Donovan had spent the last few months constructing ‘Eternally Blue’ with the help of a helpful Nephilim and Valeria. After learning about his sisters death while serving as an Ailward guard he knew he need to move on with his life and find his own life, he had spent so much of his life searching for her, so much of his time had become wasted in those years. So here he was in the town of Evermore attempting to have an actual life. He wondered daily if it was a fruitless effort, but meeting Argent turned things around for him even if it was in a strange love/hate way.

Opening night was a big night for Donovan the night started, and the club was filled people drinking and enjoying the set till the early hours of the morning. This was how the first week was form him until the club entered the area of regulars and what not. The first few weeks were great, but he enjoyed the mellower crowd that came now. He got to know the people who came often even a few people he didn’t think would show up like his ex-girlfriend Raina and her family.

Tonight was no different the music was playing and Donovan wiped down the bar as he showed his staff he wasn’t afraid to help out even though he was the owner when Victoria walked in and over to the bar. Donovan made his way over to her and smiled softly as he stood in front of her and leaned his hands on the bar after tossing the towel over his shoulder “Evening Miss what can I get you?” he asked as he waited for her to order her drink and once she did he began to make it for her.

Setting the drink in front of her he crossed his arms over his chest and with a classic Donovan smile he spoke. “So what brings you into Eternally Blue? I just don’t remember your face and trust me I would.” He chuckled softly “Not that I am not grateful for a more customers maybe it means my club may make itself well known one day.”

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The night was young and Victoria was anxious. She rose from a deep sleep, her long mocha locks mussed and tangled as she ran a hand through her hair. She sat up straight in her bed a moment before her gaze turned towards the warm glow from the setting sun. Rising to her feet, her legs bare until the large t-shirt she wore met her thighs, she walked over to the window and drew back the blinds. Her eyes narrowed every so slightly, the only hint she allowed to reveal the pain that even the setting sun caused her as it fell over her flesh. As it wasn't direct sunlight though, it was bearable for her but only just.

The ancient brunette watched the sun set, the colors that were displayed over the mountains never failed to take her breath away. Dark reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and even purples made the sky appear to be a painters pallet. Finally drawing herself away from the window, Victoria leapt down from the loft of her quaint cabin home and poured herself a glass of red wine and added some AB Positive for flavoring. While she was happy to feed on the cruel and evil of the city, she kept herself sustained with the blood Gideon's faction received from the local hospitals. A small part of her ached with pain as she thought of the King of the vampires before she shook her head and chased the emotion away. It was exactly why she refused to love. It only ever ended in pain.

Her head was back on straight now, however so silly emotions like that weren't something she needed to worry about. Expression stoic and calm, the huntress quickly got dressed slipping into an outfit that would allow her to fit in in any of the  bars in Evermore but would also allow her to fight. She slipped her gun into its hidden sheath at her lower back her knives into her delicate ankle boots; elegant but still able to conceal her weapons. She allowed her long dark locks to flow down her back in simply waves and left her house quickly. She made the trip to downtown in no time.

Since her and Gideon's minor fallout, she had not been doing any work as she had received no new orders from him. Finally growing sick of doing nothing, she decided to keep herself busy. She would go out, act like a social butterfly and keep the dark corners of Evermore relatively safe from those looking to do harm. It wasn't much, but it was something for her restless mind. She had gotten word of a new bar opening up, a place that she hoped would remind her of the months she had spent in New Orleans.

Finding the place, she easily entered, as there were no bouncers this early in the night. There was, however, already live music on. Victoria quickly found a seat at the bar, ordered herself a tequila on the rocks and listened, allowing her mind to drift while being ever aware of everything going on around her. As a different bartender slipped behind the bar, Victoria found her hazel gaze drawn to him. Something about him was different, he wasn't a vampire but something about his auro said vampire to her. As he approached her, the friendly smile of a bartender, one her offered to every customer across his features, she found herself smiling back at him. Though, as always, Victoria's smile never quite met her eyes.

In answer to his question, she wiggled her still partially full glass at him but said, "But I suppose you could start me another." Vic rested her chin in her hand as she watched him pour a fresh glass of tequila for her. She smiled her thanks as he passed the drink to her and her eyes found his again at the question. "Good word travels fast. I heard about a new blues bar opening up so I thought I'd check it out," she said, her accent voice full of the honestly of her answer. Taking another drink she laughed gently at his flirting. "Well that's very kind of you," she answered before nodding. "I think your club will do fine here. There aren't many other places like this in this city." 

Looking at the bar around her as she spoke, it was already close to full, all the tables were filled and the standing room was steadily filling up despite the early hours. Looking back at the man before her Victoria couldn't help but keep their conversation going. "So what made you choose Evermore?" she asked over the current performers act.

Donovan watched the woman in front of him that was beautiful and could natural draw in everyone around her. As she smiled he noted it didn’t touch her eyes and it cause a sadness in him. He hated to think she was not having a good time in his club. He made a note in his mind to make sure that smile touched her hazel eyes before she left the club that evening. His smile though tended to be a large feature on his face even if he had his own issues going on. Learning that he had lost his sister closing the biggest chapter in his life was a bitter moment.

The bitter moment led him to meeting Argent though, Argent was someone he couldn’t quiet figure out, but he was working on it even though he had threatened her when they first met. Their strange connection due to his dead sister. They each had different connections to her, and Argent was filling him in on the life he didn’t know about. It caused him to feel like his sister’s memory would never die. He shook his head slightly and then focused back on the woman in front of him.

He poured her a fresh glass of tequila along with one for himself as he then smiled softly to her. “Well I am glad that my club is getting good news would hate to have to give it all up and go back to traveling the world instead. I was looking for some roots. When an old friend called and asked me to the city it was to only be a visit and yet I have stayed.” He said as he tossed back the tequila “Well I am glad you chose to check it out.” He smiled at her again. “Though this place has a different kind of perk that happens in about an hour.” His dark gaze flicked up to the clock and back down.

He moved to lean on the bar so that he was closer to her and could hear her better as the music began to be in full swing in that moment “A friend of my Valeria called me and asked me to come to town, I could tell she just need someone around even if she couldn’t express it fully to me. So, I hoped on a plane to visit her and make sure she was okay. Turned into me learning my sister had once been in this town. Learning answers about her and how she passed away.” He was somber for a moment as that was the first time he had told anyone that besides Argent. “I figured it was time I put down roots.”

He poured himself another glass sipping on it lightly this time so not to become fully drunk on a few shots. He looked to the band that was playing and watched the few people who danced along the floor and then drifted his gaze back to her “How about you? Something special bring you to Evermore?”

Victoria took a long drink from her first tequila, finishing it off and enjoying the sweetness of the liquor as it covered her tongue and rolled down her throat. While blood was the only thing that could truly sustain the huntress and as a result, food and liquids that humans and other creatures survived off of were bland to her taste buds, that didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy a good drink. She looked up at the bartender when he fell silent for a few moments and saw a range of emotions seeming to pass behind his distracted gaze. Her lips parted as if to ask a question but she quickly bit down on her lip and silenced herself. She really had no interest in the problems and woes of others.

At the same moment Victoria was silencing herself, it seemed the male was snapping out of his reverie and slid another tequila over to Victoria which she quickly wrapped her cold hands around. Talking about his club she nodded, running a hand through her blonde locks before sipping her drink again. “I haven’t heard anything negative about it yet,” she said, letting her eyes meet his she raised a brow. “Travelling the world is the goal for some people you know,” she said before listening to him as he explained how he came to be here.  “I’m glad I decided to check it out too,” the blonde said leaning back in her seat and smiling a little. “A different perk?” she asked, her head tilting slightly as she looked at him curiously.

The ancient warrior nodded silently as he continued his story before answering. “Roots can be good,” she said. “Or they can be very over-rated,” she added quietly before taking another drink. Her bright blue optics found his as he asked his question and she shook her head. “I honestly don’t know what brought me here,” she said before letting out a sigh. “Someone I hadn’t seen in a very long time came to this city so I thought I’d see If it was actually them or just rumors.” She fell silent, listening to the music as her mind wandered. Why was she still in Evermore?

She finished her drink and slid the glass towards the bartender and offered him a small smile again. The music was getting louder, the crowd more rowdy as the bar continued to fill. “Good luck with this place,” Victoria said, hopping down from the barstool elegantly and slipping her jacket back on. “I think you have something here that could last,” she said looking around before looking back at him. She was thinking it was time to go for a walk, she was getting restless. Maybe she’d get lucky and find some trouble downtown to break up or something along those lines…

Donovan chuckled softly as he leaned against the bar “well I hope you never hear anything negative about the club after all it is my baby.” He nodded to her and looked her over again “Travelling is the goal for some people for sure but in the end everyone wants a sense of home and belonging do they not?” he asked back as he shrugged “Besides there is only so much world to see that it can become lonely when you travel it alone.” He stated as if it was a fact “Maybe if I had someone I was traveling with I would have felt different.” he said honestly.

He smirked as he caught her smiling about the perk he mentioned “Oh you know just knife throwing contest. If you are into that kind of thing.”  He gave her an answer to her curious head tilt before giving a slight shrug “Sounds like someone isn’t into having roots around here or the roots you have are weighing you down.” he said as his almost black gaze held her bright blue ones. He alway enjoyed peoples eyes the way the different colors played in the light or when they talked about different things how ones eyes could brighten or darken depending on the moment.

He wondered if his question hit a nerve as she shook her head to him. They both seem to come to the city for similar reasons even though his was more because someone called him into town but they both came after someone they hadn’t seen in a long time. As she fell in silent for a long moment, he wanted to ask her if she found the person she was looking for.

She stood up quietly and he nodded “Thank you.” He cleared his throat looking around and smiled but before she could go to far he was around the bar next to her “Name is Donovan.” He said as he held her hand out to her. “You could stay and join the Knife event if you wanted. I mean I am undefeated so it's not like you have a chance.” he smirked to her with a cocky grin on his face. He looked over her features maybe even she didn’t know the sad vibe she was putting out, he wanted to help her have a night of fun.

Victoria shrugged simply in answer to his question about a home. “It depends on how you look at things I suppose. Personally it’s not something I’ve ever wanted after but perhaps that is because I’m lost myself and refuse to allow myself to be found,” she answered before downing the rest of her drink. She smirked dryly to herself. Well she had taken that to a dark place. Shaking her head she looked up at Donovan. “Sorry,” she grumbled before offering a small smile. “I do actually really enjoy travelling and I think a lot of people try to make each place they visit a home. I’ve yet to even attempt to make a place home and I don’t know if I ever will. We’ll see,” she said with another shrug. 

“Are you kidding?” she asked, brows raised as she leaned forward towards him slightly. “Travelling alone is one of the best experiences a person can have. Very eye-opening and all that jazz,” she said with a smirk. “A knife contest eh?” she asked pausing in her exit. Her lips curled in a smile. “Undefeated until tonight you mean,” she said as she removed her leather jacket, tossing it on the chair she had been sitting in and smiling over at Donovan. “I hope you’re okay if I use my own knives?” she purred.

“Lost yourself you say?” He asked as he took a long sip from the drink he poured himself before looking back to her. “It think we all lose ourselves and finding ourselves can be rather hard, Especially when ourselves are ever changing.” He mused softly between them before they smiled to each other once again. “Traveling is amazing, no argument there. I spent most of my time traveling. I loved it, just grew tired of being alone while doing it.” he shrugged slightly to her. “One day, maybe you will settle down and set down roots.” He chuckled to her.

As her eyes sparkled with the knowledge of a knife throwing contest starting in not long. He smirked wide as she turned back to him “I would love to see someone take the crown from me, but I don’t think it will be you.” He teased i a manner to try and rile her up. “Of course you can use your own, after all you will need all the help you can get.” he laughed slightly “I will add your name to the list.” He said as he moved back behind the bar grabbing a clipboard. “Not many people on, just us and about ten other people.”

Donovan began to set up the brackets on the chalkboard next to the freshly cut piece of wood with a target placed on it. Don placed himself on one end of the bracket and Victoria on the other so that the only way they would face each other is if she made it through the other set ups. He dusted his hands off at the six pairings and placed the chalk above the board moving to pick up his drink “let the best person win.” he said to her holding up his glass to clink against hers.

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