Sunsets where one of the few things the Initia missed watching, even though he knew he was going to lose his sight to master the earth element didn’t mean he couldn’t be sad about the things he gave up. Yet every time he was home and the sun was to set he found himself standing outside barefooted his face turned up to the sky, playing the memories of sunset in hopes to cling to the memory. That dusk was no different. Enzo was standing in the middle of his yard, Rocky laying next to him as he felt the heat of the fading sun dance upon his face.

Yet the vibration of footsteps caused him to turn his face in the direction they were coming from. While he couldn’t see the person with his eyes he had other ways to see her. The vibrations that her footsteps told him that she was a woman or a young child with how late she seemed to move. He turned his whole body to face her as she came up the path that was lined with smooth rocks. He was used to people he didn’t know finding their way to him. After all he was the Earth master, he had trained one or two students at that point.

He moved over to the gate that she was happening upon with Rocky in tow behind him as his bare feet padded against the dusty path. He placed a smile on his face as he called out. “Hello there!” He moved to open the gate and leaned on it “How can I help you?” he ran his hand over his hair as he listens to the sounds around him. The crickets where already starting up and he could tell Rocky wanted to chase the squirrel in the tree nearby. “Go.” he directed to Rocky who ran off.

The blind man turned back to her and offered her his arm “How about I offer you something to drink?” he led her back to his cabin which had a dirty floor as he opened the door, he let her go and moved to where his kitchen was. “Coffee or tea?” he asked as he pulled out two mugs.

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It's a huge responsibility, to be a Grand Master. Being a Master alone is already a big weight on your shoulders, much less being more than one Master, and of course… being the head of the Evermore Initia council too. The Ukrainian born female hasn't even settled properly in the eternal city, she still has yet to check in any updates regarding her sessions and shifts as a transferred psychologist, though being a Master alone is already considered to be a full-time job since she would be teaching any Initia who wishes to learn the Psychic element. For now, she wasn't in as much demand as Rowan, mostly due to the fact that no Diverse Initia would want to learn Psychic, probably by far the most unpredictable element ever. Nobody knows the full history of it, and she remained the only evidence that anyone has to a teacher. Even she wouldn't call herself trustworthy. 

Good news, she is training Theodor, a 1000 something Initia who joined the Ailward Guard and was granted immortality amulet since it has been centuries since a Psychic Initia existed and even when they did, they led a rather low-profiled life fearing that people would use them or see their element to be an abomination like how they did to Phoenixes. It was too risky and completely understandable. They were the rarest Initia anyway, why would they risk their lives for something that's completely unknown? Self-preservation at its finest. Sofi has yet to meet every current Masters of each element, she only knew one of them personally and that was only because Rowan Mckenzie just so happened to be her best friend that she spent a good portion of her life with. Everyone else were strangers to her.

 And Sofi always keeps her eye out in the alert, which she was immensely grateful for her ability in the Psychic element that allows her to be sure who she should trust and who she should not. Today was supposed to be just like any regular day, training. Again. Physical training always kept her head off the grid and gives her another thing to think about entirely. Which means she would not have to rack her head and think about what's going on. Physical training had always been her way to let off steam and pressure building from inside. It's a good practice accompanied by yoga and meditation. Sofi knew it was important to keep herself clear-headed, especially within the vicinity of her affinity element.

 But not today, today is all about going off to meet one of the Masters; the Earth Master to be exact, Lorenzo De Rosa. It didn’t take her long to pinpoint his location, so when she arrived, she poked her head out and eyed the dog. Right, he’s supposed to be blind. She totally forgot about that. But of course he would be able to sense her presence, when you lose one of your senses, the others would be heightened. The enthusiasm in his voice almost took her by surprise but it only made her smile, such a happy guy, “Hello” she murmured softly. “I’m here to see Lorenzo De Rosa? Are you him?” Of course, she knew it’s him but a little test wouldn’t hurt. Nobody actually knew how she looked like or sounded, only a small sum did. “Thank you” she trailed behind him and followed him, taking in the sight of the place from every corner, “Coffee if you wouldn’t mind.” Pursing her lips slightly, she cleared her throat and asked him, “Are you the Earth Master?”

Lorenzo had not been expecting visitors that day, in fact he expected to finish his morning coffee and make his way through the forest where he planted a little garden to tend to before making his way into his cafe. Though her showing up on his land was a surprise it was not one he wasn’t accustomed too. After all being an Element master meant students would often seek one out to learn. He felt like he hadn’t had a good student in quite a long time. The rumors of the Psychic Initia had caught his ear but he figured if there was going to be a change in leadership he would hear about it at some point.

So he smiled at her as she stood in front of him. His gaze not exactly meeting hers right on but pretty close. “Yes that would be me. I should really start wearing a name tag shouldn’t I?” he chuckled as he led her back to his home that he built out of morphing trees. “Sorry for the dirt floors. It's better for me to see so to say.” He said as he tapped his foot on the ground softly and then moved to where he had a coffee maker somehow managing to blend earth and modern tech together. “Before you ask, its safe Rowan himself checks it every time he stops by sure I have burned my home to the ground.”

He looked back to her ask she cleared her throat and asked the question. “Well I sure hope I am. Or else I gave my sight up for no reason.” He chuckled as he let his eyes rest on her heavy for a moment. He could sense a slight shift in the energy around them and he smirked taking a shot in the dark in the end he would just sound like a crazy blind man if he was wrong on who she was. “I would like it if you stayed out of my head though. I tend to be a very open guy and well I am sure its just all darkness in there anyways.” He joked as he turned around and made two cups of coffee and moved to the table setting them door before taking one of the seats and waited for her to set down.

“You have me at a disadvantage, since you know my name.” He said as he picked up the mug and felt Rocky rest his head on his knee. “Do I get to know yours?” He asked as he took a long sip from the mug before setting it back down. “What brought you to my home this lovely morning?” He asked as he leaned back in the seat. Settling in to listen to what she came to tell him.

There wasn't much that Sofi knew about the other Masters in the city with the exception of Rowan who managed to stick by her side in dire circumstances when she's panicking over the newfound leadership she was left over to pick up all the remaining pieces. Truthfully, the blonde had no idea what to do, she came back here with the purpose of rejoining the tribe, to accept that offer she was given by the previous Grand Master the last time she came to Evermore which was over 6 years ago. She remembered what she jotted down on her notebook last night, the names of every element Master in the Evermore tribe that coincidentally were also new at this, at least in this place. It gave her a small reassurance that perhaps they, like her, would be able to reach a mutual agreement together. It wasn't supposed to be easy so of course, Sofi didn't expect much. First stop; Lorenzo De Rosa, Earth Master. 

Apparently he's ocular impaired, but senses like that doesn't hinder an Initia from connecting with their abilities using their elements anyway, it never have. That's their specialty. The part which made Sofi feel proud of being an Initia, even if she didn't start off on the best foot. Oh, and he owns a cafe. "I don't see why you should, I think the best foundation to lead a communicational basis is to interact with the other party. In any possible way" she quipped softly, everyone in equal here in the tribe, that's what she had been wanting to envision since so long ago, even before she even became a Metal Master. So that's what she will be enforcing and practice here. "I don't mind the dirt, I'm guessing it allows you to connect better with the earth to aid you on a daily basis. I get the sentiment." After all, Sofi is also a metal Master and both metal and earth elements are connected fairly similar to one another. She chuckled at the sudden mention of the Scottish Electric Master, "Yeah, I'll be sure to let him know that." Don't get her wrong, she is fine with technology since it all but aided her on her journey while she was studying psychology but it can be quite burdensome at times.

 The topic about giving up his sight caused her to cause inwardly, "Sorry about that… I understand that it is a very sore topic to be talking about" she murmured faintly, she didn't mean for it to come like that. Sofi widened her eyes in surprise and parted her lips as if she was about to say something but decided against it as she pressed her lips together to form a thin line. "Do you know who I am, Lorenzo?" Of course words about a Psychic Initia would have came around, especially to the Masters but still, she wanted to know how fat they know about her. She's in a bit of a disadvantage there and wishes to find out if they even know her name. "But don't worry, I don't… usually tap into people's heads every time I met them. A breach to privacy right there and as a psychologist, it is strictly against my philosophy, sir" Admittedly, she did have her fair share of doing that but only given certain times. 

"I only read your emotions and aura upon meeting to identify if you're a threat or not, I swear. That is as far as I go. Not that you are a threat but... " she stopped herself when she noticed she had been babbling, "Sorry, I'm babbling… of course you're not a threat." She pursed her lips lightly the moment he asked her for her name, which she complied to, "Sofi. My name is Sofiya Zahara. But most people call mr Sofi. Simply because Sofiya just… irks me. A lot. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She examined her surroundings before smiling softly at his direction as she settled down on a seat, "Just here to meet the Earth Master. I'm new here in the community, after all" she then leaned close and whispered, "Also you were wrong. Your head wasn't all pitch black."

The blind man chuckled towards the blonde who was in his home now. “I guess that is very true also. Communication is kind of key for a lot of what I need in life.” He chuckled as she said she doesn’t mind the dirt. “It's the one place I can truly be my earthy self.” he railed his big toe in the dirt making a smiley face. “Feeling the earth below me makes life feel more grounded.” he laughed at his own dad joke as he nodded. “I am glad you don’t mind it too much.”  He chuckled as she let him know he was still standing. “Well I am sure he will be happy to know I am still breathing since I am fairly sure I never responded to his last text.” the initia touched his pocket where the phone was. 

“Not at all.” He said as he smiled to her. “I came to terms with it long before following the path of becoming a master. It was scary at first you know everything fading. I chose this path for a reason in the end.” He touched his temple for a moment and smirked slightly to her. “Well I am not sure if I should say yes or no to that Miss.” He gave a slight shrug, “For all I kow I let a complete and utter strange in my home who may murder me if I say that I do and you are not infact them.” He replied back, and when she confirmed to him that she was in fact the new Initia leader he gave a bright smile to her. “Well nice to meet a psychic who believes in privacy though if I had such a gift I am sure I would not have such a philosophy.” He admitted as he sipped his coffee. “I am the one who likes to bend the line of morality.” he chuckled to himself thinking about his last sexual encounter that may have ended up with his partners in vines. Though they did agree beforehand.

Raising a brow the Initia leaned on the table and raised one of his eyebrows towards her. “And what makes me not a threat?” he wondered besides the fact he was very Zen in nature he had a side of him that many did not see, and if they did, they made sure not to see it again. “I like to think I can hold my own if it ever came to needing to fight.” he said before he held his hand out to her. “Pleasure to meet you Sofi,” he said as he shook her hand. “Please call me Enzo because Lorenzo just doesn’t sound quite as sexy.” he wiggled his brows and then they quickly pulled together as he unseeing eyes rested on her. “Oh it isn’t?”

Curiosity got the best of the cat in that moment so to say as he moved the mugs away and leaned closer towards her. “I am curious Grand Master, what do you see?” he kept his hand pressed to the table as he leaned closer unsure how the Psychic initia worked. “Free chance to tell me.”

When she first heard about the newly elected Earth Master that was also chosen by his predecessor, Sofi had to admit this wasn't what she expected at all. It wasn't something bad, for sure. Enzo wasn't described as badly, everyone else seemed to prefer his company, perhaps for this very reason why she felt the way she wanted to carve a smile at his behavior. She had been here for a while and yet Sofi had already come to respect this man, he was tolerant. Kind too, she presumed. From his body language alone, so many things could be told about him which the blonde Initia didn't bother to take a read because that's not why she was here today. Unless asked, she wasn't going to go around invading people's privacy. "Communication is the key to everything, yes" she nodded in affirmation, that's where she found herself staking a common ground with when it comes to other people, "If you can't communicate well, then is there any hopes or chances for our message to be relayed properly?" 

His place was quite homey, it wasn't too spacious but it fits perfectly to his enticing personality. "Home is where everything is at" she quipped softly, she wished she could have the chance to find somewhere she would feel the comfort of a home. Right now, her place wasn't really digging into her heart. Yet. It will come to pass soon, though. She wasn't picky. "You're quite the lively and humorous guy, aren't you, Mr De Rosa?" It was somewhat like an instinctual thing for her to revert to formalities when conversing. She's been dealing with clients who came seeking out after being clinically prescribed, after all. Taking care of their self-esteem and mental health is what she does best.

 "Rowan can be… protective. He acts like he doesn't care but that big heart of his doesn't make it easy for him to lie through… that and his inability to have a perfectly straight emotionless face. Guy sucks at giving poker face, I swear." Even the Electric Master himself admitted to it. Sofi scoffed heartily at his remark saying she may have been an actual serial killer at the end of the day, "If I wanted to get rid of a body, this would be way too much work" she joked, it was an inside joke between her and Rowan where he always said she looked like a person who would resort to poison if she wished to get rid of someone. "I was trained in the areas of discipline when I was a kid. The tribe where I was from was a lot more harsh… it was hard to compete with others there too" It also helps that Psychic wasn't an element she learned there too. She was an outsider; an outcast nobody's wanted to befriend with. "So yes, honor and privacy, they're important to me." 

When asked what doesn't make him a threat, Sofi smiled and shrugged, "First off, your body language tells you a story. If you're jittery and all, it tells us something. Your tone is very levelled, it's either you're casual or you're seriously trained because you're a serial killer which would have given me the upper hand because the third reason being I can read your aura. If you're a danger to me, I would know. One of the perks of being a Psychic." Definitely a lot more cons to the element too but nobody else needed to know that. "You are definitely a formidable opponent don't get me wrong but I meant threat as in danger." She snickered at his introduction, he seemed quite lighthearted, it was refreshing to see someone like that. It wasn't easy to come across someone who is genuinely happy like this. 

She had to admit that when he asked to know what she could see, she was taken aback but at the same time, she wasn't surprised. Of course, he would want to know and who is she to deny someone their own thoughts? "Unless you're dead, your head is not pitch black. I can't see recollection of memories, I can only access what the person think of right now, so I can only know the past of that individual if they decide to go back to memory lane" she pursed her lips and beckoned for him to think about something, "Your head is always filled with something though. Try thinking about something specific."

Lorenzo gave a slow nod to her “I feel like if more people realized the value in communication verse some other things our world would be vastly more peaceful.” he mused softly before shaking his head returning himself in that moment. Enzo gave a gentle nod of her head towards her. “Home is where one can be themselves, or so how I look at it. Among the others I can be me. In the city not so much except when I am making a mean cup of Joe form my own beans.” he said as he shrugged. “But home is different to many people at the end of the day also. Its not to me the walls nor the roof but being accepted among people who get who I am.” het let out a soft hum. “I am going on a strange tangent forgive me.”

The tanner male felt the smirk pulled against his lips as he gave a soft chuckle. “Well I like to think I have a good sense of humor but I am sure there are a few who would disagree. I would say that they are boring or too angry to get me.” He chuckled softly and then shook his head. “Please call me Enzo. Mr De Rosa was my father and I don’t want to be associated with that man.” Enzo turned his face to not be faced towards Sofi as he squished the slight rage mention his father brought out of him. The man was something he didn’t like to talk about, even though he was young and they made their escape long ago now.  

“I don’t even have to see his face to know he sucks at the poker face.” Enzo gave a small smirk as he thought about Rowan and the times that he tired to be stern with Enzo. It was kinda hard to be stern when it came to the earth initia. “He has reasons for the things he does though so I often don’t question things.” He said as he ran his finger along the mug for a moment. Laughing softly as Sofi joked back with him about her possibly being a Serial Killer it was nice to know she had a sense of humor. “Your right I am far too heavy for that whole killing thing.” As she spoke of her tribe it made him frown ever so slightly. He wasn’t sure if he himself could handle strike tribe life, that was why he was so thankful for his teacher, he understood that. “I’m sorry you came from a harsh environment. I have had my dark spots myself.” he said honestly as he then rested his hand softly on hers. “I do respect that you know to value honor and privacy though.”

Enzo well groomed brow rose slightly as she talked about how he wasn’t a threat and it made his lips pull into the smile that often graced his features. “As long as you know I am a formidable opponent more so then my want to actually hurt you then I accept this.” he chuckled and thought for a moment. “So you read my Aura? What color is it?” he had always wondered about that, and most people he wouldn’t trust to tell him but since she was actually Psychic it was an interesting learning opportunity for the Initia. Upon hearing her laugh at his introduction he relaxed into his chair fully. He enjoyed making people laugh and feeling the vibrations of it move through his home.

He felt the pause in the air as she thought about if she should dive into his mind. As she instructed him to think of something specific the Initia brain scanned on what he should think of. Then his mother overwhelmed his thoughts, on how she showed him to bake and make coffee, and then how they ate what they had made.. He closed his eyes basking in the memory of his mother. It caused a soft ache in his chest but she was the best memory he had.

"True, but that's the problem with the world, people offer you a possible solution but sometimes you can't accept changes so you ended up declining it. Even if it means to a better future. At the end of the day, it all only leads to one thing in particular; something no one else can intercede on anyone's behalf" she mused, Enzo's thinking had piqued her interest earlier, the way he viewed things surprised her in ways she would love to be surprised. "You have quite the philosopher coat draped all over you right now, Enzo, I'm impressed" she chuckled and nodded knowingly, she understood what he was trying to deliver, as someone who had been searching for her purpose as an Initia since forever, home is where the heart is at; a place where she felt others would accept her and wherever her conscious would take her. It was a complex way of explaining it, so she didn't bother doing so. "If they don't get the humor, then that is on them, no? It all depends on one's preferences, after all. Besides, you can't satisfy everyone in this universe… it doesn't seem to be balanced. You can probably be the most kindest person that has ever existed in this world and people would still envy you so… where does that leave you?"

 Sofi gave up trying to understand why people did what they did, a while ago. She only studied why their emotions drove them to make impulsive and reckless choices instead of convening with their conscience first. But if that was the case, then there would be no bad in this world, in a way. Which is, unfortunately, not balanced at any scale. When he insisted that she calls him Enzo instead of his surname, Sofi nodded and murmur a small "Very well." To know that Rowan had gotten along well with others here made her heart warm, who wouldn't be elated to find out that their best friend is getting along with their community? She intends to be the same. "Oh, trust me, I know. He was even worse during college years." When he said he wasn't fit for the whole killing thing, the blonde scoffed, "That's what every killer tends to say" she jested and pressed her lips together once the topic regarding the tribe resurfaced.

 "We all have a bold upbringing" Bold, that was one way to phrase it, "I can't even say I wasn't bothered by what I went through because that's a lie and because I can detect when someone's lying, I shouldn't be making myself out to be a hypocrite either. It's always better to face it rather than to keep it, anyway. I don't want it to root itself inside us and create that toxic mindscape." Of course she knew how much of a formidable opponent he can be, every Master in the tribe was. Even those she handpicked and invited to Evermore. "Believe me, you wouldn't be a Master if you're not a formidable opponent to anyone, Enzo." When asked what the color of the aura he emitted, she rolled her shoulders and settled against the seat comfortably, "Right now? Light blueish. It represents serenity. There's a mix of yellow too, which can describe playfulness." 

Sofi doesn't like to intrude into people's own mindscape, the Initia feels strongly against it since it was a breach of security and privacy in one's own mental but since he insisted, maybe it wouldn't hurt. The memory she saw made her heart ache too, her orphan self just decided to burst out from one of her memory lane doors which was why after a while, which seemed so long to Sofi but only a few seconds with Enzo, the blonde pulled away. "Sorry… It got a bit overwhelming. That's a factor I need to perfect it even more, my emotions are left unguarded when I delve into the mindscape. So whatever I see, they act on it, especially if I can relate to them. Was that your mother?"

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