It felt like just a week ago the Dietrich siblings came to the city of Evermore. Andrew was used to doing one thing in his life, always on the run, can't be in one place for too long. One flaw fact when it does comes to him being in the city and be a brother he always wants in their life. Andrew only saw them when they were very little from a distance due to their mother's request. He was quite shocked she even told them about him in the first place. Andrew knows what happened was many years ago but the pain his mother did to him still hurt him. One day they would ask him why didn't he stay? What happened to you all those years. Andrew knew he had to tell the truth that their mother would never tell. He is not ready to do that very thing yet but he knew to prepare himself when it does come. 

Lately, at the moment, he had been looking up things about being a brother and what to do and what not to do. Since his brother taught him how to use modern technology Andrew thought what is the best way to learn new information then use the very thing everyone uses on a day-today basis.  On his luck it didn't work on for him, he could not figure it out even if someone taught him. It looks like he will have to use the old fashion way, either ask people or read a book. Andrew sees some books about how to be a good parent so in his mind there should be something about being a good brother. Andrew never thought about a brother who can be a parent figure to younger siblings.

Oh his adventures on the computer, he came across a library in evermore which made him happy something he can understand. Andrew wrote down the address and heading out of the house with his wallet, house key, and his jacket. Taking his time walking to the building within an hour in a half to get to the library. Walking in with a  sighed knowing this is something he is used to. Andrew walking around and looked at the different books as she is focused on why he came there then trying to meet people. 

After looking for ten minutes, Andrew could not find any books about what he is looking for. He turned around to see a young woman putting some books away from the cart. He walked over, not scaring her he cleared his throat softly enough for her to hear. " Hello There. I am looking for a book or something close to the subject of learning." Andrew said knowing he didn't want to come out to say the real subject of his findings. "I'm hoping you can help me find where the area is. This is a bigger library then I expected," Andrew said with a smile. 

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Penelope Winston a name she still after a few years was getting used to using. Yet it tied her to a life she could have had along with pushing past the life she once had. Well mostly, she still carried her thirst for revenge for Abraxas Bradford. The man that destroyed her family, before she even knew part of it. Now she was gifted with the task of being the Guardian of The Archives Hall, A hall that was a labyrinth with mythic items and books full of magic dark, light, and neutral. A hall you could get lost in and would trap you if you didn’t know what you were doing. 

Though not only was she the guardian of the hall, but she was the owner of Winston Library which was Evermore Largest Privately owned Library. Today was like most days, she pushed the cart along the row of books placing books back. She had a love hate relationship with the Library. While it gave her all the world's information at her fingertips it sometimes felt like a cage. She came from a Nomadic coven, who ran around the woods and did what they wished till falling in with Abraxas Bradford. So sometimes she wanted strip away the pin skirt and professional dresses and run around in the woods again.

That day was a day she was missing her mom deeply so pushing the cart around the library placing things back on the shelf made her want to set the building ablaze. So she pushed the cart down the aisle lost in her thoughts when she heard his throat clear. She thought she may be in the way of one of the book he wanted. Turning to face him she placed a gentle smile. "Well if you need help finding anything in here I am your girl." she chuckled as she held her hand out towards him. "Penny Winston, Owner and Librarian of Winston Library." She smiled as she pushed the curt to the end of the aisle and stood back in front of him. "What can I help you find, sir?"

Andrew didn't want to scare the young women knowing she is focusing on her work. When he watched her turn to him he smiled lightly hearing she is open to help him. The Nivies do hope she does not find him silly or be confused as to what he is looking for. Andrew looked at her hand as he put gentle shook her hand, "It's very nice to meet you, Penny. Am sure it's short for Penelope am I right?" he asked, which is one name he has not heard for many years. The sound of the name made him smile a little bigger but not wide. "I do have to say your library is one of the best I've seen. Very clean and organized. It shows you take pride in the work you do." Andrew said giving her a compliment.  

"This might come out as silly but am looking for something about family. You see, as strange as it sounds I don't know how to commentate with my younger siblings. We all had a complicated childhood and even now. Do you have any books about that or something close? It could be me under sure about how to be open due to my past with them as well. " Andrew said looking at her with his blue-gray eyes. "I am not sure if I explain that right for you to understand." He was not one to speak the right words. His past was dark but to open that up with both Anderson and Josefine he knew telling them together would be the best idea. 

He was not even sure how to tell them about himself knowing they want to know more about their older brother. Andrew didn't want them to hate him even though they looked for him for so long. Even with that fact in mind, Andrew could not put his mind around what they did and how to determine they really were. Now they are now together he didn't know the first things about being a brother. Learning is never his strong suit but this is something he can't walk away and turn his back on. Anderson and Josefine need him more than ever and fix the past that torn them apart, to begin with, and it started with their mother and now himself. 

Penelope gave him a small smile as they shook hands, “You would be correct Penny is short for Penelope. Am I too obvious with that fact?” She joked as she moved with him. “Well thank you, I am just trying to continue my father's work in a way I hope would make him proud. I never knew the man but he left me this place and well I am forever grateful to him for that.” She said as she looked up to the rows of books thinking of her father for a moment before turning her attention back to him.

 “It isn’t as strange as you may think.” She said as she began to walk with him down the rows of books. “Many people weather it be siblings or friends or even a special someone find it hard to communicate. We all know how we like to communicate with some of us with physical affection others with verbal. So on. Yet we don’t know how to listen to another when it comes to their type of communication they need. We just assume it's the same as ours.” She looked to him with a smile. “So you see,” she said as she guided him to a row of books. “We have books here that can help in theory.”

She looked to him a little longer before raising her hand to her cheek and resting it there. “Though I am not sure a book is what is best for you. Maybe it is you who needs to look within yourself and figure out what in your past keeps you from opening up with them.” She gave him a once over before reaching out to take his hand and pulled him along behind her. “I think I may have the thing!” She said as she pulled him to a door and looked around before opening it. “Now most people don’t know this place exists so try to stay with me.” She said as she then stepped into The Archives Hall. A hall filled with magical items and books under the order of Malva Ailward.  She smiled as she stepped through the door her outfit going from a librarian to flowy hippy style. “Come along maybe you just ran into the right librarian today.” She wondered if he would take the leap of faith after all it was the first step into really wanting to learn what was holding him back.

A check came from the older male coming at the female's joke. "It's been some time since I hear the name, Penelope. It's a quiet beautiful name and it suits you very well." Andrew spoke up with a light smile but let it fade after as well. Listening to the history of the building Andrew can understand. "Am sure he is watching you and is proud," Andrew said. He hoped that will cheer the other up if her mood went south for that moment. 

Andrew walked with the young women feeling better for her to explain it's very common. "Being Social is not my strong suit, my sister is good at that better me and my younger brother." Maybe he can find something to better at talking to others. It did make sense what the other is saying, it was not easier for the male before Evermore. It's time to change that. Andrew looked up at the books, this was a lot more then he expected. "Looks like the ages really took things to the count. Andrew knew college is a thing but he never imagined how the world changed until it's right in front of him. 

Looking over at the female, what she said really made him stop to think. What more was it to after then telling them why he was never in their lives or what their mother did. When the female took his hand and followed Penelope to a door ne didn't notice before. He listened and followed her as it did bring him to wonder if his hands were affecting her or was she numb to the cold. Andrew never expected to see something like this in life knowing magic is a real thing. The impossible is possible when it comes to the supernatural it's endless. Noticing the dress changed on the female told him she was no human but supernatural. His guess is a Diviner. 

He has met a few in the past among his travel around Europe. Andrew knew he is not one person to hide anything, more like an open book as ironic as it sounds knowing they are in a library. Did Penelope sense something about him? He took a step inside looking around with his blue-gray eyes. "What are we going to be doing miss?" he asked wondering why she leads him down here.   

Penelope gave him a smile as she said her name was beautiful. She bowed her head respectfully to him. “Thank you. I have always liked the name myself.” She should after all it wasn’t her birth name but rather her chosen name for her new life. She looked up to the roof for a moment and thought of her father. “I hope so. I would never want to fail him. If I am being honest. He made me who I am even if it was in ways I didn’t understand at the time.” She gave a gentle smile towards him. Not one to hang on the past.

“I never had siblings but I grew up in a strong community, so I learned a lot of social skills from that. Yet I still find I need books sometimes to help me push past some of my walls I have put up.” she smiled at him for a moment. “Ah yes, the years have made people more aware they could be better. That some people have answers for something that others don’t. How we could all somehow help each other be better.” She said as she eyed the books for a moment.

Penelope would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the effect The magic hall had. The way people's faces looked surprised when she walked through the door and was dressed in her more boho witchy aesthetic. It caused her to chuckle as he moved through the door and she then linked her arm with his as she moved him down the hall that had books flying around and random moving objects doing what they did best, move. “Welcome to the wonder of the world, not many people get to see. The Archives Hall, a place of a diviner's dream.” She smiled softly as she then stopped at the door looking in it and shutting it. “Hall of moving dolls. A little creepy if you ask me.” she was hit in the arm by a book. “Forgive me.” she said as she kept walking.

“Ah!” she said as she found the door she was looking for and she gestured for him to come closer. “The Hall of Mirrors. Where one can talk to their reflections and look within themselves.” she said as she nodded her head. “Come on maybe it's time you sat down with your inner self and got some answers.”

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