Fighting without backup, isnt a good idea. (Sapphire Rizzoli and Euphemia Wells only ~Discontinued~)

The sun was setting but you couldn't tell due to the storm that was rolling in. The young Phoenix guard was far from middle of the city, closer to the river. She gritted her teeth as she was alone and surrounded by about six men that was twice her size. Sapphire felt the rain pour down as one man ran at her. The phoenix quickly took him down as more ran at her. Sapphire continued to take them down, which she managed to take down three of the six. "Man, I should have called for backup." She mumbled as she started to take down more of the men. After taking down one more man, Sapphire's body was already healing the bruises and busted lip as she glared at the last two men. "Really? Did you think you two can take me?" She shouted over the loud roar of thunder. One man chuckled as both men pulled out knives. Sapphire mentally groaned as one came running at her.

As he finally got to her, Sapphire continued to use her hand to hand combat since she didn’t want to kill the men. The man smirked as he sliced her arm, Sapphire let out a yelp before sending a fire ball at him. The man flew back with his chest burned as he laid on the ground. The guard glanced at her wound and noticed it wasn't healing right. She mentally cursed as she watched the other man come at her. Sapphire managed to get him on the ground but not before he managed to stab her in the leg.

The Phoenix looked around at the unconscious men as she pulled her phone out to call a few guards to get the men. She panted heavily as she let her wings come in flames and fly towards her home. As Sapphire flew, her vision started to blur and her wound was burning on her arm and leg. Her body started to get lower and lower to the ground. Before she knew it, she fell into a yard, that she wasn't familiar with, with a loud thud. A groan escaped her lips as she tried to get to her feet only to fall back down closer to the door. "Help." She mumbled as she panted heavily as her wounds oozed her blood onto the grass and porch of the house she had stopped at.

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Sapphire felt her body get picked up and taken in somewhere warm. She felt her eyes get heavy even though she fought it. Sapphire looked at the red haired woman as she felt her body being placed on a bed. "S-Sapphire Rizzoli." She said softly when the woman asked her name. The phoenix panted heavy as she tried to sit up but groaned in pain. "Well I am glad I did, who are you anyways?" She asked as she watched the woman start to work on her. Her blue eyes watched her as she hissed at anything that she did as her wounds werent healing right. "Darn gold." She mumbled as she sighed softly closing her eyes. The phoenix mentally started to curse at herself for not bringing back up in the first place and she would of not been in this condition.

As the bleeding slowly started to stop, Sapphire glanced at the woman as she smiled alittle. "T-thanks for helping me." She said softly as she laid there in silence being prepared to hear any questions the woman might have. Sapphire was lucky that her wings didnt get damaged from any of the weapons or the storm as she had managed to pull them back into her back after she crashed into the backyard. Sapphire looked at her wounds that the woman was stitching and bandaging as she thought to herself that she should of been more careful and aware of what the men had. The phoenix let out a small groan of frustration and anger as she was mad at herself for being naive.

Sapphire smiled alittle as she looked at Euphemia, "Thank you for helping me Euphemia." She said as she watched as she rubbed ointment to reverse the gold effects that were happening. When Euphemia said Phoenix out loud, Sapphire let out a chuckle. "Yea."  She said as she finished and laid down and sighed as she could already feel her wounds start to heal on their own as she nodded. The phoenix relaxed as she then glanced at Euphemia as she started to ask her things. A chuckle escaped her lips as she rubbed her face. Watching her go clean up as she smiled. "I was on a mission to stop some people from smuggling in things at the docs. Lets just say that it wasnt fish." She said as she looked at her. When she asked about calling someone, Sapphire shook her head.

"No need to call anyone for me, I should be able to fly back home once my wounds fully heal." She said as she looked at her. Listening to Euphemia talk about burning the rags, Sapphire smiled alittle. "No you go burn the rags since I would like to not be a feast to the valkyrs." She said with a chuckle. "But I would love some company once you are done." She said as she smiled at her. Sapphire moved alittle so she was sitting up and the pillows were behind her back as she held the sheet up to cover herself. Once Euphemia left to burn the rags, Sapphire knew that it wouldnt take long for her to burn the rags as she started to look around at the room she was in and taking in the details of the room.


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