Arthur was sitting at his desk as he was surrounded in paperwork for university, he was thinking about Merlin and how grateful he was that the two reunited together. He rested his palm against his chin as his mind kept ticking as he thought about him, they have spent so much time the last few weeks and he knew that he didn’t want Merlin to live on his own considering he has depression and anxiety.

He was worried mainly for Merlin as he didn’t want anything bad to happen for Merlin and it would cause himself to think that it was his fault of what had happened to him. He would protect Merlin with his life if he could, whether it be taking a bullet for him and saving his life. He knew Merlin would do the same for him; he stood from his chair and ran a hand through his hair before grabbing his mobile phone.

He texted Merlin and declared they were going to go on a date together to a fancy restaurant inside of town. He knew a good Chinese restaurant so, he was going to go there and surprise Merlin with a gift and he’s going to ask him to be his official boyfriend and ask if he would like to move in with him as well as his kitten Salem. He got changed into a nice buttoned up top that was the colour of beige with a black vest on top of it and sleek black pants. He tidied his hair up with some gel and hairspray before exiting his home.

He climbed into his vehicle and placed his seatbelt on, tapping in Merlin’s address as he wasn’t sure of the Instar-diviner territory yet, he headed onto the main road and began to drive off. It took him twenty minutes Merlin’s apartment, he parked the car and climbed out, heading over to Merlin’s place. He took the elevator to the third floor of the apartment building, finding Merlin’s apartment and knocked upon the door. ‘’Merlin, it’s me.’’ He called out and waited for him by the door.

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