Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

 Henri could feel the sounds the leaves are making with every step he took, how couldn't he? When the night has already set it and the moon was taunting him from above because even it knows and he knows, he couldn't do anything about this. His hazel hues stared at the moon as he continued to go on with his journey, he has been trying to get to the mountaintops since yesterday but it wasn't an easy feat when not everyone would take it lightly for a whole snow tiger to walk around in the middle of the day. There shouldn't even be a snow tiger here in Evermore. Not that it is a real one, but he is as real as it can be. The only difference between him and an actual snow tiger was that he doesn't pounce and tackle humans for his prey, one, because he knows better. Two, human meat doesn't fit his diet. Kidding. His white fur had been covered by snow and the mountaintops should be a nice enough place for him to settle for a while because he needed to stay off sight. He's been sighing heavily for a while now, he couldn't remember what happened. 

Only that a few nights ago after he transformed into his ailuranthrope form to do his perimeter run every week around the borders of Evermore to see if there was anything new or out of the ordinary because there hasn't been a shortage in the Evermore General to stop accepting patients because a lot kept being admitted. At this point, he knew they would be more short staffed than they already were. Something was going on and he was going to check if it was anything done near the borders that separated any ties or deals done in the name of peace for Evermore. He couldn't find anything weird that night so he came back to the manor using the woods as a shortcut but realized he couldn't morph back into his human form. His chances to revert back to human had been the only thing that's been stuck in his head for days and he couldn't exactly walk into the diviner territory demanding for a diviner. He's a freaking tiger. 

Henri initially had a bag filled with his clothes with him since he would be needing clothes once he turns back per usual but since he's stuck in this form, he's been dragging it with him by having it hung around his mouth as he trudged through the woods. Unfortunately, while he was walking towards the mountaintops, the grounds were a bit slippery and it had resulted the therian to stumble on his steps and rolled down. A whimper escaped him when his body hits the tree, but that wasn't his main concern now. His bag was nowhere to be found. It must've dropped somewhere when he fell. Goddammit. With no energy left he could spare just to find his bag, Henri was left to choose whether he would continue to use the remaining energy to settle in somewhere there even though there's a risk of Niveis finding him or he could continue his journey by rerouting them to somewhere he could search for help. He can't return to the manor in this state, for sure. In the end, Henri chose the latter. 

It was better to find solutions instead of hiding. So he made sure to go back to the city using routes not many would use, the woods provided good access thankfully and after a while of walking, he came across a shop that was still open. That wasn't what caught his interest, it's the antiques put up on display. People who own places like this usually ends up being a diviner so for once after a while, Henri's eyes lit up and rushed to the entrance door, nudging his head against the doorknob. Stupid paws. Fortunately, the only light there was a lamp post not far from where he's at. It was quite late so no one would come. Please, he pleaded, open up.

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If there was one thing Kal had learned about opening a shop in Evermore city, it was that pawnshops with interesting things in the window tended to draw in random people to the store in the strangest of ways. In the space of a few months, he’d had a girl who wanted to know why he had a sword that belonged to her late father, plenty of drop-ins from the Niveis of his tribe on Unyak and a pirate who ransacked the place in search of anything from the shipwreck that turned him into a Niveis. So by now he was used to people showing up out of the blue, he figured most people thought he was probably Diviner because of the items he stocked and really he may as well be because he owned enough mystical objects in the store that he actually could do some magic, he had also learned a lot about what you could do with herbal remedies which countered magic. You could say he was well versed in magic and how to face it by now.

It had been a really quiet day in the shop so he had cleaned up and closed shop early before heading up to make dinner and eventually falling asleep quite early on. Often Kal would be up late sorting through new stock or researching interesting things that had been brought in to understand their worth so it was rare for him to get an early night. He was sleeping soundly, his cat sleeping against the pillow next to him when he was stirred away by the sound of tapping. It had been really windy lately so he assumed at first it was just the wind sweeping something against the windows but then it happened again. He grumbled turning over and trying to block it out but now he was awake and could hear how it sounded more rhythmic than the wind. No, this was purposeful. He groaned before pushing himself to his feet, he was dressed in pajamas because he’d gotten used to these interruptions that it just seemed easier to already be dressed for it.

He was cautious as he headed down the stairs and into the ground floor where the store was located and crept through to the showroom, he stared at the door unable to see anything there at first but then he lowered his gaze and saw none other than a snow tiger standing there as though it was expecting to be let in. His initial reaction was to let his jaw go slack in shock of what he was seeing. If he was an average human he probably would have immediately called the police too but Kal was versed enough in the Supernatural world to recognize the chances of an actual snow tiger knocking on the door was very unlikely. Which meant this guy was actually an Ailuaranthrope and it seemed like he was asking for help. He debated his options for a moment, wondering what might happen if the very small chance he was wrong turned out to be the case but he decided to risk it, heading slowly towards the door and then unlocking it and pulling it open.

He kept his hands up in front of him in case he needed to call upon his ice powers to halt him in his place as he moved back slowly, his expression curious about what was happening, though he took it as a good sign that he didn’t immediately lunge for him or anything like that “Are you lost?” he asked hesitantly wondering why a therianthrope would be wandering the city as their animal form rather than their human one. Perhaps something was wrong? If they thought he was Diviner then maybe they thought he could help.

The entire time he's been pawing against the door handle, all Henri could think of were the endless possibilities he may face as soon as the person unlocks the door. Were they all good? He had thought that there were about 90% chance of possibility for the owner to come checking what was causing all the ruckus. But... one of them was him doubting the owner would unlock the front door just because he saw a tiger who seemed to ask for an entrance. Why? Because he's a tiger. Who in their right mind would do that… for a tiger? Be realistic, Henri, he reminded himself. But right now, that was all that he could do. Returning to the manor in such a state while worrying them, nope, that's not about to happen. Not when Ven just recently got off the rails and Henri was supposed to supervise him. Not that he would do anything reckless but a drunk person can do plenty of questionable things, indeed. 

The moment he saw a male's silhouette from inside, his eyes lit up in desperation, please come here, he whined. Please help him. The nearer the steps took the male, the more his heart started to bloom in hopes that he may be able to help him. Or at least, offer him sanctuary for a brief while. A sighting for a snow tiger in the middle of the roads of Evermore is not something he wanted to be in Evermore Daily. The door was unlocked with a click and Henri slowly allowed himself in, his tail wagging instinctively as he stared at the male down. Is it a familiar face? Unfortunately, he couldn't recall. When asked if he is lost, he quickly nodded and whimpered, as if to say yes. He glanced back to the outside before returning his gaze to the male with pitiful eyes. He wouldn't stop wandering them all over the place, there were so many antiquities, he was so certain he is a Diviner. But he doesn't smell like one… could he be mistaken? A frustrated and annoyed growl escaped him softly as he bumped against the coat stand, causing the hats and coats to fall on him.

Of all the things he expected to come downstairs to in the shop, he had to admit he wasn’t expecting to see a big cat pawing at his door. Now Kal had seen some very strange things in his years thanks to the items he collected and the type of crowd that drew in but this definitely had to top the list. Sometimes he wondered if he was just cursed not to have a single month without some kind of dramatic happening overnight. He sighed as he went to open the door and then stepped back, keeping his hands up defensively as he tried to assess the situation he was now in. Well much to his relief the tiger seemed civil enough with its movements and reactions to confirm is suspicion that this was indeed a therianthrope and not an actual wild animal, of course that made more logical sense when you thought about it but he wasn’t really thinking all that logically when they were in the middle of the city.

Kal kinda stood there looking a little lost for a while as he stared at the tiger, but when he responded to his question with a nod and whimper the Niveis definitely knew there was a person there. He bit his lip for a moment, hesitantly moving across the room while talking out loud so he wouldn’t freak out whoever it was “I’m not a Diviner so I’m now sure how much I’ll be able to help but you’re safe here, don’t worry” he assured him only to turn and see him knocking over the coat stand and getting covered in clothing. He couldn’t stop himself chuckling as he playfully reprimanded the male “Watch your paws, this shop is designed for humans, not tigers” he was searching through the objects until he found what he was looking for, or two things rather, the first was a looking glass which was said to be spelled to allow someone to see through magic, he’d used it a few times and it had always shown him something different.

The second he wasn’t sure was going to work as it was much older, originally owned by one of the assistants to Cleopatra back when she reigned supposedly, it was supposed to allow people to communicate with animals and while he had never managed to get it to work every time he used it on his cat, he had to wonder if perhaps it wasn’t your standard animal it was used on. He pressed his lips together as he came closer towards him and held up the eyeglass while looking though it at him. Sure enough, he could see the shape of a person lit up inside of the tiger’s frame which was enough to confirm he was right, this was a therianthrope. He then hesitated before putting on the necklace, this one he wasn’t sure would work but he had to try “Okay, say something” he instructed hoping he would now be able to understand him.

A part of him was wondering if this was the right place to be at. One, he had no idea if this guy was a diviner or not. Two, to keep himself in somewhere confined sometimes messes with his claustrophobia and anxiety but in his tiger form, he was able to control it slightly better. Keyword; slightly. It doesn’t confirm anything; it doesn’t confirm that he would not freak out and probably bump himself into everything in the store that really looked to be quite priceless and precious. It is a pawn shop, after all. Lots of valuables were stored there, he could see it. Henri could see the exhaustion on the male’s face, the one who allowed him in, who he had also presumed to be the owner of the place judging from the way he was acting. 

His hazel hues never left the male even when he moved to the side of the room, he stood still on the ground and whined a bit when the coats fell on him but other than that, he was behaving pretty well. He had to admit though, upon finding out that this guy wasn’t a diviner, he frowned and a small whine escaped him because he was discouraged, how was he going to get out of this situation then? But at least the other male assured him he was safe there. He could take his word, right? When he was chastised and reprimanded to keep his paws to himself, he whined in response, as if to say it wasn’t his intention and it wasn’t his fault he was large. God, he wanted to speak so bad. He stepped back a few steps in apprehension when the male came back with a necklace, who knows what that was? 

If he’s learned anything while being a Guard all these centuries, it was that you should never play around magic you don’t know and he doesn’t intend to do that. But what choice does he have other than to let whoever this guy was to help him? So he halted and allowed him to put on the necklace around him, looking at him weirdly when he was told to say something, “It’s stuffy in here.” Of course, that’s what he’d say. “Sorry for the coats but it’s hard to move around when you’re a big ass animal-” His eyes widened only after he realized he was talking, his voice was being heard, “Holy-”

Well at the very least tonight he would able to figure out if some of these mystical objects he owned were real or fake, though trying to figure out how to communicate with a tiger was definitely testing the limits of his knowledge. Kal had a Diviner friend who he often asked for help figuring out what was what when it was brought into the shop, a lot of people sold him fakes and unfortunately without much to go on, he had made a few losses on those items. But then there were others which actually turned out pretty useful. He could see the hesitance in the other male as he held up the necklace but he kept calm as he approached him slowly, he was definitely glad at this point he wasn’t facing a real tiger.

He took a deep breath as he affixed the mystical piece of jewelry and widened his eyes when it started glowing once it had been clasped, he was sure that was a good sign but he still had no idea how it actually worked but it seemed the tiger had been trying to communicate all this time and this was supposed to help with that. The very first words he heard both made the Niveis laugh and then widen his eyes in shock because he was actually communicating with a tiger and this was weird as hell “Don’t worry about the coats, just try and avoid the glass if you can” he spoke it softly almost having to double-take because damn this was a weird situation he found himself in right now.

He cleared his throat for a moment, shaking off the strangeness of it all to ask a relevant question about why he had a snow tiger visiting his shop this very everything “I’m going to guess since we can talk that you’re a therianthrope?” he almost didn’t sound sure even though he was certain the alternatives were much less likely “Are you uh….” he didn’t know how to phrase it “Stuck like this?” he wondered out loud as he stared back at the big cat, completely weirded out by the fact he was talking to him.

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