Penelope looked to her phone one last time to make sure she had the right address Lana gave her. Cursing to herself for agreeing to help the girl. Showing up to the house she shared with her brother. The person she wanted her help with. He had no idea she was here. Maybe that is why she sat at the end of the drive for a long moment before pulling up to the house. Letting out a soft huff she sighed into the air for a moment. “You so owe me Lana.” She said as she looked to her bag in the seat she needed.

Picking it up she opened her car door and moved up the stairs to the front door. She looked to her phone again as it said that it was his day off and he would be home. “You assume he may not have a life when you are not around.” she mumbled at the message as she tucked her phone in the bag and reached up and knocked on the door. When no one came to answer it, she looked for the key Lana said was in a plant and unlocked it. “Hello?” she called out quietly before she moved her way up the stairs.

She found Logan, the tea Lana gave him before her coming over seemed to work. “Alright. Sorry about that. Your sister thinks you have some issues you need to work through. And honestly its easier if you are asleep.” She moved to the bed beside him and placed a crystal in the center of his chest before she laid back beside him. Placing a crystal in the center of her chest and muttering the spell to protect the room before the spell to let her enter his dreams. 

She took a sharp breath and woke up in his dream it was dark but she could see a flame flickering away. She moved closer to see a teenage party but she spotted Logan with a girl rather easy. “I swear if Lana got me suck in your sex dreams I am gonna rip her apart.” she muttered as she looked beside her and saw the grown from Logan watching his younger self. She moved closer and watched him. “Who is she?” she asked looking back to the young version of him.

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"Will you please drink the tea?!" 

"What is in it?! What is it made of?!



Lana and Logan had been arguing about this for days on end. Lana giving him one of two choices "Penny or tea" and Logan responding in a variant of ways. Mocking  "pEnNy oR tEa!!" Which always warranted a flick on the nose. Ignoring her, going about his day in their house pretending like she was not even there like he did not even hear her which naturally would frustrate anyone. Lastly running away the moment Logan would see his sister, knowing that after the last few days of arguing with her she was going to give him her usual ultimatum, Penny or Tea? Normally he would not fight his sister like this, he trusted her but he was wary of this Penny she was so strongly recommending. She did not seem to know much about her or maybe she did but was unwilling to share what she knew, which made Logan questionable, skeptical and the fact that she did not really understand what this tea she kept asking him to drink consisted of made him unreasonably stubborn.

I growled after trying to sleep but being unable to, Lana assumed I was scared of sleep when the truth was I just could not get to sleep. Even when I tried every night or day off, moment to myself, I just found myself laying there. My body was exhausted though, I clearly needed to sleep and I had reached a point where I could not even recall when last I had slept. I sat in the living room rubbing my face when the four walls of my bedroom started to make me feel trapped. I felt Lana's hand on my shoulder and I huffed "I will drink the tea."  I gave in as I rose to my feet, we were both unsure how I would respond to it so we both agreed it was safer if I were in my room already in bed as I a drank it. 

Logan did not even realize he had drifted asleep until he saw the fire. The familiar sounds of the night, the smell of the alcohol, the sound of the bass from the roaring music thumping in his chest. He was already nervous and breathing hard when he saw himself and then he saw Tori. He stopped breathing. His brow forwarded as he watched Penelope's word about Lana not registering to him at all in fact he had not even noticed the new face yet. He did not notice anything but her, he watched how she interacted with his younger self and it brought a sad smile to his face. 

She was always better with people than I was, watching her float and bound from social group to social group reminded me of that. I faintly grimaced as I glanced to myself, another person walking away from me because I had not the slightest ability to talk about anything outside of science. My eyes quickly fluttered back to Tori though watching her spread her wings, a trait I always admired about her. "Tori, she was my girlfriend." I spoke so naturally to the question asked that it was not until a second or two later that I realized I was not alone, my eyes finally shifting from Tori to whomever it was who had just asked the question. 

He forwarded his brow upon seeing the women next to and opened his mouth question who she was. Despite having not slept in some time he had had this dream, memory, before, in fact it was the only one he ever had on the rare occasion that he got any rest. Except she was certainly new and he most certainly did not like it! He took a breath to support his voice but before his question came he heard the familiar sounds of drunken giggling intoxicated the air and suddenly his demeanour changed drastically.

My heart dropped into my stomach " not again." I needed to stop this, to wake up or get to car and keep them from driving off. So I took off, rushing towards the car but the more I ran the further I got, it felt like I was running away and not towards the car even though I was clearly facing them. I began to hyperventilate "I can not do this again!" I ran faster, more frantically and still the same thing and when I saw myself get into the car besides Tori I completely lost it. "STOP! I JUST NEED EVERYTHING TO STOP!" I grabbed my head, I can not wake up, I can not breathe, think, and suddenly I feel like my useless self and part of me I hide. The part of me I bury by working hard, striving to do what I can but here I was unable to do anything.

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