Argent startled awake with a deep gasp of air before sitting up in her bed, she reached out to flip the light switch next to her bed and tried to slow her breathing. She didn't have these feelings often but when she did she knew they weren't to be ignored. Somewhere out there was an imbalance in her element, something she needed to handle right away. She'd had these before and every time her intuition had been spot on. Letting out a sigh she balled up some of the blanket material in a fist and cursed "Why now" she climbed out of bed and set to work.

Moving to her wardrobe the redhead pulled out a pair of dark jeans and a black top, she tied her copper curls into a high ponytail and put on her black ankle boots. Grabbing a pen off her desk she wrote an explanation to Venetus, she knew he'd find it and she knew he'd understand, he did every other time it happened. Once she was ready to go she rounded her way to her door and down the staircase, she headed into the guard's chambers where Aurelia usually was but when she reached her guard's room she found the place empty. Argent didn't know where she was and she didn't have time to ask and so she turned on her heels and headed for the exit.

Argent sighed softly, sometimes being an aspect was exhausting but she knew it was her duty and when duty called, aspects were obliged to obey. She guessed this would have to be one she took alone. Without another word she moved through the halls, grabbing her coat and tucking her staff into her pocket. Moving through the halls she was just about to head out the front door when she heard footsteps behind her. She came to a halt, looking over her shoulder to catch the blonde in the corner of her eye. 

"Tiara?" Argent blinked through the darkness, able to recognize her friend even through the darkly lit entryway "What the hell are you doing awake?" she asked with raised brows, trying to divert from the fact she was about to head out on a solo mission without her guard and would likely get herself into massive trouble with her siblings for it. Her playing it off was rather unsuccessful however and after a moment she rolled her shoulders and let out a gentle sigh "I can't stay, whatever it is, it needs me, right now" she had explained these happenings to her before and so she hoped her friend would understand.

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There were some species in life that mostly relied on their power to get them through — then there were some people who relied on mastering a certain type of skill if they were ever to get in trouble and well, she had said this often; it was better to rely on your skill than your power because one day, there could come a time where that said power wouldn’t be at disposal anymore. Tatiana always preferred a method of action such as: combat, martial arts (ect). But times like these were the two needed to be sneaky and clever, were it relied more on her power then combat, it came in handy to have a range of runes. It wasn’t often someone would catch Tatiana using her powers over her skills. “I have many powers and many skills but sadly, making money appear out of thin air isn’t one of them, but uh..I was probably going to improvise if one of us hasn’t thought of anything by then.” Laughing awkwardly as she placed a smile, because that was confident.

“Wait.” The guard said as she heard loud sounds coming in from behind the unit, crowds rather in as she peaked from behind. “I must have heard my time wrong. It looks like it’s sooner rather than later.” Which meant, less time for the two to devise a course of action on what was going to happen once they got there. Tatiana had shared a glance with Argent, zipping up her leather jacket as she then pulled her dirty blonde locks out from under, allowing them to cascade down on the base of her shoulders. That leather jacket always did give off that badass vibe, were she could have been serious but if needed, kicking ass at the same time. Which, everyone knew Tatiana was perfectly capable of do so. “It’s now or never.” Adding on to her previous statement as cars started to pull in front. Now was the time to push away those nerves if there was any and look confident as ever.

Glancing a head as she could see car lights approaching off into the distance. Their time was to move now. Once again, Tatiana latched her hand onto Argents as she pulled both of them out into the light. The two had stuck out like a sore thumb. “I was going to say it’s best not to drawn attention to ourselves but I think it’s to late for that.” That oh so confident smile had never faded as she spoke through her teeth. They needed to be somewhere, possibly off to the side or mixed in with the crowd so it didn’t look as if they were out of place more than they already were. It was rare that Tatiana didn’t go in with some sort of plan, even though something usually more than likely always went wrong but this time around? There hasn’t been time to sit around and hatch some sort of game plan. Truly, they didn’t know what they were going to be walking into when they arrived.

Welcome all.’ The man stated as he placed himself up on a stool. Other men around him carrying wooden boxes, placing them down.You all have came on a very special night as we are bidding on some rare items and one, no one wants to miss.

“Watch the one we want will be at the very end.” Tatiana stayed as she moved her way throughout the crowd of buyers until she had found a place for them to stand where they were able to see clear. Shoving her hands into her jacket pockets as it was getting kind of chilly, glancing over to her redhead friend. “Better get comfy. Looks like we are in for a long night with how many boxes there are. Who knows how many stuff they stole and or illegal.” She didn’t realize how many items the men had gathered over who knows how long.

Argent nodded softly, they had the capital means back at the manor but that meant three different things, one, that she would need to beg Ven to let her buy whatever this mystery item was, two that she would need to go back to the manor but most importantly, three, they would be feeding the economy of some serious criminals. “Well it’s looking more and more like we’ll need to fight our way out” she stated what they were both probably thinking, suddenly feeling very glad that she hadn’t come alone.

The aspect of light had to take a deep breath to stop herself from going into panic mode when the guard confirmed they didn’t even have as much time as they initially thought. Agent was pretty sure this was going to turn out a disaster but as long as they left with whatever that item was she didn’t really care, perhaps that made her heartless but she couldn’t afford to invest herself in too much. “However this turns out we leave with it” she instructed as she rolled her shoulders back and put on her fiercest expression, though Argent was so tiny that there wasn’t much hope.

Feeling the other woman yank her out from where they had been hiding the redhead rolled her shoulders back repeating the idea of confidence in her mind “Yeah I don’t think our gender plays in our favor for that” she admitted in a hushed tone noting nearly everyone around them was male. Argent very purposely turned to look up at the taller guard and smiled as she interlinked their arms. Nothing made people more likely to look away and well uncomfortable than a bit of PDA after all. She found herself wanting to twitch as they announced the auction and Argent thought about all the illegal dangerous things they might be selling, the redhead had to remind herself that they weren’t superheroes here to save the world and they needed to keep on task.

The aspect did her best to keep her expression neutral as she looked at the stage, shifting her weight from foot to foot a little to keep her mind occupied. The auctions started and the redhead did her best to keep her composure as she watched items ranging from guns to drugs to old grimoires be sold for obscene amounts of money. “What have we walked into?” Argent mouthed as she looked back up at the blonde, it was hard for her to keep her mouth shut knowing the dangers all these things could put into the world.

But she managed to do so throughout the time, thankfully not drawing any attention when she placed a few innocent bids on items only to be outbid almost instantly. Her whole being was filled with apprehension, wanting to know what the object was and why it drew her here. As the last box was carefully dragged onto the podium the aspect held her breath. “This one is for those of you who believe in a little more if you know what I mean” his wink caused a shudder to roll down her spine as he took out the mystical object, a perfectly pristine feather which glistened so brightly that most people in the crowd had to avert their eyes.

Honestly? Argent was right and she stated both what they were thinking. It was going to be a fight getting out of here, but that was alright because they could both handle themselves in a fair fight; assuming Argent knew how to fight. Tatiana had never really been out in the field with another Aspect that wasn’t Malva and even did, Malva allowed her to do all the fighting if had it came down to that, while she got whatever was needed. “Can this friendship bracelet read minds too?” laughing softly . She wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. After all, they did live in a supernatural world. Anything can happen, even with a small bracelet. “Luckily enough I went with you.” there was no way Argent would have been able to come out of this alone. It was a guard’s duty to protect the Aspects no matter what, even following them in the middle of the night to a warehouse site that just so happened to be selling illegal items.

Nodding in agreement; they leave with the item that’s being sold; no matter what. “We stick out like a sore thumb.” whispering under her breath so only the red headed Aspect would hear what she had to say. Feeling Argent’s arms interlock with hers, which allowed Tatiana to place her hand on top of hers to add to the PDA. The two had found themselves standing in a group of men who had happened to be from all different parts of the world as she could hear the whispers and mumbles passing through, awaiting for the auction to start. ‘Женщина. Они думают, что могут сделать мужскую работу.’ ( Woman. They think they can do a man's job. ) Overhearing a conversation that just so happened to be in Russian, her native tongue. The dhampir didn’t need her rune to understand what they had been saying. The two men had attempted to whisper to keep the conversation close knit. The grip on Argent’s hand only seemed to grow tighter as the two men kept talking. “Sexist pigs.” glancing back with a glare that could kill.

She had to keep that Ivakov temper at a calm for now, as the auction was finally starting. Watching the man showing a few things off, people bidding and winning. “How did they obtain all these items?” pressing lips into a fine line, shaking her head. “Nevermind…. Don’t answer that.” Some of the items looked like something Malva would have her go after, but these were non-magical. The two had been waiting for what felt like hours but in reality, it was only an hour before they had finally gotten to what they were here for. “Here we go.” whispering as the man had taken the item out of the box. It was none other than a feather that shines brighter than the sun. Flinching at the light as she placed her hand up to block most of the light as a reaction.

Slowly letting her hand down as the bid suddenly started. Glancing over at Argent as a smirk formed across her features. Tatiana’s hand had risen up in the air as she unfolded their interlocked arms as a sign that she wanted in on the action. “I bid that it’s time to kick your asses.” quickly reaching down to her combat boot, digits quickly scurrying down to her boot, bringing out one of the many daggers she hidden across her body. Throwing it towards the man on the stage that held the feather. The daughter scraping his hand as it pinned the feather to the unite behind him with the dagger. “I think you have something that belongs to us.” some of the men around them started to scatter as others wanted to stay and join the fight that was going to be against them. It was finally down to get to some action, as this was what they were here for. All these men had what was coming to them.

Argent laughed and shook her head a little at the other woman’s question before tilting her head from side to side as she spoke a drawn out word “Wellllll” she chuckled “It’s more about communication that reading minds, you can push forward the things you want to communicate” kinda like when aspects spoke in their dragon form except this one happened to work both ways. Argent had been very blessed to be given the powers she had and did her best to use them and respect the power she got from them. “No kidding” she murmured softly as they started making their way over to the bidding site, she had to admit she felt a little nervous, not for her own safety, that was the kinda thing that came second to an aspect but nervous for what would happen if this particular item was taken home by one of the other bidders tonight.

Tiara was right, as the only females who had shown up to this particular party it didn’t really matter what they said or did, they were going to be noticed regardless. Argent kept her eyes on the ground and to the stage where all of the action was pretending she didn’t notice all the whispering or sideways glances. Thankfully those running the auction were far more focused on selling their dangerous and somewhat terrifying merchandise than they were singling out the two ladies. Argent shook her head as she heard Tatiana’s muttering, she had a feeling those two men weren’t going to feel so smug nor look down on the two women when they realized the real reason they were here. “Look forward to wiping that smirk off their lips” she whispered softly keeping her eyes on the podium.

“Something tells me we don’t want to know” Argent answered as she pulled a grimace, for the most part it had been all the things she expected to see at a underground auction, drugs and firearms for the most part. Humans really had their obsession with weapons it seemed, she couldn’t even imagine the danger they would pose if they also knew of the supernatural. Her eyes were affixed on the feather, she felt a strange connection to it  that she couldn’t even describe, almost like it was calling out to her to come closer. The aspect of light searched her memory trying to remember if she had ever seen the familiar item before but she drew blank on the answer. Odd. Either way, her entire being was telling her that she needed to get hold of that feather and she needed to get it now. Unlike everyone else who shied away from the bright light, the redhead’s eyes were transfixed on the object, like a moth to a flame.

And now it was time to take action. As Tatiana let go of Argent’s hand the redhead readied herself for combat. Thankfully Argent had already gotten an eye on how the men had handled looking at an object of pure light and she had plenty of light of her own to go around. She winced as she watched Tiara’s dagger sink into the male’s hand but straightened up ready to go. Argent wasn’t a deadly fighter like most of the guards were but that didn’t mean she couldn’t handle herself in a fight. As the men began to circle she kicked into life, watching the unexpected looks on their faces as the tiny redhead went for one of their legs, grabbing the male in a hold before throwing him over her shoulder.

This was where the bracelets would really come in handy because the two of them could push thoughts to each other without needing to say a word “So much for a man’s job hey” she teased in her mind as she turned to kick another who came at her. “Close your eyes a few seconds” she sent the thought before she raised her hands drawing light to her and causing a really bright flash of light to go off which instantly dazed and confused the males around them. Argent dashed under one of their arms making her way towards the feather but she tripped as she felt hands grip around her ankle pulling her backwards.

One of her favorite things about being a guard was being able to go on missions. It’s where she was put to good use and her skills wouldn’t be going to waste. Tatiana loved thinking in the moment and acting then and there. The thrill and the rush of kicking someone's ass in the process. It was satisfying. So needless to say, when it was time to kick into action on these sexist men, she was all for it. The men thought they were simple better because well, they are men. Which was the very thing that boil her blood. Just because they were men, they thought they were better at everything. That was just simply untrue. This wasn’t a man’s world anymore and she was going to prove it tonight, by kicking everyone’s ass and them some probably. The two females were going to walk out with that feather, no matter what. 

Whenever Tatiana was sent out on a mission, 80% she came back successful. It was one of the reasons why she was one of the most requested guards to be sent out on missions. No matter how dangerous the mission could be. “bullseye.” Muttering under her breath, watching the man struggle with his hand now pinned up against the wall. The feather that everyone wanted oh so badly was now slowly but surely sinking it's way down to the floor. It was no soon after that men started to huddle around them. Little did they know what the two could do. Once again, Tatiana’s hand went down to her boot to pull out her ninja twin staffs that she had chosen during her weapon ceremony. Tossing one over to her other hand as she started to twirl them around with such ease and precision. “Who wants to go first out of you losers?”

Egging them on as they looked like they were eager to get into a fight. First threw a punch which Tatiana was able to duck right under, leading her to the next man. Rising her foot up to place in the middle of his mid-section in order to roughly push off him, sending him into the shipping container. Swinging up her right staff, cocking one of the men right in the face. By the time she worked through a few men, she was now a few feet across from the red headed Aspect. Ocean blue optics darting across to meet with hers, hearing the voice in her head. Tatiana wasn’t going to question how, but rather than question; she was going to listen. Fluttering her eyes shut, placing her right hand over her face for extra support. The sound of moaning and dazed soon filled the air around them. Whatever Argent was doing was working.

Tatiana’s eyes opened no sooner than when she assume the light was gone. All the men around the two woman had sudden scattered or were still rubbing out there eyes. Grinning widely when she saw Argent make a mad dash towards the feather only to come to a sudden halt when she was being dragged back by her legs. “Argent!” Tatiana yelled out in worriedness. Out of the corner of her eye, the dhampir saw something moving in the distance which brought her full attention when those optics of hers saw someone else taking the feather that wasn’t the man auctioning everything off, but the man who spoke her native tongue. What was more important; Argent or the feather? Argent did say get the feather no matter what it took but her duty was to the Aspects. It was a tough call. Eyes darting between the man who was escaping and Argent, lips pressed into a fine line.

Optics following the man as he ran off into the dark before her attention was fully back on Argent, now further along than she was before. “When he let’s go, run!” Inching closer to the two as she took a deep breath, closing her eyes long enough where she was able to create the pain rune within her mind only to open up. Locking that deathly stare with the man, applying pain. “Get your grimey little mitts off her!” That Russian accent slipping through. It always happened when she was in a intense focus as she was now. It had just so happened to be the other sexist pig. It had seemed the two were working together. Tatiana was going to take much pleasure in hurting these two if they had touched Argent again. However, they still had to go about getting that feather from his partner.

When she had first become an aspect, or even before she died, Argent had never really been much for fighting, she did what she had to but for the most part she preferred to run if she could, it was amazing how much you could change when you lived for so long, how every little heartbreak or setback took away the innocence you once had and replaced it with a will to live. Nowadays Argent could stand her ground among most of the guard and while she still kept a personal guard for her protection, she was confident in her ability too.

The two of them worked well together, weaving in and out of the men that came towards them, striking for the points that they knew would make them weak. Once Argent could see that Tatiana had appropriately protected her eyes she raised her hands and the bright flash of light erupted, all the men around them were dazed, clawing at their eyes as if they sight was gone. She knew it would be, at least for a few seconds, long enough to hopefully get them out of there before they had to kill anyone. The redhead was just in touching distance of the feather when she felt the grip on her leg, pulling her backwards and sending her crashing to the ground. The moment of impact she felt the stones beneath her slice a cut in her arm but she winced, kicking her leg in attempt to get the male to let go.

Argent’s first worry wasn’t for herself, she rolled over onto her front so that she could get visual on the feather, the feeling of dread in her stomach hurting much worse than the pain from where she had landed roughly on the ground or where the male’s hands were gripping her leg like a vice. She watched as the other male reached out and grabbed the feather and she felt anger take over her, what right did anyone think they have to be messing with an object of pure light. Something like that needed to be protected and preserved and yet here it was, in an underground bidding war gone bad. “Get the feather” she had shouted to Tatiana who looked conflicted but the guard’s words conflicted her instruction.

She wasn’t sure exactly what was happening but based on the words Tatiana spoke, she braced herself to run, kicking again, harder at the male who had dug his fingers into her leg so tightly that she knew it would be bruised and possibly bleeding. The moment came however, the male doubling over in pain in response to the rune Tatiana had made and Argent kicked again, harder, making contact with his face as he let go of her and crumpled. She pressed her hands to the floor and pushed to her feet, though the moment she stood up she felt her weight almost give out from under her as she tried to push down on the leg he had grabbed.

“Go!” she shouted knowing for sure that she wasn’t going to be able to chase down the man whilst her leg was in this state. Seeing the other male slowly trying to rise from the kick she had given him she grabbed a rock from the floor and hit him over the head with it, sending him flying a few feet back and knocking him out. She teetered a little before she fell to the ground, her breath heavy as she closed her eyes, drawing from light magic which she hoped would ease some of her pain. After a few moments she tried to stand up again, this time the weight holding better before she ran off in the direction that Tatiana had gone.

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