Amelie  takes  a  deep  breath  as  she  would  smile  softly  today  was  her  and  Milo's  first  date  with  each other,  as  she  would  get  into  the  shower  then  get  out drying  off  after  she  was  done  she  would  then  get ready  brushing  her  hair  then  putting  some  makeup  on  after  she  was  done  she  bite  down  onto  her  lower lip  lightly  then  takes  a  deep  breath  as  she  would sighed  softly  pressing  her  lips  tougher  after  she  was done  she  would  then  grab  her  phone  then  putting  her  shoes  on  then  text  him  "I am ready my love."  She  sends  it  giggling  then  tuck  her  hair  behind  her ear  wondering  where  he was  gonna  be  taking  her  she  lick  her  lips  lightly  as  she  would  take  another deep  breath  as  she  would  then  seat  down  on  the couch  as  she  would  wait  for  him  to  come  pick  her up.

Amelie  started  to  think  when  he  asked  her  to  be  his  she  blushed  a  deep  red  as  she  would  bite  down  onto  her  lower  lip  gently  once  more  then  takes  another  deep  breath  as  she  would run  a  hand  into  her  hair  then  sighed  softly.

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"BEEEEPPPPPP!" screamed the alarm clock on the cherry wood dresser next to Milo's bed. The ebony-haired male groaned and stuffed a pillow over his face and rolled over. Within seconds his alarm clock screamed at him again. Milo groaned in frustration and lept out of bed, suddenly remembering that today was his first date with Amelie. 

He shot out of bed and rushed toward the shower. A few minutes later he was out and toweling off his black hair. He grabbed a pair of sleek black slacks, a blue silk button-down, and black dress boots. He was in his clothes and grabbing his keys in less than four minutes.

Milo spritzed some cologne on him and ran a comb through his hair and then rushed toward his car. The car took off like a shot and he was outside of Amelie's apartment in fifteen minutes.  He rang the doorbell and then stepped back with a smile.

Amelie's eyes would look up with her eyes when she smiled hearing the door bell she bite down onto her bottom lip as she would take  deep breath then sighed softly as she would get up then fixed her dress a little as she would walk over to the door, as she would open it then smiled warmly looking at him blushing a light pink upon her cheeks as she would say to him softly "wow you look really handsome." She pressed her lips tougher as she would take a deep breath then sighed softly as she would run her hand into her hair then lick her lips lightly as she would grab her coat then asked "where are we gonna be going?" She locks the door then closed the door behind her as she would look back at him with her eyes.

Biting down onto her bottom lip gently waiting for him to say something about the way she looked she hopped that she was alright she takes another deep breath as she would tuck her hair behind her ear then walks with him to his car as she would smiled softly at him.

He blushed. "Thank you Amelie!" He ran a hand through his hair, thoroughly messing it up. He didn't care anymore about his hair. He only cared about Amelie now. She was so beautiful and ever so curious. He nodded at her and then laughed. "Well that's a surprise, love!" He said and then took her hand, leading her to his truck with a smile.

"You look beautiful, love. Nobody could compare." He said and kissed her cheek. 

Listening to him as she would giggle softly as she would bite down onto her lower lip lightly as she would smile warmly softly at him as she would take a deep breath "thank you my love." Amelie pressed her lips gently as she would take another deep breath as she would sighed softly as she would tuck her hair behind her ear "well as long i am with you my love." She replied softly to him as she would as she would lick her lips lightly.

as she would get into the truck as she would take another deep breath as she would take another as she would buckle up pressing her lips tougher again.

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