For months now, Baptiste had been torn between who he used to be, and who he'd became. Five years ago, he had met a woman whom instantly captured his heart. Feelings for her ran pretty deep. But, when she vanished, Baptiste met a male; Jason Hills. That name burnt right through him to this day. Baptiste could only frown as he sat in the back of the church among one of the many empty pews. He couldn't get Jason out of his head no matter how hard he tried. It was safe to say, Jason left him broken, a shell of what used to remain, when he too vanished from Bap's life.

For a short while, Baptiste knew something called happiness. Jason had given him a sense of what it was like to be loved for who he was. And Baptiste went above and beyond to save Jason's life. But now that all of that was gone; Bap was left with nothing but the thought of what could have been "I wish i could erase our memory, cause he didn't give a damn about me" the Valkyr stated as he glared at the cross hanging on the wall beside of him. "Sorry" he stated, as though he was talking to God himself, feeling bad for swearing in a place like this of all places.

For the past couple of weeks, Baptiste's eyes had been roaming, but nothing or no one had captured his gaze more than the mystery man who never spoke. A man that Bap came to learn was a little broken as well. He had been in and out of the chapel like Baptiste had, to reflect and clear his mind. Baptiste never had the courage to approach him though. Every time he left, Baptiste swallowed a little more regret. He knew there'd be that one time that he left, and Baptiste would never see him again. He had to fix that, and quick. If the Valkyr had learned anything, it was that chances were sometimes meant to be taken, priest or not, Baptiste couldn't help but wonder how could he sit here idly when something that gorgeous walked around the city with his head hung low.

A man like that should have walked around smiling. Baptiste intended on finding out more, starting with his name. Baptiste shrugged, 'fuck it, you only live once' he grumbled as he slid his leather jacket around his inked up arms as he walked out of the church. He had followed this man out a couple times already, right to a weapons shop, so he knew exactly where to find him right now. After approaching the shop, Baptiste's once arrogant attitude, turned into his nerves becoming rattled. Shaken to the core, Baptiste began sweating. "Well so much for that" he stated, and just as he turned to walk away, he ran face first into mr tall dark handsome and lonely himself. "Oh my-" he started off. "You scared the hell out of me!!" Bap expressed. But the second he met the male's gaze, his voice softened, and anything he had planned to say to him, was now stuck in the back of his throat. After clearing his throat, Baptiste adjusted his tie, loosening it some.

"Are you  - I'm -" he struggled at first, but what were the chances? He scared himself from approaching this man, but ultimately landed face to face with him instead. "I'm Baptiste.." he stated, his teeth grazig over his bottom lip. He was simply unable to control how anxious this guy made him. 'think idiot think' he scolded himself before shaking his head. Chuckling, he looked up at him again, making eye contact "Sorry, wow. I normally don't have this much of an issue speaking to someone.. but you're just.. wow" he expressed, annoyed with himself. But either way, he was here now, and he had already made a huge ass of himself. There was no going back. He just hoped the guy would speak, instead of turning away like Baptiste was insane.

"This yours?" Bap then questioned as he bent down to pick up a wallet. He figured he had knocked it out of the others pocket when he collided with him.

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Sometimes he hated being immortal and all. A few years ago he was aging like any normal human until the comet hit and he was frozen when it comes to age. Becoming immortal, the opposite to what he once was. Only making everything more painful for Joaquin, thinking that this is all that life is. The same day in and day out, nothing ever changing for him. Yet it is the life he’d chosen yet back then he knew he had no choice. To carry on with everything he’s ever known, to carry on the duty of his family. All that he and his sister had left of their childhood was to take on and carry on with the lives that their parents had given them. It too was all that they had left of them, their parents memory in a way. Joaquin have lost sight for what else there was out for them a long time ago. Never putting himself first. Always pushing himself in his work, keeping up with selling weapons here in Evermore. Along with training whoever came seeking his help. It was why he was so good at it, putting all he had into it. Maybe for more reasons than others. To go on with his day to day life like any normal person. Trying to blend in, go unnoticed never liking too much attention. Always being one to keep to himself, it was better that way. Learning it from the hard way. Sometimes a bit too much. Forgetting bout all that he had. Continuing to push his sister and others away, that's why it was so easy to become almost like a ghost rather than a person.

For the last few months he’d been seeking solace within the church. Finding it healing in a way, sitting in and listening into services or to just sit there in the back. Helping to clear his mind and thoughts. Like many other people who were in a bad place wanting to be in the place of God. As an Angel he was one of God’s gifts, pushing him to pray and be thankful for. With his own beliefs like everyone else. Joaquin kept his visitings of the church from his sister, like many other things. Not wanting her to worry for him. With the service ending, Joaquin made his quick exist. Never being the one to stay and stick around. Not being the one to be surrounded by people, keeping to himself instead. That's why he likes the church, there was enough seats to distance himself from everyone else whilst still being all part of it. Joaquin made his way out of the church like he does with every time, heading back to the weapon shop. Carry on with his daily job, already having taken time out his day. Whilst walking back to the shop, Joaquin couldn’t help to feel that someone was following him. Not able to shake it but didn’t want to look back. Continue to carry one walking back.

The lingering feeling was still there, knowing someone was following him. Joaquin decided to turn around stopping in his tracks quickly, knowing someone down in the process. Looking to who it was, surprised that it was someone who he’d recognised. One he’d recognise from a crowd, the young priest from a church. “You’re the one who ran into he” He chuckled a little, shaking his head hearing the nervousness coming from the male but he didn’t know why. Soon learning a name to put to the face. “Joaquin” He replied back giving his name, not knowing why he was giving his name to a stranger. “You okay?” He turn his head half asking looking at the male confused to why he nervous around him, not speaking his sentences right. Much different to back in the church. “Your that priest aren’t you from the church?” He marvelled a little, of course it was him. The tattoos were a huge give away too, not admitting he had been looking. Joaquin was confused a little then seeing his fault in Baptiste’s hands knowing it probably dropped when they bumped into each other. “Thats mine, cheers” He smiled softly taking his wallet back. “Did you want to grab a drink or?” He offered, not knowing why he did. It weren’t like him, usually keeping to himself that was always what he prefered.

Arching his brow, Baptiste couldn't resist taking all of this male in. Every detail of him, every strand of long dark hair that sat perfectly on top of his head; his long eyelashes that caused Bap to lose himself in the male's gaze, and even down to the very thin hairs that traced his lips into a perfect mustache. God he was something. Maybe this was meant to happen exactly how it was happening. Something as simple as a business card falling out of his pocket had been the only thing that gave Baptiste the courage to finally approach someone he'd noticed months ago. Every church service ended with a longing, desperation to at least figure out his name. So standing in front of him now, was a chance he didn't think he'd get at any point.

After things had fallen apart between Baptiste and Jason, things concerning romance became something of the past to the Valkyr.Something he feared more than he wanted, but when he had first laid eyes on Joaquin, Jason had also became something of the past. To make him forget someone he nearly fell in live with, meant this man had to be special; he wanted to know what it was that made him stand out from the rest. He had to figure out why this man, out of all the guys who had flirted with Bap, and even begged for his number, was the only one to ever get a second glance from Baptiste.

Completely engrossed by him; Baptiste blinked, knowing he probably looked as awkward as he felt when doing so, but it hadn't even dawned on him that the male had spoken to him. Bap was simply transfixed. Now that he was captive to this man, he knew he had to speak. "Okay would be the understatement of the century; sorry for crashing into you. I wish I had done it more gracefully" he expressed, smirking and running his hand up the back of his neck trying to knock the goose bumps away from his flesh. Excitement burnt through the Valkyr, but so did fear. Between not knowing how to respond, to responding like a complete idiot, he was struggling badly. His flirtacious comments didn't falter though, he still breezed right on through one word after the next, hoping this wouldn't blow up in his face.

"Joaquin; that makes sense, it fits you" he added before rolling his tongue across his lips, hesitantly reaching out to shake his hand as he introduced himself. When Joaquin finally recognized who he was, Baptiste gulped. "Yup that's me" he chuckled, figuring by now Joa knew Bap had been watching him for quite sometime, each time leaning a little closer to him in the entrance of the church as service dismissed at the end of the night. That had been the closest he'd been to this male until tonight. Baptiste' breath caught in the back of his throat when Joa smiled once he reach out and grabbed his wallet, followed by him asking if Bap wanted to go grab a drink. "Hell yes" he said, and mused for a moment before falling victim to those eyes again. Baptiste didn't wanna come off to strong, if history proved anything, it wasn't a healthy approach, nor was it good for a potential partner.

If he stood even half a chance with this guy, there's nothing he'd do to fuck that up. Starting with a drink was just fine for the Valkyr; from there, he damn sure planned to get to know him in the privacy of his own home, or even Joa, if things went the way he hoped they would. "Sorry for being lame. I normally don't let myself notice someone the way I have you, but it was too hard not to become captive to someone like you.. behind the lone wolf facade, there was something else that I couldn't shake, maybe you can show me what that is over this drink" he then said before turning and heading into the direction of his own bar, where he could show Joa where he worked outside of the church, plus; he'd give him his drinks for free and possibly score a few brownie points. The bar hadn't been far from where they collided, and as they arrived, Bap swung the door open, allowing Joaquin to go in first; the music already blared through the Valkyr's ears, and anticipation spun him inside out as he awaited to see how this would unfold.

Every now and then, he decided to steal a glance of Joa; smirking only when he wasn't paying attention. Every part of Joaquin seemed flawless. But, beyond that, there was something about him that had lured Baptiste in when he first started visitng the church for peace of mind.

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