Electricity was the second element Austin was ready to train in. After years of training with the three he had nearly mastered, the Initia had finally moved to the second two; Gravity and Electricity. He was ready to see how skilled he was in the two, and knew he'd be hopeless at first. Austin had chose the path to diversity at age eighteen, defying the wishes of his father, yet again. He had never really been in control of his own life; and lived countless years, leading attacks against his tribes enemy, until the day that he'd lost the heart to do so. After Austin had lost the heart to lead his people into safety while waging war, his entire tribe was wiped out except for a few, including Austin. 

With a heavy heart, and tons of regret, he finally escaped the war riddled area that he had once called his home town, and began living his life every moment, how he saw fit. No one would ever control him again, nor tell him how to live his life. Being a gaming engineer was his life now, and it was much different than the life his father led him to live, but that's what it meant to take control. The last few nights, the Initia had been doing his research, and he was more than ready to start learning the element of electricity. Rowan was someone he'd heard about many times, but truth be told, Austin  hadn't really reach out to any of his own, since moving to Evermore. 

It's something he'd been meaning to do for a while now, but to be doing so with the Master of Electricity, made it much more exciting. Austin sat at the computer desk, still tapping away while the clock now read 12 p.m. He still hadn't been to bed yet, and sported dark circles underneath his eyes, but he had redbull, and his weed to help get him by. Austin had always been a night owl, but a lot of that was coming from him trying to get his product launched and on the shelves within the right time frame. After his presentation, he'd been surprised by several investors, and that's where all his time had been going lately. Luckily for Austin though, he had plenty of people willing to help that he worked with. Most of them camped out in the gaming building, and worked endless hours to help him mae sure several haptic suits were ready on time. 

After logging out of everything, the Initia ran and showered quickly, and got dressed just as fast. Austin gathered his things, and headed out for the day. After climbing into his Jeep and revving the engine a few times, the Initia pulled out and headed to where he hoped to meet Rowan. His nerves had already gotten the better of him, but he was thrilled to start learning a new element, just as thrilled as he was to start working with Calista. The drive took hardly no time before Austin was pulling in and cutting the engine off. After he finally worked up the courage to get out of his jeep and walk to the door, the Initia walked to the door, assuming he was in the right place, and gave it a hefty knock. As he stepped back and waited, Austin inhaled, and dabbled with the plant in the flower pot beside him, causing the dead flowers to spring back to life. 

Austin had nearly mastered Earth, Fire, and and Metal; and he loved toying with the elements when he could. Being an Initia had always made him feel complete. He just wished he had made more effort to connect to the others of the faction here in Evermore. Perhaps he still carried guilt with him due to the fact that he'd had his own tribe killed in Ireland many years ago, and wasn't ready to be close to another yet. 

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Becoming a master had been something had Rowan had wanted for the majority of his life, but it was also the one thing he thought he would never actually achieve. Ever since he was young, his training had been difficult and slow, the element he had an affinity for being one that was rare among his tribe in Scotland meaning he was left to teach himself for the most part. And then when he did eventually find a master to teach him, the two of them had very different opinions about the way the element should be practiced and what the definition of electric control was. It was a very stop and start journey for Rowan but now here he was, officially the electric master of not just some little tribe in a remote area but in Evermore city, one of the largest tribes ever seen in Initia history.

But taking on the role had definitely made quite the impact on his life, it wasn’t just a title that you held for your achievement after all, it was a responsibility to the Initia community to share the things you had learned and to ensure the line of people able to take over when you were gone continued. Thankfully, Rowan already had a master in training under him, Sierra had been studying the element for quite a long time alongside him and they knew one another well. But then there were also quite a few diversified Initia that were originally studying under Samuel and were now looking to him too. It took him a while to get used to the idea and even now he was still playing it by ear when it came to his teaching strategies and the way he was with his students.

He had taken over the training space in the middle of the Initia territory which Samuel had set up for his training, it was a really good setup, there was a lab, with many electrical devices from lamps to computers to toy around and then there was a ring which could be used for practicing physical combat. Along with that, there were many different metal items which could be used for training and practicing current conduction and diagnosing electrical faults. Sometimes there was so much here that Rowan didn’t even know where to start when it came to teaching people, though he usually found a lot of interest stemmed from the technological side of the element and what it enabled the user to do with the power.

Today he had been wandering around the training lab and practicing a few new ideas he had, he was always experimenting how much further he could take his elemental control, he was practicing generating a single spark at the moment and then throwing it to see if he could make it power a device from a distance, it was taking some practice and focus, especially because electricity was very hard to control through the air but with a couple of attempts he managed to do it and made a celebratory gesture in the air. At that moment he heard the door to the training lab get a knock and raised his brow, he wasn’t expecting anyone for training for at least three more hours, hence why he’d come in so early. He made his way to the door and used his element to key in the passcode to the electric lock before the door opened.

He blinked a few times and tilted his head to the side for a moment as he met the gaze of another male and raised his brows “Hey” he spoke slightly questioningly because he didn’t recognize the male at all, not even in passing around the community, though Rowan had never been all that involved in the community until recently so it was quite possible he just missed the chance to meet him before “Mind the door it likes to shock people sometimes” he spoke as he stepped aside to invite the other male into the room.

Being brought up in a war zone had caused plenty of issues for Austin Connelly. He had never wanted the life he'd been forced into from just the tender age of three years old. From the moment Austin had turned three, he had been trained to be the perfect soldier and the perfect weapon. The Initia sighed, his thoughts always trailed right back to the Phoenix his family had held as a captive, and the very woman Austin's loyalty had been placed with. Austin never had been the type to follow someones lead, so following the path his father had made for him, made the Initia pretty bitter after several years of living that way. 

When Austin was born, he'd been thrown head first into war. Ireland had been blood stained ever since he could remember, and thinking about it now, made him just as angry. Back then, even women and children paid the price for the mistakes made by their leaders. Austin never wanted to be a leader, nor did he want to train for his whole life to be a master of one singular element like his father had been. It'd been a huge shock to both of Austin's parents, and the day he chose the path to diversity, they washed their hands of him completely, focing the young Initia to pack himself a duffel bag, and leave home without a clue as to where he'd go. Austin had set his sights on Canada however, and ended up meeting a pretty intriguing individual named Calista, and she had been the first master he'd ever met outside of his tribe in Ireland. From that moment, Austin began to obsess about learning to manipulate gravity, and she'd only taught him a few things before sending him away .. their little set up with each other sadly didn't work very long after partying together one night. 

But, Calista had been generous enough to send him on to Colorado, Evermore City. A city that had given Austin the ultimate chance to start over and live the lifestyle that he craved being the brainiac that he was. Austin gave an awkward smile to the male who greeted him with a puzzled expression; he was well within his rights to be confused as to why Austin was there. Austin gave the other Initia a nod when he said 'hey' "Hello, Rowan, isn't it?' he asked to be sure, but he'd heard great things about how skilled he was on electricity. Just like a typical child at the candy shop, Austin became excited, especially when he saw the genious set-up behind the door. "Wow.." he muttered, before stepping on in further, so the door could be shut. 

Austin gazed from the Electrical Master, and down to the door when he warned him about how it liked shocking people, chuckling a litle before reaching his hand out to shake his hand. "Sorry, you must have no fucking clue who I am" he laughed, giving a more genuine smile at that before continuing "Austin Connelly" he added, hoping not to start his nervous babbling. "I'm ready to start my training in Electricity" he then said, getting straight to the point, rather than being his typical overly socially challenged self. "I'm also in the process of starting my training in Gravity, and I have learned Fire, Earth and Metal" he said with a proud grin stretching across his lips. Austin arched a brow as he then began scanning the large building, and all the technology he was dying to touch. A gaming nerd like him? This was heaven for Austin. 

Rowan was starting to get used to random people showing up at the training area so this one wasn’t a complete shock but he was still adjusting to the life of being a master and what all of that meant, he smiled too when he greeted the other male who already knew his name, at the very least he had done his research which impressed Rowan enough to let him in “It all looks a little crazy but I promise there is method behind the madness” he admitted as he led the way inside, letting the door close behind the two of them and rounding his way around the lab, he had chosen an underground bunker for his training space because it put them closest to all of the underground electrics as well as the nearby power station “Just please be careful what you touch, getting zapped isn’t uncommon in here” in fact, it was pretty much a rite of passage for anyone learning the element.

“Nope” he spoke loudly as the other male said he must have no idea who he was “But then I’m pretty used to random people showing up at random points in the day already” he answered honestly and laughed taking his hand and shaking “Nice to meet you Austin” he spoke firmly and smiled “As you correctly pointed out earlier, I am Rowan McKenzie, newly appointed Initia master” he pressed his lips together “So bear with me because everything is new” but he was gaining confidence every day and felt like he had a good grip on what he needed to do by now which was a good start “Going for the five huh?” he spoke in response to Austin talking about his elements he had learned so far.

“Well you seem pretty keen which is a good start but because electric is one of the more volatile elements I like to check if it's right for someone before I give them the training mark” he nodded slightly and tilted his head to the side “So tell me, how much do you know about technology?” he challenged as he moved in closer seeing the way Austin was looking at some of the computing devices so intently and raising a curious brow “You can turn them on if you want, some of them are some pretty cool prototypes from Everectronics” he nodded slightly, everyone knew them as the frontrunners in computer and gadget development so he was testing to see if the interest seemed to be there.

Austin nodded at Rowan when he said there was method behind the madness "That's all that counts" he said all knowingly, giving a genuine smile as he analyzed the set-up.. "Does it hurt?" Austin asked a little wide eyed. He definitely would pass up the chance to be electrocuted if he could help it. Austin knew how awkward he could be, so he prayed like hell he didn't freak Rowan out with his babbling. Only Dakota had been immune to that nervous habit of his, and even thought it was cute, but Austin was pretty sure that it could annoy others within a matter of seconds.

Austin jumped, caught off by Rowan loudly saying the word 'nope', and chuckled because of the fact that he'd made him jump. "So, newly appointed master,, how's that feel? And yeah, no worries. I can only imagine how hectic your life got all of a sudden" Austin chuckled, and while he wouldn't know how it was to be the tribes Electric MAster, he knew whtat it was like to be appointed something new, like his speeches and presentations, all eyes were on him, and greatness was expected every time he stepped onto that stage, much like he guessed Rowan went through when training others.

Austin stood with his hands crossed in front of him, nodding at Rowan's question "That's my hope anyways" he responded, a little pesimisstic now that he was actually here. For all Austin knew, he was plum in over his head now. "So, electric is a volatile element to learn? Noted. It sounded just as scary when I went over it in my mind time and time again" he chuckled, but it didn't make him any less eager to learn. "That's one training mark I would wear with pride" the initia then said, smiling at the other. Austin noted the way he just challeneged him with the questiona bout how much he knew about tehcnology, giving Austin the perfect opportunuty to try and impress him. Technology was Austin's drug, unless of course you counted his endless supply of pot, which he usually wreaked of.

"Well, I know just about all there is to know about technology. Suppose it'd be easier if you just asked me specific questions" he chuckled, but figured there was no harm in trying to start out with the basics of what he knew. "Hacking is a breeze, I cann work pretty well with IP's. I work with AI a lot, due to my gaming addiction, , Augmented Reality, ARP, I dont know, like I said.. Ive dabbled in it all. Recently built a gaming suit, but technology has so much to offer people like us, so that was a loaded question Rowan" he chuckled playfully,

If Austin had been a female when Rowan said he could turn the computers on, he would have squeeled. "Everectronics? You don't say.." his interest was captivated now for sure. Austin always lit up when in his element, and this was most definitely a comfort zone of his. The Initia couldn't help but smile as he watched the machine come to life, loading everything much quicker than the computers he'd used lately. "Nice. So you've been doing this for a while?" he questioned with a raised brow referring to the technology that Rowan seemed to be insanely good with. 

Rowan laughed when he asked if it hurt and shrugged his head “More of a shock than actually painful, pun intended but definitely not something people particularly enjoy enduring” he’d probably call it uncomfortable regularly and painful if someone managed to get themselves an especially nasty shock. “I’ve never had anyone quit on me because of one, if that’s any comfort to you” he glanced up at the other male noting that he seemed a little nervous about all this which was honestly a little surprising if this was his fifth element but then he didn’t know him or his story at all.

“Like someone took a bunch of weight and responsibility and just threw it onto my shoulders” he laughed a little and shrugged “Nah it’s not too bad, it’s kinda fun, getting to do things my way and show people the ropes, though you’re not wrong when you say it gets busy as hell” he had underestimated the amount of commitment it was greatly but it was rewarding when you saw someone finally understand the flow of the element or achieve a new feat, especially after weeks of learning. Rowan was also very practical with his learning methods which meant getting people to learn through actions and repetition rather than drilling him with words, which worked well for some people and frustrated others.

“Much like fire yes, but you’ve already learned that and I’d hedge a bet you got burned at least once” he chuckled slightly, everyone he had ever met who did fire training had some sort of crazy story to tell about the day it went wrong. He supposed that was the trade-off, powerful and possibly destructive elements could be harder to contain but they also were very useful once you managed to get the better of them. “Though I’m less about the thunder and lightning type control and more about the precise control of electric flow, which you will quickly find is quite possibly the most useful skill for lazy people” much like him, he didn’t like to do work for the sake of work so if he could find a way to make it easier, he would.

Rowan quirked an impressed brow back at the other male as he started spooling through all the things he knew about technology, he was used to people telling him about their iPhone or Apple watch but he seemed to have some real grips with it all “Color me impressed, most people tell me about their ability to use spreadsheets” he laughed and shook his head in an amused manner “You do the programming yourself or do you have a team for that?” Rowan had been into hacking for a long time but the unreachable became much more reachable once he could truly get a feel for computer systems the way he could not with his electric element.

“Getting involved with technology? Absolutely” he commented as he took a seat in one of the leather computer chairs and wheeled his way over so he could see what Austin did with the computer while they talked, these were pretty exciting, especially when you turned them into projection mode and they practically came to life like a 3D interface. “Most people when they think about the electric element think about lightning bolts and shocks, but they forget the intricate workings of electronics and what you can do with that” he smirked and moved the mouse on the screen of the computer even though he wasn’t touching it.

Austin chuckled at the pun, but appreciated knowing what it felt like, because he had started preparing himself right then. If he was going to be learning the element of electricity he may as well learn the bad parts of it too right? Austin had been hopeful from the moment he saw Rowan's set up, and seen the way he carried himself. He spoke about electricity with a spark of happiness, so Austin could see he was compassionate about being the tribes master of electricity.

Austin laughed at his statement when he answered his question on what it was like to become a master, and it sorta made Austin even happier he hadn't chosen this path, anything that took away from his gaming was something he'd consider a burrden. He had only ever made on exception and had enjoyed every second he had spent with said exception. "Well besides he busy part, it does sound like you're living your life exactly how you wanna be. You can never go wrong with that" he stated, giving him a knowing look. Austin had branched out from the path his father wanted him to take, and chose his own road a long time ago. He couldn't be any happier with that decision and he never spent any time regretting it or wishing he had done something differently.

The Initia chuckled at the other, but nodded in agreement "You can't imagine how many times I actually got burnt, so I get it. I guess when we start out with any element, there's gonna be mistakes made, and moments where we get hurt and wish we hadn't even started.. But, if it makes it better, it never put a damper in my will to learn. I looked at each new burn as another day of hard work" he added, putting a positive twist on something that most people would have saw as terrible.

Austin was pretty fascinated in hearing this wouldn't be just about controlling lightning and thunder "Well that's good. I had always assumed that right off when thinking about getting my training in for electricity, but to hear that it'll be more about the actual flow of electricity got him a little excited. "How long does it typically take you to teach someone this element?" Austin asked, and laughed at Rowan's explanation of what people knew about technology. Austin knew the deeper, more intellectual things about it. "It wasn't easy to learn all the stuff I know. But, us nerds" he grinned, having a feeling that even if Rowan didn't look like one, that he definitely was a nerd deep down, and it took one to understand another.

"Ive dabbled in a lot of it, and I can do the programming myself, but I have a team for it. I'm lazy" he chuckled "Plus, I'm a big time gamer who does a lot of presentations and lately ive not gotten to do much with the new software I wanted to try out. But, now that I know you have some expereince maybe we can see what one another is made of" he expressed in a challenging tone, grinning from ear to ear. Austin always lit up like a child when speaking about what he had raw talent for. His eyes widened as he watched Rowan move the mouse on the screen without ever touching it.

"Is it more of a focus thing?" Austin asked, and decided to try something with one of the computers that were still off, and after focusing on what he wanted it to do, the screen flickered, but sadly didn't turn on. Austin felt that even that was something to smile about though, and look to Rowan with a smile. "Well, when you put it like that, it sounds a lot more exciting because there's so much you can do with the intricate workings of electronics, and when you already know so much about electronic's .. it makes learning this element a thrill. At least for me it does" he nodded and got a little bouncy. Austin had never found himself as ready to learn as right now. While he knew learning Gravity with his old pal Cali would be an amazing experience, learning electricity seemed like something more close to Austin, something he already knew a lot about

Rowan chuckled and shrugged his shoulders “It’s definitely not how I expected my life to be but then I can’t complain either because electricity has always been my thing, even when I didn’t have a master to teach me” everyone had expected him to choose to diversify so his determination to become a master was all the more rewarding in the end. “But it’s gonna take me a while to get used to training people and being around so many strangers” he grinned slightly, though he supposed he was fully part of the tribe now so he would slowly become more exposed to members of it until he knew everyone.

Rowan gave an amused smirk “Don’t worry, even those of us who only ever use their affinity element still have the battle scars of learning” after all, you didn’t become immune to the electrical current until you mastered it and that had taken him a long time to actually do. “The good news is that in a catastrophe the thing you’re most likely to do is cut the power to the building which, while annoying, doesn’t really destroy anything” he’d never had anyone shocked so badly that they couldn’t get up after it so far.

“Everyone thinks about electricity as the element which powers things but it’s so much more than that, with the right skill, you can guide the stream and manipulate the data, imagine behind able to make a computer do whatever you wanted without ever touching it or finding loopholes even the most diligent hackers can’t” though he wasn’t going to say on record that he encouraged hacking, even if he did partake himself. “Well I can’t really tell you a definite answer to that question because I only became a master recently” he chuckled softly “But full training takes around 10 years to really get the handle of but within a few weeks you’ll start getting the basics down” it was something you learned slowly but continued to build.

He chuckled softly “Well I get the sentiment for wanting to be lazy, kinda an engineer’s default, if there’s an easier way to do something then we’ll usually take it” which is why he relied on his element more than he probably needed to considering he had the ability to do it for himself if he wanted to. “Sounds awful busy” he commented with a chuckle “What kind of tech are you using?” he raised his brows curiously because Austin seemed to know his way around technology pretty well and definitely showed the interest he was looking for in the computers. He was quite proud of the machinery he had managed to get his hands on for in here.

He thought about it for a moment and then raised his brows “That and learning separation, we normally start the training on the control of the electric current for the first few months and then when you can control turning a device on and off and the general flow we can learn to manipulate it to do more than that” it was a progressive thing, you started with the broadest form of control and slowly got more and more specific with what you used it before. Before long you could quite literally use it to explore the internet in your mind which was a bizarre thing to experience at first. “It does get a little complicated though, everything is binary focused so you’d need to do a little brushing up on your 1s and 0s” even more programmers didn’t know how to program in pure binary and it took him months of study to process it the way he needed to. “Well you seem like someone with your intentions in the right place so how about we start with a training mark” he offered his hand out, his eyes glowing electric blue to show he was using his element as he got ready to hand over a training mark to the other male.

With an amused expression, Austin nodded, admiring how passionate Rowan seemed about electricity. Austin hadn't ever really found anything aside from gaming that he was this passionate about, but he supposed he could relate to the Master Initia at least in that sense, knowing what it felt like to be so passionate about something, that it just came to you naturally. "I'm guessing it makes teaching a little easier too, I imagine the more you love what you're doing, the better you are at teaching / learning it" he said in response, and offered a genuine smile. Austin himself had picked up on how to hack properly, customize websites, build and create anything related to the internet, tap IP addresses, duplicate them, erase them... Whatever it was, as long as it could be done on a device, Austin could do it., all because he loved doing those things, and don't even get him started on gaming. That'd be a conversation he'd carry out until next year. 

Austin shook his head, sighing a little "man, that would be the hardest part. Having to deal with so many people you don't know, and i'd say you feel obligated to them .. especially those in our own faction" he commented, knowing he could never handle such a task himself. He nearly fainted the day it came time to give his speech, and had Dakota not talked and guided him through it and how he'd messed his paper up, he likely wouldn't have even went, because he hated enormous crowds. The gaming company he was with, usually only ever consisted of about 10 people, and those 10 were all brothers and sisters to Austin, people he called family, and had known forever, so he luckily didn't deal with many strangers. 

Rowan had one of those smiles, that seemed to just in general, make you feel better so when he smirked, it caused the Initia to smile brightly himself "Well, now I don't feel so bad" he chuckled, and fiddled with the lockett he kept in his pocket at all times. On one side, a picture of his mother, and on the other one of his father, both picture in rough shape, black and white, and crinkled where he'd had it for so many years now, but he was usually able to reach into his pocket, and clutch it, and for whatever reason, it made him feel a little close to them again. He was sure Dakota had noticed him with his hand in his pocket many times now, but the way he had degraded his fathers name, and the many times he'd said he hated the man, he figured Dakota would have never guessed how much he actually missed the bastard sometimes. 

Austin's eyes widened slightly to the mention of the possibility that he'd likely cut the power to a building completely. "Unless someone's doing something extremely important, Like typing up a presentation, or  they haven't saved an assignment before the power was cut.. I could imagine being the most hated person in history for cutting the power to a college or something" he chuckled, and found himself cursing silently about how he'd began babbling and twiddling his fingers, two of his biggest pet peeves when he was nervous. Rowan's next words made Austin feel as though he was on cloud nine, "I really never had any idea you could do so much with the element, but I did know it was calling my name, but man, after hearing all of that, i'm so ready to learn!" he expressed, his features likely looking a little overly happy now, but this was all in Austin's lane, and made him feel right at home, which helped ease the feeling of nervousness. 

The Initia nodded when Rowan said he’d only recently became a master, and couldn’t answer his question about how long it took to train someone “Well, no worries. I’ll be around for as long as it takes” he stated, his tone sounding like an overly dedicated one. Austin was a dedicated person in general, even with things he didn’t necessarily like doing. But, when it came to something that simply just spoke to his heart, the Initia was even more dedicated and passionate about it. The Initia smiled genuinely, when Rowan informed him that it took on average about ten years, “What do you consider to be the basics of this element?” he then asked, and gazed back to the computer in front of him, realizing Rowan used only the best as well. “I really enjoy Alienware gaming laptops, but I have the desktop also. Asus is really great too though, it makes a good computer if you’re into a lot of hacking.. I had gotten one back when ECPD first called on my help to tap into emails of deceased victims, phones, laptops, etc” he explained, with the shake of his head, sighing a little. That job alone had paid off nicely, but it hadn’t been worth the gruesome details ECPD allowed him to look at, some of which still played in his head to this day. 

“Well, i’m certainly happy to meet someone who knows exactly what I mean when I say it.” he chuckled in response. He had a feeling this would end up being more than just a trainer / teacher to him, Rowan was someone he wouldn’t have minded becoming friends with. He could definitely use some guy time. Ever since shit hit the fan with Bradyn, Austin had barely even heard from him. He missed being able to go out for drinks, or simply sit at the apartment, smoke some pot, and laugh all night about the dumbest shit with a male companion. Dakota seemed to fill a lot of voids in Austin’s life lately, so he hadn’t really noticed how badly he lacked male friends until meeting Rowan. “Ready to start learning whenever you’re ready to start teaching then. I know this process can sometimes be draining on both the person teaching the element, and the person learning it too.” When Rowan said they could start with giving Austin his training mark, the Initia’s eyes widened, but he didn’t hesitate to reach out to Rowan’s extended hand, and as if it were magic, he gained his mark, and for a moment, his eyes also glowed an electric blue. 

Austin could definitely feel the element, it was hard to even explain, or comprehend, but he did know one thing, it felt like the right thing, and not many things in his life had felt that way. But this, this seemed to be exactly where Austin was meant to be with his life right now. “It’s a pretty amazing feeling to even gain a mark like that. What comes next?” he asked curiously, eager to learn as much as Rowan could teach today.

Rowan shrugged his shoulders a little and smiled “I guess the wise would say not to pick the mastery path if you don’t want to be the one teaching people” he had the option to diversify just like everyone else and he chose not to, that was his choice to make “Admittedly I mostly made the decision out of stubbornness but now here we are” he laughed gently and shrugged. “But getting to share the element is important to me, especially because the tribe I was raised in didn’t really have a master available for the rarer elements” he felt like it was his responsibility to spread the knowledge and ensure there were people who understood the electric element fully and that there would be another master who could take his place eventually when the time came.

Rowan laughed softly and shrugged “Don’t worry, the training ground has it’s own breaker and backup, if the power goes out, the only people who are in the dark are us” he grinned slightly “But obviously if you accidentally break something when you leave this training ground, that’s on you” he shrugged again “But I like to focus my lessons around preventative measures first to ensure everyone’s safety. So don’t expect fast progress, but expect progress” he wasn’t the kind who wanted people to rush into control and they either get themselves hurt or do damage to something around them. He much preferred teaching control first and then add the extra flair and with the electric element, there was a hell of a lot of flair. “You know, nor did most people who had this element, it’s something that takes” he pursed his lips “A mindset shift I suppose” it was about modernization and keeping up to date with the latest tech and trends, something the older masters didn’t account for.

“Good, because patience will get you a long way and frustration will only double itself” he found when you got frustrated you lost the ability to fully concentrate and then you started making mistakes and mistakes led to more frustration in an endless cycle. “The basics are actually getting control over the element rather than having it control you, which sounds ridiculous but you’ll quickly see what I mean, for the first few weeks you’ll find electronic devices react to you in a way you may not be able to control and that can be a little off-putting, but rest assured it is normal, you just need to get in tune with the electric current you can now feel” though it did help that Austin clearly had experience with tech which meant he would understand a lot of the things Rowan was trying to explain to him. They were in it for the long haul but he was looking forward to seeing his students gain confidence with the element.

Rowan had made his mind up about Austin now and he was sure he seemed to be committed to the course of learning the element, sometimes the Electric master had doubts about an Initia’s commitment to the full learning but what he was someone who was genuinely interested in the element, already knew a lot about technology, had already learned several elements and generally seemed excited to be involved. Which made Rowan excited to each him. As their hands touched the mark transferred from him over to Austin, both their eyes lighting up the color of their element as they shared the moment. He took a long breath and nodded before he pulled his hand away “Welcome to electricity element” he spoke and grinned slightly. “It’s pretty thrilling giving one too honestly” he admitted with a laugh “Feels like sharing a little bit of yourself I guess” he nodded slightly.

“Well we should probably schedule you in for some sessions, preferably as many as possible over the next few weeks to prevent you doing anything crazy to the tech around you, we’ll start off with the basics tonight but” he grimaced for a moment and nodded “Don’t kick yourself too hard if you do trip over a little for the next week weeks, it’s an adjustment” he nodded and placed his phone on the table. “Alright, start by focusing on the phone, you should be able to now hear the minute sounds of the electricity flowing through the wires, for the next few days, I want you to study your own phone and map out what you think the internal wiring looks like without opening it up” learning how to follow the flow of current was one of the most important first steps. “But your first lesson will be the negate lesson, which we can start now, because you will need to learn how to turn this element off when it starts creeping up on you” because often for new element wielders it had a mind of its own.

Austin chuckled, he wondered what life would have been like if he had actually chosen the path his father created for him, if he had became a Master rather than chosing to be diverse how he had. "I can't imagine having the role you do. My life could have turned out to be pretty similar to yours, but some of us are made for it, and others aren't, i'm just one of those who wasn't built for that type of stuff. I'm happy with the choice I made, as much as you seem to be happy with the path you chose" he nodded, and smiled genuinely. Austin may not have liked how his father had done things, but now that he thought about certain stuff, he knew there'd been reasons for all of it. At the very least, after expressing all of his feelings towards his father to Dakota, she had helped him look at it a little different, even if she wasn't trying too. He didn't actually hate the bastard after all.

"That's a good way of looking at it. And I admire you for feeling that way.. we're all lucky to have someone like you, those of us who wanna learn this element at least. Hopefully those who come to you aside from myself, will wanna learn electricity through and through, because I came in not knowing that it went so much deeper than just controlling the lights" he laughed, and felt heat on his face as he became a little flushed. 

Austin swallowed when Rowan told him that if he broke something, it was on him. "Don't worry, ill do my best to avoid that" he chuckled, but he was bound to make mistakes at first, and he knew Rowan understood that when it came to beginners. He did feel a sense of relief though, when the other Initia explained that it would only be them in the dark, should he mess up and cut the power to a building. "Good, because getting beat up by college students, or whoever, wasn't on my to-do list" he joked a little, knowing how cheesy he could sound at times, but so far, it had worked in his favor. Austin was told he was an easy person to like, and that only boosted his ego a little. 

"Hey, as long as we make progress, that's all that matters. Im actually glad you focus on the preventative measures first, that's gonna turn around to be one of thebest things you've done, and itll save you a lot of accidents im sure" he added, giving a simple nod, understanding exactly what he meant when he said this element took a certain mindset shift. "Thankfully, i'm a nerd, who's already learned everything one can about technolgoy and i'm definitely up to date with it all, so while i know teaching me will be a pain in the ass, there are at least those few things we can skip over. I bet this would be a rather hard thing to teach to someone who has not one clue about technology and the likes" he stated in a curious tone. Austin raised a brow, and at first, found himself panicking on the inside. "So electronics will start reacting to me, as in turning on and off when i'm near them, etc?" he asked, and breathed in deeply before letting go. 

It was a little off putting, but he could tell Rowan was a good teacher, and that meant he'd see Austin through to the end. That's all Austin could truly ask for when it came to learning the newer elements he had went after lately. After the two of them shared that moment of Rowan giving Austin his training mark, he could see that sense of thrill in Rowan's eyes too. "This is so amazing" Austin admitted out loud, he didn't care if he sounded like a thrilled little boy at Christmas time or not, because he was thrilled, and hiding it would have only made it seem like he wasn't all that invested in learning. "I bet it is, it probably feels pretty rewarding to give that mark to those who wanna learn" he inquired, and smiled brightly. 

Austin nodded, he was more than ready, so whatever Rowan said, he listened to intently. "Sounds good to me. But, when you say so that i don't do anything crazy to the tech around me, is there a chance i could fry my own laptop?" he questioned, a slight sense of panic flooding over him yet again, but he contained it. Austin nodded, and smiled genuinely, that sense of panic fading away as quickly as it had came when Rowan told him they'd start with the basics tonight, and that if he did trip himself up from time to time, not to kick himself for it. "Yeah, I get that it's gonna be a huge adjustment. And, i'm ready to make mistakes and learn from them, because if you don't acknowledge that you're gonna make mistakes, it hurts ten times more when it actually happens. But, thank you.. that's advice any of us need to hear as beginners" he expressed, and gave a look of admiration. 

Austin closed his eyes for a moment, just long enough to focus after everything Rowan said, and popped them open once he heard what he assumed Rowan was talking about. "That's pretty cool" he chuckled, and nodded once more. Rowan had given him some homework, and he was thrilled to start it. The next couple days would likely test Austin and his patience, but he knew that was part of learning something this intense. "So basically visualize what the wiring inside of my phone looks like, and learn it without ever seeing it with the phone opened up?" he asked, wanting to confirm that's what he'd meant. Austin cleared his throat, the first thing he'd begin was learning how to control this element and turn it off, that way it didn't creep up and consume him or that's what he had assumed Rowan meant. "Right then. ready when you are. I more or less need to learn when to stop it before things get crazy right?" he asked, and felt himself panic again, because he didn't have the first clue on how to do that. 

"How do I control it, if it starts to go haywire for me, what do I do? is it more about visualizing turning things off?" he questioned once more, and noted the way some of the screens in the darker corners of this room flickered on and off. Either that was Austin's way of being tested right here, right now, or it was pure coincidence. 

“And yet I still won’t be surprised when you confess what you broke to me next week” he chuckled softly, it was kinda like a rite of passage and none of his students had been able to get away without frying something at some point. Thankfully most of the time it was just a filament in lightbulbs which were pretty easily replaced. “You have quite a wild imagination” he commented with a laugh wondering how his first connection to blowing electronics was having a college campus lose it’s power “Besides if students in this day and age don’t know how to back up their work to the cloud then all hope is really lost” it took literally five minutes to set up and ensured you always had a recent copy of your work safely stored, seemed like a no brainer to him.

“Yeah well I’ve been on the other side of element control gone wrong and it’s no fun” he grimaced slightly because even though electric was his affinity element, when he was much younger he didn’t have a master for an extended period of time which meant he had to teach himself everything he knew and that had definitely come with a lot of hiccups and mistakes, flickering lights and even a busted TV here and there. “That definitely helps, once you can map out circuits without too much trouble then it’s easy to know which parts to give current to and which you should avoid” he found it was easier to learn by practice than it was reading but he supposed someone versed in engineering would know the same things too. “Usually it’s more like small disturbances, flickering screens, TV changes the channel when you didn’t mean it to, all you gotta do is focus on staying calm and it won’t escalate from there. Most blowouts were caused when someone panicked because of their newfound abilities.

“You know, I said the exact same thing when I got mine, there’s a kinda feeling inside you that feels like it’s been energized and the best part is that never goes away” it was a known fact that Electric Initia tended to have more energy than others, some argued they became their own power source in some ways and so as they learned their element they learned to harness that energy. “It is, though there are a few people I’ve had to turn down too, it’s about safety and I prefer to work with students who have some experience with other elements before they take on a more volatile and potentially dangerous one. “There’s a chance of that I’m not going to lie to you, but it’s very low as long as you stay calm, the worst thing you can do when your power gets out of control is panic, though I’m sure your fire master told you that” Austin seemed to have a well-balanced rationale when it came to learning which he was happy about and he didn’t expect to know what to do immediately which also set him at ease because often students thought they could master an element in a few months and be done and that simply wasn’t the case.

“Exactly, it sounds like it’s impossible but if you concentrate enough, you should be able to see past the body and see within, the way the electric flows through it should show you what connects to where and you can use your logical rationale to figure out the rest, try turning on the camera and see what happens, try the flashlight, turn off the wifi and watch where the flow stops” understanding how electric flowed in devices was a very powerful but tricky to master skill so he tried to get people to start it early as it was useful later on when they needed to manipulate circuits. Rowan noticed that the moment Austin started getting himself worked up over the idea was the moment that things started blinking and stuttering around them.

“Well start by breathing, you’ve got no hope at control if you lose your mind over it” he warned him and nodded “Now close your eyes and look around, you should be able to see the electricity in the room, it’s like a faint, fuzzy blue light, focus on the ones you want to turn on, move your attention from the ones you want off” it was hard to do that without turning everything on or everything off and he might need to work around that for a while but it was a good start to control.

"You make some really good points there Rowan" the Initia shook his head, sharing a moment of laughter with the other before clearing his throat. He was right though. Who didn't use the cloud app to back their stuff up in this day and age? It would be tragic to see a college campus full of students complaining about lost work, simply because they hadn't taken the time to back it up to some other external space. Austin could see the grimace as he spoke of being on the other side of element control. He figured Rowan had been through a series of accidents when he was younger, but he didn't comment on the matter, because no one wanted to go into a full length conversation about their failures.

"Yeah, because I can't imagine what giving power to the wrong currents could screw up" he chuckled a little. And it was the least thing funny, but Austin's humor wasn't the greatest. Austin felt a small sense of relief in the explanation Rowan gave "well i'm happy to know I won't be blowing up my game system anytime soon then. That would be a real soul crushing experience" he laughed a little, but he was dead serious. Austin gave a nod, smiling more genuinely. It helped that Rowan understood how he was feeling right now, all energized and full of life all of a sudden. Getting that mark made Austin feel as though another missing piece of his life had finally came together. Austin nodded with a faint grin "He did indeed" he said in response to Rowan saying he was sure his fire master had already given that piece of advice. "And plus, i'm great at panicking. So that should work out great" he joked, but really he wasn't even lying. Austin panicked a lot when things went wrong. So far, Dakota had been one of the only ones to talk him down;

Austin frowned though, going back to a comment Rowan had made prior "I bet it's hard to turn people down, but I don't blame you.. it makes you more admirable for putting peoples safety over their 'want' for more power. Thats what it seems to be with some of them anyways. Especially when they dive face first into an element such as this one, fire was pretty hard, but then again, so was air" he shrugged. All elements had their hard moments when it came to learning form Austin's experience, but he knew he was with one of the hardest right now. That and Gravity were the two he was currently being taught, and each held a sense of intensity to them.

Austin cleared his throat, and inhaled, chuckling, a little embarrassed by how everything around them began to flicker "So that happened" he blinked, s he glanced to all the screens, but his eyes widened when they seemed to stop flickering the moment he calmed down. "So it really does work that way. This is pretty incredible. Ill try to avoid getting worked up like that again" he stated, before taking a deep breath in and out a few times. It was as though he needed to mentally prep for the next task. Austin gave a gentle nod of his head before he crossed his arms and closed his eyes. It wasn't but moments later that the light Rowan explained, came to him. It was nearly impossible to focus on what he wanted to turn off, and keep on, so Austin went straight for it, and attempted to turn off the computer screens and keep the towers on. He figured by doing that, he was working with things all connected together, and if he could manage to keep one on and turn another off, then he may of been starting off decently enough.

He wasn't about to open his eyes after the deed was done though. Instead, he peeked a little "Did it work?" he asked, almost like a child asking it's father if he did something right. But, then again, he wasn't sure if his method was a good one or not. Perhaps he should have picked something else to turn off and keep on. He had no idea how it worked in that sense, if by turning off a computer screen, you could simply keep the tower on. The circuits surely ran together somewhere along the lines of a computer, so perhaps turning one thing off, would shut it all down. "I hope you see what I tried to do there. I wanted to attempt to shut the screens off, and keep the towers on" he then confirmed, since he knew Rowan wasn't a mind reader, before he finally opened his eyes fully.


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