Midnight. Another sleepless night for the young red-head as she lay in bed, staring at the ceiling of her bedroom. Soft music playing at a low volume, in hopes of helping her sleep, though it didn’t seem to work. Finding a sound that helped her to relate to happiness like her boss had suggested, hasn’t been an easy task for her; and still she has yet to find one. Memories still flooded her mind, of the times when she was little and both of her parents were still alive. She remembered the time her father had taken her out for ice cream before dinner, only to be scolded by her mother when they got home. After he was scolded, they all laughed together, and prepared to have dinner together. Samira raised her hand to her eyes, and brushed away the tears that were forming in them. Pushing the blankets off her, she moved to the edge of the bed, and stood to her feet.

Walking to the kitchen area, she began to search for something alcoholic to drink, something hopefully strong enough to make her sleep through the night. It seemed that she had none left in her apartment, and it was too late to go out and buy one at the store. Running her hand through her hair, she huffed out in frustration, “Aish. Why tonight of all nights?” she questioned as she placed the empty bottle on the counter. “I guess I’ll go hit up one of the bars” she said to herself as made her way back to her bedroom. Looking to the ceiling of her apartment, Samira wondered where she’d go tonight, and then she remembered Aeryn. The fallen angel who had literally crashed into her world through the ceiling of her apartment. Sam remembered that he had once told her about a bar in town, and it had been quite some time since she’s been there, so she made the decision that was where she’d be drinking tonight.

Since she wasn’t exactly going out to flirt tonight, she decided to dress in something more casual, rather than something leaning more towards the sexy side. It didn’t take her long to get dressed, and when she was finished, she did the responsible thing and called for a cab. Last thing she needed was to drink and drive, and maybe cause an accident. When the cab arrived she exited the apartment, making sure she locked the door on the way out, and got into the cab; giving him the address to the bar she was going. Sitting back in her seat, she pulled out her phone and looked through the contact list. Old friends, new friends, and colleagues; yet she didn’t feel like calling any of them. When her eyes landed on Aeryn’s name, her lips curled up a little, wondering if she should call him. That was when the cab driver announced that they had arrived.

Samira had been off in her own little world in the back seat, that she hadn’t even realized they’d arrived at the destination. Shaking her head, she closed out her phone and paid the cab driver before heading inside the bar. Making her way up to the counter, she tapped on the hardwood surface to capture the bartender's attention. “Give me something strong please” she asked politely. She didn’t care what the drink was, she just needed to take her mind off the past, long enough for her to get some sleep.

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Aeryn kinda hated the idea that he could be predictable, because for so long his life had been anything but that, he had spent so much time running and moving from place to place that he didn’t know what a routine was. And now he had one. Every morning he could get up a couple of hours before work so he could check on the house and make sure all the household chores were kept on top of before he would head out to the cafe just before the morning rush. Work was always busy and flew by so he didn’t have to think too much about what he was doing, just chatted with the customers while serving them and making sure everyone started off her day right.

By about 3 pm things would quiet down and he’d help to clean the place usually while chatting with Lorenzo and then he would head home. Home, it was so strange to think that he really had one now, a place he could return to every day, somewhere that felt right. His sister was here in the city and they got to spend time together again now, he’d made some friends who had actually stuck around, others who had come and gone. He wasn’t exactly sure what he and Harper were but he had her and she made him happy which brought a lot of joy to his life. For the most part, things were good. But that always made the Nephilim wonder what would come along to ruin it, because nothing ever seemed to just run smoothly for him, there always seemed to be some kind of hiccup.

Every Friday night he would spend here at the bar, he’d made many a friend here in many interesting ways, he met Daehyun here one night when they were both drowning sorrows and then there was Scorpios who, despite their meeting not being the most orthodox had become a friend too. Most times when he was here he would sit at the same seat at the bar, drinking whatever it was he was in the mood for that day and chatting away with the people around him, tonight however, he had been dragged over to one of the many booths to play a few rounds of cards with some of the regulars from the bar. Aeryn wasn’t especially great at poker, though he could lie pretty well, but it was more for fun than anything, they only bet on who would buy the next round and the likes, nothing high stakes.

He had just lost his third round in a row so he knew he would owe another round, luckily he got paid recently and Aurantia leased him his apartment for way cheaper than she probably should have which allowed him to get by nicely and start putting savings aside. He headed up to the bar to wave down the bartender who was already serving a young lady. He took one glance at her before turning away and then did a double-take because he recognized her face, his tone was full of surprise as he called out to her “Sam!” he spoke brightly and without even thinking any further about his actions he rushed over to give her a bear hug, practically lifting her off the ground “You didn’t tell me you were back in Evermore” he spoke brightly as he set her down and gave an apologetic smile before turning to the bartender “Another round please Joe and add hers to the list please” he placed down some money on the bar and turned his attention back to the redhead.

As she waited for her drink to be poured, Samira had been caught off-guard by someone shouting out the name Sam. Surely they were talking about someone else right? However the voice sounded familiar, so she turned her head to look if someone had been yelling out to her. Just as she turned herself around to look, she had once again been caught off-guard, as a male had given her a very big bear hug, nearly lifting her off the floor. As she was released from the hug, she finally realized who was in front of her, and a big smile brightened up her features. “My Fallen Angel” she spoke with a slight laugh, as she remembered the day they met. That was an awkward but interesting meeting, even if it did leave her with a rather large hole to fill in her bedroom. “Well to be fair, I haven’t told many people I am back in Evermore. The only person I did tell that I was back so far, is Sariah” she stated with her smile remaining. Despite the darkness that kept her from sleeping, she had seemed to find some light thanks to this unexpected meeting.

Without warning she gave him a slight smack to the shoulder. “Don’t you know you shouldn’t surprise people like you did. You’re lucky I didn’t whack you when you hugged me” she told him with a laugh. Her hit wasn’t a strong one, just enough to be considered a playful smack. As her drink was finally ready, she pulled out some cash to pay for her drink, when Aeryn offered to pay for hers as well. “While I am capable of paying for my own drink, thank you. I’ll pay for your next one” she replied before raising the beverage to her lips. Pulling the glass from her lips, she sucked in a breath of air, “That is strong” she acknowledged. She wasn’t exactly sure what the drink was, other than the fact that she hasn’t tasted it before.

“Are you here with anyone Aeryn? Or would you like to catch up? It’s been a while since the last night we spent together” she spoke to him as she bit her lip. The last time they had seen one another, was a wonderful night after one of Evermore’s famous events. While she did tell him that she was leaving the city, they didn’t really talk about what happened the night before, so she wasn’t exactly sure where their friendship currently stood. Given that she could finally settle down now, without looking over her shoulder, Samira could use some friends; especially given the recent loss of her father. Whether those friends were new ones or old ones, it didn’t really matter to the young female.

Aeryn wasn’t the kind of person that really held himself back so it didn’t really occur to him that he might have surprised her until he already had his arms around her, hugging her tightly before eventually setting her back on the floor with a slightly sheepish grin in her direction “And I wasn’t first on your list to drop a visit to?” he raised his brow with a teasing look “You wound me” he spoke slightly dramatically but gave an easygoing smile, he was just glad to see her looking well after so long, they had kinda kept in contact was it more just exchanging niceties than actually chatting in any depth. He did like phones for that though, even when someone moved halfway across the world you could still keep in contact with them.

He gasped when she whacked him against the shoulder, shaking his head slightly with an amused look “Sorry, I got excited from the surprise, I wasn’t expecting to see you here of all places” he grinned slightly “It’s good to see you” he spoke softly as he sat himself on one of the barstools while they talked, one arm leaning against the bar so he could prop up his head “Oh of course, but I’ve been on a losing streak and already owe a round, no harm in adding another” he winked and smiled “Call it a welcome home present if you like” he nodded a few times before chuckling at her reaction to the drink “Well you did order it so” he narrowed his eyes playfully at her and then shrugged slightly.

“Oh you know me, more of a wanderer” the bartender took the drinks he ordered over to the table and he saluted them as a sign he was tapping out for a few rounds so he could talk to his old friend “Absolutely, truth be told” he put his hands to his lips as though he was going to whisper a secret and smiled “I’m really really bad at poker” he laughed softly and leaned back again as he tilted his head slightly “So did you figure out all the crazy back home?” he asked it softly, he didn’t know the specifics of why she left and he respected her decision to keep them to herself but he wanted to make sure she was okay now and feeling like she could move forward with her life because he saw how much it seemed to have bothered her back then.

“Given that the last time we saw each other we were naked, I chose to go for the easier first visit when I returned” she said with a laugh. They didn’t leave on bad terms, but given their one night stand before she left for Korea, Samira wasn’t exactly sure where to begin when it came to reconnecting with Aeryn. As for Sariah, she had to meet up with her as quick as possible because of her job. “Besides, the wound can’t be any bigger than the night you fell through my roof” she continued with another laugh. While she didn’t exactly laugh when it happened, it was one of those situations that you could look back on and laugh at. She did make an effort to keep in contact with the Nephilim after they parted ways, but after the death of her father Samira became withdrawn and stopped contacting him and everyone else she spoke to. For all she knew, he could have thought she was dead when she stopped replying to him.

Samira smiled as he said it was good to see her, “It’s good to see you too Aeryn” she replied. “As for being here, let’s just call it coincidence. I couldn’t sleep, so I came out for a drink, and remembered that you mentioned this place before” Sam stated with a small smile. Aeryn was one of the few people that knew about her restless nights, but her father’s passing had made those restless nights worse. Although they were friends, she didn’t know if she was ready to tell him about her father’s death, but who knows what would happen after a few drinks. “A drink is all I get as a welcome home present?” she teased him as she fluttered her eyes and pouted her lips at him. Sam liked to tease, but only with those she felt comfortable around. As he called her out on ordering a strong drink, she clicked her tongue in response before looking at him. “I know I ordered it strong. It’s just a little stronger than I was anticipating” she replied with a sad puppy dog look crossing her features.

She laughed as he called himself a wanderer, before shaking her head at him. “Haven’t settled down yet huh?” she spoke with a slight questionative tone. “I figured someone would have snatched you up by now” she continued before laughing at his comment about being really really bad at poker. “You know, I’m pretty certain that’s why your friends over there like playing with you. Free drinks because you lose so often” she commented with a grin as she rose her glass, only to stop midway when he mentioned Korea. “I did manage to take care of the big problem, but I did bring back a lot of baggage with me” she stated before bringing the glass back to her lips and taking a large gulp of the strong liquid, shaking her head with her eyes closed shut at the strong taste. “I got free of one set of shackles, only to get weighed down by another set” she stated with a slight frown as she looked at the glass in her hand, her mind slowly beginning to drift as if she was in a trance.

He laughed softly and shrugged his shoulders when she mentioned the last time they saw one another “You say it like things are supposed to be awkward” he grinned slightly, he had been playing the one night stand game for so long that he was used to it all by now, he was friends with several people he had slept with and in a weird way it actually broke the ice and paved the way for a relationship well. “Never gonna let me forget that one huh?” he laughed softly, it was definitely one of the more unique ways to meet someone and he hadn’t forgotten about it either. Things were so different for him back then, Evermore was supposed to be a temporary stop on his journey and now it had become so much more like home than he ever expected.

“So you were secretly hoping to see me, just a little” he made a gesture with his finger and thumb to emphasize it, his hand curled around his glass as he took a long sip of his drink, he had to admit he wasn’t expecting to be catching up with a friend tonight but she might have actually just saved him from getting completely rinsed in poker. “Well I would have thrown you a party but as you may have noticed, this is kinda short notice” he nudged against her side with his elbow and shook his head in an amused manner. He did find it funny how she responded to her drink which she ordered to be strong, being strong “No fair on the puppy dog look” he stated with a shake of his head before sliding his drink over the table towards her and then taking hers off her hands “There, try something which doesn’t taste like you’re downing cleaning fluid” he chuckled lifting her drink to his lips and knocking a mouthful back, thankfully he was well versed with strong liquors.

He grinned a little sheepishly when she asked him if he had settled down “There’s someone” he spoke softly between sips of the stupidly strong drink “But you know me, not one for labels or getting over hopeful” but he hadn’t been with anyone else since he started seeing Harper and he didn’t intend on changing that. He just didn’t see the need when he had her whenever he wanted and honestly, the idea of being with anyone else kinda felt strange to him now. “Oh, I know that, that’s why I’m glad you’re here to save my wallet and sanity” he laughed leaning against the bar as he listened to her talk about her trip back to Korea. He’d known when she left that whatever it was, really weighed on her but he could sense her disappointment that it wasn’t the last of it “Life’s out there to test you, you fight one demon and the next comes along” he knew that much well from personal experience “But they also say Evermore is the city of new beginnings, maybe you can find something better here” if she wanted to that is.

“I don’t exactly know about awkward, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I return. I wasn’t even sure if you’d remember me given how long I was gone” she answered honestly. She didn’t know what to expect from any friends she made in Evermore before leaving. It wasn’t just him, but everybody. Given how she kept people at arm’s length before, Samira wasn’t expecting anyone to remember her well. Not to mention that Aeryn was her first one night stand, and the first guy she ever got intimate with. “Maybe when you do something to make me forget that one” she added before sticking her tongue out at him playfully. That moment would probably stay with her for the rest of her life. Not only was it how they first met, but it was one of the most unique encounters of her entire life. “Speaking of that night, did you learn how to fly after?” she teased him with a grin.

Samira laughed and held up her hand, inching her thumb and index finger closer together. “Maybe just a little” she admitted with a smile, brushing her hair behind her ear. Samira had been wanting to reconnect with the male Nephilim since she got back in town, she just wasn’t sure how to go about it. The more friends she had in her life right now, would be much better for her in the long run. “Yeah yeah, I get the point” she commented before sticking her tongue out at him. “You can always throw me a party tomorrow” she teased with a grin. When he took her drink, and replaced it with his own, she couldn’t help but laugh a little. “My white knight to the rescue” she tease before raising the drink to her lips, “That’s much better” she stated with a smile on her face.

“That’s great news” she replied with a smile, when he said that he was seeing someone. “Would you still be you if you did label it?” she teased as she nudged him a little. Samira was happy for him, but part of her was a little down that he had found someone. She wasn’t particularly sad for him, but rather for herself. She had yet to find that special someone, but that was also her own fault. Sam had done her best to keep people at arm’s length before, which stopped her from opening herself up to love. “Well then, I’m glad I can protect your wallet and your sanity” she commented with a slight laugh. It was nice to feel useful, even if it was just to protect his wallet and sanity for a little bit. When he began to speak, she came out of her drifting mind, to listen to what he was saying. “Yeah. It could also be considered a punishment for running in the first place instead of fighting” she responded with a slight frown. Sometimes, her mind liked to convince her that losing her father was punishment for running away from her ex, instead of fighting for her freedom. “I am slightly hopeful that this time will be different. Now that I am not looking over my shoulder that is” she replied to his comment about the city being one of new beginnings.

“For someone who’s lived so long I’m actually very blessed with a good enough memory to remember most of the people I’ve met on my travels” he admitted with a small smile, he usually associated said person with a prominent memory of them and how they affected his life which meant every time he remembered that specific memory he would remember them. He pressed his lips together in thought and then chuckled when she talked about forgetting the way they met “Let’s be real, you’re not going to forget some crazy Nephilim flying into your roof” he still couldn’t believe how badly he had crash-landed that night, it was definitely an experience “I did” he spoke with a sheepish grin “Took a while of practicing but I couldn’t resist learning” it was definitely amazing having real angel wings instead of the scars Nephilim always used to have before.

He grinned slightly when she affirmed that she missed him a little, laughing at the way she copied his gesture but made the space between her thumb and finger even smaller, he had to admit he had been wondering if Samira would come back to Evermore or if that night she had told him she was going home to figure out her life would be the last time he saw her. It seemed like she had been through a lot since then but somehow she was still fighting and he respected that greatly. “Deal” he responded when she said he could throw her a party tomorrow, when she tried his drink and actually seemed to like it he winked “Keep it, I could use a dose of stomach cleanser” he commented as he took her drink and lifted it to his lips downing the contents in one and then placing the empty glass on the bar.

He nodded slightly “Probably, but it seems more mysterious when you don’t” truly he was enjoying figuring things out at their own pace and just enjoying the ride at this point, which had led him to many different interesting adventures already and he was sure there was plenty more to experience along the way. He always remembered that Samira had been pretty closed off a year ago, always pushing people to arm’s length, probably for her own protection and so he hoped she would have the chance to find a way to open up the same way he had “Me too, I act like I afford way more than I actually can” he teased with a laugh, he didn’t have a high paying job but he really liked working at the cafe with Enzo who was a real character. “I don’t believe the world punishes anyone, if that was the case then there’s certain people out there who are owed far more than they have gotten” he pressed his lips together “It’s a start, it might not feel like a positive one right now but there’s only up to go from here right?” it seemed she had the worst run of luck so he hoped she could find some peace here.

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