Electricity was the second element Austin was ready to train in. After years of training with the three he had nearly mastered, the Initia had finally moved to the second two; Gravity and Electricity. He was ready to see how skilled he was in the two, and knew he'd be hopeless at first. Austin had chose the path to diversity at age eighteen, defying the wishes of his father, yet again. He had never really been in control of his own life; and lived countless years, leading attacks against his tribes enemy, until the day that he'd lost the heart to do so. After Austin had lost the heart to lead his people into safety while waging war, his entire tribe was wiped out except for a few, including Austin. 

With a heavy heart, and tons of regret, he finally escaped the war riddled area that he had once called his home town, and began living his life every moment, how he saw fit. No one would ever control him again, nor tell him how to live his life. Being a gaming engineer was his life now, and it was much different than the life his father led him to live, but that's what it meant to take control. The last few nights, the Initia had been doing his research, and he was more than ready to start learning the element of electricity. Rowan was someone he'd heard about many times, but truth be told, Austin  hadn't really reach out to any of his own, since moving to Evermore. 

It's something he'd been meaning to do for a while now, but to be doing so with the Master of Electricity, made it much more exciting. Austin sat at the computer desk, still tapping away while the clock now read 12 p.m. He still hadn't been to bed yet, and sported dark circles underneath his eyes, but he had redbull, and his weed to help get him by. Austin had always been a night owl, but a lot of that was coming from him trying to get his product launched and on the shelves within the right time frame. After his presentation, he'd been surprised by several investors, and that's where all his time had been going lately. Luckily for Austin though, he had plenty of people willing to help that he worked with. Most of them camped out in the gaming building, and worked endless hours to help him mae sure several haptic suits were ready on time. 

After logging out of everything, the Initia ran and showered quickly, and got dressed just as fast. Austin gathered his things, and headed out for the day. After climbing into his Jeep and revving the engine a few times, the Initia pulled out and headed to where he hoped to meet Rowan. His nerves had already gotten the better of him, but he was thrilled to start learning a new element, just as thrilled as he was to start working with Calista. The drive took hardly no time before Austin was pulling in and cutting the engine off. After he finally worked up the courage to get out of his jeep and walk to the door, the Initia walked to the door, assuming he was in the right place, and gave it a hefty knock. As he stepped back and waited, Austin inhaled, and dabbled with the plant in the flower pot beside him, causing the dead flowers to spring back to life. 

Austin had nearly mastered Earth, Fire, and and Metal; and he loved toying with the elements when he could. Being an Initia had always made him feel complete. He just wished he had made more effort to connect to the others of the faction here in Evermore. Perhaps he still carried guilt with him due to the fact that he'd had his own tribe killed in Ireland many years ago, and wasn't ready to be close to another yet. 

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“I’ve seen some very interesting turns of events thanks to someone’s element going haywire” he laughed and shook his head a little, having this particular element put you on a wavelength with technology that almost felt strange at first because the average person saw a device and just magically saw it working and accepted that was all they needed to know. An electric Initia would however at least would be able to see the flow of electricity in the device and someone with many years of experience would also be able to decipher event the messages it was being sent and the functions it was performing. He imagined for Austin this would be easier than your average person thanks to him already having in-depth knowledge of technology and binary “Yeah I’d still get yourself a UPS for your house just in case though” he grinned slightly “Wanna make sure souls remained uncrushed and all, the holidays aren’t far off” he lifted his gaze giving the other male a slightly questioning look when he said he was good at panicking but decided it was better not to ask.

“It is” he responded and nodded his head a few times “Especially I experienced what it was like to have this element and not have anyone to teach me about it for a while so I know exactly what it feels like to start from the very bottom” the difference being there was no choice when it came to which element chose him but he could prevent some people from getting hurt if he felt they weren’t ready for such a volatile element “I don’t refuse completely though, I just suggest that some people might be better off learning a slower-paced element first” he nodded, for example learning water he knew to a lot of patience and control but it was much less likely to explode on you out of nowhere. “You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, plus I find my students tell me electricity and fire go hand in hand, like one is an extension of the other I guess” but every element had its counterpart, fire and electricity, earth and metal, air and gravity and then water and ice, though ice was reserved for their cold neighbors.

He chuckled softly completely unfazed but everything happening around him because he had seen it plenty of times before, thankfully, Austin seemed to be pretty good at taking and processing instruction which was definitely a good start “Kinda incredibly but also kinda distracting when you realize slowly just how much technology surrounds us every day, it can be a little overwhelming at first which is why we kinda throw you in at the deep end here and have so many computers and devices around” he definitely found the first few lessons were struggling through learning how to isolate out a current from another, it was easy when the devices were different and much harder when they were the same as the flow could easily confuse someone who was new.

He stood back, arms folded and watching intently as Austin attempted the first task, it was a simple task in the grand scheme of learning but often one which took a while to get a hold of, once you could isolate current you were over the first hurdle and the more difficult tasks were easier to break down. He noticed how Austin went for the default easier option which was differentiating a screen from a tower, each had a different flow of current so visually one would brighter than the other which made them easier to isolate but he was still impressed he managed to do it successfully “Not bad” he commended with a nod of his head “Though you’ll want to keep practicing that until it’s not just all the screens you’re turning on and off but a single one” even Initia with electric as their affinity element tended to start off struggling with this task but he was very patient and happy to adapt to his student’s way of learning best.

Austin could only chuckled as he imagined just how much Rowan had actually witnessed during the unfortunate moment that a persons element went haywire. "I can imagine that, that is the worse kind of moment to panic. Panicking would likely only cause your element to spin more out of control, right?" he asked curiously, needing to know if he'd need to tone it down on the panic attacks. He was sure he'd have one the moment he fucked up badly enough while doing this training. It scared him, as failure did everyone, but Austin was one of the people who appreciated the lessons that came from failure. 

Austin smirked at his comment about getting a UPS and that he needed to make sure his soul remained uncrushed "I'll make sure to keep that in mind. Can't have a broken hearted gamer, especially during the holidays" he chuckled and shook his head a little. "Fair enough. Well, it's refreshing to know you look out for people's best interests.. I mean, I suppose that an element like this could truly be someone's downfall if they're not really ready to learn such an element. What are slower paced elements to you?" he wondered, because any element seemed difficult at first. "Why thank you Rowan" Austin expressed cheerfully to his compliment of saying he had a good head on his shoulders. "I was raised to be really disciplined.. and I suppose it goes hand in hand with having a good head on ones shoulders" he stated, and grimaced to the thought of how strict and overbearing his father had been towards him, and how easily they had washed their hands of Austin when he chose the path to diversity. 

"It makes sense. I mean YEah, it definitely is overwhelming, I certainly feel pretty overwhelmed with all of this myself, even with as much knowledge as I had coming in here today. There's so much that I didn't know, and so much I wanna learn. I feel like a kid at a candy factory though" he chuckled, finding himself completely content with his surroundings, feeling right at home with all the computers and such around them. Blushing, Austin snorted. He hadn't even realized that he had turned off all the screens, since he'd been so focused on just that one, but still, it was more rewarding than he thought it would be, to know he had done it right the first time. "Noted. So while I did it right, my method needs improvement" he smiled genuinely, and tried again, this time, focusing a little harder than last time, hoping when he opened his eyes, that he had turned off just the one. "So, once ive mastered doing this, what comes next?" He would surely practice this skill right here, a bit more before assuming he could move on to the next part, but he was a curious guy. 

“Exactly that and then the more out of control you feel, the more you panic, dangerous cycle to start” that was why one of the key things to learn when it came to an element like this was control over your own emotions, you had to be confident in scary situations to learn a volatile element because anything could happen and it was no good panicking about it when you’re the only one who can do anything to stop it. “If you can teach yourself anything to really help with learning this element it’s how to keep your own emotions in check so they and your element don’t run away with you” though he was sure everyone was guilty of letting that happen at times.

When he asked what he would describe as slower-paced elements he thought for a moment before responding “Water takes a lot of focus and patience rather than reactiveness, same with earth, it’s about understanding the way things work rather than reacting to an element that jumps right out at you” he found every element had its own personality or at least that’s how it seemed when he talked to the other masters anyway. The electric element he found to be very lively and jumpy, it was the kind of element that didn’t like being pushed to the back and so he often found his powers coming to the surface at the strangest moments “Well I’m sure the discipline serves you well, make as much use of it as you can” he nodded a few times, that was the key to good elemental control, being able to keep everything under control but it certainly wasn’t easy.

He chuckled softly under his breath “It will be a little but give it time and patience as you do with all your other elements and eventually you’ll realize suddenly things make sense” fo some that happened in the first few weeks, others in the first few months but like with anything you learned from scratch it took some time before everything clicked and it became natural, the most common thing he experienced with diversified Initia was them accidentally switching into another element when they were trying to practice their electric one “I think that’s more than enough for a first day” he commented softly and smiled with a nod “Spend some time getting used to your new element and figuring what you can do with it and next time I see you, I’ll be expecting you to be able to draw me a map of that phone circuit” he grinned slightly “And improvements on your isolation skills too” he reached into his pocket and handed him a card with his number and email “So you know how to reach me when you wanna schedule in your training, though preferably after the holidays, I may be dedicated to the cause but not that dedicated” he chuckled softly and nodded.

Austin gave a nod  to let him know he understood exactly what he was saying. "Admittedly i'm a total worry wart, but i'll do my best to keep all that in check. Freaking out sucks badly enough, but too freak out with an element like this and have things spiral dangerously out of control, I suppose that's enough to make anyone want to do their best" he chuckled, but he also took all of Rowan's advice pretty serious. Austin was pretty anxious to learn, and he knew if he acted as if any of this was a game, then he'd fail.

Austin appreciated his opinions and input. The truth was, Austin really hadn't had the chance to talk to someone about this part of his life, about what he was, and what he could do with what he was. He had taken a long enough break from practicing the abilities he had next to mastered, and frankly, he really wanted to start again. So, to be training in two very new elements, thrilled the gaming nerd. "I guess so. I guess it's part of what made me chose this path that i'm on rather than becoming a master of Fire like my father would have wanted. I love to know how things work, and learning just one of those elements as opposed to all of them, just sounded like it would get tedious after a while" he shrugged, because that was just his opinion. It obviously suited those who had chosen to become masters over just one element.

Austin smiled when Rowan commented on the way he had told him he was disciplined. "Yeah, it has proven to serve me well through each element ive learned, but still, things get a little complicated every now and then no matter how much discipline you have" he figured Rowan knew that too. Austin was prepared to make mistakes and learn from them. It's how learning worked. You can't expect to soar at something before you mess up a few times.

Austin nodded when he told him to give him time and patience "Will do. And you're probably right, any more than this might be too much and that would likely aggravate the hell out of both of us" Austin didn't want to be here so long today, that everything he'd learned would become jumbled information, so he was happy to hear Rowan say it was enough for the first day. Listening intently, the Initia became rather excited just knowing he could leave here and begin practicing electricity a little more, and that he'd come back with so much more progress "Prepare to be impressed next time you see me then. Ill practice as hard as i can" he gave Rowan a handshake, appreciating the time he had taken out of his day for Austin.

After tucking the card into his wallet, Austin chuckled "Don't worry. I know holidays are hectic, mine are too. So i'll be seeing you sometime after, especailly after I have had enough time to practice a little. Thanks for all of this, Rowan. See you on the flip side" he stated, and headed out. Austin was ready to just go somewhere and begin practicing right away. Maybe he'd even have Dakota help him, like he had helped her when she practiced to gain control over her own abilities. While Diviner and Initia abilities were like day and night, it would be nice to just have her company while he practiced something as new and scary as electricity. That woman had an insane way with words, and had already helped Austin through more than one crisis just by talking him down.

But, nothing truly beat smoking a little pot after a day like this, so once the Initia made it to his favorite place by the river,  he packed his bowl and began hitting it until he felt that high he always looked for when smoking weed. With his eyes blood shot and squinted, Austin made his way back out to the streets, and caught a cab back home with one hell of an apatite.


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