She wanted to pick up and learn a new skill. Something she tended to do, a coping mechanism of sorts. Way of keeping herself and mind busy one of the things she learnt during her therapy sessions. By now she had many skills some were useful and some that were not. Athena decided that this year she would learn and get better at cooking. Something she’s always stayed away from doing prefering to stick to the more simpler things but now she wanted to try. Thinking that it’ll help her training, that maybe she’ll want to grow some of her own vegetables. Similar to how she’s able to make plants grow. It shouldn’t be too hard with how she was finding her training with Enzo a lot easier. He was a good teacher despite some different teaching techniques. Athena was more confident feeling that she was already going further in her training than she’s had before with the other masters who she’s gone to. With how they’ve not been much use to helping her with her abilities. Reason why it’s taken her time till now to enjoy training and learning different ways of exploring earth's nature. So far the only Initia’s she knows in the city are her siblings and Enzo. Not finding the courage to go and find other people like her, wanting to settle in and get used to the city and everything first. 

Choosing instead of meeting people she’d make a trip to the farmers market, a supermarket she’s been to a few times that sells fresh fruit and veg. Finding it was a lot better than other places she’s been to. She always liked finding the hidden treasures in different places. Liking the unique feel to it all. Venturing out for the day thinking she’ll pick up a few bits she needs then walk back home. Way of getting out for a while, fresh air to clear her head and all. Luckily she remembers her way from last time having found herself a few times getting lost in the city with how it seemed more like a maze to her. Having found herself in a few awkward situations for far. It wasn't too long till she reached the place, walking inside the brunette picked up a basket and started browsing through isles picking up a few bits she needed. Picking up a few bits reading on the back instructions or ingredients, curious to see and think about what she could make with it.

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It had been a while since Scott, had been out to try and explore the city a little bit. The Initia was usually at the farm, where he worked. The duties keeping him busy; especially in the cold winter months. It was more work, to keep everything organised and the animals, warm and well taken care off. So he didn’t have much time, to go about and explore. Today was his day off. It was nice to get a little break. So Scott decided to make something, of his day off. Maybe today, would be a good opportunity to see a bit more of the city and meet some new people. Scott was still trying to make more connections; especially among the Initia tribe. The weather was still a little nippy. So he was dressed warmly. Better have more layers, than find he was missing something, later during the day.

After leaving his apartment. Scott stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jacket. Taking in everything around him, as he ventured more into the city. Realising, he needed a few things; might as well buy some groceries when he’d find a good place. Scott prefered his food to be fresh and organic vegetables/fruit. Farm life and it’s ways, still stuck with him in a lot of aspects. Scott was always rather healthy. Processed foods and vegetables from the stores didn't have the same taste to them. It wasn’t long, before Scott found what he was looking for. A farmer’s market. “Sweet, just what I was looking for.” The Initia muttered to himself. As he picked up one of the maskets. Scott felt a familiar feeling rush through him. The feeling he got, when another Initia was close by. Maybe another tribe member, was here at the market. He thought to himself. He slowly began to make his way around the market. Seeing what they had on offer.

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