Since the accident Seniah had gotten to know a woman named Fleur she really liked her, she was kind and gentle and made Physiotherapy almost fun. Today Seniah was headed into her usual appointment this time without crutches she was slowly healing but it just seemed like such a slow process when all she really wanted to do was be back to her usual self; able to keep up with James and just be a normal teen.

The two were still bonding mostly it was kept on a professional level but now that Seniah was nearing the end of her therapy she wanted to get to know her more. She was hoping to maybe have more friends meet more people and why not start with someone else that she was trusting.

Walking into the building she signed in and headed right over to where Fleur was “Hey.” She signed as she approached her. Her walk was still slightly wobbly as she walked but it was getting better and stronger as the days went on. “What do you have for me today?” She sat on her usual chair to await the workout instructions for the session.

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Lately she’s found herself a little bit lost. Almost at crossroads in a way not knowing what route to take. Still trying to figure it all out and who she is. All proving to be more difficult than she first thought. One thing she did know was that Evermore was the place she’d find and figure it all out. Sensing straight away the city was different from the rest. A place that accepts everyone for who and what they are. In a way it comes up close to her old home in Amsterdam where she could see herself settling and living in for a while. Slowly starting to build a few friendships along the way. Seeing how she was now doing better in her Dhampir training and fitness training too. All thanks to Nora who was a blessing in disguise in a way. Someone who saw how she was needing help but Fleur was too stubborn to look for help until she’s given an offer that she has to accept. Not being able to escape for it any longer. Soon after she came to the city she started working in a place that helps people who need some help with pysiopathery after injuries or joint problems. Finding things like that was easier than actually full on works out. Having studied a little bit previously beforehand along with learning on the job. There was one person who she’d been helping for quite a while. As last year Fleur had a new client who had broken many bones sustaining from a horrible car accident. She’s always so surprised hearing how both of the people who were in the accident survived it. At first Fleur helped the other person who was in the accident alongside Seniah but he didn’t really need her help. With how Fleur was able to tell and sense how he was Supernatural. Seeing how quickly he was healing opposed to human Seniah. Yet she made sure sure to right him off not needing any more therapy sessions and to do some at home instead. 

She’s been finding it’s been more of a slow process with Seniah seeing the amount of injuries she had at first when she came to her at the beginning. With how they all heal at different rates that not everybody is the same. Something she was always trying to say and treasure Seniah at the times the girl was about to give up. Giving her enough power to push and power through which always did work. Fleur was always amazed at the things girls have overcome. Learning all she’s been through in her short life. At times sometimes they spent more of the lesson time talking instead of the actual work. One thing that surprised her the most at first was learning that Seniah was dead. Something she’d not expected seeing how easily she didn’t let her affect her not wanting to be different from everyone else. So she’s made sure to learn a little bit of sign language herself to make it easier for Seniah. With how for herself her English wasn’t good at the best of times yet she knew that didn’t matter how all the brunette needed was to read her lips. Fleur always looked forward to their therapy sessions. A few weeks back she had set a goal for Seniah to reach. Trying to see if it’s not too long until she’s able to walk with any crutches. Seeing how the bones are about all healed that it’s more in the head stopping her. Making it their aim for what is to achieve. The Dhampir was getting things just about ready as she spotted the peite human walking through surprised to see she’s walking with no cruthces. Surprising her but Fleur knew she could do it. “Hey” She greeted signing back to her “No crutches I see” Fleur was both happy and proud of her seeing how far she’s come. “How are you getting on with keeping your leg straight whilst raising it in the air?” Making sure to talk slowly for her to understand, trying to think of where Seniah was having problems before. Wanting for her to try to build up the muscles that she’s either lost or never had so it’ll be easier if she wanted to train or simply work out. 

When Fleur signed back to her Seniah grinned happily “You are learning Sign.” She questioned signing back to her. Seniah gave a soft blush it was rare to find a friend who was willing to go out of their way to learn how to sign just for her. Seniah was happy that she could call Fleur a friend the two were rather chatter bugs when they got together, doing half the workout while talking, or doing more talking than working out; either way, Fleurs help had gotten Seniah a long way with her recovery she could now move without crutches though her muscle still ached at times. Shifting to sit on the edge of her chair Seniah lifted her right leg out straight, raising her arms at the same time. After a short time, her leg began to shake and tremble. “I’ve been trying my best to hold it for longer but every time I try this happens, My left leg I can hold a bit longer than the right.” She said to the woman. “I know it takes a while to build up muscle or rebuild, but after my exercises, it really hurts to walk on my right leg after.” 

Normally Seniah would have JC (James) to fall back on for support but she recently found out he was going through a pretty rough time with the loss of his adopted mom. Seniah wanted to be able to back on her feet quicker so she could help him more. In a way JC had become her inspiration to heal quicker, between him and Fleur Seniah was learning that there were other things out there and not just humans like herself. Fleur had only ever slipped up once but Seniah was smart and caught the meaning between her and JC during a session. 

This only fueled her curiosity, even more, questioning them more and more, questions like ‘Who would win in a fight a Vampire or a werewolf?’ to her surprise they both said a Therian has a bite that harms a Valkyr. Which seemed a little odd to Senaih at first but it only confirmed in her mind that there was more than meets the eye. Seniah was eager to learn more, though she didn’t let Ambrose know what she was up to, because she didn’t know if the male knew what sort of things were in the city. If he did know he would likely play the dad card and force her to stop her little investigation. 

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