It had been a whirlwind few months, things seemed to be ever changing but business was good on all sides. The ranch, riding lessons, the brewery and distillery. Truthfully he had almost forgotten how much he had going on until Tia had come into his life and he was carving out time, they both were but they made it work. It was nice to be able to fall asleep and wake up with Tia in his arms and just be near her since she brought him a lot of comfort and eased his mind.

Recently they had gotten back from their trip to Texas where they had signed a new contract which would have their ranch sending cattle for processing to companies there since they seemed to like the quality of the cattle. Not that he thought he did anything specific but Tia seemed to be able to read the animals well and would help the land create what they needed and craved with her elements. It was an amazing bond that she had with air, earth, fire, water, gravity, electric and metal. It still was shocking and incredibly for him to watch as she used the elements she was in charge of protecting which made up the world.

Small strange things had happened on vacation but he hadn’t really taken much notice since the two had just been trying to relax and enjoy their time. They had seen a lot of sights which hadn’t been there the last time he had visited and even trekked through a few caverns in the area. The elemental incidence were chalked up to being away from her siblings so Clay didn’t put too much thought into them. Until they got back home but nothing much had occurred since then so he didn’t think there was much point in worrying over the matter since it seemed to be a one off or at least that was what he thought.

The stables usually stayed pretty clean but he and Tia were working with a few of the farm hands for a little late summer cleaning. Those that were helping were well aware of the supernatural and what he and Tia happened to be so there was no need to go about it all in a human way. It was kind of nice to feel a bit normal by doing things by hand but it took far more time. Looking over at Tia he could see she was flushed, likely from the heat which had still yet to subside. “Ya feelin’ alright darlin’?” He asked as his brows drew together in concern.


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Oh man I wonder what's going to happen on the next episode of The Mandalorian. That show is so great!

Ugh! I need to call my mom and make sure she has made her next appointment. I'll probably need to take off that last round of chemo really took it ou-

I wonder if anyone has noticed the marijuana plants in the bac-

All the words started mixing together into one loud buzzing noise that had her head pounding and her palms sweating with the effort to keep the voices from overwhelming her own. Aurantia's world lately had become one big exercise in concentration and determination, attempting to block out the voices that she knew weren’t her own. On top of that scary notion it seemed as if the elements were working against her, suddenly rebelling like children reaching adolescents and no longer content with listening to even the most simple of her commands. Each day that passed her control seemed to slip, becoming a little more tenuous and she feared the day that Clay would no longer take the odd occurrences that she had been explaining away and suddenly look at her with fear and censure in his eyes.

The bit of turbulence that had coincided with a sudden bout of nauseous, lightning that cracked when her anger seemed to boil just below the surface when the skies had just been clear and blue, or when a nightmare had caused the bed to float several feet above the floor. That had been hard to explain away, especially when Clay had gotten up to use the bathroom and fallen clear to the floor some four or five feet. Once the lights had come on they had both found every piece of furniture in the hotel room had been floating, a feat that should have been taking immense amounts of concentration and energy and yet the redhead seemed to be doing it without realizing it. Then there were times the Aspect couldn’t even summon up the power to make a seedling sprout or for water to go the route she wanted it to. It was bizarre and terrifying.

Even now as they mucked out stalls Tia could feel power swelling within her, as the noises in her head grew louder she was finding it harder to keep her abilities under wraps. Her entire body felt hot with the effort she was extending to keep it contained, making her palms sweat as she stabbed some old and musty hay with her shovel and tossed it into a wheel barrel. Startled by his voice she nearly dropped the shovel, panting as her sapphire hues blinked for a moment, “Huh?” Tilting her head she reached up and wiped at her forehead, “I’m’s jus’ really hot in’ really noisy.” The stall doors began to shake as the volume inside her head increased, her hand dropped the shovel as she clapped her hands over ears to try and drown out the deafening sound.

“Good golly stop….jus’ stop talkin’ please…” she pleaded, her eyes closing just as a gale wind kicked up and all the stall doors banged open. The horses took that as a sign to get the heck out of dodge, running out of the open doors and away from the danger they could sense. Tia was at the center of it all, the noise in her head drowning out everything as the power within her came out in waves. Everything around her began floating, the doors to the stalls opened and then slammed shut over and over, while the wind blew around her like a hurricane.

There was an expression of pain and concentration upon Tia’s visage which had Clay concerned which was why he had approached her. Perhaps he had approached far too quietly but it seemed more likely that whatever was going on in that pretty noggin of hers was just that distracting. Something was going on but Tia wasn’t sharing it with him but he wasn’t blind or stupid either but he knew better than to push a woman on a subject she didn’t want to discuss. Something was happening with her abilities though and he had the feeling that asking might get him slapped since that was implying that she couldn’t handle her element which he knew wasn’t true.

Placing his hands up in friendly manner he showed her open palms, the universal symbol for not being a threat. “I didn’t mean to give ya a start darlin’.” Frowning in concern he reached up and placed the back of his hand gently against her forehead. Drawing in a breath of pain from between his teeth he withdrew his hand the skin already beginning to heal. “Sweetheart you’re hotter than kettle on a camp fire.” This wasn’t a usual sort of heat and even when the temperate was in the hundreds he had never seen Aurantia like this. “Tia I don’t hear anything.” He said in a soothing voice unsure of what she could possibly be hearing before the wooden stall doors began to move on their own accord before her arms pressed against her ears trying to stop whatever she was hearing.

“Darlin’,” He moved towards her before clamping his mouth shut at her words, his eyes speaking volumes since his mouth could not. Moving to wrap his arms around her the winds picked up dangerously the force of it causing everything within the barn to rise form the ground. “Tia, look at me!” he tried to move through the force of the wind but it pick him up in it’s violent arms, the sensation much different from the wind pleasantly sweeping against him as he rode Ace. His eyes moved to those outside of the barn who’s eyes were wide and concerned but Clay managed to shake his head and warn them off. Whatever was happening Tia didn’t need witnesses or anyone caught up in it. “Aurantia, Angel, look at me!” He yelled over the wind that was howling around him the shovel striking him in the arm.

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