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Lixue Hu is sleeping in a tree within Therianthrope Territory {The Woods} Everything is quiet and peaceful until the scent of fresh blood wakes him from his afternoon nap among the tree tops. 

// I have no idea if this sounds okay or not. I figured I would try and see if I could make him some friends/ acquaintances. //

          The gentle breeze that rustled gently among the leaves of the forest trees, was extreamly pleasant. It was an overall warm afternoon, so the breeze was welcome against heated skin. The shade from the trees was also much appreciated. That was how Lixue had ended up falling asleep in the first place. He had been drained from the heat radiating off the sun for a good part of the morning while he worked in his garden. Stepping away briefly to climb up into his favorite cherry tree. Its white blossoms in full bloom made for a nice scent. After he found a sturdy enough branch he had leaned back and rested against the tall tree. Allowing his body to drift into a calm serenity. Pale pink, almost white petals dusted the ground around the base of the large tree, while some rested on Lixue himself. 

Lixue was not an overly social person. He liked his peace and quiet away from the ever busy main streets. He had arrived in Evermore City, Colorado not all that long ago. His mother having managed to locate others like himself. In the years that he spent with the Ailuranthrope he had quietly managed to intro grate himself a bit into the society. It was still hard for him with his social anxiety though. He didn't manage to make many friends though. Not because he didn't want to make friends, he just wasn't good with people. He was always better with plants and animals. That was one of the main reasons he looked into renting a cabin in the woods from someone while his mother lived in town. It was not only better for her, but also safer. 

As Lixue napped among the leaves he listened to the nature surrounding them. The sound of the birds, squirrels and other woodland creatures. He even heard some heavier movements, but he just assumed it was a deer, or another Therianthrope wandering around. So he just ignored it and listened to the leaves around him. What alerted him to the presence of something; No someone else nearby, was when the scent of fresh blood reached his heightened senses. Slowly opening his eyes he sat up and moved further back against the trunk of the tree to silently, observe who ventured into his home. Afraid to come down he peeked around the branches. 

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A pleasant breeze blew across the forestry terrain; the crisp leaves rustling sweetly together. The noise calming as the water of the nearby stream rippled. The scene was perfect and extremely soothing for anyone who was looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city that loomed in the distance. Justice had taken a personal day for himself away from the ranch. He set up his own little camping space not too far from the water.  A fishing pole settling in the soft rippling water waiting for something to latch onto the bait. He hummed a country song under his breath as he found himself completely relaxed with the situation around him. Everything was going perfect now it was time for the fish to start appearing 

Justice found nature to have a calming effect on him, especially after a chaotic foaling season with the horses on the ranch. Working a horse ranch during foaling season ment around the clock watching for signs of distress of the mama during labor. Justice rarely found himself getting a proper night of sleep during this time of the season. He paced around the barn most nights waiting and watching as some of the new mares were terrible at caring for newborn foals.  Most times Justice and the other ranch hands had to interfere with the new mothers. This was a hard time for a rancher when they had to be a replacement mother to the foals and they needed round the clock feedings. Rarely being able to get away from the ranch made having a social life hard; the cowboy rarely ever ventured into the city for a night on the town, but he was a country boy at heart and his anxiety was best reserved out in nature. 

A strong current tugged at Justice’s fishing line ever so lightly as the river flowed peacefully; excitement filled the Therian’s optics once he saw a harsh tug at the thin see-through line. He reeled for a moment, before he set the hook in the mouth of a large rainbow trout.  The fish fought as Justice reeled him in against the current of the river. This fish was a true fighter and Justice was having the time of his life trying to wrangle this big fresh fish to the shore.  His optics bright with hunger as he watched the fish come to the surface, splashing some water onto his features.  Soon the trout stopped fighting against the current and Justice reeled the beautiful creature ashore. The sun glimmering on its rainbow colored scales; with a quick movement of his hand, Justice plucked the hook from the slimy squirming fish’s mouth.  Within another movement the fish had given it’s life to feed Justice. “Oh this boy is gonna cook up nice!” He groaned.

When the scent didn't appear to move closer Lixue grew even more curious about what was happening. Gracefully letting himself fall from the tree he landed almost silently. A feat in itself, what with the small twigs and foliage surrounding the tree. Following the scent he only realized as he grew closer that it wasn't human. The scent of blood came from a fish. His stomach growled automatically than. Glaring down at it he willed it to be silent before he continued to approach the male whose back was towards him by the river. Lixue wasn't sure what to say or do. How was he supposed to speak to or greet someone so close to his home in the forest? Without making it seem as creepy and horror movie like. The answer was simple their was no way to make him appearing behind the other male less creepy. 

Clearing his throat he tried to not freak the other male out, "Hello," He called cautiously his voice not very loud or clear, he worried the other male might not be able to hear him very well. Trying again he cleared his throat and spoke a few octaves louder, "Greetings!" Moving slightly closer Lixue waited to see if the other male would react or respond to his greeting. Biting his bottom lip he let his eyes roam over the stranger. He was relatively new to town. He had met up with a few people like himself. One of them being Orion, but other than that he didn't really leave the cabin he rented. Preferring to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As he moved a bit closer other scents flooded him.

Lixue could now not only smell the fish, he could also smell horses. Tilting his head slightly to the side he analysed the stranger a bit more closely. He could tell the male was a larger build than him, not only in height but also in muscle. Lixue determined that the male must work on a farm, it was the most logical to him. He was certain if he were to shake the males hand he would find calluses which would indicate that he was a hard worker. Plus the muscles that Justice had didn't come from normal work out routines. They came from age old hard labor that came with working on a ranch. Lixue found himself less than two feet away from the other male now, and the scent of wolf filled his nose. Tensing up suddenly he stared at the stranger, his whole body on high alert. "Who are you!?"

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