the witch. Nothing could escape the grasp of overdose. Not even potions. Apparently, the Ailward Aspect had taken a bit too much in the past 48 hours. She's been trying to get some sleep but even the sleeping pills wouldn't work. She'd only find herself to suffer through her dreams if she had done that. The only way to non-existent dreams was by sleeping draughts. 

Half way before she could even take the bowl, she tripped and hit her head on the corner of the table. Howling in pain, she pulled herself back up again, ignoring the blood that was forming from the slight cut. She poured every content from the ingredients she got earlier into a bowl, before mumbling a few words. She couldn't even drink straight from it without having it spill over her top. Wasn't as if she cared much of it. All that mattered was that she got the counter potion for it so she wouldn't suffer through the hallucinations again. Malva literally covered herself by laying her head on top of the table, grumbling in annoyance and the bitter taste of it. "Stupid girl..how could you forget you've taken two doses the past 48 hours." 

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Peace and quiet was something that was hard to find in the Aliward manor especially if her siblings had anything to do with it. The Aspects were an acquired bunch so to say. All liked to steal up trouble between them all. Mostly it was her and Virideus who was causing the most mischief, joining him in his pranks. Surprising them all when they least expect it. So far Cora had managed avoiding getting hexed or what not. Getting out the way so they could pin it on it on him instead. It’s worked so far in her favour most of the time. The blonde had spent the majority of night flicking through various books to do with cursed objects and different spells. Most of the books she’d already read cover to cover. The library was in the need of more books. She’s one of the few people who have read the majority of the books in the different libraries that there was inside the Aliward Manor. One of the downsides of being immortal is having a lot of free time on your hands. Watching the world go by. It all changing. Like most of her siblings she’s stuck to the olden ways. Preparing paperback books to whats downloaded on the internet. Among other things. Maybe she’ll pester Venetus again to restock the liabry just for her.

Checking her watch she looked to see that it was the morning, she’d slept for around 6 hours or so. Having fallen asleep with a book in her hands. Cora got up from the sofa feeling her back ache from sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa for hours. Feeling and hearing as her bones clicked. Making a mental note to ask for better sofas too. It was time for her to get up start the day. Leaving the libary and heading to her room walking through the empty corridors. It was still early so not many people were around just yet. Cora unlocked her door, she kept it locked when she was away. Since she kept a collection of cursed objects and books on them inside. If fallen in the wrong hand bad things would happen, so having locking it was a safe precortion. Wanting to take a shower first, heading into her bathroom that was connected to her room she went to take a showe. After she took a shower she dried and blow dried her haair before putting some waves curles in it and applied some make up. Choosing an outfit of a Grace Top by A.L.C, it was yellow geometric print top. Pairing it with a black and white stripped McDermott Skirt and a pair of black high heels and a necklace. Cora loved the modern clothes rather than the olden times fashion. It was one of the few things that they did right. Blending in with others

She thought that maybe today her and Malva could pop out for a bite to eat. Feeling alright peckish needing some food and coffee to start the day. Knowing that Malva would be the best person to go and pester to go with her. Heading straight to Malva’s room knowing she’s probably there. Opening the room and heading straight in not bothering to know. Which she never did. Sometimes she walked into some sticky situations. Forgetting her manors. “Mal! You wanna go and get some breakfast” Cora called out walking through into her sisters room, looking around. Being a bit nosey like usual. Seeing that Malva wasn’t in bed she was probably in what she called her ‘work quarters’. It was just another room combined onto hers instead of a closet. “Are you in here” The blonde shouted almost looking for her. As she walked into the next room she looked to see the older brunettes head resting on the table already knowing what she’d done.

Approaching her quietly tapping Malva by the shoulder gently to wake her up. “Malva! Wakey wakey” She called softly as she shoulder her by the shoulders waiting for her to wake up. Cora looked around to see what she might of been up to. Seeing that there was various books spread on the table with herbs and elixirs. Already sensing that the aspect had been trying to brew or make up a spell of her own, “Oh you sweet thing” She coaced before realizing what she’d done to make her so out of it. Seeing and been through it all before with her. “'Did you take extra dose of those things again?” She accused commening, knowing Mavla too well. There would be times when she would stay up for days then try to cure it minutes by taking some potion.

Letting herself rest on the mahogany table, she tried to relax herself by counting every time she had to take a breather. The counter potion had done its work well, although the only side effects she had with her was that of she needed coffee to refresh herself back up. She needs coffee. Desperately. In the Ailward manor, it's never possible to see any coffee stocked up in the kitchen, since they would be gone even before anyone else could get their hands on it. That was one thing Mal would have to remind herself when she goes out. She swore, their endless supply of coffee is realistically untrue. She was moving in her own world, until a familiar voice interrupted her current train of thoughts. 

It was Cora. Malva would be able to recognize that voice anywhere. Literally. Anywhere. Rolling her eyes slightly, she was just going to ignore the younger Aspect. Until of course, the blonde took it up to herself to wake the Aspect of Magic up by shaking her slightly. Letting out a heaved sigh and a groan make its way out, Malva look up to face her. Her own sapphire blue hues clashing with that of Cora's. Her light brown hair were unruly and was in a mess. And she didn't even look that well, either. As if her pale complexion couldn't get any unrealistically paler enough. Now, it has. It felt as if all the color had drained out of her body. That's one effect, but Malva was already naturally pale, so it did not look that weird on her. Well, at least she could be unwell and some might never notice, had they not know her well enough.  

"Maybe..I forgot I already took like two doses in the past 48 hours. My fault..I'm reckless and careless. But what's news, anymore." Her words were trailed slowly, indicating the restlessness that was in her. Despite being able to sleep due to the sleeping draught, it didn't mean that the Aspect of Magic did not suffer any other difficulties in trying to seal her mind off. "I'd love to get some coffee in my system right now..so you'll have yourself some company, sister. Just- give me a moment to dress into something more appropriate." She mumbled and pulled herself back up and made her way to the bathroom. While she was washing her face, she often let out sighs. Mostly ones from distress. 

It wasn't until she was brushing her hair, that she noticed there was the fresh cut she inflicted upon herself unintentionally when she hit her head on the table earlier. Ruffling her hair, she took a tissue and wiped it away. Thankfully, it wasn't deep enough to leave any bruising or scars. She took her leather jacket on her chair, wearing it in one slid, took her bag and beckoned for Cora to follow her downstairs. She almost forgot to close her door, and didn't realize until it she was half way out. She shook her head slightly at her forgetfulness and with a single thought, the doors closed by itself using a telekinetic force. It was basic witch move, after all. Giving it one last look, her room dissolved itself into the wall, as if it was non-existent. Being the witch of the family has its perks, despite the exhaustion that accompanied it. Lately, Malva's fashion has gone a darker edge. She used to wear simple dresses ranged from strapless and sleeveless with cardigans and boots. But now, well, she usually just occupied herself with a leather jacket. "Lead the way, sister."

Oh, and she still retained her very '21st century' way of speaking too. Not.

Letting herself rest on the mahogany table, she tried to relax herself by counting every time she had to take a breather. The counter potion had done its work well, although the only side effects she had with her was that of she needed coffee to refresh herself back up. She needs coffee. Desperately. In the Ailward manor, it's never possible to see any coffee stocked up in the kitchen, since they would be gone even before anyone else could get their hands on it. That was one thing Mal would have to remind herself when she goes out. She swore, their endless supply of coffee is realistically untrue. She was moving in her own world, until a familiar voice interrupted her current train of thoughts.

Cora was familiar with all this before. Having been through and put up with Malva’s bad habits. Staying awake for days then trying to not feel the side effects by different remembered always ended badly. She wondered why she did it but there she still does it. There’s no help for the brunette aspect. “Malva! Mally!” She called trying to hurry up waking her sibling as her belly started to rumble wanting to get something to eat quicker. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she heard a sigh coming from Malva followed by a grown. As Malva looked up to her. The blonde shook her head looking at the state that Malva got herself in. She’d even managed to cut her head. “Please don’t say you couldn’t make it to the table without causing an injury to yourself?” She rolled her eyes kinda scarsically knowing what Malva was like. “No offense but you look like death sis, are you doing Erythrurus a run for his money?” The teased laughing a little looking to her.

And they said that Malva was the smart one, which seemed not. “Two doses? Malva you know how dangerous that is. What are we going to do with you?” She told her off like she was a child, sighing and shaking her head. Knowing that you were never going to change Malva, however much you tried. “Thought you would, go and freshen and make yourself up” She ushered wanting her to go and get ready. Pointing to the dribble patch on Malva;s shirt from where she must of spilt that remedy down herself when drinking. Soon Malva hurried off to get ready so she decided to clean up a little to help her whilst waiting. It weren't too long till Malva was hurrying back through ushering for them to leave, watching as Malva nearly forgot to lock her door behind her as they left. “Your always eager for coffee” She added. Coffee was one thing that all Aspects loves and mostly live on.

She rolled her eyes and narrowed them slightly at the Aspect of Darkness as they make their way downstairs. "I tripped okay.. And hit my head. It's just a cut. The very few things to make us remember we are still human something. .even though we're not. It feels good to have reality slap you in. If not, I'll forever be in delusion, sister." Her voice was heavily accentuated by sarcasm and her passiveness. It was true, Malva has been going through some rough patches in trying to figure out the newly uncovered secret she stumbled upon last month. She was still trying to figure it out but however, the Aspect of Magic was still suffering in difficulty trying to decipher anything that was left. It was as if it was even left purposefully. Which would definitely make things more confusing for her. 

"Trust me, sister. I'm not trying to give anyone a run for their money. But I bet I made a dashing Death itself." The small scoff she lets out was amicably audible. Despite the current state that she was in, she still knew how to play around with the small buttons of humor. "I'm still the smart one, it doesn't change anything." It was as if the older sister could read the younger's mind, Malva had interjected, a slight smile gracing her features. "Just felt a bit human today. What more than to start my day tripping and bruising myself at my own work space? Forgot the simplest things because she was preoccupied with other things. We need a vacation, honestly. Not like we could get one. But seriously." The point of exhaustion was close to eating the Russian woman up by a whole. The Aspects never seemed to get a rest any day, if they were not bothered by day, they'd probably be bothered by night. It was impossible to see no flaws in their aspects in the world any day. The world is a big place, after all. 

"We are always eager for coffee, Cora. It doesn't even come off as a surprise anymore. Coffee would be lucky enough to have us as their customers for at least every minute of the day."

It was like their positions were swapped. Where she was the older sister telling off the younger one. “Well you are quite accident prone too” She added as they continued to walk down stairs. “Human’s don’t turn into dragons” Their powers were so more complex than the other species. All the aspects had their own powers and respiblites hers was the aspect of darkness, whereas Malva’s was Magic. There were many different ones too making them more powerful than anyone else, but now use their power to protect and help others. Maybe she’d been not noticing the little things that make a big picture. Not seeing how things been happening to Malva to make her stress out and spend days on end awake looking for answers and new chapters. Cora had just been wrapped up in her own life to notice all that's been going on in other peoples.

“Why don’t you let me give you a makeover. You know get rid of all that pale complexion” She pointed out saying something she'd been saying for years but kept being told no. “How did you?” Almost questioning how she got inside her head although she knew that she couldn’t of course but still. “Who doesn’t need a vacation?” She laughed smiling a little. Vacation was something that the aspects rarely got. A few trips here and there until their duties called bringing them all back. Not that she as complaining but it still nice to get away for awhile. It was true they basically runned on coffee like nearly every other person. “So where do you want to eat, your choose?” She asked looking to her letting her choose. There were so many places these days to go and eat in. It was surprising how so many people were able to spend money on coffee and eating out but not able to afford buying anything else.

Malva could not help but to roll her lightly bright hues at her younger sister. “I’m beginning to question who’s the older one in this said scenario, sister. Aren’t I like 21 years older than you, Cora?” She jested, her tone holding slight humor in it, despite not looking the part.It was a fortunate event that the Aspect of Magic could even find it in herself to muster up what was left in her. As they grew older and became more content with the idea of peace itself, she found that they have slowly lost grip on empathy. Or at least, she did. The Russian born Aspect had forgotten how it felt to feel any emotions, since a long time ago. But then again, her past wasn’t exactly shaping her into some individual that had her fair share of experience in the matters of it. So, she might have lost grip of it faster than most. 

"It's what they say, sister. Practice makes perfect. You wouldn't know much of it, considering you don't really come across that much mistakes since you don't do experiments, yourself." The sudden change of tone, where sarcasm accentuated her voice perfectly, was surely not something foreign for the Aspect of Darkness. Nor would it be to any of them. Considering, as it's coming from their Aspect of Magic sister. Hearing her younger sister talk about how humans don't turn into dragons made her brows furrowed slightly. "Obviously. But we're not just dragons now, are we? If we were, we'd be breathing fire and be those greedy old bats. Not to mention, the temper that accompanies it. Oh wait- we do have a temper. Eh..nothing surprising. You don't really expect us to be born out of a ball of light again after resurrection. Besides..the world is cold and harsh. If living in it for centuries long had taught us something, it's that we- are prone to it." 

Sometimes, Malva takes a turn of her words. She's an old soul, who is still not at all used to the technology surrounding her. Sure, she was a fast learner and made her way around the elements itself, but it doesn't mean she had to pretend to like it. She didn't like that weapons were created to subdue and incarcerate their supernatural kind, despite them being made for good purposes. She knew it all too well, it was only time when those fell into the wrong hands and authority. It's an endless cycle that seemed to manipulate the time interval of the world itself. Malva was glad Cora wasn't looking like she felt burdened by any of it. She had a few difficulties that accompanied her duties, both personally and professionally. Something she'll never disclose to her siblings, obviously. 

Giving her sister a look that feigned of offense, she scoffed at the blonde. "A makeover? Really, now? Seriously Cor..if you wanted to use one of us as a doll, maybe take Argent or Aurantia. Tia might fight you on it but she does have her times. My pale complexion fits me just as well as my attitude, darling." However, now that the Aspect of Darkness had said it, Malva did take a good look of her reflection earlier at the bathroom while she was cleaning her cut. She was always pale, looking like a literal Norwegian or Russian girl that had lived her entire life in cold climate. When her young self moved from Russia, they settled down in what seemed to be Alaska today, so she was right on the cold climate part. She lived in North America, so she was too familiar with the said temperature. No wonder she didn't prefer summer much. "I wasn't sure if I even got anything to eat since two days ago.. Been too occupied that my only company seemed to be my pet furball and sheets of spells here and there. Gosh, I sound miserable." She literally facepalmed before dragging the both of them to the town square, to the cafe she used to frequently visit back when she wasn't too bombarded by her work. Basically, back when she came to the city as a new resident and doctor at the General Hospital of Evermore.

"You look well..I mean, I think aside from Reus and Ven, I'm the only one who figured she needs a drink to cover up everything that's happening to her." Which was partly true. She's covered with so many that it has come to a point where she couldn't even keep up.

The Aliward Aspects were a tight family who over the years have bonded like any other family. They weren’t normal of course but what family was? It was weird almost to think that if they’re lives hadn’t turned out how it did they wouldn’t have met or be a family. If Venetus hadn’t found her all those years ago she would have lost what scrap of sanity she had left. Being the Aspect of Darkness changed her for the better. “Age is just a number at our age Sister” She mused, having lost count over the years as each birthday passed she wouldn’t add the year on. Weird to say or think that she was now over a thousand years old. Like most aspects they had been part for a thousand years. “Someone's got to make sure to look after you, today it is me” Pointing out that Malva weren’t able to look after herself fully. Not sleeping for days on end, that and she was quite accident prone. So it was no surprise that she managed to get an injury somehow today.

“I do a few experiments I’ll have you know, how can you master something without trying it out to start off” Almost sounding a bit snarking but Malva was used to it. It’s only natural for siblings to bicker with one and another. Whilst Cora’s power was more complex than others. It’s nature and power was of a darker kind. If gotten in the wrong hands only knowing what bad things would come out of. “I don’t want to be a bat” She complained, grminincing almost thinking of being another type of species like a vampire. “Temper comes with the title and it’s perks” Whilst some of them were worse than others. Cora was the one who could handle managing her temper for the most parts unless something or someone had done something to piss her off. She liked practical jokes but not when it was on her, that's where she drew the line. Most people knew to avoid her when she was in a bad mood or pissed off. The blonde aspect could easily strip away their sight putting them into darkness until she deems fit to reverse it.

For years she had been trying to pester Malva to let her give her a makeover. Cora thought that she could give her a much better look if she let her. Thinking that the whole pale complexion was outdated. That Malva looked more like a vampire. “But it’ll be fun” Pouting a little but knowing it was no use. The other two would easily let her give them a makeover since she was good at doing over peoples make ups. Cora knew that she’d never win. It's a losing battle with her an Malva over her wanting to give her a new look. “I know that when your in the zone with your magic and stuff you block everything out. But you still need to remember to eat and drink” Sounding like an old record but was only trying to look out for her. “Speaking of which how on earth have you been allowed to have a tiger cub?” The blonde marvelled pointing fingers, who would be sane enough to let Malva have and look after an endangered species. Already knowing that it wasn’t legal in the slightest.   

The blonde Aspect was soon dragged away towards the cafe place where they were heading to for lunch, seeing that the brunette couldn’t wait. “You got us” She looked to her not taking much notice before to see that there was more to see beneath with her sibling that it may seem. Cora herself struggled with her own problems a lot of the time. Choosing to distance herself. More reserved. There were many nights where she couldn’t sleep as different thoughts flooded her mind and she’d wander round the gardens at night.

She finds it ironic that Cora was taking care of her now, when it was the opposite back then. Cora was the baby sister, and Malva had lived her life getting used to the idea of being the eldest sister in the family of 8 dragons. She didn't hold the appearance of someone older but she was definitely the oldest sister there. "Age is just a number..heh. It's okay to say that to us, sister. We're over 1200 years old." She shrugged, it's becoming quite tedious for them. Once they took a seat at the cafe, she circled her fingers around the rim of the cup when they delivered it to the two sisters. "I do remember to eat and drink, Cora. That's the main reason why I'm even still standing right now, aren't I? I still eat and drink..maybe more to coffee than actual solid food, but I still remember to do that." However, by her tone, it was clear that even the purple dragon wasn't sure if she was actually telling the truth. It could be the truth, but it seems like she was questioning her own self if it was actual truth.

Pondering at the offer her younger sister was telling her, she pursed her lips lightly before resting her head on her hand. "Have your way with me, I guess. I mean, not too much. You know I don't like being pampered that kind of way. I guess I don't need to remind you all those boundary lines and whatnot, seeing as you're my sister and you know me better than anyone else." She shrugged as tapped her nails on the mahogany table. "Cora, do you ever think of the end? I mean..Will we live this way until everything ends? Or will we have our own time, timed? We don't exactly have an hourglass but..how certain are we that we'll still be here for more years to come?" It wasn't something usual coming out from Malva Ailward. The Aspect of Magic never had her section and share of such questions. She never thought much of it.  "I mean, it's not like we have anyone to think of. But if we had, would you dread it? We're unpredictable creatures..we don't know when we'll go nor do we know how long we'll continue to live on. It's just a stick in my brain, nothing much. But I do want to know your opinion about it."

Every one of them took responsibility at times to look after one another, they were family after all. Now today was her turn to look after Malva seeing as she couldn't right now. “A very long time” All of them lost count over the years, each year is the same but why add another year onto it. Walking into the coffee shop the two took a seat, Cora choose to sit in side with a booth whilst Malva was left to a wooden chair. Ordering their coffees to give them time to decide what they wanted to eat for breakfast. Knowing on Malva she was having a strong black coffee whilst she normally went for lattes. By now Cora knew what Malva was like, to when she’s telling the truth or lying. “But that's not really healthy” She added with a sigh knowing that they could never try to change Malva, just had to accept her with all her faults. Which there was a lot of. “I swear everytime I cook anything in the kitchen back home someone's always there stealing my food. Mostly Draco, Illiana’s new husband” Vultures the lot of them, might have to end up labelling her food with her name to make sure no one else took it.

“Fine no makeovers” Stopping all her pestering almost forgetting all that Malva had been through in the past. All of them had bad pasts but all powered through it, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If it didn’t all happen they wouldn’t be where they all are now, together. That's how she sees it as. Cora looked over to Malva as the conversation was starting to get more darker. “I’ve never really thought like that. We have all our powers but will there be a time when they would be needed for use all together?” All of them are immortal, watched a thousand years go past like it was nothing. Watching as the human race and then supernatural has evolved. “I don’t know what there is after everything is all gone” The end of the world, people who have lived this long must have thought about it all once or twice.  


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