He rolled over in bed, yawning softly. The curtains seemed to have been pushed back and neatly placed back in their original positions, the moonlight glowed within his eyes. Grabbing the pillow from the other side of the bed, he covered his head with it, just for a few more minutes. He awoken from the bed with the sound of his alarm going off. It had read 6pm, it was time for him to get up and go to work. He didn't mind working late at the bars yet waking up was the hardest part. He laid there, closing his eyes until another loud ringing filled the room. He raised himself from the bed and towards his dresser to retrieve the other alarm that rang, this time on his cellphone. He slid his finger across the screen before pressing the end button on the alarm. He set his cellphone on his dresser again, stretching with a yawn. Wearing only a pair of grey Zimmerli boxer briefs, he headed in to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

After finishing his routine of brushing his hair and his teeth. He walked back in to his bedroom to pull on his blue checkered flannel shirt and dark blue jeans with his black and white converse shoes. By the time he was finished getting dressed, he grabbed his keys and his cellphone from his dresser then out of his bedroom door. He walked across the long hallway to the front door, the floor creaked as he stepped. He took his keys once he exited the house to turn and lock the door. "Alright, that should do it." He grinned to himself then stepped down the four steps in front of his black 1969 chevy car to the driveway where his car was. He opened the door handle and flopped right onto the front seat. Looking down at his watch, he knew he would be on time. Pushing the keys in the ignition, he started up the car and quickly took off towards the bar.

It didn't take him long to arrive at the bar, parking within the spot he always did. He turned off the engine and hopped out of the car. He punched in his card and stepped behind the bar, serving the people who entered and exited the bar. One of the men who kept asking for drinks, stepped up to get another. His body wobbled, almost falling over on the stool. "You're cut off, buddy." He shook his head at the guy who asked for another drink. The night went on smoothly considering the minor drunks here and there, he waved to the last person who exited the bar. He locked up the front place, grabbing the garbage bags of empty bottles and carried them to the dumpster outback. He opened the lid, throwing the bag inside when he was whacked over the head by a lead pipe. Splitting open eyebrow quickly, he lifted his hand to stop the attack until he was hit on his other side. Getting quite angry at how these two men beat him.

He finally was able to lift himself up the ground and fight back. He turned around to find out there were more men, two more. One of them were the drunken man he cut off. He and his friends were quite pissed off. He fought back his hardest, only he's able to knock out two out of the four men before collapsing from exhaustion. He was found the next morning passed out, beaten and all bloodied up by the owners wife, she sent him to the hospital. Axel laid there in the hospital bed.

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Josephine yawned while searching through the trauma surgical files, being on call for the emergency room was horrible. Josephine had been brought into the hospital around four a.m. A motor vehicle accident had happened and left two patients in critical condition. Josephine had been immediately called into surgery for internal bleeding. Successfully she found the source of the internal bleeding and clotterized the bleeding. Successfully saved both victims in the accident, but unfortunately one of the victims needed amputation. Josephine made many sacrifices for those who truly needed it. Josie absolutely disliked having to make troubling decisions without patient permission, but in certain situations she had to do what was best for the patient’s chance of living. After both surgeries were over Josephine found herself in the employee lounge attempting to find peace.

After a couple more trauma surgeries Josephine was sent back into the employee lounge where she was demanded to attempt to sleep before anymore other emergency calls came into the hospital. Unfortunately Josephine struggled sleeping in lounge as she thought about all the current projects and errands she had to do once she had a day to herself. Luckily for her though she made enough money to have a dog walker for her three pups at home. Of course she felt that she was never home enough to see her pets, but they loved her no matter what. Josephine made her own sacrifices everyday and some people never understood what she truly sacrificed for them.

Josephine soon was awakened by the sound of the intercom calling her to the emergency room for a victim coming in by ambulance from an altercation outside a bar. Josephine jumped from her cot and quickly wrapped her white medical jacket around her. “Let’s Go Josie.” She muttered to herself as she prepared herself for the worse of what was coming through those doors.  Josephine made her way into the emergency room area; while waiting for her ambulance she tended to a few other patients.

Josephine soon heard the sound of the siren barreling into the hospital emergency entrance. Readying herself for anything she allowed the ambulance to do their job, before hooking the male to the monitors. Josephine looked over the male patient and soon received the file on the patient. “So Mr. Mathias, you were found beaten outside your place of work?” She asked studying his chart. Josephine sat onto the lifted stool and began examining his wounds and began examining the male for any head trauma. “Can you do me favor and follow the tip of pen with only your eyes.” She asked as she shown him the tip of her pen.  Josie waited for the male’s response, while she took down his vitals and checked his blood pressure. Josephine was checking for any signs of concussion.

Axel groaned on the stretcher as he was rode to the hospital by an ambulence. The loud ringing of the sirens finally waking him up from being knocked out. Damn he hated humans but he knew if they saw what he could do, there would be a riot. He had no choice but to get beated up by the four men. He looked down at the needle within his vein, using his other hand to pull it out. The female paramedic placed her hand upon his wrist, stopping him. "Sir, you're really hurt." By the way he was beaten, she thought he would have been dead. It kind of bothered her. She waited until the driver pulled into the long driveway of the hospital, he drove them to the dark red emergency sign and parked the car. The two men in the front seat got out of the truck and moved to the back of it, opening the two doors. "Okay, sir. Let's go." They spoke, pulling him out of the trunk and wheeled him into the hospital. They lifted him up and set him on one of the beds, giving him an 'off' then they walked off.

He laid there in bed, waiting for someone to help him. His body hasn't fully healed from the way he hasn't been able to sleep. He hasn't been eating for a few days and he didn't know why. He thought it was almost the day his parents were killed, it killed him inside. He growled to himself as he tried his hardest to fight back the tears that threatened to pour down his cheeks. He couldn't let it win. He sighed, shaking his head. He then rose his head towards the female doctor who entered inside the room. He tried his hardest to raise himself into a sitting position yet it was hard. He was weak, this was bad. "Ow, ugh." He sighed, laying back down.

He watched her with the clip him to the monitors, holding a clipboard in her arms. Which was filled out with his information. "Yeah, I was taking out the garbage and these four men who I cut off at the bar I work out, they kept beating me with lead pipes." He looked back at her, curiously. He nodded his head and carefully followed the pen with his eyes. He leaned over the bed and grabbed onto the remote, pressing the up button. He sighed happily as the 'up' button brought him into a sitting position, allowing him to see her better. He waited for her to speak, to tell him something. He knew he didn't break anything as everything was slowly healing. He just needed the rest. He was after all, tired.

Josephine entered the room with a soft sincere smile on her features, her bright blue optics focused on the patient at hand. With a wave of her hand she tried to signal for him to stay in a lying position.. Wincing as she heard his whimper of pain fall from his lips. “Please you don’t have to move for me..” She stated watching as he settled back into a lying position on the hospital bed. After asking her questions she waited for his response and while waiting she took down vitals and began looking over visible injuries that may have formed over the past couple hours since he’d come in.

“Do you believe they may try to come back and finish the job? Do you feel unsafe?” She asked with seriousness filling her tone. As a resident of the clinic Josephine knew they strive as a team to keep their patients, guest and residents feeling as safe as possible. “If you feel there is any chance that they could come here and try to hurt you more I can post security outside your room. “ She stated taking down some more information as the results of his blood pressure. His result was a little higher than what they normally wanted to see, but it was understandable that he was in a good amount of pain due to the injuries that had been afflicted upon him.  Josephine watched the way he followed the tip of the pen with his eyes. Jotting down some notes after her little pen test.

“Well Mr. Mathias I am gonna have to run a few more test before you can be discharged from here. I want to check and make sure that you don’t have a concussion or any other minor head injuries.” She said with a suggestive smile.  The vampire eyed the dhampir she knew he wasn’t human, but she need to do the routine checks for anyone with head injuries even if was an inconvenience for those not of the human race. “I am going to order for a CT scan of your head, along with perhaps just a basic blood test to be done. Do you have any other concerns you wish to make us aware of?” She asked with a smile coming onto her features.

He looked ahead towards the women as she spoke to him about not moving. She was quite sweet. Blue-green eyes glanced back down towards the button he pressed that lifted him into a sitting position. He smiled his best at her. "I'm fine, Miss." His British accent was the quickest she would hear, the moment he spoke. He fixed himself carefully on the bed once she told him about asking him questions. He raised an eyebrow, shrugging his shoulders towards her questions. "No. I doubt they will be after me after I get some rest. I'm just very tired, hungry and weak." He sighed, biting his lips. "Thank you though." If they wished to come back later him, after he was rested up. They would be sorry. He wouldn't kill them but he would do something else.

His eyes soon glanced down towards the clipboard, full of his information. He wondered what she wrote on the clipboard. His eyes looked back up at her with a smile. "So I should be alright." He nodded her head with a smile. He blinked. "Alright, whatever you have to do, Miss uhm? What's your name?" He cleared his throat and nodded again. "Ah okay, how are you going to check and make sure I don't have a concussion?" He looked up at her a bit puzzled, listening to what she said. He soon realized she was a vampire and sighed heavily. "That was a relief. Phew." He chuckled. He watched as she ran her routine checks of checking his head for injuries and inconvenience wounds that would affect him.

He placed his hands upon his thighs and nodded his head. "Yeah that should work, let's do it." He honestly didn't know what a CPR was and he was a bit curious about that. He shook his head. "I just haven't eaten in days.." He sighed. He licks over his lips, laying back down upon the hospital bed. He winced slightly in pain while he laid there.

Josephine attempted to be her very best even if taking care of the emergency room patients was considering grunt work. Considering she never got much of a break lately when it came to work the surgeon team decided it best to divide the grunt work between the other surgeons. Josephine was in desperate need of some sleep, but the hospital desperately needed her at the hospital to help with all the recent emergency room patients.  Nodding with confirmation that he was safe either way. “Well just something we need to make sure of in these sorts of situations… Also I should make you aware you will have some visitors of the local PD.” She stated.  Honestly Josie hated being the bearer of bad news, but the local police department wanted to a detail description of the men who attack Axel and were going to make sure justice was served. These thugs were never going to inflict harm on anyone ever again.

Her eyes darted from the his chart back to him as she scribbled some vital information down as well. Josephine soon glanced in his general direction as he stuttered on her name. “Oh Dr. Falconi.” She said with a smile still carved into her eatures. “Well from my first little pretest I don’t see any signs, but there could be internal signs that I wanna check into.” She said with a nod of her head. Josephine soon glanced in his direction oddly at his comment. “What’s a relief?” She asked curiously as she didn’t really understand what was such a relief.. Perhaps He’d figured out that she wasn’t human, but she was hoping she didn’t purposely lead onto any signs that she wasn’t a human.

Josephine could hear in his tone that he hadn’t a clue on what a CT scan was.  “Well Mr. Mathias I should inform you that a CT scan is just a simple scan of the brain and neck area..  The picture we will get will show if there is any internal signs of a concussion. Some signs are sometimes only seen by this sort of scan.” She stated. With a shrug of her shoulders in his direction. “Trust me we’ll make sure we get some food in ya.” She said with a smile capturing her features once again.

His eyebrow raised curiously as she spoke. Was she being serious with him being visited by the local PD. He really felt weak and this pissed him off. Sighing softly, he bit on to his lower lip and nodded carefully. "But I understand. Rather have people safe than hurt. Hopefully they find the men who were involved. I want to see them get whatever they can receive." He licks over his lips, his head shifting to the side to look out the window. His eyes focusing on the little space between sladed blinders. He listened to the beeping of the machine he was attached to.

He turned his head to glance back at her, just as she said her name. "Dr. Falconi. Thank you for being so kind, I hope to see you again." He smiled back at her then nodded his head. "Ah okay. Hopefully there's nothing internal either." He chuckled then cleared his throat. "Oh that you know that I'm.. different." He leaned in and whispered. "It will be less awkward." He grinned, trying not to laugh again. He then tilted her head at her. "The question is, are you a human?" He raised an eyebrow.

He then raised both eyebrows as she spoke, looking down at his body then back at her. "Well, that is a bit interesting. Never heard of this before." He wasn't quite known for getting hurt so it was obvious he didn't know what this was at all. So visiting a hospital was never the question. Everything was a bit new to him still. "I'm sure everything is fine, I am just really tired. I haven't eaten. I need rest." He nods to himself then smiled widely at her. "Yeah, that food sounds good. Thanks, Dr. Falconi."

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