Loneliness was something he knew a lot of. Spending much of his life alone, mostly having himself to blame. Pushing people away thinking it would be best for them not be near to him. Whilst in reality it affected him more. Atticus blamed himself for all that happened, to all the bad things that happen around him. He’s supposed to be a guardian, the protector for the Wayfinder When it came to Emilia needing his protection he wasn’t there for him. Feeling that he he failed her, failed all the other guardians. He was a failure. Putting everyone around him in danger. When he did find happiness it was ripped away from him. Maybe it was fate, but he never forgot. It was his punishment. To relive his mistakes day by day, making him struggle to keep it together. Having lived far away from people for so many years, he’d forgotten how things are. How life has changed. What the modern world was like, it have been nearly 1,000 since he had fallen. So much have changed, not adjusted to it all yet.

In the recent few months he’d been suffering more with being separated from his people, the celestials and most importantly the Wayfinder Ophelia. The pull was too strong and powerful for him to ignore anymore. Finding himself being drawn to a city called Evermore City in the state of Colorado. Seeing from the outside that it’s like any normal city but soon finding it was very different. A city full of supernatural. Was this the place that Ophelia and the other Celestials decided to call home? Atticus thought that it was too risky, as their kind are supposed to be protected. To lay low. Most try to use them for their powers, he knew that as much. Too had heard that his kind were captured and kept imprisoned for many years, until recently when the Wayfinder saved them. Explaining now why the pull was growing much stronger, he couldn't ignore it any more. It was soon to be ruined with his own kind, choosing not to hide from much longer. Finding a cheap and crappy motel room to stay in. Laying low like he’d been doing for the last however many years. Drinking his sorrows away with booze and cigarettes. Making him look like aged some years, especially when he grew out his beard.

Finding himself drawn to an art gallery in the city, Atticus decided to look around the place. Art was the one thing that still kept him sane, in all these years of being alone. Finding comfort in it. Able to put his emotions into his work, making bits of his best pieces. Curious now to see how art have changed. The modern day art compared to the olden times. Atticus felt that he stuck out like a sore thumb compared to everyone else. Dressed in a pair of old jeans, and biker boots. A long with a plain dark grey shirt with a plaid shirt that was left unbuttoned with his black biker jacket on top. Noticing a few people staring at him but he choose to ignore it, continuing to look at the art. To see if any would help to bring him any new ideas. Inspiration for what to paint next. Going through a bleak patch with little to no muse. An artist worst nightmare.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a familiar face of a familiar blonde. It wasn’t possible was it? Could he see his Aurelia? It was from afar so he knew he weren’t so sure. Probably his mind playing tricks on him. Thinking she was sure long gone, long dead. She couldn’t be here, could she? He wondered as his curiosity was growing. Deciding to walk closer to the blonde who was standing at the other side of the room. Atticus knew he would be wrong but he wanted to check, is he losing his sanity now along with his mind?

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Aurelia remembered the night he left still like it was yesterday, she stayed in his home for weeks waiting his return. Yet he never did so, it was only a short time after his leaving she knew she was with child. Scared and abandon once again she swore to herself never to think of any place as home again. She ran at night staying in caves and abandoned places during the day in order not to burn to a crisp and in no time she had given birth to Tatiana, blessing the child with a russian name in honor of the woman who saved her from the dragon kin and gave her life changing her into a vampire. Keeping the child safe proved difficult, Aurelia didn’t know what to expect when it came to raising a Dhampir. With the Russian of the Romanov Diviner clan after her learning of her still being alive after Urlic the first man she loved betrayed her handing her to the dragon kin to start with.

Aurelia and Tatiana didn’t have it easy living on the run for a good part of their lives, finding temporary homes among Dhampir communities so that when Tati turned eighteen she was able to have a weapon claiming ceremony. Aurelia did everything she could to make sure Tatiana had a good life. Even to this day she feels as if her daughter looks down on her from time to time after they became guards. Aurelia would never express it outloud the hurt she felt that her daughter took so easily to her aunt and uncles. Spending days with them, it only made her question who her father had been more and more. Aurelia use to tell stories of Atticus to her, how he was a brave man, that she was like him when it came to her art, telling her that he lost his life defending his daughter even if it wasn’t the truth. Aurelia didn’t want Tatiana resenting a man she didn’t know.

Even Aurelia held little resentment towards him, she hoped that he lived a long life even if it wasn’t with here. She had spend a good part of the last five years recovering all of his artwork, the more she recovered the more she wondered if he had passed shortly after he left her, since nothing new had come into her collection. Owning a warehouse full of his works along with her own and Tatiana and various others she began to wonder what she was doing just collecting this pieces to collect dust. While she would never be one to display her own artwork, she figured that maybe owning a gallery for her daughters works and later down the line her ward Ares Junior work could do some good. Give her a focus that wasn’t drinking, fighting, or guard work.

So here she was owning the gallery with her warehouse just behind it, easily accessed for her new business venture. She held a clipboard in her hand as she talked with one of the few employees she had there “How about we move the Atticus painting as the centerpiece for the next even and place Tatiana all around?” she spoke to the man who stood beside her helping plan the next big event. She tapped her foot taking notes “Ares will be bringing paints by that are to be sold that evening also.” she said and then a scent caught her nose. Her head snapped towards and her blue gaze held on to his. She was sure she was seeing things, saying his name must have made her see him. She blinked a few times quickly and yet he still stood there.

“I will be right back.” she said as she handed the clipboard over to the man next to her and she cross the room the click of her heels echoing the quietness around her, her heart pounding away in her chest as she drew closer to him fully expecting him to disappear as she drew closer to him. When he didn’t, she didn’t say a word rather took his hand and pulled him behind her into her office away from the prying eyes of the snobs that were filling the gallery. She pulled him into the office and closed the door keeping her back to him for a moment “You are not real, I am just seeing things.” she said softly and then turned around and yet he was still there. “I…” she looked at him confused her heart torn on how to react. So she chose to go with anger.

“What the hell happened to you? You left me with a promise to return Atticus!” she moved closer pressing a finger to his chest “you left me knowing full well my abandonment issues, I spent my life on the run! Making sure our daughter stayed safe! What the hell were you doing? Drinking? Finding someone else to promise your life too? Making others feel special?” her eyes widen as she let it go that she had bared his child, as she looked over him she noticed the glowing he held in his flesh “You...You are a celestial.” She stepped back and lowered herself on the desk, closing her eyes trying to stop the hurt and anger coursing through her. “I need a drink.” she said as she pushed up off her desk walking around picking up the bottle out of her bottom draw and she poured two glasses and slide one to him. She took a long sip from it and rested her glass back to the desk. “Was it me? Did I do something?” she asked as her fingers came to the coin she had turned into a necklace that hung around her neck, she felt as if she had just experienced a full range of whiplash emotions..

Nothing was never planned, coming here to the city wasn’t something he thought long and hard about. Not even knowing properly if Ophelia was here. Just having a gut feeling from the invisible pull bringing him here. Atticus knew he has a lot of making up to do with his Wayfinder and with his own people. He weren’t able to shake off the feeling that there was something else. Another thing bringing him here but he doesn’t know what it is. Atticus soon found his way to the art gallery thats here in the city. Art was always something that was close to his heart. It's been a long time since he picked up a paintbrush, having no inspiration to paint. Losing his muse as he struggled with the pain of guilt and loneliness. Maybe he could find some inspiration here, like many artists do. Looking around he saw many old pieces mixed in the new. Noticing there was many pieces by the same artists but weren’t able to get close enough to take a look at the signature right at the bottom of the paintings. Many good artists choose to sign their work so that no one could go around selling other ones as their own.

Atticus stopped in his tracks catching a painting in the corner of his eye. Knowing it all too well. Approaching the painting on the wall he instantly recognised it as his own work. Along with the signature at the bottom. “What the hell” He muttered to himself, staring at one of his own pieces. Trying to remember the time when he painted it. Having painted many whilst during the time spent with Aurelia all those years ago. How could it be that many of his paints have found their way here? Making the Celestial the everso curious to find out. Standing there in a room full of people he saw the face of someone he’d not seen a long time. Not believing that it would be here. That he was seeing things. She couldn’t be here could she? Taking some steps closer, he watched as the blonde practically raced across the room dragging him away. Into the back office without letting him a word in. “Aurelia” He breathed, in disbelief that it was here. Seeing that she too was confused not believing he was here.

After all these years he thought that he had lost her forever. That she was probably long dead by now. Without daylight rings many vampires don’t last too long, always having to stay inside and in the shadows during the day. Remembering how she struggled with it when they first met, as it was one of the things he had helped her with. “I am real, I’m really here. Your not seeing things” He reassured her softly, almost answering her questions. Knowing and remembering when she’s in shock she’ll has a tendency to ramble on. As well as letting all her anger out something he wasn’t looking forward too. Watching as the blonde vampire in front of him was going not going to let him get away with it. Back all those years ago, Atticus told her he was going to be away for a job and to be back in a few days. However he never returned, getting murdered and all. Staying dead for many years, it wasn’t his fault. Disappearing off the face of the earth with no trace of him left.  

When he returned back to the world of the living he never thought to go out looking for her. Atticus could have but choose not to. Choosing to stay in hiding. Blaming himself for all his loneliness. Guilty for all the pain he caused. A coward that's what he is. “I….” The Celestial was lost for words not knowing what to explain to her. Feeling as she was pressing a finger into his chest, full of anger. Thinking it would be best for her to let off all her steam until he had thought of what to say. Shock filled his body hearing as the words came out of her mouth as she rambled on, telling all she’d been through. ‘Our daughter’. It couldn’t be could it? Too shocked to counteract what she was telling him. Not able apprehend it all. Guilt and shock. Letting all his emotions show in his face of what he was feeling, his dark eyes were starting to get a bit teary “I have a daughter?” He mumbled, shaking his head slowly thinking he was dreaming it all.

Taking it all in. Seeing the pain in Aurelia’s eyes too, for all what she’d been through. Trying to put two and two together. Before he left the two spent a few days together, confessing their love for one and another. Atticus had promised her when he returned that why can start a life with one and another but he never came back but he left her when he was with a child. “What’s her name? How old is she?” He asked, curiously. Wanting and wondering to know what his daughter. Showing that he cares and want to know more of all he’s missed. His head snapped almost as Aurelia was putting two and two together. Figuring out what he was. “You finally figured it out” He joked with a chuckle but decided it was bad time to make jokes. Watching as Aurelia went to and get some alcohol knowing they both needed to be half drunk to take any of it all it. Atticus nodded his head to her as she slid a drink over to him, picking up and too taking a long sip of it. Reminding him of the old days. “You did nothing wrong not at all” He reassured letting out a long sigh.

Soon noticing the coin that he once gave her all those years ago was made into a necklace hung around her neck. “You still kept it” He pointed out looking to her softly, knowing it was so she wouldn’t forget him. Atticus knew he had to tell Aurelia the truth well nearly the whole truth, taking a long sip before doing so.  “I never intended to leave you, all those years ago” He begun to say admitting to her. “I wasn’t born in Russia as I told you. It was the place where I landed back around 930 years ago” Knowing the she probably knew that celestials weren’t born, they fell from the sky and landed. Fallen stars. “I was on my way to paint that church as I told you. On the way I noticed a cart that was attacked on the side of the road. As I went to go to help, I was attacked too. Stabbed right in the heart. The reason why I never came back because I was dead, I died” He admitted to her, telling her of his past. Putting his hand to his heart, motioning to where he was stabbed. Where his scar was.

Not knowing whether she’d believe him or not since here he was fully alive. “Then many years later for some reason I was brought back to life but I choose to lay low. Living alone, in solitude. Guilty for everything. Then I felt a pull bringing me here to the city, to be with people of my own kind” Not knowing whether or not to go fully into details into who and what type of Celestial’s were. Celestials were weary of everyone after all that had happened.

What does one do when the man you once loved, one you were sure just abandoned you was standing there all of a sudden in your gallery. Years after you thought he was long past dead. With his Paints, ones she refused to sell often hung around the gallery, well only the ones she chose to display there were quite a few she didn’t because the likeness of her was far to a like. He still smelled like himself, his blood still smelled cosmic and now that she was looking at him and knew what his species was she understood why she was so drawn to his blood all those years ago. Aurelia wasn’t overly convince he was there, she was sure she was losing it, maybe the effects of the daystar and almost being killed with a Hawthorn stake. “I really think I am losing my mind.” She said as she leaned back against the desk “After a over a Millennium it was bound to happen.” she spoke to herself more than him.

Atticus was smart when it came to the vampire in front of him, Letting her ramble out everything in the rush of anger, as she pressed her finger to him and spat words she would regret later. Atticus had always been good at calming her, or letting her get over the anger and returned to her normal self. Something she wasn’t use to with others, most would challenge her anger and only make it worse for themselves. Aurelia had finished blurting out things that should have been talked about in a calm manner like adult and a realization as she stared at him, all the emotions on his face clear as day. She bit down on her lip hard and then cupped his face in hers, her nurturing nature pushing aside all the anger she held moments ago. She whipped his tears that fell from his eyes, her face soften and she nodded softly to him. “Yes you have a daughter.” she said softly as she never thought she would have this moment. The moment she got to tell him about his child, their child.

“Her name is Tatiana Merlie Ivakov, she is 896 years old.” she chuckled as her daughters age left her lips. Aurelia despide the way Tatiana felt, Aurelia had done everything she could to make sure her daughter had a somewhat normal life. Even though they were on the run for a long time Aurelia found communities of dhampirs for Tatiana to connect with once she learned that was what Tatiana was. But always running in the night, and having to live how the lived it felt as if Tatiana resented her mother from times. “I think she resents me from time to time you know? I mean you knew I had so many enemies after me at one point being the daughter of war. And Diviners can hold a grudge especially russian ones.” she sighed softly to him as she moved to get the drinks for them and sat on her desk as she stared at him for a long moment, watching his skin glow.

“Let just say I have a history with your kind, not one that I am proud of.” She said as she took a long drink wishing she could get drunk like she use to be able to back in her Nephilim life time. Thankful that the drinks would make everything easier for him to accept and understand as long as she didn’t give him to much. She frowned ever so lightly as she looked to the glass in her hands as he said she did nothing wrong. Her heart ached for so many years she blamed herself, even though he said she didn’t she felt like she had. Her eyes moved to the coin around her neck and she nodded softly “Part of me could never fully let you go, I have all your paintings also, manage to recover them through the years and keep them safe.” she said softly “When no knew works came though, I knew something had to happen to you, or you were painting under another new name, but nothing felt like you.” she said honestly.

Being a Guard she had learned all about Celestial and how they feel from the sky so as she listen to him talk about how he feel in Russian and things began to make much more sense. “You were king once…” she stared at him “How did I not know that before? How did I not put it all together.” She blinked and then looked down to the ground trying to process the hurt and anger and every emotion in between. Without notice she was standing, and in one swift move she pulled up his shirt setting the glass down with grace as she trailed her fingers along the scar softly. “The Wayfinder must have brought you back.” She said as she stared at the scar for a long moment, before realizing how she made the moment awkward. “Only time a celestial have been brought back from what I know is when the Wayfinder does it.” She let his shirt go and let it fall back into place. “Forgive me you have personal space I just wanted to see it.” She said as she leaned back on her desk again.

“Seems even apart we are affected in similar ways.” She said as she unbuttoned her shirt slightly, pulling her bra down slightly revealing the scar that was between the valley of her breast before buttoning her shirt back up “Your daughter and I are part of the Ailward Guard, as a Celestial I believe you know what that means. We were on mission together, and it was a trap, they wanted to know where the aspects where and figured if they got rid of their best guard hands down.” she tired to make things lighter then they were “They could get Tatiana to talk. I took a Hawthorn stake lace with daystar to the chest and it was only a few inches from my heart.” She said softly as she cleared her throat.

“Tatiana!” she jumped up from the desk and moved to a photo on the wall and pulled it down and placed it in his hand, it was one of the photos she loved most of Tatiana, one she took in the Isle of Skye before it fell. She moved around the desk and pulled out one of the photo albums that she had put to get from Tatiana first Gallery opening. “She takes after you in a lot of ways, she may have my anger and some of my looks but her art skill are all you.” She said as she set the album on the desk and settled into her seat behind it. “She along with your art work and that of a few others I have come to know over the years is the reason I opened this gallery to show them to the world. My Ward, and Tatiana have made some good money also.” she looked down to the photos and smiled as Tatiana was in most of them showing her art work off to the people who showed up that night.

"You are not alone anymore Atticus, After all this place is called Thorn Ivory for a reason. Thorn for Thornbrook." She looked up to him and smiled softly "Ivory for Alexandria Ivory the name I take all my photographs under." She smiled to him and reached out resting her hand on his. "We are bound together, we always have been, and when you are ready I want you to meet Tatiana. If you wish." she said softly to him. "I know its a lot to take in, hell I am sitting her like is he really here in front of me? Party of me is not overly sure if I am alive anymore. but if you are real if this is real I want to build some kind of relationship together even if its not what we use to have. After all we are parents to a very talented and wonderful daughter. Even if she is a pain in my ass." she laughed softly to him, then was quiet for a long moment "I am glad you are back Atticus, I don't think you have any idea how much I missed you."

Atticus had many regrets over the years. All that he wish he could change. To be taken back to change it all, but he can’t. Not able to change the past. Atticus regrets leaving Aurelia behind and too leaving Ophelia behind. Almost turning his back on all the ones he once cared for all leaving him with consequences and regret. Of course Atticus didn’t know when he left that morning to go to work he’d end up being murdered. Couldn’t help that happened. The celestial couldn’t help to wonder of how it would have affected Aurelia, him disappearing out of fin our. Till now. Seeing how his leaving affected her. Regretting it all. Never had forgotten the blonde vampire who’d stolen his heart many years ago. His mind often drifted to her. Able to picture her so clearly. Putting it into drawings and paintings so it could never be erased from his mind. Aurelia was something he loved to draw, a beauty. “Your not losing your mind, Lia” He reassured her softly, seeing that she was trying to think that she was going crazy rather than process the truth.  

Spending so much time with someone you learn to know how they are in their lowest and heights points. When the two first met he found Aurelia struggling to come agrisps with being a vampire, all the struggles she was facing. Atticus was there to bring her back to how she was before she was turned. Learning that it was best to let Aurelia let her anger and frustration out, to hear her through then Atticus would be there to reassure her that everything would be fine. A firecracker was what she was. Feeling as she was pressing her finger into his chest making him lean further back into the desk as Aurelia was giving her point across. Not knowing the next words to come out her mouth would change his life from then and then. Finding out that they had a child together,  daughter. Making it all clear now why she was so angry. He left her when she was already carrying their child. Leaving her to do it all on her own. Realization hit him hard. Like a rock. Atticus missed the birth of his child, watching her grow up, all the milestones. Missed it all. He looked to see that Aurelia cupping his face with her hands. Soothing and calming him down like he did to her. Feeling as she wiped away his tears. The two sharing their emotions with each other.

With all the news given to him, Atticus knew one thing. That was he wanted to know about his daughter. Hoping that he’d be allowed to be part of her life, not right away he knew that. But for when Aurelia thought it was best. “Tatiana” He breathed softly as the name rolled off the top his tongue. Able to know why she chose the name Tatiana, naming her after one of the people who first found and turned her after turning. Atticus was happy to know that his daughter was immortal like them, figuring out that she would be a dhampir. With parents being vampire and celestials. Celestials are not born as they only fall from the sky. “I’m sure she don’t” he reassured her softly. “I remember, us always being on the run back then. It was fun, always an adventure” Atticus recalled, chuckling to how they always used to move around. Leaving at night to arriving by day. “The Instar Diviners I’ve met aren't that hard, they helped to hide me for many years” Having formed better connections with Diviners than from before. Negotiation was the key.

Atticus had noticed how Aurelia was now staring at his skin. Seeing now how it glowed, not having noticed it before when they spent their time with one and another. His skin was now glowing a lot brighter than before, being of the guardian and wayfinder connection him and Ophelia have formed. Celestial energy was much stronger now. Atticus coughed a little braking her stares as he pulled down his sleeves a bit. He wasn’t the one to take much notice of the glowing of his skin, used to it. Whereas it stands out to everyone else, especially with the supernatural when they know what to look at. Atticus was able to sense that Aurelia was holding something back that was weighing heavy on her mind now knowing what he was. Raising a brow to her choosing just to nod his head in response, knowing he’d wait to found out when she was ready to tell him. The two of them both took long sips of their drinks knowing they were in need of it. Both in shock. Aurelia knew how Atticus have always struggled with his alcohol addiction. Back then she’d helped him with it but with all that had happened he found booze as a coping mechanism.

The coin symbolize many things, once was given to him by Anastasia the night that he fell. Now it belonged to Aurelia. “The coin symbolises light, it was given to me by an old friend” He reminded her softly, telling what he had told her when he first gave it to her. “You kept my paintings?” He marvelled surprised that she kept them, finding them all. “When what happened I thought I lost it all. Losing you, my work, my art” Atticus admitted thinking he lost it all but in truth he hadn’t. “Something did happen to me” He added, seeing how Aurelia knew something had happened to stop him and his art. It all was clear now, why she set up an art gallery. Collecting his art to put it up. Atticus was the artist whereas Aurelia was the one who admired art but never found the talent to paint. He could remember her saying she wishes she was good at the skill but when it came to it she wasn’t.

Atticus started to speak of his part, back to the time he spent in Russia but not telling all the details of being guardian to the wayfinder of course. “I was once King of a kingdom in Russia, standing at the side of the woman Anastasia who had found me after I fell. She was the queen so i stood by her side as she ruled” He recalled telling her of his past, seeing the shock in Aurelia’s face to learning he was a king. “So technically our daughter is a princess in her own right” He added, laughing shaking his head knowing now it would not even class as anything as royal families of kingdoms have died out nearly completely. “I’ve not been open about my past, there’s a lot that I haven’t told you” Always been the one to not dwell into his past. Only having just opened up to Ophelia, telling her of his past to gain her trust. As trust is a main aspect to being an guardian, so they they can work together.

Soon he was distracted seeing Aurelia was there in front of him lifting up his shirt. Feeling as her fingers were trailing on his scar as she was admiring it. Too proberlly to see if he was telling the truth or bluffing but there his scar was. Forcing a a deep line over his heart. It was now formed into a thick line having healed up. “Ophelia did somehow” Atticus spoke of the wayfinder, distracted by his ex checking him out. Like old times almost. “To see if i was telling the truth or you’ve been yearning to see my body after all these years” He spoke with a teasing smirk trying to see if he could see how things were. Atticus was a little confused of what she meant next seeing that she was unbuttoning her shirt in front of him. Seeing as she pulled down her bra slightly revealing a scar on the valley of her breast, not far from her heart. The celestial found himself trailing his fingers on the scar, each of them having a matching one. She soon buttoned her shirt back up. Feeling the sexual tension in the air, probably regretting his next actions. Leaning in for a kiss, not knowing whether he’d be shot down whether or not she’d moved on.

Atticus didn’t know how or when she’d gotten the scar but knew enough of how it would come about. A very near miss to the heart by a stake. The next piece of information she told him shocked him. Aurelia and Tatiana were Aliward Guards, the people who captured and imprisoned his people. “Wait so you two are Aliward Guards, responsible for keeping celestial’s. People of my own kind locked up for crimes than none of them committed” Letting her see his frustration in his face. Shaking his head in disbelief, before running his hands over his face as a way to take it all in. Atticus knew he couldn’t hold the grudge on the two of them, themselves. Not wanting to strain his relationship with Aurelia and the future one he would have with Tatiana. Accepting it almost even though he wasn’t too pleased of it. Thinking to his daughter being sent on dangerous missions and tasks that could get herself killed. Feeling the urge to protect her even though they have not met. Fatherly instinctis. “At least it didn’t kill you” He reassured her softly.

Watching as Aurelia jumped to her feet almost forgetting their daughter, seeing as she took a photo from the wall handing it to him. Looking down at the photo, he saw a young blonde haired woman in it. His daughter. Admiring the photo, taking it in. “She looks a lot like you, the hair and the eyes” Still able to see some resemblance of himself in her. Handed some photo albums he started to throw them at photos of his daughter. Atticus was surprised yet happy that she takes after him when it comes to art. “She does? Of course. Father like daughter” He grinned happy that she shares an interest when it comes to art, being in their blood. “I bet some of my old paintings must be worth a lot now” He laughed seeing how the value of paintings have gone up considerably over the years. Atticus was interested in hearing that Aurelia started up the art gallery to show piece both his and Tatiana’s work. For everyone to see.

Aurelia knew that one of his fears was being alone. Everyone he cared for he’s lost. “I don’t want to lose anyone else” He admitted, hearing as Aurelia reassured him that he was no alone. “Creative” Seeing that Aurelia has a new passion, photography. “You can’t paint but at least you can take photos of them” Back then camera’s weren’t around because it was years before the first camera would be invented. “We’re family now, I remember soon before I left we talked about when I would come back we’ll start a life and family of our own. I guess it did happen” Yet back then he didn’t know if it would come true. “I want to meet her, of course” He quickly answered, wanting to meet his daughter. “We’re going to be a pair of embarrassing parents aren’t we?” He joked laughing to her able to imagine what they would be like. Atticus was always the one to have lots of dad jokes. Having years to make up for it.

“Soon she’ll be a pain in my ass too” He added, taking half the blame sooner enough. “Do she know all about me? How I left?” Not knowing details of what Aurelia told Tatiana about him. If she knew his name that they were falling in love. Or that they were one night stand. “I’m glad too. To have found you again, of course finding about Tatiana too” Before today he thought he lost everything to find out what he has it right here. “I’ve missed you too, never stopped thinking about you. After all these years”.

Today was going to be an emotional rollercoaster no matter the reasoning. Things were swirling in her like a whirlwind as she was coming to terms with what had led to them splitting apart, a dagger to the heart in more ways than one. As he held her face and she his they wiped away each other tears she tried to calm the rage of emotions swirling through her. They had missed out on so much when it came to the other but being immortal they had plenty of time to catch up with one another with time. She gave a soft chuckle thinking about their running and hours she watched him paint during the day. “So many adventures in our short time together, you kept me together then.” She said as she chewed her lip “Then Tatiana was born and and she kept me together when you were no longer around.” Rei gave him a slight roll of her eyes “While a few Diviners may have kept you safe Atticus, they must not have been Romanov though. The Romanov diviners would never help anyone but themselves.” she said as she crossed her arms.

Rei couldn’t help how his skin attracted her eyes, it let off a glow that in the past she thought he had because he was godlike now knowing that it was because he had fallen from the sky. “Sorry.” she said letting her eyes flick down as he shifted covering as much of his skin as he cold “I just remember back then always thinking you glowed because you were an angel to me. Now I know its because you are a star literally.” She laughed softly rubbing the back of her neck softly, she was going to need much more alcohol. She had to inform Tatiana the father she thought was dead, isn’t dead, Then there was Davis the man she is getting closer to by the day, she felt he had a right to know that her ex - lover was alive in kicking also. She made her gaze focus on Atticus again as he spoke about her playing with the necklace around her neck. “I remember the story about Anastasia the Queen who saved you.” She said as she cleared her throat and let go of the coin.

“I am not sure if I have them all.” she said softly as she gave a light strug to him “would have to let you do inventory of them all to make sure I haven’t missed a single masterpiece.” she chuckled softly as she looked down slightly so much hurt and pain that they were sharing with each other before the laugh left her lips “Do Not Tell Tatiana she is a princess. I can see her now walking around with a crown already.” she shook her head to him as they stared at each other “There is a lot we both need to tell each other it seems. With time.” She needed to see the scar she needed to see what had taken him from her those years ago, not that she didn’t believe him, years after his disappearance she expected the worst. She gave him a gaze and rolled her eyes “I needed to see what took you from me Atticus.” She said as she let his shirt go and he moved closer taking in her own scar.

She watched his face as it looked at her shocked as it came to terms that she and his daughter were Ailward Guards, some of the Very guards who took his people hostage. She hung her head slightly “if it makes you feel any better we are not proud of how things happened, We were just following orders on what we thought was for the greater good. The aspects tend to not steer us overly wrong.” She said as she gave a slight shrug and then downed the last of her drink that was there as she spoke after that “I have done far worse then keep your species locked up before becoming a guard, I don’t agree how they went about it but your people were taken care off as much as they could be. We all knew something was wrong about it in the end.” She sighed softly and then cleared her throat as he looked at her again with his deep eyes causing her to look away not wanting to go into how many times she had almost lost her life. “I mean I am a Warrior through and through.”

Aurelia needed to get his eyes off of her and moved to showing him photos of their daughter and how she loved to paint like him. Smiling softly at the photos she had taken over the years. “She has the best of both of us I like to think.” she said looking over their daughter for a long moment before looking up to him “To me your paintings are priceless and I would never sell them not for anything. But you are the artist of them so I guess I should let you have a say in weather or not to sell them. Though I’ll just end up buying them off of you.” She chuckled to him softly. Her hand coming to his giving it a light squeeze as she whispered softly to him “You are not alone and you will never have to be again. Part of being a dad. “Yeah Photography captured my heart when it started watching it develop through time is just even more interesting to me.” she mused as she looked to the photos before moving to sit on her desk looking him over and smiled softly “Embarrassing parents? Nah we are going to be the coolest of parents.” she chuckled thinking of how they could both gang up on tatiana and tease her. “Hope you remember those stupid jokes you use to tell.” she chuckled to him.

“I mean you sue to say I was a pain in your ass and yet you still were there. She will be the same.” She chuckled to him softly. “Ah she knows that we were friends, that you were someone I cared for but that you passed away. It hurt to go into to much detail.” she said as she looked to her empty glass for a long moment. “I wish I would have told her more now though.” she said regretting not telling Tatiana every detail of her father that she knew. “Part of me didn’t want her to morun you like I had to.”  When he leaned in for a kiss she turned her head so the kiss would land to her cheek and she bite down on her lower lip softly, giving him a hug instead “Atticus it's been a long time, I am kinda seeing someone now.” Even though Davis and herself had not expressed that they are exclusive with one another she would consider this crossing a line especially because Attics and her have such history “I hope you can understand that.” She said softly to the man in front of her leaving out a soft hum to him.

Before today Atticus had never thought or imagined all that he had left behind all those years ago. How if his death didn’t happen that night his life would be a lot different in the whole. Missing out on the opportunity of being a father, to help raise their daughter together. If only he didn’t accept to take the job back then everything would be different. Able to sense and see that Aurelia didn’t have an easy time raising a child on her own whilst on the run. Atticus couldn’t go back to change the past now, that's not how time works. He knew of that well. Not able to go back and change all the past mistakes. Changing all his past mistakes that led up all future events. If he did it may mean that he and Aurelia would have never met and Tatiana wouldn’t exist. Atticus just hopes that he would have the chance, the opportunity to make up for all his mistakes. To have a part in his daughter's life. To be a father. Even if it takes a while. “We learnt how to travel many parts of the country at night. Smuggling into different countries, hiding in the shadows” It was true during their time together they managed to share many adventures. Back then when they were friends. Atticus was always good at keeping Aurelia’s mind occupied, distracting her from all her bad thoughts. Keeping the bad memories and the dark away. “They were not” He answered back to something she already knew. He’s made some political alliances with Dinvers in the past but none were that he could trust fully. Only ones you could trust fully were your own kind, that's something he’d learnt of.

Atticus had noticed how Aurelia was staring at him. Like she was looking at him in a different light, noticing the glowing of his skin. Something she’d never noticed or picked up on during the time they spent together. The glowing of Celestials skin was something people who knew of their kind would see. To the human eye it was invisible. “I’m a star fallen the sky” He smirked teasing her, it could always make a good pick up line. “I’ve not really changed that much since then” He reminded her, still in good shape. Maybe even better now. Clothes were all of a better style too now. Back then Atticus was always secretive. He knew he was able to trust Aurelia but couldn’t build up the courage to tell her the truth of his past. It still hurt and pained him to think of it, thinking of all the lives and people he cared about lost. Deep down he still blamed himself for not being there to save his Wayfinder, to protect his own people. Still now he was lying to Aurelia not telling her of his full connection of his kind. Yet he knew that she’d still find out sooner or later with her connection to the Aliward Guard. Whether ot not his loyalty lies with his Wayfinder as her guardian or with his daughter and the more of his child. That would be when he’d be stuck.

“Anastasia was the person who found me after I fell. She took me in. Soon after I remembered my name she proposed that we marry, needing a political alliance and a king. So we did but it was nothing romantic just I felt protective over her. To protect her. Ruling together by her side for years” Almost similar to what he had told her back then but leaving out that was actually him. “One night I woke up to a burning pain on my chest, as my Celestial tattoo was appearing. All my memories were coming back to me, who and what I was. Who I needed to find so I left that night, disappearing from Anastasia with no word. No goodbye” He continued telling her of his past but wondering if she’d the connect the dots.

Atticus had painted so many paints, more than he could count. Most he was able to sell off for a good fortune back then to have good wealth. Keeping some of his favourites ones that he had seen in the gallery earlier on. Always able to recognise his pieces. Atticus was glad and grateful that Aurelia had kept them, searching for his other pieces. “Thank you Lia” He smiled softly looking to her, she had never forgotten about him. “I think I’ll tell her just to annoy her” He joked teasing but was able to picture it. “With time” He agreed with her softly, when they were ready to open up. “Grabby fingers” Atticus mocked watching as Aurelia was lifting up his shirt to see his scar. “At least I’ll always have a war scar of some sort” Even it was a messed up scar, an ugly looking one. From when he was stabbed and when he came back there it still was. A constant reminder. Yet he hadn’t realized that his words would be inconsiderate hearing of her dark pasts.

He wasn’t one of the Celestials who were locked up, hidden and kept under the protection of Instar Diviners. “It really screwed up a lot of people” Some more than others, Atticus had seen it when spending time at the castle where the celestials live. Meeting and speaking with people of his kind. Atticus knew that Aurelia felt guilty for all that had happened, knowing that it was like to follow orders. “We can’t change the pasts” He answered finishing the rest of his drink too. “You’ve always been a warrior to me” He mused winking to her as he went to refill their glasses knowing that they still needed a lot of alcohol. Taking everything in.

Seeing the pictures Aurelia was showing him, hurt him knowing that he’d never been able to there to see his daughter grown up. He was proud seeing the woman who Tatiana had become knowing that Aurelia had raised her right. Atticus always knew that she’d be a good mother. “You did a good job Aurelia” He reminded her, letting her know. Far better than he could of. “You keep them they're yours now” He reassured letting her keep all his paints. She was right they belong to be hung up in a gallery just like the one she has now.  For everybody to see where they belong. “Finally having a family of my own” Something he’s always wanted. “Seeing the world through a lense” Yet he’d never been the one to see it that way. Finding art on paper what he was best at. “If you asked me to take a photo I probably don’t know how to use it” He joked, never being good at using technology. It was a downfall both him and Ophelia, along with many other Celestials have. Not able to wrap their mind around modern technology. “I’m full of dad jokes as it is, just you wait” He had a lot of catching up to do.

“You’re still a pain in my ass” He added mocking her. “Calculating it was true” He didn’t blame her for not telling Tatiana much about him. He did practically disappear in thin air and now he was magically back. Wanting a second chance to make up for all his mistakes. Atticus could see how his death has affect Aurelia, it was something she’d never get over and forget. Maybe he was getting the wrong signs, all mixed up. The Celestial was leaning in for a kiss like it was second nature but he soon realized the he was wrong. Ending up kissing her cheek rather than he lips as Aurelia pulled away. “I’m sorry, I should have known better. Of course you’ve moved on it’s been so many years” He apologised sounding a bit upset but he should of known she’d moved on. Maybe it’s time for him to move on too. Knowing now he couldn’t keep pinning onto something old. “So who's the lucky guy then?” He mused raising his brows jokingly wanting to know whose stolen Aurelia’s heart. “Whether or not you have a type” Like him, a few have commented before how he has a type for vampires. Ones who were far older than him. Atticus couldn’t help it.

It was true if he hadn’t died that night their lives would have been different. Most likely the two would have married and raised Tatiana together. Yet that was the past, there was no point in either of them hanging on to the hurt and hopes and what ifs of what could have been.  What their focus need to be was their daughter and she was sure that Atticus would agree, even if a flame would have lingered it was not allowed to burn. “Hiding in shadows huh? Sounds like you found your inner Valkyr, Fallen.” she joked at the thought of watching his glowing self sneaking around. Was the reason she never noticed his glowing before was they had once meant to be bounded together? His glow almost hurt her eyes causing her gaze to drop and let out a snort laugh “Trust me I know what you are now.” she almost hated herself for not noticing before. Yet stars where not as common then. “Though that would have been an impressive pick up line back then.” She joked with him reaching up to his hair “You have a little more salt and pepper going on, didn’t think you stars aged but then again I guess dying would have that effect. Watching his face change she frowned ever so slightly “we both had our secrets, don’t worry about that.” she said softly.  She wanted him to know she didn’t hold any resentment. “It's all in the past now, we should only focus on the future.”

Maybe it was more of a suggestion for herself, since she didn’t want to mention all the things she had done to keep herself and Tatiana alive. In the end they both had a past they would only cause hurt feelings. She gave him a soft smile as she looked to the paintings and nodded her head towards him slightly “You don’t have to thank me Atty, it was purely selfish of me. I didn’t want a great painter as yourself just to die and fade away.” she said honestly “You had far to much talent for that.” Her eyes looked at his pieces that she sat on the ground gently. She gave a roll of her eyes and chuckled “My must you annoy her? I will have to hear about it.” she chuckled and crossed her arms and gave a slow smile. “I recall you use to not mind me being so grabby.” she gave a slight shrug of her shoulder. “I always said you could pull off any scar.” she said as she looked over the scar. They each having constant reminders though hers much fresher than hers.

“I know it screwed up a lot of people on both sides.” she said earnestly as she refilled both of their glasses and raised it to her lips and smiled softly “Sweet of you to think me a Warrior, I just always have been able to do what need to be done to stay alive.” She gave a frown into her glass “Done a lot of dark things that I am trying to move past.” she said before tossing the glass back letting the arm liquid run down her throat refilling it once again. As she watched his face take in the photos of his daughter and her she could tell he hated that he wasn’t there while their daughter grew up.

“I could have been better, but thank you, she has all her limbs and well can kick just about anyone’s ass.” she chuckled and rubbed the back of her neck “Yeah not mother of the year but I love her.” she said softly and then look to the paintings again and let the smirk play on her lips “Good thing you are letting me keep them, would hate to have to charge you for your own work. The teasing him was as if there hadn’t been like 900 years of time missing. “A family of our own.” she said softly as thought what a family they would make. She gave a shake of her head and chuckled, she remembered being horrible at painting when he tried to teach her. “A photo with you would have quite a light to it. I may have to try it some time. If you would let me.” she gave a wink as she reached for her camera. She moved it up to take a picture of him and then leaned it down slightly looking at him “Well she could use some dad jokes in her life.”

Aurelia gave a big smile at this statement and gave a nod “Yeah I am everyone's pain in the ass.” She gave him a nod “Look at it this way, I didn’t tell her I hated you, though I don’t think I could ever hate you.” she chimed back in as she took hold of his hand for a second giving it a light squeeze. “She always wondered why I was so sad on the anniversary of the day you left. Had not to explain that one.” she wondered for a moment if she was giving off the wrong signs, she was a ball of emotion, after all who wouldn’t be if their dead lover showed up 900 years later.

So he received the head turn and letting him kiss her cheek if it had been any other time she would have caved and fallen back into what they once had but Davis was special to her. “I am so sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.” she said lowly returning her hand to her drinks sipping on that drink to steady the sadness she felt. She felt her lips twitch at the thought of Davis. She picked up the photo that had been taken of Davis and Aurelia the night he came to her opening for Tatiana and they made their relationship exclusive. “His name is Davis.” she said as she took a sip from her glass “He is a lot younger than me but we don’t talk age.” she gave a shrug “He is an EMT so he works on saving people in emergency situations. He hasn’t officially met Tatiana yet, she keeps avoiding saying I am too old to date.” she chuckled softly at the thought. “What about you? What has been doing on with you since you have been back?” She wanted to move the convo off of her.

Atticus spent more of his life dead than alive on earth. Yet he’d felt like he’s seen more things than many others have. Seeing the world in all different lights and time periods. Both the path and to the future. Grateful to be given a second chance for all the things that he’d done wrong. For if it was for being a guardian, celestial, a father. To make up for everything. To do better, to be a better person. That what he intends to do, not wanting to let anyone down. “I want to make up for it all. Start a fresh. Hopefully be part of Tatiana’s life and yours if you let me” He admitted looking to the blonde valkyr, knowing that they couldn’t go back to completely to how things were. That was one thing he knew for sure. Learning from Cecilia that that they’ve moved on, couldn’t stay pinning onto the past. “I’ve missed out on so much, seeing her grow up. I don’t want to miss out on anything else” Atticus had a lot of time with just his own thoughts to think everything through. Repenting his sins in a way. Already having made things right with Ophelia, he was her guardian. “Feel like I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by Valkyr’s” He added if it was years living with Cecilia or years spent on the run with Aurelia. “It could be a good pick up line for now too”  He teased smirking a little knowing that it wouldn’t work on her anyways that was long in the past. “At least I got that father look going on” Even if he weren’t trying same with his dad jokes too. “You’re right” Atticus nodded his head agreeing with her both starting afresh.

“A talent that's been passed on” Happy to hear that Tatiana took after him with his love for painting and art. Thinking before that it was a skill that was lost in these new days with people not appreciating turning to draw with a pencil and piece of paper. Rather than graphic designs or what it was these days. “I haven’t painted anything in a long time so I got nothing new to add to your collection” Looking around the room he could see some pieces hanging up or scattered around that weren’t him. Able to guess that they must be Tatiana’s. “It’s my job to annoy you, to win and gain favoritism” That he’d be the cool and calm parent whilst Aurelia would be the strict one of the two. Maybe it wouldn’t always work out in his father. “Why do people think I’m everyone's play toy” He rolled his eyes speaking before he thinks but not saying he didn’t mind it tho. Soon pulling back down his shirt away from Aurelia’s grasp.  “Its because you always had a thing with scars in general” Whether it was a weird fetish or for every scar has a story behind it and how people overcome it. His was more for being in wrong place at wrong time but with Aurelia’s it showed how she was a survivor.

Atticus have seen on first hand how the celestials were still a lot screwed up. Not recovered from years spent imprisoned, he was sure that they wouldn’t fully be. He knew that both sides had their own reasons yet now to see it all was wrong. “And to protect those that you love” Able to understand all that she did following in with orders was to protect their daughter. “We’ve all done things we’re not proud of” He reminded reassuring her softly. Atticus continued sipping his drink as he looked through the pictures of Tatiana. Seeing how she favoured more in her mother's looks than his own but he could see some of his own resemblance too.

“Then you did all good bringing her up, a lot better than I could of done” He admitted a dark truth, worried that maybe it all was too late for him. That Tatiana wouldn’t accept him. She was a grown up after all, someone who didn’t need a father to look after her. “Hmm to be rich or not rich. A difficult choice” He mused teasing her before shaking his head dismissing it. “Their all yours don’t worry” He had no need for all his old paints, it was nice to look and remember for each piece. Before he’d always find it was the storing of them were the problem. Yet he’d wondered if Aurelia had search and collected every painting he had done. Some were more personal than others. All for different reasons. At the mention of a photo to be taken Atticus tried to dodge it. “I still don’t understand how to use that, I can barely work a phone. Like when i press camera it flashes up with image of my own face” Horror of his own problems facing technology. “Call me old fashioned but what was wrong with a pen and paper?” He added jokingly.

“Things never change huh?” He grinned looking back at her. “We were always better as friends weren't we?” He admitted truthfully something they both were thinking. Looking up and over to Aurelia softly, squeezing her hand in return. Back then things happened more interment between them heat of the moment and all. To be honest he weren’t fully over Cecilia able to feel their Volkari bond still strong. During the time Atticus and Aurelia spent together he was starting to notice feel almost how Aurelia was becoming weakened around him because of his celestial energy. Fearing that it may be too much for her.

Atticus was foolish to think or believe that she hadn’t moved on, everybody would of in that time. “No it’s my fault. My head is still over the place” So many old emotions and feelings getting mixed up in his head if it was Aurelia or Cecilia. “You deserve happiness” He reassured her with a soft smile, as he took another sip of his drink. Happy that she’d moved on and found someone. “You always have had thing for younger men, huh?” Atticus teased winking over to Aurelia knowing how to wind her up. “I’ve been spending most of my time over the Celestial Territory, with Ophelia and the other Celestials. Being a Guardian for the Wayfinder. Bumping into some other people too” Still getting used to the whole crazy happening in the city. “Trying to avoid finding myself in danger too” All with what happened next time and all.

Aurelia let her gaze hold on the man in front of her as she shifted from side to side “Well I guess since you died.” she winced slightly at the thought. “You deserve a clean slate, a fresh start.” she remembered her one fresh start long before she meet him. “I would love for you to be in Tatiana life and even mine, even if we have to figure out how to just be co-parents who really don’t need to raise a grown daughter but still friends.” She smiled slightly as she let out a soft weak laugh before reaching and holding his arm softly. “You won’t in fact I think the pair of you will have far more in common then She and I do.” she admitted softly and sighed. She had always tried to be everything her daughter needed, she felt like she failed at that more times than not. She snorted at his next statement. “Guess you just have a thing for the dark side.” she chuckled as she smiled to him.

Aurelia could already tell he was going to be the cool dad and honestly she wasn’t even mad. She had to be the tough parent for many years, Tatiana deserved to have the fun parent. “Well just know if she becomes spoiled she can live with you.” not that the pair lived together Aurelia had started living her life for herself again after almost losing her life. She noticed how his eyes moved around the room to all the paintings that had just come down from a show. Her few favorites hanging on the wall, most of them where Tatiana’s. It was nice to see him admire all the work, she could see the fire there in his eyes as they spoke on the topics that pressed both sides of their worlds. Guards and Celestials tended not to get along but because it was him she couldn’t help but be softer. “You can say that again. I have done a hell of a lot I am not proud of.” She said honestly with a soft sigh. “I’m annoyed she looks like you by the way.” she joked as she took a sip from her drink.

“She would have loved to have you around, and will now. She has always wanted to be a daddy's girl.” Aurelia rolled her eyes as she chuckled and then looked back to him “Well since you brought up money.” She said as she walked around her desk and bent down and opened the bottom draw and came back up with a Key. She walked back to him and held it up. “Its a key to a safety deposit box at Evermore Bank. It's every penny I have earned off your paintings. I couldn’t bring myself to keep it or part with it. Seems fitting it goes to the actual artist.” She gave him a soft smile. “And if you wish maybe we can set up a partnership in the gallery.” She laughed as he talked about cameras and then shook her head, “Not everyone can draw like you Atty. So capturing moments with that flash is my form of art.” She pointed to the photos in the room of the Isle of Skye.

She gave a soft smile and nodded “It was the reason we were friends far longer than lovers.” she said honestly. “Maybe in another time it would have been but not now.” She said as they held one another's hand for a long moment. “I am still so happy that you are alive and here.” she said honestly before looking up to him again. “You will figure it all out in no time my dear. You are meant for something much greater than me.” she dropped his hand gently. “You deserve happiness much then me Ghost.” She chuckled. 

“Well My dating pool is much younger men or the people I guard and let's say the one fling I had ended badly.” she flinched thinking of Deus and her for a moment. “A Guardian for the wayfinder?” she asked softly, knowing that he shouldn’t answer that with the fact she was a guard. “Yeah trouble seems to follow you, maybe you should stay where you can be safe.” she said softly looking down to her hands “I don’t want you to die again.” she said in a serious tone. “I don’t think I can go through that again.”

Atticus was still in disbelief by this all. All happening so fast, all at once. Not even having any time to process and take it all in. With how it’s not everyday you get reunited with your ex who’d you not seen since dying and all. To learn that they had a daughter together whose life he missed out on. Regret and time lost was something he was feeling. Missing out on his daughter's life. Atticus always wanted to be a father but never saw it happening like this. Thinking if it would happen would have been part of their life from the start. He did believe with how things happen for a reason and in this weird way it all was meant to happen. Now they’ll work around it all. “I know it must have been difficult for you. With me being missing but dead and all. Leaving you alone to raise our daughter” Feeling bad that he wasn’t there through this all. “What you don’t want to have a family day out at the beach or funfair like people do these days?” He joked teasing her as they were too far old for those types of things. It may be his type of thing but he was certain that it wouldn’t be Aurelia’s type of things. Atticus looked over to Aurelia seeing she was hiding more than she makes out to be with the way she spoke of him having more things in common with Tatiana than she did. “You had to be both parents all the time, the tough one” He reminded her softly letting her have faith in herself. “Aurelia you kept her safe and alive all these years. You did a good job” More than he could of done if they were in the opposite situations. Hearing Aurelia’s comment about him liking dark side he couldn’t help to roll his eyes and shake his head to her comment. “Give it a rest” He grumbled with how she wasn’t the first to taunt him about it. 

Part of him wasn’t sure of how to be a parent with missing out on it all but he knew that it’ll all be a lot easier with Tatiana all grown up. Most thing he was worried about if she would accept him into her life with how complicated it all was. With the mention of Tatiana coming to live with him he wasn't too sure on the idea yet if he came it to it. “Umm yeah I don’t think that’ll be a good idea. I’m living at the Celestial Castle at the moment” Almost reminding her of how their supposed to be on opposite sides of it all. “Saves myself from trying to look for an apartment” Having zero ideas of how relaiste works these days. “We all have to live with regrets of all sorts but it’s the only way we can move on” Atticus could never hate Aurelia even when he should knowing she played a part in his people being locked up. Part of him still loved her even with how things turned out. He still cares for her. Looking at the pictures of Tatiana more closely he could see it was true how she favorited him in looks. “Mini me” Atticus mused chuckling softly. 

“You sure she won’t hate me?” He wondered speaking his worries out loud but knowing he was probably overthinking it all. “I’ve always wanted to spoil my children rotten seems like I got a lot of years to make up for it” That he’ll always have a soft spot why he probably wouldn’t play the tough parent. Atticus weren’t wanting or trying to bring money in it all he weren’t all that bothered by how much his paintings were worth these days. Always loved to paint for the meaning of it all just not for money. Surprised when Aurelia gave him a key making him look confused to what it was till she explained. “Thank you for keeping and finding all my paintings, that you didn’t give up on me” He smiled back to her genuinely. “I think partnership is a good idea I want to help out all I can. To help both you and Tatiana” To play his part even if he had a lot of making up to do. “Just don’t get me to work any camera’s or anything. Technology still confuses me” He weren’t even joking. 

Atticus knew too well that it’s better to not live in the dark. Not to dwell on what's dead and all. It was what the same for what romantic feelings they had for each other. “I hope to find someone that I loved as much as you” Truthfully Atticus knew that his heart will always belong to Cecilia even after all these years. Never finding it right to bring her up, that it hurt too much. “Guess things weren’t meant to be but at least we have a daughter from it all” Reminding her that all was not lost from it all. “I’m happy to have you back in my life, I’ve missed you Aurelia” Missing their friendship. “You didn’t hook up with random people in the guard because they were the only ones there?” Atticus teased jokingly, winding her like the old days. “A protector of some sorts, we all have our duties to play” Opposite sides and all. “I will try not to die any time soon. Don’t you worry”

Aurelia knew it was a lot to take in. A whole life he didn’t know happened when he had passed. She never thought she would be here explaining to him the life his daughter and her had. “It was difficult to begin with. Me a mother, you should have seen me trying to keep her alive in her infant years.” She laughed looking back to the struggles she manage to make it through the day. “I am all for a family day but I prefer things that happen at night. A fair could be something. I would pay to see you try some of the rides. You may die all over again.” She chuckled softly as she gave him a soft look and nodded gently. “While being both parents, and still turned out to favor your side of her genetics.” She chuckled softly as she tucked her hair behind her ear. “Not that I mind having a Poppy Painter around me.” She smiled faintly as he told her she did a good job. “Well thank you for thinking so, but you haven’t even met her yet. She could be a total screw up.” She pointed out to him and smirked as he rolled his eyes at her comment of him being attracted to the dark side. “Come now I can’t tease you anymore?”

The Celestial Castle a place where aspects and guards where not overly welcomed even though both sides had been working through their past issues. “Well… I have a penthouse not far from here. We could do a family dinner and I could introduce the two of you and help with the awkward part of meeting the family you didn’t know.” She offered and then reached in her desk for a card. “My realtor will hook you up with a decent place when you are ready. She is a good contact. And loves your paintings. Fellow Valkyr, she may pay your rent for a new piece.” She chuckled as she then crossed her arms and thought for a moment. “Maybe this, us not being a things doesn’t have to be something we regret though. We started as friends and had one night of passion. I think maybe this was a cosmic way to keep us from ruining that friendship.” She gave a soft shrug. “I will never be sorry for what we had Atticus, I just look forward to what will be of our friendship, and co-parenting life.” She tried to reassure him as much as she could.

“She has no reason to hate you, Especially knowing that you were murdered. Though knowing her she got Aureus to show her who you were before this moment.” She gave a gentle roll of her eyes and a light chuckle at the thought. “Oh god please don’t get her a pony, I feel like that will be the first thing she will ask for. Even though she has no want for one. She just wants to see if someone will buy her one. Such a weird child I tell you.” She laughed softly. “One thing I always believed in, in my life Atticus was you. I wanted to keep you alive any way I could. Paintings, and Tatiana did that for me. Now I think maybe they could help you, and maybe you can help others. There are always young painters coming through here wishing for tips.” She gave him a smile. “Think first I get to help you. Being a partner comes with not only a title but a good amount of money.” She said as she then looked into the drew and pulled out an envelope. “I figured I was saving this for if I ever had to become someone other than Aurelia but it feels more right going to you. Its 50 percent of all the earnings I have made off showing your paintings.” She handed the bank information. “It's all yours partner.” She gave a slight chuckle and nodded. “No worries I will keep all the camera stuff on my end.”

Rei gave his arm a soft squeeze as she looked in his eyes. “Atticus, you will find someone you love even more than you ever loved me. I know it. You are such a romantic at heart. She will be lucky when you find her.” She smiled brightly towards the star as she nodded. “I am happy to have you back in my life as well Atty. I have missed your annoying ass.” she teased as she winked towards him. “Many of the members in the guard I look at as my children or they are related to me. So no I didn’t hook up with many of them.” She chuckled as she sighed. “Though this world was never short of men for me in the end.” Even though she had settled into something more long term now. “Protector humm? Sounds like you are going to end up dead before I know it.” she shook her head and sighed. “I always worry about those I love you know this.”

Atticus knew he couldn’t go back to change things for happening. Knowing that he had to accept that he’s missed seeing his own daughter growing up. All the little things. All he could hope was that he would have a chance of being in her life even if it may take him longer. Back then all those years ago Atticus knew that Aurelia wasn’t all that mother material. With how things were, he was the one who helped her with control. There for her for the endless nights of travelling before the sun comes up. “If she’s anything like her mother then she must of been a handful” He mused teasing her like how he used to do. With the mention of going to a fair his face cringed a little even thinking about it. Something even now he tried to stay away from. “Can’t I use the old bones card?” He added tilting his head to her but wasn’t lying, he’s too old for fair rides. Atticus knew that it must have been painful for their daughter to favour his looks rather than her’s. To have the constant reminder of him being gone. “Now you got two poppy painters again” He smiled softly, letting her know he wasn’t going anywhere. Making sure of it not wanting to lose both of them only just finding them again. “Then I can put the blame on you if she’s a ‘total screw up’” Smirking back to her, two can play at the same game. “Kill me now” He muttered to himself running his fingers through his hair pretending to have enough of Aurelia’s teasing knowing there’s no escaping it. 

As he mentioned of him living at the Celestial Castle he could see how she was a little bit apprehensive, shocked by it. Relieved almost that Aurelia had a place away from both of their faction places. To meet in the middle. “It’ll be a very awkward family meal” He joked almost able to imagine it him turning up when Tatiana finding out her father is alive and be there for dinner. “It’s better her finding out sooner than later, meal sounds like a good idea” Nodding his head agreeing to the idea. He could see how she went to fetch a card out of her desk soon leaning it was for a realtor. “You know me I’m still old fashioned” Another reason to why he stuck just staying at the castle instead of finding a place to stay of his own. Easier that way with how it was offered to him. They both knew that they knew saw where their relationship was heading that it was more friendship than romance. Caught up in the moment one night. “I don’t regret any of it even if things didn’t work out for us in that way but we did get a daughter out of it”  Not all love was lost, he did still care a lot for Aurelia. Knowing that she too felt the same. “To friendship and co-parenting” He toasted holding up his glass of whiskey to her. 

Atticus was a little intrigued hearing how Aureus had shown Tatiana a glimpse of him but knew he’d heard how each Aspect have different abilities and powers from what Ophelia had told him. “Hope it was the good parts” He chuckled rubbing the back of his neck but he had nothing to be ashamed of now putting his past behind him. “You know I’m a pushover, especially now when it comes to her” Always wanting to spoil people in his life rotten wanting to treat his daughter like a princess she’s always meant to be. “I could always buy her a pony on loan then when she’s sick of it, just send it back” Smirking at his own idea. Talks like this was something he missed when everything was so much simpler just the two of them. Surprised when Aurelia was giving him his shares for the paintings of his that she should over the years. “I didn’t expect you to give it to me” Not wanting for it to seem like he was just here for the money, not expecting to have any. Even the fact that his paintings were still intact and still loved by many people would be enough. “Thank you, maybe I’ll look into getting a place of my own using some of the money” Better to invest it into something rather than lose it or spending it on alcohol or painting supplies. 

Times like these he knew how much of a good friend Aurelia was to him. The reason why the clicked straight away all those years ago. “This time it’ll be in the more romantic way” He teased softly to how Aurelia had friendzoned him early but he knew they were better off as friends. “Most mean they are younger than you” Saying it just to annoy her having years of catching up to do of it. As he mentioned being a proctor of some sort he could see worry spread across Aurelia’s face of losing him again. “Don’t worry, I'm not going anywhere this time” Taking hold of her hand softly, reassuring her once more. 

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