It had been a whirlwind few months, things seemed to be ever changing but business was good on all sides. The ranch, riding lessons, the brewery and distillery. Truthfully he had almost forgotten how much he had going on until Tia had come into his life and he was carving out time, they both were but they made it work. It was nice to be able to fall asleep and wake up with Tia in his arms and just be near her since she brought him a lot of comfort and eased his mind.

Recently they had gotten back from their trip to Texas where they had signed a new contract which would have their ranch sending cattle for processing to companies there since they seemed to like the quality of the cattle. Not that he thought he did anything specific but Tia seemed to be able to read the animals well and would help the land create what they needed and craved with her elements. It was an amazing bond that she had with air, earth, fire, water, gravity, electric and metal. It still was shocking and incredibly for him to watch as she used the elements she was in charge of protecting which made up the world.

Small strange things had happened on vacation but he hadn’t really taken much notice since the two had just been trying to relax and enjoy their time. They had seen a lot of sights which hadn’t been there the last time he had visited and even trekked through a few caverns in the area. The elemental incidence were chalked up to being away from her siblings so Clay didn’t put too much thought into them. Until they got back home but nothing much had occurred since then so he didn’t think there was much point in worrying over the matter since it seemed to be a one off or at least that was what he thought.

The stables usually stayed pretty clean but he and Tia were working with a few of the farm hands for a little late summer cleaning. Those that were helping were well aware of the supernatural and what he and Tia happened to be so there was no need to go about it all in a human way. It was kind of nice to feel a bit normal by doing things by hand but it took far more time. Looking over at Tia he could see she was flushed, likely from the heat which had still yet to subside. “Ya feelin’ alright darlin’?” He asked as his brows drew together in concern.


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