Argent startled awake with a deep gasp of air before sitting up in her bed, she reached out to flip the light switch next to her bed and tried to slow her breathing. She didn't have these feelings often but when she did she knew they weren't to be ignored. Somewhere out there was an imbalance in her element, something she needed to handle right away. She'd had these before and every time her intuition had been spot on. Letting out a sigh she balled up some of the blanket material in a fist and cursed "Why now" she climbed out of bed and set to work.

Moving to her wardrobe the redhead pulled out a pair of dark jeans and a black top, she tied her copper curls into a high ponytail and put on her black ankle boots. Grabbing a pen off her desk she wrote an explanation to Venetus, she knew he'd find it and she knew he'd understand, he did every other time it happened. Once she was ready to go she rounded her way to her door and down the staircase, she headed into the guard's chambers where Aurelia usually was but when she reached her guard's room she found the place empty. Argent didn't know where she was and she didn't have time to ask and so she turned on her heels and headed for the exit.

Argent sighed softly, sometimes being an aspect was exhausting but she knew it was her duty and when duty called, aspects were obliged to obey. She guessed this would have to be one she took alone. Without another word she moved through the halls, grabbing her coat and tucking her staff into her pocket. Moving through the halls she was just about to head out the front door when she heard footsteps behind her. She came to a halt, looking over her shoulder to catch the blonde in the corner of her eye. 

"Tiara?" Argent blinked through the darkness, able to recognize her friend even through the darkly lit entryway "What the hell are you doing awake?" she asked with raised brows, trying to divert from the fact she was about to head out on a solo mission without her guard and would likely get herself into massive trouble with her siblings for it. Her playing it off was rather unsuccessful however and after a moment she rolled her shoulders and let out a gentle sigh "I can't stay, whatever it is, it needs me, right now" she had explained these happenings to her before and so she hoped her friend would understand.

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Yet another sleepless night into twilight where she had spent doodling in her sketch-book. It was how her mind rested from a long day. There wasn’t one much could do to release stress when they are in a job where it needs everyone to keep calm and collected most days. Mother always told her she missed seeing Tatiana dive into a sketch-book and come up with something on whim. It was a natural talent she had. She was told it came from her father, although she never really met her father besides the fact he was a ‘one night stand’ which was a lie. How could someone know they could draw if it was a one night stand? Of course it could have been a date, but it was one of those things she doubted. However, she never really pressed the issue with her mother. It always brought her some kind of pain to talk about a man who was suppose to be a ‘one night stand.’. Tatiana wasn’t stupid, she could tell it was something much more.

Humming quietly to herself as she was working in her sketch-book only to hear foot-steps pass her door, which drew her attention elsewhere. Who was going somewhere at this time of night? Well, that was a stupid question. There was always someone up at all hours of the night in the manor. The guard was made up every possible species out there. It could have been someone coming back from a mission or going. She could remember the times where she headed out on late nights to take off on a mission, as she preferred night time compared to day. Maybe it was the little bit of vampire in her, but night time was when everything and everyone came alive, in her opinion anyway.

Cocking an eyebrow as she placed her book and pencil down as she made her way to the door only to have her digits latch on to the handle, pulling it open as she saw curly auburn locks rush down the hallway. There was only one person who had those bright locks anyone could see in the middle of the night; Argent. She had looked worried, more than usual and her mother wasn’t right behind her. Something was off, she felt it inside. “I could ask —” before she knew it, she had been cut off as the red head rushed out the door. “Wait.” Tatiana exclaimed, following her out the door. “I can’t just let you go alone.. It’s kind of my duty, you know?” the two saw each other on a daily and she could easily pinpoint when something was wrong. However, the two hadn’t been out together or on a mission in what seemed like a very long time. “My mother doesn’t seem to be here and I’m the next best thing.” she wasn’t saying that to be cocky or anything, but it was true.

Argent didn’t heed the blonde’s request to wait as she kept moving, she didn’t know how exactly to explain it but she felt a sense of urgency and all that flashed through her mind was a place, a place that she needed to be right now. As she stepped out into the night air she rolled her shoulders back, sometimes being an aspect was a blessing but tonight it felt more like curse, duty bound to act on random whims in her head, she felt a little like she didn’t control her own life at times. “I mean, technically your duty is to follow Malva around” she corrected, though her expression faltered and she smiled, it was nice to have someone worried for your safety she had to admit.

She was right though, Argent was setting herself up for a whole new level of judgement from Ven if she didn’t take a guard, especially now one had offered their help. She gave an exasperated sigh “Do you think my brother will ever realize I don’t need bodyguard?” she asked with a raised brow but didn’t fight her friend on it, truth be told Argent wouldn’t mind the company, she didn’t really know where she was going, how dangerous it might be or how long for “You sure you wanna uproot yourself for a nagging feeling in my head?”

Accepting she wasn’t going to talk her out of coming she nodded silently before pulling her staff from her pocket, upon her touch the silver rod illuminated with a white light “Hope you’re still game for flying” she spoke before her body was enveloped in the very same light and where the redhead once stood was the form of her silver dragon. The dragon didn’t speak and yet she could be heard in the minds of those she wished “I’ll explain the little I know on the way, though it is quite the definition of a wild goose chase” she explained as she turned and lowered herself to make it easier for the guard to climb on her back.

All she could do was roll her eyes at the remark the fiery red head made about following Malva around. “Malva can handle herself, more than she likes to admit.. She can deal without me for a bit.” that smile slowly faded away as she sighed. “Malva and I haven’t really been...seeing eye to eye as of late.” she had to admit, the two of them had gotten close over the years. More than she’d go around bragging about. Everything between them was well... complicated. Space was very much needed between the two. It was hard to think the two were on the outs as of late, as they were always two peas in a pod everywhere they went. However, she wasn’t wrong. But she’d offer her services to any Aspect that looked like they were very much needed.

“I admire your courageousness, Argent.” Offering a faint smile. But there was no way she was getting out of this. “It’s what I live for.” she said. Tatiana didn’t mind uprooting on a nagging thought when Malva had one. It usually sent them on this crazy adventure. That was one of her favorite things about being a guard that most people don’t realize. The adventure, the travel. Seeing new sights, if one could believe it. Almost being over a thousand years old. One would think they’ve seen everything there is to see the world has to offer. The two hadn’t been on anything in a while besides being in a cramped manor. “So, where are we off to?”

Taking a few steps back as fog came between the two, what replaced those red curly blonde locks was now scaly skin of a dragon. “You’d think I’d be used to that by now.” awkwardly laughing as she rubbed her head when she heard the voice of the Aspect. Tatiana was used to Malva doing that, but it was also one of those things she’d never get used to. In fact it was rather weird. Swinging one leg over as if she was on a horse to push herself upward to where she was now sitting on the female’s back. “I’ve never actually ridden a dragon, surprisingly” So needless to say, this was her first time riding a dragon. “ Malva never allowed me to ride her.”

Argent gave somewhat of a dumbfounded look in response to Tiara’s words about Malva “and I can’t?” she cursed somewhat rhetorically, Argent knew she looked the youngest of all her siblings but she had lived an millennium just as that had, she certainly wasn’t a little girl. She had however noticed how Malva seemed to be keeping other guards around more often than she was Tatiana lately, she hadn’t commented because she figured it must be a delicate situation, Malva was very much her own person and she didn’t see eye to eye with everyone “I get that, even the best people can suffocate you after a while” and 1000 years was a long time to be around the same people.

“After you’ve faced death itself, nothing really seems that scary anymore” she laughed, perhaps she was crazy but after she had been revived, fear wasn’t really something that occurred to her anymore, she felt a sense of peace and security knowing there were beings looking out for her. When Tiara asked where they were going the redhead laughed softly “I wish I knew” she answered honestly, she didn’t really see the place so much as feel a pull in a direction, she didn’t know how near or far it was but with the speed aspects could fly, that wasn’t much concern to her.

“It still freaks me out when people do it to me” her dragon self admitted “Kinda feels invasive I guess” but it was her only way of communicating in her dragon form short of making large expressive movements like some crazy game of charades. Once the blonde had climbed onto her back she straightened up, turning her head up towards the sky for a moment “Well then you’re about to experience something..” she paused thinking of the word for it “incredible” she decided on as she started taking a few steps back to give her running space.

“Hold onto me tight” she warned before she dashed forwards, leaping into the air as she did so and unfurling her wide silver wings. With a few flaps they moved towards the sky, gaining speed as they moved through the night before both of them disappeared from vision. Now they were moving fast enough she spread her wings, gliding as Evermore city slowly became smaller and smaller in her vision. “There are some perks to being a slave to the light” she laughed softly.

“Wait till you’ve dated death.” she said awkwardly in a stubble laugh, trying to make a conversation. They went around in circles more times than anyone could count in the last hundred of years till the point of them hating each other. But she would always live for those death puns. They’d make a good joke every now and again. Now getting herself adjusted on the back of a dragon. A thought she thought she’d be thinking to herself. But they are in the world of Supernatural, anything and everything could happen these days. Out of everything the supernatural had. Why shouldn’t dragons be a thing? However, here she was, riding on the back of a frickin’ dragon. It was something she wasn’t going to be able to get used to anytime soon.

This was going to be incredible, alright but how was one suppose to hold on tight when there wasn’t really anything to hold on to? Out of all the things in the world, Tatiana wasn’t scared of much but one of the few things that she was scared of was heights. Trying to figure out where she placed her hands as she wrapped them around the body of the dragon as they took up into the sky. Soon going invisible. “Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down.” whispering to herself with her eyes flickered closed. Heart starting to pound at a rather fast pace as the speed started to pick up. This was going to be a great ride, if she could just get over her fears.

“I always wondered what it’d be like to be an Aspect, guards may have the hard physical work but Aspects have it bad too sometimes.. or at least that’s what I assumed.” she said peaking through one eye as they still had happened to be up in the air. It wasn’t often someone saw Tatiana being scared of something as she was usually fearless, when she was on the ground and not up in the air. “I know I should be seeing this as a great thing, yaknow... who gets to ride a dragon? Take the one person who’s afraid of heights.” Although, she shouldn’t have been really complaining in the first place. She was the one who demanded to be taken on this trip. There was no way she was going to allow an Aspect to go out somewhere she didn’t even know where it was going to take her without some back up.

Argent wrinkled her nose at that thought, she knew a lot of things were in the past now and it was inevitable that Tatiana and Erythreus would happen at some point but it was still weird for her to think about how she’d had intimate relations with the same person as her brother. “I did not need to put that image in my head” she stated with a laugh, it was a shame things didn’t work out but she could only hope the two of them stayed amicable.

Argent didn’t usually travel by flight unless she had to, she wasn’t afraid of it but turning and flying always felt a little over the top to her when it wasn’t an emergency and there were far more comfortable ways to travel which didn’t leave your limbs sore for days after. “But it’s such a beautiful view” Argent teased doing her best to distract Tatiana from her fears. The aspect of light could almost physically feel the anxiety coming from her passenger the moment they took off from the ground. The redhead had always seen the blonde as fearless so it came as somewhat of a surprise to see her reaction.

“There are times when it’s amazing” she responded candidly “You feel like you can do anything” she continued to glide through the air, slowly feeling herself get closer and closer to what she was looking for “But there are others where the weight of the world is quite literally on your shoulders and there is no good options in the decisions you have to make” that was always the hardest part, knowing you had to put the world before personal feelings  The dragon laughed softly as Tatiana spoke about her fears “We’re not too far away now, besides, you still get the bragging rights”.

Her movements slowed as they found themselves over the top of a small town in Nebraska. The silver dragon hovered for a few moments, her eyes scanning through the air. The aspect of light had been gifted with the ability to see objects which harnessed light magic from a fair distance, to her they shone as bright as the sun did when it came over the horizon “This is definitely the place” she admitted before she moved to drop towards the ground slowly bringing them down to the surface “There’s something here, something that’s fallen into the wrong hands” she didn’t knew what it was, she just felt a sense of dread which always came before an object of light was used for the wrong reasons.

Tatiana had to admit, it would have been a beautiful view if she wasn’t too afraid of looking down and having her fear of heights come rushing back, causing an anxiety attack. That wouldn’t have been too fun for the guard. She knew what the Aspect was doing and she was smart in doing so. Creating a distraction so it would ease the fear of the guard. Great thinking on her part and it helped from time to time but when it didn’t. Argent’s words were going through one ear and right out the other . All she was able to do was attempt to tighten her grip but sadly, it was something she wasn’t able to obtain. Seeing as Argent in her dragon form was much larger, while Tatiana’s arms were not stretchable. The next best thing to do was hold on best as she could without looking down. “Forgive me, Argent if I’m not that talkative right now.”

Hoping and praying the Aspect was right in the fact they were not too far from where they needed to be. In fact a few moments later the Aspect announced they were here as she lowered them to the ground. The sudden anxiety shifted itself away. Feeling relieved as Argent’s feet touched the ground. It wasn’t long before Tatiana found herself swinging her leg over to where both legs were now together, sliding down the back of the dragon.  Landing on her feet but bent her knees where she was able to now rest herself to the ground, hugging it. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy to be on the ground.” It may have been over dramatic for her to hug the ground but she honestly didn’t care. It was where she felt safe at this very moment. “If I get bragging rights, you can’t tell anyone of this.” she said half joking and half serious. She didn’t want the fear of heights to tarnish her image as a good guard.

Hands planting firmly against the ground as she pushed herself up only to them wipe away the dirt that managed to get across her shirt. “So about this...light? Will I see it to or it just something you automatically know?” cocking an eyebrow as she watched the Aspect form back into her normal, curly red headed self. Tatiana had been on these types of in the middle of the night journeys with Malva when some kind of magic was being missed used, but all Aspects were different. She usually just followed Malva’s lead when it came to these kind of inklings. Tatiana was usually there for the kickass part and protect her Aspect if any harm came to her. There had been times were Malva handled herself but in other cases, there were a lot of times Tatiana kicked ass and took names in the process. It was her favorite part.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to Nebraska. I remember Malva saying this state is the least state that has magic, or doesn’t have any magic issues.. Something like that. I tuned her out after a while.” Man, that woman could talk and sometimes it got to much. Allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders as she had admitted. “Lead the way.” offering a smile as she stood back.

The aspect laughed “We all have our Achilles heel” she admitted, Argent’s was probably that she couldn’t stand seeing other people in pain, especially those she cared for. The flight itself was pretty smooth, the weather stayed calm and the wind actually helped with picking up speed, it was times like these that made the aspect of light wonder why she didn’t fly more often. She supposed there wasn’t much reason to anymore, the more guards that joined them the less the aspects had to actually go out into the world themselves, which was both a blessing and a curse in it’s own right.

The silver dragon let out an amused snort in response to the guard’s dramatic faceplant. Argent closed her eyes allowing the aspect magic to fall away, causing smoke to surround her until she was no longer a dragon and was now back in her human form. She twirled her staff around her fingers before tucking it back into her pocket. “Do you really think I’d tell anyone?” she questioned with an arched brow, she was actually quite interested in the answer “Except for Aureus but he doesn’t exactly give people a choice” she added noting the aspect of time was capable of seeing a person’s memories.

There wasn’t too much time to dwell over it though, the aspect could tell something was wrong, or that it would be wrong soon anyway. She hated how vague the feelings she got were, they rarely gave her the answers she needed, simply nudged her in the right direction. She understood and all but it would be nice to have specifics every so often. “Normally no” she answered honestly, it was kinda her specialty after all. After a moment Argent blew out a breath an pulled one of the bracelets from her own wrist and closed her eyes holding the silver chain in her closed fist. When her eyes opened again they glowed a bright silver before slowly fading to her usual green. She offered out the bracelet to Tatiana with a smile “Dhampirs are a grey area when it comes to being a light species but this should help you see what I see”.

Argent had to admit that was one of her favourite parts, being able to bless objects to do things they normally wouldn’t “Well tonight seems to be an exception to her rule then” Argent pulled a confused face, how did a particular place have less magic than others? She didn’t fret over it too much and instead started heading towards the bright light. They two of them wound up and outdoor storage unit complex a few minutes like “Well this place looks about as shady as I was expecting” she spoke softly before hearing the voices of two males rounding the corner and swiftly moved out of view.

Argent was more than right. Everyone had a Achilles heel. Some more than others. She was just thankful not many knew she was afraid of heights. Most missions never required to go anywhere high. It was always to retrieve something and fight a few bad guys in the process. So thankfully, she was lucky no one had to see that side of her, well...till now anyway. Tatiana had her image to protect here. How was she supposed to be one of the best guards on the force if someone knew her achilles heel. The dramatic faceplant to the floor didn’t help at all. It only made things more amusing and not for her sake, but she knew she could trust Argent not to tell a soul on what just happened. That face plant wouldn’t be the best image for that badass rep that she apparently had.

“Fair point.” wiping the dust off that leather jacket off hers. Cocking an eyebrow as she watched the woman pull a bracelet from her wrist only to then. “You’d think I’d be used to seeing Aspect eyes glow by now, with all the supernatural in the world.” It always amused her to see other use their powers, as they usually were very impressive; more so the Aspects, they were not just any normal Supernatural species, compared to a dhampir or a vampire in the Evermore community. Digits latching on to the bracelet. “Does this mean we’re besties now?” laughing softly as most woman who gave another a bracelet was usually some friendship bracelet of sorts. Slipping the bracelet around her wrist only to then look around. “Everything seems the same.” How was one suppose to know if something was wrong? She had never been on this side of things, having some sort of temporary Aspect power.

“..Is that glowing light supposed to be there?.” It was the bracelet probably kicking in as the two approached a shady storage unite. “Good thing this is where I shine..” a smile arched across her features. “No pun intended.” This was usually where Tatiana was able to create some kind of distracted while the Aspect or the other guard was able to go in and get what was needed. Now finding herself standing before Argent, hiding behind one of the rather large unites in attempt to over hear what the two men were talking about. Tucking a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear, turning on her super hearing rune with her mine. Ocean blue optics glancing back at the red head, placing her index finger up to her own lips.

“It… it doesn’t sound like they are speaking any English…” brows furrowing together. Thankfully the dhampir’s had a rune where they were able to understand any type of language. Tatiana hadn’t used it in quite sometime. Now was a better time than ever. “We have to move closer if I’m able to understand what they’re saying.” No more than one rune can be casted at once. So in order for her to use the language rune, they needed to move closer in order for her hearing to be better enough not to be able to use her super hearing. Tatiana wasn't one to often to base her mission on using her powers. It's why she was so skilled in combat fighting. She'd rather kick someones ass and feel good about it, then standing there and abusing her power against someone else who in a way could be powerless, so to speak. Plus, Tatiana preferred the art of combat fighting. There was something always new to learn and master.

Argent laughed, she had a point, glowing eyes was kinda a staple when it came to supernatural tells “We’re our own kind of weird” she responded and wrinkled her nose, every aspect was different, their powers tailored to help them help the world better “They still freak me out in the mirror too” she admitted, though they were a pretty color and full of the light she protected so she couldn’t really complain. Argent laughed as Tatiana asked about the bracelet “Does this mean I have to let you keep it once we’re done?” he teased but smiled “I mean it’s only been a few centuries, we might as well make it official” they had always been pretty close she had to admit, always been on the same sort of wavelength.

Argent simply waited for the bracelet to do it’s work, she had full faith in her own powers so she didn’t doubt it’s effectiveness like the blonde Dhampir seemed to “Nope, that’s definitely not supposed to be there” she affirmed glad they were finally on the same grounds. Argent rolled her eyes at the light pun with a smirk “Pun fully intended” she corrected as the two of them moved closer to the unidentified object. The aspect sadly didn’t have much on her side when it came to mission work, that was why the aspects were always highly reliant on the guard with their range of supernatural ability.

Argent didn’t need telling twice as she fell quiet letting Tiara do her work. Argent had to wonder from the setting whether some kind of sale was due to take place, perhaps a weapon of some kind? That concerned her deeply, whatever it was, she already felt a sense of dread in her stomach and the more time that passed, the more nagging that feeling got for her. Hearing her statement Argent scanned the area for the best place to get closer whilst still keeping hidden away from the men. Spotting a small alcove in the dark behind the shipping containers she pointed it out “Over there” she spoke it barely above a whisper before starting to move.

She had gotten pretty good at sneaking, thanks to many missions like this one where she ended up having to walk into pretty hostile situations. She kept her head down as they moved, glad she had worn black for the occasion. As she reached the alcove she ducked her head down behind it before glancing over at the blonde dhampir. Argent didn’t want to say a word as they were too close to the men to safely speak and so she closed her eyes, sending a written message through the bracelet to the other woman which wrote words in a silver light in front of them “I think whatever it is, they want to sell it” she looked at the blonde hoping she could confirm that was what they were talking about.

All she could hear was two different men talking in a different language; ‘ これらのアイテムは、今夜、深夜までに販売する必要があります。または、私たちの上司は幸せにならないでしょう。’ Japanese, a language she hadn’t heard in quite a while, but her attention was drawn back to her redhead friend as she swiftly and quietly would follow her over in behind some shipping containers. Bending down to the ground, poking her head slightly around the corner. Allowing her language rune to make it’s way on. Suddenly her brows furrowed in worriedness. This wasn’t good at all. Glancing back at Argent, shaking her head as she mouthed ‘worse’. Whatever they had in that shipping container, it was about to be gone within the next few hours; which meant whatever Argent and Tatiana was going to do. They needed to act fast with whatever plan the two were going to come up with. A lot of missions required thinking in the now rather than later.

Tatiana couldn’t really respond back without giving themselves away. Allowing her hand to grab Argent’s wrist as she quickly pulled her back to where they had originally came from -- behind a bigger shipping unite, father away to where they wouldn’t really be heard if they had whispered. “They’re not just going to sell them, Argent.” whispering. “ It’s going to be some kind of illegal bidding war is going to go down tonight, at midnight, for whatever is in that container.” this wasn’t good at all, it made her rather uneasy. “I may have a plan though.” crossing her arms over the other, body facing Argent. “What if we pose as bidders? It will be risky, but we need to get whatever it is that’s in that untie. Then if it gets out of hand then we’ll kick some ass…” allowing a shrug to roll off the base of her shoulders. “And hopefully we’re going to be going home with whatever it is in there.”

“We just have to walk in with confidence.” nodding in agreement with her words. The dhampir had a feeling it was going to be a rather long and dangerous night for the two. It was something she had gotten used to over the centuries. Countless missions that went on straight through the night, some with success and some were not to good; then they had the missions where it took days at a time to actually retrieve what needed to be done. “Unless you got a better idea that isn’t pending danger?” cocking an eyebrow as she was open to other ideas. Tatiana didn’t mind danger. It was something that she thrived on. It just meant she needed to get the job done without getting anyone harmed. Danger lit a fire under her rump most days. It was a challenge and everyone knew that Ivakov woman loves a challenge.

Aspects unfortunately weren’t blessed with any heightened senses and so she heavily relied on Tatiana’s ability to understand what was happening, it was at these moments she was glad they had decided to form the guard and that she would always have people to fall back on when she needed them. Argent raised her brows as she caught the word ‘worse’ from Tatiana’s lips, why did it always seem to be worse. Argent was used to this kinda thing nowadays, an item of light magic falling into the wrong hands and if something isn’t done to intervene it can be turned into a source for dark magic causing all sorts of chaos. Argent pulled a face, she hated how greedy and selfish the people of this world consistently proved themselves to be.

Argent didn’t fight as she followed Tatiana back over to where they had originally been standard. The redhead wasn’t stupid enough to think they should just charge in there with only the two of them, while Argent was pretty sure they could win it wasn’t the ideal situation to be in and could end up with them never getting close to the device or someone getting away with it. The aspect of light listened closely as the blonde explained what she had discovered and then followed it up with her idea “It’s risky” she responded with a bite on her lip, Argent was probably skilled enough in acting to get away with it, after all she had plenty of practice in her real life “But we don’t even know what sort of money they’re talking about” she responded with a shrug.

“Confidence okay” she assured herself rolling her shoulders back as if to prepare herself for this, she had to admit she would have much rathered the sneak in option but the guard’s observations were right, Argent had to take whichever option was most likely to succeed and that was likely the play nice option. “Good job I have plenty of practice pretending to be someone I’m not” she answered dryly with a shrug, ever since the death of Raven, Argent had pretty much played a part to keep people at arm’s length only letting a select few still see the real sides to her. “You’re gonna have to take the lead on this though, because no doubts I’ll fall on my face given half a chance” she sighed before she pulled at her clothes trying to make them presentable.

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