Despite having his own place, nothing really felt like home as much as his dad's house did. Arwyn had wanted to surprise his dad, pretty much the way he had done last week. The therian's cheeks turned a slight shade of red at the memory of that awkward encounter but it had gotten his past with Damien out and Damien's secret in the light. Arwyn still couldn't believe that the valkyr had failed to mention his being an ambassador of a faction to him.

It surprised Arwyn, how much things had changed in the past few years. Earlier, he had been afraid to open up, unhappy and hurting. He was indeed extremely grateful to his family for allowing him the space he needed to grow, even if it had meant disappearing on them for a bit. His dad had welcomed him, no questions asked but Arwyn knew he had deeply hurt Sera. 

They had always been close, able to quickly figure out each other's issues and ready to help without being asked. But lately, he had felt a gap between them, a sort of distance that he didn't know how to bridge. He had taken to keeping in touch with her constantly but he knew she didn't speak to him as freely as she once used to.

He was glad she had finally mentioned the encounter with those dangerous people to their dad. Arwyn felt relieved to know that now he wouldn't be the only one to look out for those men. They had already lost so much, they simply couldn't afford to be lax with their security anymore. 

Entering the living room, Arwyn paused for a moment, listening to any sound. But it was evident that his dad was not at home and neither was Sera. Figuring he'd wait around, he moved to the well-stocked kitchen, browsing around for food options. 

Arwyn was in the process of reheating his dad's pasta when the front bell sounded. He paused for a moment, wondering who it could be, before walking down the corridor and swinging it open. He was a bit surprised to find Elle on the other side, as he had figured that his sister would have gone to visit her. "Hey, though Sera was with you," he remarked, stepping away from the door, gesturing for her to come inside. "Both she and dad are out at the moment but I'm guessing they'll be back soon. Would you like to wait?"

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Since living in Evermore, Elle had come face to face, with a few familiar faces; she had known years prior before she had truly lived here. It was her friends and a certain male Nephilim Guard that kept her sane right now; especially as both of her brothers had disappeared out of town; no word, no goodbye. Leaving her severely pissed off with both of them. No longer feeling, like she could rely on either sibling; since they were gone. It was just her friends, she could turn to in times of crisis. 

Out of all her friends, Seraphina had become like a sister to her. Elle looked out for the younger female. They had met up rather frequently; whether it was a girly day out, or just some bonding time out in the city when they had time. But today, due to a change of plans. Elle was a bit later than intended to visit Sera. Changing the venue, was a good thing. When she arrived, it slightly surprised her; that it was Sera’s brother Arwyn that answered the door, instead. Elle couldn’t recall the last time she had seen the young Valkyrie male.

“Hey.” she greeted, with a soft smile. Lightly laughing at his comment. “We had a slight change of plans. I was dealing with something I came here instead.” Nodding, as he mentioned that his sister was out with their father. Maybe Sera forgot? Or didn’t realise the time? It wouldn’t surprise her, if either of those things had happened. Smiling as he let her in, she walked inside. “That’d be great actually, thanks for the invite.” The elder woman gave him a thankful smile. Elle figured going back would be pointless. She might as well wait here for Sera.

“How have you been? I don’t think I’ve seen much of you around the city.” Elle figured, it might be nice to catch up with Arwyn for a change.

Gesturing for Elle to make herself comfortable, Arwyn went back to the microwave to turn it off. "I'm having some of my dad's pasta. Can I fix you a plate? Trust me, you definitely would not want to miss this. He's an awesome cook" The Therian stated bringing the dish and some cutlery to the table before sitting down. 

It had been a while since he had tasted his dad's meal and though Arwyn is happy about his independence, a part of him that will always be his dad's boy craves the home-cooked meals and binging shows with Ori when he's around. Both Damien and he are decent enough cooks and he's forever grateful to have the Valkyr back by his side, but a part of him does miss his dad occasionally. But he is happy that Orion doesn't have to constantly worry about his kids and can move on with his own life too.

"I've been pretty good actually," Arwyn replies with a grin he can't seem to get off his face these days, especially since his life seems to have taken a better direction. "I got my new place recently so been busy with that these days. What about you? How are things holding up with you?" he inquires sincerely, curious to know a little more about his sister's best friend. Although Sera and he had been close, these days, he finds his sister keeping more and more secrets from him. Not that he blames her as Arwyn too hasn't always been around, but it doesn't keep him from worrying about her.

"I don't mean to pry or anything, but did Sera seemed distant lately? I am sorta worried about her. Shes's not been her usual self," Arwyn confesses frowning slightly. He trusts Elle and her relationship with his sister, which is why he feels comfortable opening up more to her and asking questions that have been bugging him for a while. 

As Elle walked inside, she shrugged off her jacket. Setting it on the back of a chair that was near the island table in the kitchen. Taking a seat on the stool. As Arwyn tried to tempt her with his father’s cooking. The Therian had to admit that it indeed smelled good. “Mhh, well it does smell rather delicious.” It wouldn’t hurt to try some right? Besides, she was feeling a bit hungry. “Alright, why not. Guess can I try a little.” Elle said, giving into his offer.

It wasn’t often that Elle tasted someone else’s cooking. She usually cooked for herself. Not to put a damper, on other people’s cooking-but the girl liked to experiment with her food and often came up with some good combinations. When she did taste someone else’s cooking, it was interesting to see and compare, how other people made certain dishes.

Seeing Arwyn’s grin, Elle couldn’t help but smile. Having a feeling, that his happy and up-beat attitude had to do with a certain someone. “So...who’s the lucky other half?” she asked, slightly teasingly; almost to let him know she noticed that grin. “Ah congrats, moving into a new place, is always exciting and tiring.” Having moved plenty of times herself, she knew it all too well. Her on the other hand? Now that was a bit complicated. “Well besides my constant family drama with my brothers, they really managed to piss me off for good this time. They both left Evermore, without a goodbye. Clearly, don’t appreciate my efforts for trying to keep our family...or what was left of it, together.” Elle frowned slightly. It hurt. Not so sure, that she could rely on her brothers anymore, with how they left her. Elle had always been the glue that kept the three siblings together-despite her brother’s differences. But this time round, it made her rather sour and hurt than usual. “Work on the other hand, Have a bit of a break from I finished off a project for my publishing company. So it feels good to have a bit of a breather for now, before I get something fresh thrown my way.”

When Arwyn asked about Sera, she half expected that the elder brother would say something. Thinking back on their last few conversations. “Mhh, I am not sure if distant is the right word. Just confused, bit scared maybe...I know the first time we've seen each other after I moved back, she mentioned someone was following her. I don’t know the full details. But I did tell her, that she should speak with Orion...your father. I mean, if anyone would help protect her, it’d be her flesh and blood, but I also offered her my help, if she needed it.” Elle hadn’t heard about more attacks since then; so wasn’t sure, if it had passed and Sera was now okay. “She also mentioned something about a blind date not long ago, but as far as I know...nothing came of it. Think she’s been doubting herself a bit too much, when it comes to the whole dating thing.” Maybe it wasn’t what Arwyn was expecting to hear, but that’s as much as she knew.

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