Since the accident Seniah had gotten to know a woman named Fleur she really liked her, she was kind and gentle and made Physiotherapy almost fun. Today Seniah was headed into her usual appointment this time without crutches she was slowly healing but it just seemed like such a slow process when all she really wanted to do was be back to her usual self; able to keep up with James and just be a normal teen.

The two were still bonding mostly it was kept on a professional level but now that Seniah was nearing the end of her therapy she wanted to get to know her more. She was hoping to maybe have more friends meet more people and why not start with someone else that she was trusting.

Walking into the building she signed in and headed right over to where Fleur was “Hey.” She signed as she approached her. Her walk was still slightly wobbly as she walked but it was getting better and stronger as the days went on. “What do you have for me today?” She sat on her usual chair to await the workout instructions for the session.

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