Cameron Cullen or as he was often called Cam, had been trying to get used to his new family in a way or as they preferred to be called the pack. His pack was made up of others from pureblood or half-blood Therians like himself. After his first turn during the full moon, he closed off his emotions and his heart from others so he wouldn't ever be hurt again. He took Victoria's death hard since she was his first true girlfriend but he needed to move on but he was unable to bring himself to do so. 

Having moved halfway across the United States to find a town where he could be him despite the fact of what he now once came to town he was shocked the fact that he hadn't been keeping track of the moon cycle at the time still trying to find out what he was once he did find out it opened a whole new set of doors for him. He took having cat-like reflexes to a whole new level since he was more agile than he used to be. 

The woods were home to Cameron since he had grown up in the woods back home in Virginia with his sister. Those were the days they had grew spiteful and quite hateful in their rebellious stage in their teenage life that was before he met his girlfriend at the time.  

In Evermore the Therians were home to the woods near the river he had a bit of time between job searching he took off into the woods that was now his new territory to explore. He was always a curious being from a very early age which heightened even more which his change. He took a look around the woods smelling each scent of those that lived and ran through these woods. He had let his guard down that is until he heard a twig snap somewhere behind him. "Who's there?" He called out.

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Lana Jepson; a young strong independent nineteen year old who recently had her first transformation into her kitsune form. The species she spent years learning and understanding only to take her rank and stand with the rest of her Kitsune pack. Her first transformation was painful which was normal for young Kitsunes to experience the horrible pain.  The first transformation was normally the worst for everyone, but as you would transform more and more the pain would lessen. Lana was rather independent, but her half-brother Logan couldn’t help, but keep a tight grip on his little sister. He barely gave her room to breath sometimes, he was protective of her.

Lana was reckless and rebellious; she would sneak off in the Therian territory and explore new parts of the territory in which her bright blue optics had never laid upon before.  Logan would express how much danger she could possibly get in by exploring the territory. Trespassers are what he would call those who weren’t allowed on the territory. Lana was never one to listen; she always made her own decisions which meant later on Logan would have to get her out of.

All the smells the territory brought sparked Lana’s interest, which sent her running through the brush. Lana felt rather free; free from her brother, free from school and free from all her pain.  In the Therian territory she was young, wild and free.

Lana slowed her pace down to tiptoe as she caught the scent of another, but the scent wasn’t one she'd come across before. While tiptoeing she’d accidentally broke a branch underneath her weight. The kitsune heard the voice of a male ring through the trees, moving forward she stepped from the shadows of the trees. “Me…” She called out as she stepped into the clearing. Where she came face to face with the strange male who stood in the clearing. “I-I’m Lana… Who are you?” She asked her voice full of curiosity as her icy blue optics trailed along the male’s features.  Lana kept distance from the male as she was unsure of what his intentions were. From what she could tell he wasn’t in the wrong territory, but he certainly was someone she’d never seen before.

Cameron heard a delicate female voice answer his call as he watched seeing a young female with blonde hair and icy blue eyes as he shook his head before smirking slightly. He could tell she was a therian with the distinct scent of Kitsune having spent enough time around a Kitsune before. 

"Cameron Cullen. Sorry about the hostile tone earlier you can never be too sure who might be lurking in the woods beside our species." He said linking them together as a species showing the kitsune he was a Therian like her but not a kitsune like she was. He watched what she would do once she finds out who he was.

Everything about Cameron screamed dangerous or that of a trouble maker cause he was often told by others he has met that he looks like trouble or a heart breaker. He couldn't help but let out a small chuckle over his train of thought before he refocused on what was going on before him. "Don't mind me doll I won't bite you." He said softly 

His unfamiliar scent made her senses tingle uncontrollably, which caused her to move closer in the male direction. His icy optics gazing into his own as she took a few steps forward as she examined every inch of his frame. His scent was almost like her own, but had its own distinct smell to it. Just by a certain instinct Lana knew this man was no intruder he was just like her, but there were different kind of Therians. He had to be one of the other species, because his smell definitely wasn’t kitsune. Perhaps he was the same type of therian as Logan, but who knew.

Lana nodded for a moment as she shifted the weight on her feet some while her guard sunk a little. “Lana, Lana Jepson. It’s alright I understand.” She stated. Although curiosity began to get the best of her as her fox like sense kicked in more.  “What exactly are you doing out here?” She asked in a soft tone as she allowed her guard to fall more and more. Normally Lana didn’t let her guard down as easily, but he was her kind. She hoped he would avoid conflict with her considering they both would report to the same alpha.

A smirk soon covered Lana’s features as her own mischievous ways began to swirl in her head. Lana didn’t have much time for romance in life, due to her college life and work. Even though Logan begged that she would take time for herself and find herself someone who could love and take care of her. Lana seemed to be too independent, but deep down only her brother Logan knew how dependent she was on him to keep her safe. “Oh trust me you might not bite, but I sure do. She teased with a chuckle leaving her lips as her arms crossed over her chest some.

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