Reaching the boundary of the city Elijah could feel the change, the animal within his restless as it knew he had entered the territory of another. It was something ingrained in the Therian DNA that warned them of boundary lines and a change in territories and though it scared some it didn’t bother Elijah in the least. The air flowing easily through the open window of the SUV was no longer as dry as it had been back home nor as clean either. The five betas who followed him and were in the back of the large SUV followed out of fear not out of loyalty but they were also loyal due to fear.

Tansy was in this city somewhere, he had no doubt about that. Apparently not only was Orion Valkyrie now an Alpha by also an Ambassador over the Therian’s within the city. How much power did a position such as that give you? Maybe he would just move his pack here and kill Orion for his position, that was always an option but first he needed his wife. “Where should we start looking boss?” One of the beta’s in the backseat asked him.

“When we reach the inner part of the city I’m kicking you out. You’ll do recon and find out what you can about the city and Orion. I’m going to meet with Orion.” He could sense the tension building in the SUV. “I’m not going to kill him...yet.” Elijah said as he stopped at a red light in the city, “Now get out.” He growled as the five behind him quickly climbed over one another to get out. The light turned green before the last beta got out and Elijah started moving anyway the beta leaping out of the moving SUV almost slamming his own foot in the door. “Idiots.” Elijah muttered under his breath.

One of the pieces of information he had received before coming to Evermore was Orion’s address which public knowledge. Following the directions of the GPS he stopped in front of the house in question checking the house number and seeing a Hyundai Elantra parked in the drive. A dark eyebrow rose as he snorted, you had to be joking, that was so incredibly pathetic. His Lincoln Navigator looked intimidating compared to the little Hyundai. Opening the door he stepped out of the vehicle closing the door behind him. The air was clearer and cleaner in the woods but one scent stood out above the others, it was weak but still hung in the air, Tansy. Reaching the door in a few quick strides he slammed his closed fist against it in an aggressive knock. He could hear two people inside scuffling around but that was all.

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For every decision in life here were consequences and this was one of those times that Orion knew once his decisions caught up to him there would be hell to pay. A shiver went down his spine the moment another Alpha had crossed the border into Evermore City and since he had only “wronged” one Alpha he already knew who it was. The timing was too coincidental to be anyone else.

Elijah Travis was one of the most powerful Alpha’s in the Western region of the US. Almost everyone native to the area had heard of him and feared him. Orion however could never fear a man who had no honor nor loyalty to his own pack. The two held a very long past which made it impossible for Orion to fear the man even if any sane person would. He knew the lack of honor Elijah had and experienced it first hand years ago but come out on top.

Having finished making brunch and cleaning up he heard a knock on the door. Scenting the air he already knew it was Elijah and sent Tansy upstairs. Wiping his hands on a dish towel he moved to the door and opened it stepping it outside. “Elijah Travis, what do I owe the displeasure of your stretch and presence to my City?” Closing the door behind him he stood on the porch with his arms crossed over his chest. “There’s nothing here for you Elijah so I would suggest heading home to the hole you crawled out of.” There was venom to his tone having every reasoning in the world to hate the man before him. “You’re no Alpha to me.” He stated calmly and with great strength behind it.
The Valkyrie seemed to have grown a backbone or believed that he had anyway. It was laugh worthy really. Orion acting as if he had nothing to fear when Elijah could bring this City to it’s knees given time. The scent of his wife was fresh in his nostrils and clung to Orion. A snarl curled Elijah’s lip as he looked Orion over age seeming to have caught up with the man. Or maybe it was just the fact that he had lost almost his entire family.

“Don’t play coy Orion, you know exactly why I’m here. You’re housing a run away from my pack and you will return her to me. That is my right and by your honor as an Alpha you must give her back.” He wasn’t going to play games with the Kitsune nor waste anymore of his valuable time and energy.

“I may not be your Alpha Orion but I am an Alpha and you’re bound by the same laws as I am. So stop acting like there’s anything you can do to stop the inevitable. Get Tansy now.” A growl left his lips as he took two steps forward only to be met by a harsh shove from Orion, Elijah’s eyes shifting to red immediately. “If you want to fight me Orion I will bury you and then take this city and whatever pathetic pack you’re pieced together from what remains of your weak family!” His voice was an angry roar at this point.
Normally pack law would be in Elijah’s favor however he had found a loophole which was something he was very skilled at. Being a Kitsune he was sly beyond measure and could easily out think Elijah. “You may be within your right to ask but I’m well within my own to deny what you seek.” He could see Elijah beginning to lose his temper as Orion held his own in check knowing that would be his strongest weapon right now.

“Tansy won’t be leaving with you Elijah, you can’t ask for the member of another Alpha’s pack.” As Elijah stepped closer towards the door Orion slammed his hands against the other male’s chest forcing him back. “Get the hell off my property Elijah!” There was a slight snarl to his tone as he spoke.

Elijah’s words were meant to wound him and it worked sparking a small rage to begin to grow within Orion. “I don’t want to fight you Elijah but if you come for my pack I will end you. You fight for your own inflated ego and I fight for my pack.” Elijah’s fist struck him in the jaw his heat snapping to the side. Stormy blue eyes turned a neon green as he rolled his neck and hit Elijah with a series of rapid jabs to the gut and grabbed the porch banister his body lifting from the porch and his feet slamming against the center of Elijah’s chest causing the Lycan to fall backwards down the porch steps. “Get off of my property and get out of my territory Elijah. I won’t warn you again.”

His teeth were bared as he stood on the porch breathing heavily adrenaline coursing through his body. If Elijah wanted a fight Orion would not back down, not when to came to this city and the safety of those in it and those under him.
The surprise of Orion’s statement of Tansy not being a member of his pack allowed Orion to catch him off guard. He quickly righted himself and lashed out catching Orion with a stiff punch to the jaw. “You’re the one causing this Orion, she’s one bitch! Is she really worth your pack you arrogant old fool?” Since becoming an Alpha no one had denied Elijah anything and this self righteous Alpha was not going to be the first.

Elijah hadn’t taken into consideration the training the other Alpha had gone through his entire life. The Kitsune was fast and before he knew it he was flying backwards down the stairs staring up at the sky from a spot on the ground. That was it, Elijah was done with these games. Standing his eyes were glowing and intense red as he stalked back towards the porch.

“I’m not going to end this today, that would be too easy and more than you deserve. I came here for my wife and you denied me the one thing I wanted. You think you’re wise Orion but that was the worst decision you’ve ever made. I’ll make you life to regret it because now I just want to see you suffer before I put you out of your misery.” Wiping the grass off of his jeans a sadistic smirk spread over his face, “By the time I’m done you won’t have a pack left to defend, they’ll come to see things my way and realize how weak you really are.”

There were so many ways he could make Orion suffer without ever laying a hand on the man. “I don’t just want Tansy anymore. I’m going to take everything you have left.” Stalking to the Navigator he threw the driver side door open and sped off tires squealing.


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