As morning rose over the city of Evermore, Hae-Ri began to stir awake as her alarm was blaring on the nearby nightstand. While the young Nephilim was an early riser, she relied heavily on her alarm to wake her up. She had slept in a few times over the years because she forgot to set her alarm, without it she could probably sleep for hours on end. As she woke up, she stretched out her arms and yawned, before removing the sleeping mask from her eyes. The sun shone through her hotel room window as she opened the curtains to look outside. There seemed to be a fresh layer of snow covering the ground, and little to no visible signs of the wind. “Such a beautiful morning” she spoke aloud as her puppy came running up to her leg. “Good morning Leo” the young brunette said with a bright smile on her face. Hae-Ri made her way to the bedside table, and picked up the phone, ordering some breakfast from room service.

While she waited for room service to arrive, Hae-Ri began looking for the outfit she would wear today. She had plans to do some exploring around the surrounding areas of Evermore City, so she knew to pick her outfit accordingly. The young brunette picked out a pair of dark-gray leggings with black stripes on the sides; followed by a black t-shirt and a yellow hooded sweater. With her outfit chosen, she quickly got dressed before hearing the knock on her door. Now that her breakfast had arrived, she could get some fuel for the day’s activities. After she had finished her breakfast, Hae-Ri collected her daily necessities, along with her puppy; and exited the hotel room. Once she was in her vehicle, she made her way to the local dog spa. She couldn’t exactly take her puppy with her today, and she didn’t have anyone to look after him for the time being, so she decided to drop him at the spa and let him have a spa day while she explored.

With her dog dropped off at the pet spa, made her way out of the city limits to the base of the nearby mountain. She still didn’t know much about the city, so she didn’t know about the different factions of the city’s supernaturals, and how she was now entering Initia territory. The young Nephilim parked her car on the side of the road, just before reaching Initia territory, and locked up the doors before continuing her journey on foot. It was a beautiful day for a walk, and Hae-Ri loved the soft crunching noise the snow made under her boots as she walked along the fresh layer of snow that had fallen overnight. After walking for a short while, the brunette had reached the base of the mountain, and stopped to ponder what her next step should be in her exploration.

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Ray woke  with a start as he  sat up  rubbing his face as   the sun hit his face  he looked down to see he was still wearing his black clothing from his last  shift at the  bar  as a smile hit his face  realising he had two days till  his next shift at the firehouse, and he had two days  from the bar as he began to  unbutton his shirt  his mind thought about what he had to do    as much as he enjoyed the firehouse and the bars food he had to get food into his fridge  and run a few errands, as he rose from his bed he picked up a  grey grandfathers shirt  on    and grabbed a pair of green combat trousers and   trainers quickly changing  into them before  exciting his flat 

Ray began to walk down the street as he pulled out his cell looking the best he could at the to-do list as the sun-glazed at the screen as he managed to see the first list saying food as he made his way through the crowds he came across the new superstore for once ray had the time he made his way into the superstore . as flash stepped inside the white surfaces gleamed against the light as he made his way down the isles picking off the list in his mind bread spread cola and the regular supplies for meals while he wasn't working as he made his way to the till he saw the local firehouse truck drive past on blues as his mind began to wonder what they were going to attend as he exchanged the money with the cashier and taking his items he looked down at his phone tuning in to the local scanner he made his way out of the store while listening. 

As he reached home, he noticed a brunette haired girl had parked near a hydrate  " excuse me " Ray spoke up as he tried to catch her up but failing, but he witnessed where she was going he quickly rushed back to his apartment placing his shopping on. his table and picking up his jacket and rucksack moving in one swift movement back out the door as he began. to walk with extreme purpose  towards the  base of the mountain placing his jacket  on and placing the bag on his back  as   his mind wondered if she was a new intia  as he saw her in the distance, he began to  move faster " hey hey " he called out 

The young Nephilim had turned her music on after walking a little distance, not very loud, but apparently loud enough to not hear somebody calling her from behind. Instead of turning around to pay attention to the person yelling after her, she just continued her walk through the forested area. There was something about the peacefulness of the woods that Hae-Ri loved. Sure she was a city girl, but something about nature just felt right to the young Nephilim. As she continued making her way through the woods, she saw a few wild animals on her way, though nothing that was immediately dangerous. If disturbed the animals could be dangerous, but Hae-Ri just admired their beauty before continuing her walk. When she reached a small clearing in the woods, she decided to stop and rest for a moment. Brushing off a fallen log nearby, the young Nephilim took a seat and removed her earphones.

Not long after she removed her earphones, she finally heard the voice of the male that was calling after her. She looked confused at the male approaching her, because he didn’t look familiar to her, so that meant she didn’t know him. So why would he be calling out to her? She remained in her current position as she waited for the male to catch up to her. If he was dangerous, she definitely wouldn’t make it easy for him to harm her. She was a fighter thanks to the years of training she went through, and she would fight anyone that threatened her. When he finally caught up with her, Hae-Ri raised to her feet and faced the male. “Who are you? Why were you calling for me?” she questioned defensively. She normally wouldn’t be so defensive, maybe it was being so far into the woods, away from civilization that made her that way. Whatever it was, she would roll with it, at least until she could decide whether or not this male was friendly or dangerous.

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