The morning in Evermore had begun like any other. The sun had risen from the horizon line, bathing the land in orange and reds and the Niveis had once again watched it from her perch upon Evermore's mountain top. 

A blanket of clouds beneath her, the blazing sun before her and waking city surrounding her. This was Lyra's element. The oranges, reds and pinks reminded her of her past life...The Phoenix in her still burned as bright as the rising sun, but a different sort of flame, so cold it burnt like fire. Ice ran through her once fire-fuelled veins now. 

Lyra Melior had lived in Evermore for many moons now, however she had never worked a day. She finished her Degree. Masters and PHD to the highest level and managed to extend those qualifications into becoming a medical examiner, the next step was to get a job in the field. 

Evermore had a morgue, of course, like so many cities do, with one examiner to the current moment, Rashesh Patel. Now, Lyra also knew that a morgue needed more than one person and she had set her heart on that job, and Lyra was good at getting what she wanted. 

The Niveis dressed smarting, black trousers that hugged her every curve, fitting her perfectly and a crisp white shirt that again fit her like a glove. She wore a tie, only pulled up to her sternum, the shirt buttons undone to that point too. In a folder in her hands, all her degree's and paperwork that proved her qualification, plus glowing recommendations from her peers. 

Evermore's morgue was settled in the centre of the human faction. She was let in by a grumpy looking security guard and her heels click, click, clicked against the stone floors. It was cold, however a frown pulled at her carved brows...As a Niveis now, the cold had become her thing, and this room wasn't cold enough. She approached the cold-lockers, running her fingers over the doors to the lockers before pouting...Too warm. She smiled, tracing a pattern on each locker door and freezing them further. Her gaze travelled around the room then, finding Mr. Patel's office...

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Rashesh after his escape from the Isle of Skye three years ago had an interesting life to say the least. He went from his sisters running to the ends of the earth and having no one to meeting Emily a human he fell passionately in love with. His life seemed perfect he got a job where he could work semi alone so no one asked him about his glowing when he was annoyed. About two years into their relationship he was going to propose but the night he was going to she never showed up. Returning home he found all her things there so he waited up all night his concern grew. After waiting the amount of time he was supposed to he reported her missing. Now some time had past and every body that showed up to the morgue he worried it would be hers.

It was a big part of the reason why he loved hate his job. He had a fear that when he looked down he would see her. It didn’t help that there was a serial killer on the loose killing women who looked exactly like Emily. When he walked in that morning he remembered he had an interview that day as he was supposed to have two employees under him but had been putting that off for a while now. He moved to turn on the coffee maker as he looked over the files of those he was to cut open that day before moving to his office.

When the beeping of  the coffee machine went off he moved to go pour a cup and paused in his doorway watching Lyra as her fingers moved along the lockers. He noticed the room getting colder which caused him to clear his throat. “You know as a supernatural I do hope you don’t use your powers so openly in publicly.” he moved from the office to the coffee maker on the other side of the morgue where he poured a cup. “My name is Rashesh Patel, I am assuming you are Lyra?” He asked as he returned with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Taking in how professional she looked he downed the contents in the mug and smiled. “Well I am not one for long boring interviews so lets see.” He said as he pulled open the drew of one of them newly frozen bodies. “Tell me what your first step would be to examine the body?” he watched her trying to gage her reaction to the dead body in front of her.

The sound of a voice caused Lyra to spin quickly towards the sound, flicking her hair over her shoulder as she did. Her Bluey-green orbs landed up a man in a long white coat that much have been Rashesh. She took a few steps towards him as he pulled a coffee from the machine.

"It depends if you always keep your room too warm for the lockers, That would be a problem." She replied without a beat, a smile gracing her pretty features. She watched him walk over with his coffee in hand and tilted her head to the side. "Indeed. Lyra Melior." She said softly.


The next thing that came out of his mouth was the first question in the interview. She looked at the corpse infront of her without batting an eyelid and wandered over closer to the table. "Firstly, pictures. Before we start messing with wounds, or changing the settling of blood. Pictures. Then Evidence. Hair samples, Fingernails, Gun residue, fibres, whatever foreign objects we need." Walking around the table as she spoke, her lips pursed slightly and she leaned a little closer to a sizeable wound. "X Ray if necessary if you don't have a portable one in the morgue itself." She did one more lap before looking up to Rashesh. "Then the usual, clean it up, sew it up, weigh the body and note down the body description, scars, hair, tattoos and birthmarks." She finally reached Rashesh at the other side of the table and she smiled. "Then its time for the internal exam, organ harvesting."

Lyra flipped her hair over her shoulder and put her attention back to Rashesh. "Anything else you want to know?" She asked, offering her rather full folder with her qualifications in.


Rashesh eyes moved over to the lockers and let out a soft sigh. “I will have to call maintenance to look at them again. I swear they think just because the person has passed they shouldn’t be just as cared for as they would be above.” He shook his head towards her as he smiled back towards her. “Pleasure to meet you Lyra Melior.” he said as he offered his hand to her to have a handshake before they moved over to how he interviewed people.

Rashesh took in how she wasn’t easily grossed out which was a plus for him. The last interview had thrown up on the floor. He listened to her explain the steps she would take with the body and how she would go through gathering things that where needed and how they would process things. As she joined him on his side he gave a slow smirk. “Good you know your stuff, and you don’t seem grossed out which is a plus for me.”

He took the folder from her as he closed the body back up and moved over to one of the clean tables setting it down and flipped through it. “Do you have a problem with keeping what you learn in this morgue to yourself?” He asked as he looked up to her from the papers knowing she was qualified for the job within the first few. “Here in Evermore we make two reports on bodies. One that is open to the public and most of the time its just that one. But then their are cases that are far more darker and not suitable for those who don’t know about the supernatural world.”

He let his eyes hang on her for a long moment. “Do you think you could handle knowing that we don’t put the whole truth out to the public? And work with a special task force meant to keep rogue supernaturals away from the city the best we can?”

A hand shake can tell lot avbout a person, the pressure they give, the strength of their arm...As a woman, Lyra had had to cultiate her hand shake for the various scenario's she had been involved within. Business being one of them. Lyra had been involved in the business world for years, she'd had many careers and many persona's, her handshake read confidence.

A small smirk perched upon Lyra's lips and she cocked her head to the side slightly. "I've been doing this for longer than you've probably been alive." She purred before glancing around the room, running her tongue over her bottom lip.

Te next question made her frown slightly. Why would the things she would do here need to be hidden? She shook her head slightly. "My business is my business, the report itself is professional and will only entail information relevant to the party that needs to see it. If that means a few white lies to the public, then white lies are fine by me." She shifted her wiehgt, cocking her hip out slightly. "I can liase with anyone, but i prefer to do my work, alone or in silence." Lyra ran her fingers through her hair before watching him.

"So when do I start?"

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Rashesh gave a soft chuckle to Lyra words as he leaned his head to the side offering a light shrug for a moment. “You know what in Evermore I would never disagree with someone who says that. Since I am considered young in my own species.” He chuckled as he then let her hand go and looked to the paperwork for a moment.

“I know the question is one that is strange but when dealing with humans and a supernatural world there is a line that has to be walked. Can’t exactly say a man was murdered by a Valkyr and not come off as we aren’t doing our jobs properly. So the ones we are really reporting to are supernatural’s also. Who we will often be alongside out on field work also.” He gave her a smile before he then looked her over one more time.

“Not much of a talker?” He asked as he then moved from her to her desk. “Lucky for you it will just be us two. I often don’t talk much. I prefer to work alone but things have come up and I need the help.” He said as he sat her file down and hummed softly. “You can start now if you like. If not first thing in the morning.” he pointed to the desk that was in the corner. “That will be your desk. Feel free to add your own touches to it as you see fit.” he moved behind his desk which was on the other side of the room.

She let out another light chuckle as he mentioned a Valkyr attack and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm very capable of making a Valkyr attack seem like an everyday occurance to the human world. You won't have to worry there." She purred softly. IT was true, Lyra had managed to fake a lot of autopsy results for the eyes of humans, convincing animal attacks or drug overdoses...Its something they as supernaturals had to do to preserve the balance.

Adding a smile to her features, Lyra shook her head. "I can talk as much as the next person, I just prefer to work in silence. Sometimes concentration is the key to not missing the smallest of details."

When he said she could start now, She grinned and nodded, clicking her heels against the ground as she walked over to the desk he'd pointed out. "Whats the first case?"

“As long as you are good at making a real report for our bosses and then a fake report for the public you will get along fine with these who pay us will be happy.” He said as he looked her over for a moment. She was confident and seemed to know the work that needed to be done. He was used to people walking out due to some moral code about lying to the public. They just didn’t seem to understand that avoiding mass hysteria over people who don’t truly understand the supernatural world needed to be a thing.

Rashesh felt a soft chuckle leave his lips as he gave a gentle nod to her. “I can get behind that. I get super focused on work and get silent. I have had other co-workers that thought I was pissed. Like no Janet I am just trying to go over every inch and note things doing my damn job.” He gave a shake of his head for a moment. “So it's glad to see that you share the same look on it. Will make for a good work environment.”

Rashesh led her to the table that had a body with a cover over it. “Well before I show you the body I should show you the fact we think it's linked to a serial killer.” He then pointed to a board that he had rolled out before she had come into the morgue. It had photos of girls that looked similar. “They all look similar but have been different species. So looking at this body we need to figure out the species along with how she was killed.” He said and then moved the cover and looked at the woman who matched the others, it was eerie how they all looked so much like his missing girlfriend Emily. He always paused looking to the bodies.

A smile lifted her features once more and she glanced over her shoulder to him. "Isn't it just customry to write two reports for the 'difficult' cases?" She purred but shook her head. IF only Rashesh knew she'd been there, done that and got the awards for it. The moral code she lived by was the majority happy. This meant that she had every possible skill to lie to reporters, to public and keep her mouth shut regarding her work...For the greater good.

Lyra couldn't help but laugh as he spoke next and she nodded. "Like, Jeez Paul, I don't want to Jam to Whitney while pulling teeth out." She let another little laugh and a small sigh following.

Once she'd put her things away on her desk, Lyra approached the draped table and tilted her head to the side slightly. "A serial killer in a small town like this?" She asked curiously. Glancing up at the board, she approached, her dark eyes darting from image to image. The girls were very similar. Same build, hair color, size. "Calculated." She muttered under her breath. Lyra ran her fingers over a few pictures and then looked over when he removed the cover.

"The person doing this, have you deducted any tells?"

Snapping on a pair of gloves. she began walking around the table, examining the first glance of the woman upon the table.

"Because I don't believe the killers human..."

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