"Stay out of trouble tonight 'kay, Koona?" the Valkyr's roommate, Louisa paced across the dusty kitchen floor. Koona glanced over at the long-time friend and kin with a sly grin. They'd lived in Evermore together for nearly a decade now, and were familiar with each other's habits in the new city. It always took them a bit to find their rhythm after a move, but given that they'd know each other for over a century, there wasn't much that bugged the two anymore.

"No promises." 

"Well, then, at least promise me you won't get killed. Oh, and shoot me a text if you bring someone home tonight, would you? I'd rather not walk in on you and one of your 'friends'...again." The blonde shook her head with a chuckle, reaching for the door of their tiny apartment.

"I'll do my best. But you know me, I tend to get pretty caught up in the moment." It was true, Koona had been known to on many occasions give her friend an accidental show due to drunken, hormone-fueled forgetfulness. That is, if Koona and her one-night-stands even made it all the way back to the apartment. Usually they'd find themselves tucked away somewhere just out of hearing of the general public late at night, or in the back room of an electric club. This was, perhaps, for the better however as those who returned to the apartment with Koona did not always make it back out alive. 

She wasn't supposed to kill. And she knew that. But sometimes...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Half an hour later the Valkyr had grown bored of lounging around the home alone, so with a sigh she pulled on a pair of boots and shrugged a grey tank top over her previously bare top. "No shoes, no shirt, no service...right?" Satisfied and fully clothed, Koona made her way down the rickety stares onto the street, pausing for a moment to take in the city. "Now then...where have I not been before?"

It took some exploring, but eventually Koona stepped through the doors of a bar in the human territory. It was further than she usually bothered to venture, but she'd grown far too accustomed to the venues closer to home. Casually the woman sauntered up to the bar, eyeing the pink-haired bartender cautiously. "Bourbon, if you would." 

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It was another one of those days for Seonghwa. Nightmares in the early morning and late afternoon and then waking up around nine-o-clock to get to the bar where he worked around ten. He didn't usually work the night shift, but his manager had been begging him to since the bar was short-staffed after so many of the other bartenders took the day off or had just quit entirely. Groaning, he flipped over and placed his feet on the floor, running a hand through his newly dyed pink hair. He had let his black roots grow out and then got frustrated with them. Now, he stretched and headed towards the shower to rinse the bad thoughts from his mind.

He hated wearing the stupid body glitter but put it on anyway. He didn't want to get fired after working at this particular bar for three years. After he had showered and dried off, he grabbed his clothes and raced to get them on. He had spent longer in the shower than he intended to. Carefully drawing on his eyeliner into a wing shape was what he normally did, but now he was in such a hurry he just did a straight, bold black line. Bolting into the living room, Seonghwa slipped on his boots, grabbed his keys and phone, and then slammed the door shut just as his phone rang.

"Anneyonghaseyo?" He said and started up his Corvette, zooming down the street. Seonghwa normally walked to the bar, since it was located literally five minutes away from his apartment, but today he thought that the car would get him there faster. "Hi, Ace! It's me. Kihyun. The manager says that you literally have two minutes before the rush hour starts. How close are you?" Seonghwa yelped and then answered him quickly. "Two seconds away from the back door. See you in there!" He replied and hung up his phone, turned off the 'Vette and sprinted towards the door. It was a wonder his hair didn't come undone from its upward swoop.

He spotted Kihyun behind the marble countertop of the bar as soon as he walked in. Kihyun waved and then turned to take someone's order. Seonghwa smiled back softly. Kihyun had been his best friend at the bar since Seonghwa had been employed there three years ago. Kihyun was handsome with his hair styled in an upward swoop that all the bartenders were required to do. His eyes were chocolate and his lashes were long. But, Seonghwa couldn't have him. He was way older and to straight for him. 

Sliding behind the bar just seconds before a lady with short hair sauntered up to it, he grabbed a glass and started cleaning it. Noticing her slender fingers tap on the bar he immediately looked up and locked glitter-coated green eyes on the girl as she said her order. Deciding to flirt today, he grabbed the glass he had previously put down and filled it with bourbon, sliding it back to her. "My pleasure, babe." He winked and then turned around purposely flexed his muscles just so she could see he worked out. 

Earlier in that year whenever people came to the bar that was either handsome or beautiful, he didn't flirt with them because he was too depressed over Baekhyun and he didn't want to start a relationship. He still didn't but it wouldn't hurt to flirt. He needed to get over his depressed self. 

"Babe?" the valkyr cocked an eyebrow, a slight grinning creasing her lips. "Haven't heard that one in a while. Maybe I should come to this part of town more often." She watched the human bartender with interest, chuckling to herself. Perhaps he could hide his flustered state from his coworkers, but thanks to the senses nighttime offered her it was not difficult for Koona to tell the man had been rushing. As to why, she didn't particularly care. Though, she was impressed at his cool demeanor, given how hard his heart was pumping.

Slowly she brought the glass of bourbon to her lips, taking a sip and letting the taste linger on her tongue. Alcohol didn't give quite the same relief as fresh blood, but she'd be damned if she didn't use it to cope in between feedings. Before long the air was filled with the rich scent of liquor and fruity cocktails, the stylish bar swiftly filling for the evening. It was far more sophisticated of a place than Koona normally settled in, but change is good once in a while, right? Besides, it was a pleasant change to be surrounded by humans rather than those of her own kind. 

"So, pretty boy, how'd you end up landing yourself is a savvy place this this?" Koona looked over towards the bartender, placing her now empty glass on the finely polished counter. "Not that you don't fit in our anything. After all, this place is truly a work of art, but you seem to be the crowned jewel. You even glitter." with a wink the valkyr settled further into her seat. She wasn't always a flirt, it heavily depended on her mood, but tonight she was hoping for a feast.

"Babe," Seonghwa repeated taking her glass and filling it again, sliding the now full glass back to her. The girl sure was pretty with brown eyes, long mascara coated lashes and a simple gray tank top that didn't match the skinny jeans or the boots she was wearing. He let his green eyes slowly roll down her body and then go back to lock on hers. "It's something I say a lot, sweetheart." He replied and let a bit of his Korean accent twine around his words, making his syllables sharper and the words softer. The bar had begun to fill up and he could hear Kihyun and Minhyuk bustling around in the back, their dress boots clicking on the tile floor. Blue lights made the bar look more romantic and spotlights bounced off the people dancing in the middle.

Fruity cocktails were his specialty but since this particular lady had wanted bourbon he went straightforward with it. Kihyun usually had regular liqueur and beer while Minhyuk and Wonho had harder drinks used to make people really drunk. He could hear the music being turned up as the bar's DJ, Leedo appeared. He could really make the scene get hotter. Seonghwa wasn't sure why his heart was beating so fast, but he needed to get it under control. In the back, he heard Seoho yell something about needing chocolate syrup and he wasn't sure why. They had plenty, he had stocked it right when he had gotten there. He flushed when he heard someone comment to Minhyuk that Seonghwa was pretty. 

"Pretty boy?" He cocked a perfect eyebrow and then smiled showing pretty white teeth. "I went here once with my friends. The manager said I was really pretty and he could use some eye candy to get business moving. So that's how I got this job." He replied and since Kihyun had signaled that he was on break, Seonghwa grabbed a glass and started to make himself the bar's signature drink. Chocolate Paradise. He widened his glitter-coated eyes a bit and then smirked. "Oh am I? Then you're the crown that I go in." He replied back, dipping whipped cream into the glass. Flirting was not his specialty but he could sometimes.

Koona ran a hand through her hair, ruffling the ebony waves. "Oh don't worry, I never take compliments personally. Besides, I'd imagine as a bartender it's far easier to call folks 'babe' than try to actually remember their name." The valkyr leaned against the bar, taking the the sight of a dancing crowd and colored lights. She'd become so used to the bustle of rowdy bars and glistening nightclubs long ago, and it seemed to her almost more peaceful than her own home. It was not longingly that she remembered the days before strip clubs and neon venues - though, swinging in the 20's was an absolute blast as well. Still, she proffered the dangerous heir of modern day venues.

"A crown?" she scoffed playfully at the comment. "Honey, if there's one thing I'm far from, it's gold and riches. Hell, I bet most people I know would turn on me for a quarter and half of a kit-kat bar." Though the statement could easily be taken as self-pity, Koona's words held a sort of subtle pride to them. She fumbled absent-mindedly with the strap of her tank top, tugging gently on a loose thread. For a moment, her thoughts drifted back to Louisa, who most likely was at a paint-and-sip boutique or going on a casual shopping spree with friends. Koona loved the other woman dearly, though there was no romantic or sexual taint to their fondness for each other. They simply...belonged together. It didn't really make sense, but at the same time it felt as though Louisa had filled a place in Koona's life where something had always been absent. Innocent love.

Snapping herself out of the wandering train of thought, Koona reemerged into the present moment, sipping off of her drink. "Tell me, pretty boy..." she paused, looking over the pink-haired man's slender figure. "Given that you work at a bar like this, where exactly do you go for fun? Surely the luxury and high of the clubs is lessened from having worked them for a time. What is it that you do to get your heart racing?" 

"Ah yes, honey. I can't remember a name if I don't ever see you again." Seonghwa smiled, pretty white teeth glinting in the blue lights. His pink hair falling in his face as he bent down to grab the chocolate syrup bottle from the bottom shelf. He had never understood why Seoho had insisted on putting the goddamn bottles there, it wasn't hard for him to reach since he was tall, but it sure was annoying when he had to stick his ass in the air to bend down. Flipping back up, he brushed his hair out of his face and poured the syrup in a swirly line on the whipped cream then grabbed the chocolate liqueur, pouring it in the drink with ease. 

"A kit-kat bar? Why would anybody trade such a pretty little thing like you for a kit-kat bar and a quarter?" He asks and finishes making his drink, sliding his legs over the bar and sitting on it. Seonghwa probably got glitter all over it, but he didn't care. Sipping his drink, his mind went back to Seoho. He sure loved his manager, but it was friendly love. Seoho had taken him in for a job after he had noticed him with Baekhyun four years ago and understood his past and sexuality. Sure he had thought Seoho was pretty the first time he had met him, but he was too depressed to notice that Seoho had a crush on him. Seonghwa had even stayed over at Seoho's place some nights when he was too depressed to go home, or way too drunk to even think straight. Seoho was a great friend and a great cuddler too.

He came to his senses when he heard the girl ask him a question, and smirked at the ever-present "pretty boy". He even noticed her eyes flick down his body and straightened so that his arm muscles stood out. "I go to the mall sometimes, or the cafe." He replies sipping at the drink and accidentally getting whipped cream on his nose. "But what really gets me going is the rush of being near someone. Their breathing, the way their body feels against mine." Seonghwa leans over and whispers it in her ear. 

"Speaking of...what's your name pretty boy?" amused, Koona watched the bartender make the swirling chocolate drink, her eyes hungry. The man himself looked somewhat like a drink himself, the valkyr mused, watching his fluffy bright pink hair. Perhaps a strawberry liqueur...hmm. She'd learned bar tending long ago, though those memories and skills were long lost to the waves of time. It had been fifty...sixty years, maybe, since she's been behind the counter. Or at least working, rather than helping herself to the more 'lively' delicacies which were to be discovered behind many a bartender's desires.

"Why,?" she shook her head, chuckling. "Well, for starters, you can't eat me.. Though..." the woman's gaze deepened, flitting from the bustling crowd to rest purposefully on the human before her. "...I do have a way of ending up in people's mouths." with this comment Koona placed her glass on the bar, her second drink finished. She'd spent decades building her tolerance, and as a valkyr she was a somewhat of a natural advantage. This often pleased her though, for her human companions, or sometimes victims depending on where the night went, would always succumb to intoxication before Koona herself found debilitating difficulty in functioning.

The hair on Koona's neck stood on end as the man drew closer, and his warm breath tingled against her skin. "Close...you mean like this?" leaning forward slightly Koona brushed her chest on the man's body, and her lips left a whispering kiss on his neck. Not enough to really connect, just enough to taunt the slender stranger. "Sounds like you and I have some...similar interests." 

And there it was again. "pretty boy." He quite liked the name, it made him feel like some sort of whatever it was called. The butterfly on his choker jingled as he turned his head towards her. "Seonghwa. Seonghwa Kang. By the way I never got yours." He replied and then smiled lightly. Maybe he could place a drink to her. Something short and feisty. Fireball whiskey seemed to fit her, as she seemed pretty feisty, but you could never tell by just one conversation. He was pretty tall and she seemed a bit short, since his legs touched hers and hers were just resting on the chair. Something about being so close made his heart beat faster than before. But, he couldn't be like this. He was flustered but managed to keep his cool demeanor. 

"Wait, why would I eat you? You're too pretty to eat.." Seonghwa said his voice deepening. He flushed red at her comment and then managed to answer her back. "I guess you have a fun Saturday night all the time." He laughed, showing pretty white teeth again. He guessed the alcohol was getting to him. He had never had a tolerance for alcohol, it always went straight to his head, making him very flustered and flushed. Seonghwa guessed it was because of his Korean heritage that he flushed whenever he had alcohol, but to be honest he hadn't put much in the glass.

He watched as he made her shiver, and the hair stand up on her neck as he got closer. To be honest he wasn't sure why he had leaned forward, he felt like he was going to start being an idiot. "Like this. This is close." He murmured. But as she brushed his chest with hers, he seemed to get more confident. He felt the kiss on his neck and like the fluttering of butterfly wings it was gone. "It seems we do." He said as he heard Minhyuk drop a glass, Seoho shriek at the broken glass, and Wonho, Leedo, and Kihyun's wolf whistle. Rolling his glitter coated eyes he shot the finger at Wonho and then leaned over, returning the kiss to her neck.

Koona smirked; she could hear the human's heart pick up speed as she crept closer to his skin. The scent of blood and adrenaline was tantalizing, and it took all of the valkyr's willpower not to lunge at him in that moment. Besides, she was surrounded mostly by humans - she could easily fight her way out. If it were daytime, then perhaps not...but at night? She was tempted to take the risk. But alas, she chose to draw back. 

"Koona," the word names dripped from her lips like honey, slow and smooth. "And yes, I do know how to have a good time, I guess you could say. After all, what's the point of living without some excitement to spice things up?" Curiously, she watched his posture change slightly as the alcohol did its work. She was impressed with how little it took to get the man relaxed and intoxicated, and she watched him hungrily, knowing he'd be an easy target if she could only get him away from the crowd. Of course, she wanted to have a bit of fun with him first. "Tell me, pretty boy," the ignorance of his name blatantly intentional. "What's the last time you had a good time? I promise you I can do better." 

"You friends seem quite exited," with a quite chuckle Koona shook her head; amused. With great intention she ignored the kiss Seonghwa had offered in return for hers. Better to him his curious; waiting...wanting more and unsure of what would get her going. "I gotta say, your friends are kind of cramping my style. Is there anywhere we could go that more...secluded? Away from prying eyes?"

Seonghwa watched her curiously, bright green eyes picking up the way she smirked when he flushed. It seemed she had different plans for him. He was actually quite excited to see whether she would do something about it. Running a hand through his fluffy hair, he sat back on his hands and licked at the chocolate shavings on top of his drink. She was interesting sure, the way her eyes slid over him in almost a foxlike glance. He wondered if she was human or something else entirely. Maybe a kitsune? Seonghwa had seen a lot of them hanging out behind the bar, and one had even given him an appreciative once over.

"Koona." He repeated back, his Korean accent twirling around the name like ribbon. He liked it, her name was unique, just like her. Seonghwa laughed at that one, his laugh coming out deep and soft. "Of course, we all need to spice up our lives. After all, what's life without a little fun?" He replied, noticing her ignorance of his name. Maybe she was trying to have fun with him, well he'd have fun with her too. "The last time I had a good time? Hmm..." He wondered, putting his slender fingers under his chin, flushing pleasantly at the "pretty boy". "Four years ago, in April." He said and shuddered at the thought. Seonghwa hadn't thought about Baekhyun the entire night, now was not the time to think about him again. "Oh really? Why don't you show me, jagiya?" He asked, slipping in the Korean word for "baby", hoping to impress her.

"They're always excited. I swear Minnie drops something every five seconds and the others are just imbeciles." Seonghwa replies, raising his eyebrows at the female as she ignored his kiss. Koona really was playing him, or just messing with his heart. He was curious, what would get her going? Maybe a quick brush of his fingers against her skin? No, that would leave chocolate and glitter, not a good combination. Green, glitter-coated eyes widened as she asked him that question and then narrowed into sexy slits. "Ah, yes babe. My apartment's open. If you'd like to go there. It's literally two minutes away in my 'Vette." He replies, slipping his slender finger into his mouth, playfully swirling his tongue around it, licking chocolate off.

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