Alonzo stood over the body of the last person on his list to remove from this world for the death of his wife and children. He stepped over the body making his way through the alley opening his wings. Taking in the black feather that now covered his wings. He wasn’t overly sure why they had turned from pure white to black, the only thing that came to mind was the darkness he allowed into his heart. He had not been alert to his surroundings as it was the middle of the night in a dark alleyway. He thought he was alone. Feeling a stinging in the back of his neck before the darkness took over he felt the darkness cloud his mind causing him pass out.

Time passed unknown to the unconscious Nephilim. When Alonzo finally awoke from the unexpected slumber he shifted on the hard cold ground. He looked around his eyes trying to adjust to the dim light. The headache was so overwhelming as he sat up he closed his eyes giving up on being able to see. He laid his body back on the cold hot ground again accepting that his fate very well may have come to its end. After all he killed everyone on his list meaning he was ready to join them in the afterlife. A sad smile came to his lips as he thought of Maria, picturing her running towards him.

Yet his ears caught the sound of crying stopping the vision of Maria. He focused on the noise he could make out it was a feminine sniffling.Meaning he wasn’t alone. Alonzo shifted to get on his knees and hands shifting towards the sound only to find a cage between him and the sound. “Hello? Are you okay? Are you hurt? I can help if you are.” He said as he pressed his face to one of the bars of the prison that held him. “My name is Alonzo, they captured me as well.” He said softly not wanting to alert the people that had placed them there. As it was clear to him they were not down where they were.

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It had been a sunny day in Evermore when it happened. She was walking her usual route to the hospital for her volunteer shift when she felt a strange presence. At first, she had just put it down to her own paranoia and carried on walking but it seemed she had been right to worry because the moment that she stopped, someone grabbed her from behind. She had tried to scream but a hand quickly clamped over her mouth and she struggled until they injected her with someone and she felt herself overwhelmed with tiredness. “What do you want?” was all she had managed to get out because she had collapsed into the darkness.

That was two days ago, since then she had been sitting here in the dark and asking for answers as to what was happening. She felt weak, whatever they had injected into her system was dampening her powers to the point she couldn’t use them. They had kept her alone most of the time and it was so dark that she couldn’t see anything anyway. She was scared, not only because she was without her powers but also because it seemed her body was naturally weak too, something which she always suffered when she was without her family for too long. It had been two days since then and there was still no sign of anything changing.

She had been sitting alone for so long and staring that the wall that the tears just started streaming, little hiccups between sobs as she thought about the work she was supposed to be doing and she wondered why she was here and why they hadn’t asked her for anything or said a word to her while she was here. She didn’t know anyone else was here until he called out when he heard her crying which made her try her best to stop, but her voice was weak and croaky “I’m weak” she responded in a soft voice “I can barely move” she admitted, the combination of being away from her family plus her supernatural abilities being drained seemed to have cause negative effects on her body sooner “If I’m here for much longer…” her voice cracked at the thought and she sighed “I’m Argent” she responded to his greeting, biting her lip softly “Do you have any idea what they want?” she wasn’t even sure she wanted to know the answer to that.

Alonzo listened in the dark for a long moment, he had wondered if he had made the sound up in his head. When the sound came to a sudden stop almost worried he scared whoever it was that made the sound. The weak voice was so faint he had to focus on her words for a long moment. He looked around wanting his eyes to adjust to the dark. Yet it didn’t come easily for the nephilim as he wished. His hand tested the strength of the bar there in front of him. It gave a groan as he pulled it. Yet he was tired from whatever hit him causing him to pass out. Letting go with a slight grunt from his lips before turning around to press his back to the bar.

“I understand you’re weak Argent. I know it may seem impossible but I need you to come towards my voice. I am a nephilim, angel child. My blood may be able to help you feel less weak.” Alonzo said as his hand moved along the floor of his prison wondering where they could possibly be. “I am not sure what they want. I thought…” His voice trailed off as he gave up looking for something on the ground to cut his hand open. His hand moved along the clothing he had on pulling out his wallet. They hadn’t even taken his wallet from him? Were they just utter amateurs? Something seemed really off about this. He had thought they had taken him as revenge for all the people he had killed in the name of his wife.

“Listen, do you have any of your belongings on you? They left me with most of my things. Besides a phone.” and his weapon but he didn’t want to scare the girl more than she already was. “Do you know how long you have been here?” He asked as he pulled out the cards from his wallet and broke one in half to make it sharp enough to cut his hand to give her some of his blood. He hoped it would be enough to make her feel better. “Something doesn’t sit right with me about what is going on here. If you are taken captive they take your things away.” He muttered to himself the last bit as he looked in the dark again. Then spoke loudly again, “Argent. I know you are scared right now. So am I but we can look at it like we are not alone.”

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Whatever they had injected her with, it felt like no substance she had ever had to deal with before, it made her whole body feel tired and frail, even if she wanted to fight she wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to because her powers felt like they were in a cloud floating above her and she couldn’t quite reach them. She had been trying for a while now but the thing with aspects is that they didn’t get stronger when they were alone, being away from the others was draining her and while she could usually go for an entire week away from them, whatever this stuff was had kickstarted the clock.

She could hear his voice clear enough to pinpoint whereabouts he was despite not being able to see his face, if she squinted enough she could see the faint outline of where he was because of her aura abilities, though it was hard to tell what his colors were because her powers weren’t working correctly “I’m afraid that’s not going to be enough” she responded but she did crawl her way slowly towards where she could hear his voice. She grunted in pain because of the way she felt so weighed down, like her whole body was fighting her moving from this exact spot but eventually she found herself resting against the metal bars of the cage. She closed her eyes and let out an exhausted sigh.

“I didn’t have much with me” she confessed, they had taken her phone so she couldn’t call for help and aside from that all she had was her concealed staff, but she wasn’t going to tell anyone about that, not even a kind stranger because if they found out what she was, they might try to take it or even torture the information out of him “I think it’s gotta be a few days, without any light in here it’s been hard to keep track but they seem to come in and bring food every once in a while” though she was almost certain it was laced with the stuff they injected her with so she had been refusing to eat it. “Maybe they’re not professionals” she responded in a soft voice “But that stuff they’re using, I fear for me it’s going to be lethal” she confessed closing her eyes for a moment “And that can’t happen” she spoke softly “The world needs me” she sighed softly.

Alonzo looked over his shoulder as he felt her slender frame hit the bars near him. He looked to her and again it seemed like she had a faint glow to her. He cocked his head to the side trying to get a better view of Argent to make her out completely but it was a useless effort in the darkness of their prison. He found himself wondering what she could have done to get the attention of whoever captured them both. Then he wondered if she was a nephilim like him. Maybe it was a species thing. If she was a nephilim wouldn’t she have said something? He could feel the gears in his head trying to work out what was going on.

“Do you think it will help at all? I could dull the pain, I am skilled at that.” He reached through the bars to feel for her hand once he found it he touched the back of her hand lightly using his clairsentience to ease her pain. “It's just me so you know I am touching your hand.” He said softly as he tried to recall the last time he had done this. He had spent so long causing pain that it was strange trying to take it away. He still held the card in his hand he had broken in hopes to cut his hand and offer her his blood in hopes to make her feel better. 

He sighed as he knew that all he could rely on was his strength and maybe fighting skill to get her out of here. “Hey I was wondering…” He started as he stared into the dark of the prison. “What are you? You didn’t freak out when I mentioned I wasn’t human.” his curious mind asked as he picked up a coin out of his wallet and threw it across the prison to figure out what was on the other side. It seemed to hit more bars meaning there was probably another cell on the other side of him. He looked at her and gave a shake of his head. “I won’t let you die. I will get you out of here.” He said softly then his mind wondered what she meant and he couldn’t stop the question from leaving his mouth. “What do you mean by the world needs you? Not that I don’t believe you. You just sound like there is a certain urgency in the statement.”

She stared through the darkness of the room trying to make out the male’s features but there really were no lights at all, they kept the place in utter darkness almost like somehow they knew that would only weaken her more, she was the aspect of light and it was practically torture for her to not be able to reach a single source of it. He seemed kind and gentle, his voice soothed her when he spoke and so she decided to reach for him, her palm resting against his as her eyes fluttered closed “I used to be a Nephilim” she spoke softly, sometimes she missed that part of herself but it was centuries ago and felt like a distant memory now. It did mean she understood well how they worked though.

The pain did feel like it numbed just a little, enough for her to take a breath of relief and feel like the weight that was crushing her was lifted just a little. She squeezed his hand gently as thanks for his help. It was strange, putting her trust in someone she didn’t know and couldn’t even see but he was right, they were both trapped here and somehow not being alone made it feel better. She chuckled under her breath when he asked her what she was “I’m not sure you’d believe me if I told you” she confessed, the aspects kept their existence very secret and while their presence in Evermore was growing, they still kept their tracks covered in the rest of the world.

“I am what the world calls an aspect” she explained “Which represents me and my siblings being aspects of the world, fragments as you could see it” she smiled gently “I am the aspect of light can imagine what this very dark room might do to me” she was trying to be positive but after days in here with no sign of being able to get out and only getting weaker, her determination was slowly being chipped at. She jumped a little when she heard the sound of the coin hitting the metal bars, an echo ringing out around them “Metal cages” she commented under her breath, she had already used most of her strength to case the surroundings. “My job is to protect the light...which can be seen in many ways, to make sure that the balance between dark magic and light magic stays equal, to care for those with magic of light nature...if something would happen to me, I fear something would happen to them too” aspects were more than just protectors, after all, they were representations of the element they protected “Sorry I probably sound like I’m crazy” after all it wasn’t like she had any proof she could show him.

He held her hand in his as his eyes tried to search through the dark trying to find anything. Even though he knew it was a fruitless effort in doing so. “Used to be Nephilim?” he questioned her soft statement. His mind tried to think of what she could be now. “D-did you lose your wings?” He wondered if she had fallen. Though he wasn’t sure if this was the best time to go into details over her past life though the fact she may have lost her wings to a dark path meant there was a common link. He felt her body relax as he used his power hearing her breath out the pain. He was thankful he was able to help her in some way even for a moment.

“I am one to be more on the side of not disclosing any possibilities out. Especially you know since I myself have wings and powers many don’t.” He said as he gave a weak chuckle trying to lighten the mood. “Aspect.” he repeated slowly trying to understand what she meant by it. There was a slow understanding as she talked more about what she was. Part of him wanted to call her crazy I mean how could someone who would be important manage to get caught up here. “Yeah so it seems that there are more cages then ours here.” he said then thought for a moment how he probably could break away the metal with enough time to do so. Depending on their structure quality.

“Well Aspect of light, we can’t have you dying here so those beings of light are protected.” He said not wanting to make her feel crazier then he was sure she already felt. Even if he wasn’t sure he understood what she was. All he knew is she needed help and he seemed to be the only one around to help. “I will find a way to get us out of here.” He said “I am going to let your hand go to walk around and find the door.” He said as he slowly let her hand go not wanting her to be in pain but he needed to find where the lock may be. He stood up, standing there for a moment as the pain washed over his body with a light groan escaping his lips he placed his hand against the cage and moved along it slowly trying to find the door. When he did he yanked on it feeling the lock holding solid. “Shit.”

Argent found it scary to be here in the dark, darkness was essentially the opposite of her being and the way she had been exposed this long definitely was having a negative impact on her strength. She was doing her best to keep a level head and keep positive, her siblings had to be looking for her by now and they had the entire guard at their disposal, someone would come. They had to. She sucked in a soft breath when he asked if she lost her wings and she sighed “No” she spoke softly “I uh...I died” she responded softly “It’s a really long story” she admitted.

“I do know people who have come close to losing theirs though” she spoke softly, her mind drifting to some of the many guards she had known and let into her heart over the years, everyone had their own story to tell. “Well if I had my strength I’d show you” she responded and laugh dryly, this was quite literally a nightmare place for someone like her and yet she was somehow still managing to quip jokes with someone she just met. Mal would definitely call her crazy. “I can’t hear anyone else though” she spoke softly running her fingers along the dusty floors “But it means they must intend to bring more people here” which made her wonder what they wanted.

She grinned and shook her head “You definitely think I’m crazy” she commented, the way he spoke about it, he sounded doubtful and honestly how could she blame him for being that way when she had literally said she needed to get out of here or the world would be at risk. Anyone would question the legitimacy of that. She could hear him shuffling around as he looked for the entrance. She couldn’t see him but she could sense where he went by the shuffling sounds he was making “Yeah I tried them already and no doubt they’ve injected you with the same stuff they have me…” she looked around for a moment and sighed “If I had my powers then I could make an all-purpose key...but I don’t” she pressed her lips together thinking of anything they could use.

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