Niveis, the concept was still a bit foreign to Mikaere Bennett his life since waking up in that cold Ocean water had been about one thing; his Daughter. She was only a small child when her mother and father had been killed and when he woke up she was also gone. Mik believed that the Initia had taken her yet he could never seem to find her. As the years went on his determination to find her never faded she was either a Phoenix like he used to be or she was an Initia like her mother. Either way, she was still alive Mikaere believed that in his heart to be true.

Over the years Mikaere had become a valued member of the tribe, he got to know several of the members one person in particular. Lyra Melior, she worked in the local Morgue a cold and lonely job but someone had to do it. Mik enjoyed Lyra’s company he found himself calling her or getting calls from her when an unidentified woman’s body came into the morgue. 

Each time that call came Mik’s heart always sank deep into his feet he desperately didn’t ever want to have to identify the body of his child. Each time the body was not his own child his heart broke all over again because though the person on that cold table was not his child, she was someones. Mikaere stayed behind and always said a small prayer for the young woman.

Mikaere was a very spiritual man though not religious per se but he was spiritual and he hoped that he would find his child and be able to hold her in his arms once more. The phone ringing brought the dark-haired man out of his meditation, moving to pick up the phone. “Kia Ora” it was an informal Māori greeting, Though he was in the USA Mikaere still held onto many of his Māori ways.

“I will be right on down.” He said and hung up the phone moving to the dresser he picked out an outfit for the day dressing as quickly as he could. Once he was dressed he grabbed the keys to his Jeep and headed to the Morgue. His heart was pounding the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end Mikaere could never get over the feeling he got heading towards the doors.

Mikaere stopped and closed his eyes taking an unsteady breath he pulled the door open and headed inside. Anyone close to Mikaere knew the pain he suffered from the events of his change, but none more than Lyra who saw the string man cry each and every time he came to the morgue. You would think Mik would grow numb to the feeling but he never did each time hurt so very deeply.

“Kia Ora, Kaitiaki” (“Hello, Guardian”) Mik had given her the nickname Guardian because he saw her as the guardian to the dead. She was the last person who could speak for them, get justice for them. Mikaere wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug “Thank-you for calling me again.”

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The sky changed from the charcoal and black-ish green to a soft grey dove, then as if in one long swoop, bathed the world in ambers and orange until finally, the sun released the blue skies. Dawn was the invitation to the day, and the majority of the world slept straight through it.

Lyra Melior however, was not one of these people. The Niveis sat on the rim of the deceased Volcanoes mouth, the sand and gravel beneath her as she drew her knee’s to her chin and wrapped her arms around her legs. Her green orbs sparkled in the changing lights of the Dawn. Since drowning years ago and being reborn as a Niveis, Lyra had grown to love the rising sun. She remembered little of her death, she just remembered sinking, the sun above slowly disappearing to darkness and then when she awoke again, she remembered the bright, burning gaze of sunlight and her appreciation for that burning orb in the sky had grown ten-fold.

Reaching up, Lyra brought her long black curls into a ball atop her head and wrapped it up with a hair-tie in a big bun before making her way down the mountain and back home. The announcement of her returning home was a phone call. She fumbled around to find it and checked the aller ID. Great, the PD.
"Hello...Yes this is she...Great, I'll be right down." Short and sweet, Lyra hated phone calls. But on the plus side, there was a body in the morgue for her to examine.
The morgue itself was spotless when she arrived, Concrete floors easy to mop, white tiled walls that were easy to spray down, a small office in the corners in its own window-walled room. One wall was filled with freezer drawers the Morgue staff called ‘Cold lockers’ Some with tags and names, some empty. In the center of the room were two metal tables and in the center of the floor a little drain for the blood and in the centre, laid on a slightly raised table, a body. The niveis created a cold breeze, freezing the walls so the room remained chill.

It didn't take long for her to find a dull, icy blue tattoo that made her heart pang just a touch...a Niveis. Letting out a sigh, she took out her phone and dialled Mikaere and asked him to come down to the morgue. When he arrived, she accepted his hug and returned it with one arm, a smile on her features.

With her non-gloved hand, she touched his cheek and smiled a little more sympathetically. "This one is going to be difficult." She whispered, gesturing to the table in the middle of the room. In the centre, the body of a young Niveis girl lay covered in a white paper cover.


Placing his large hand over top of Lyra’s he took a deep breath before nodding slowly “They are always difficult, whether she is my child or not. She is someone’s child.” Mikaere let his hand drop down as he turned towards the table, the man held his breath and waited for his friend to lower the cover. His eyes fell onto the young Niveis woman and he shook his head no, “it isn’t her.” Mik felt his heart sink a little for the parents of the young woman.

“I am relieved that my girl is hopefully still out there somewhere, but deep down, my heart aches. Will I ever find her?” He said wondering out loud. “Thank you for calling me, I know it’s against protocol and all that.” Mikaere moved over to a chair on the side and sat down, giving her room to do her work. “How have you been Kaitiaki?” Over the course of Lyra helping him with this, Mik had grown fond of the woman, she was strong and spoke for those who no longer could speak.

She deserved respect and admiration for all she did and Mikaere gave her that and more. “Did you plan to join the Halloween festivities?” Mikaere had thought about going but he wasn’t sure he wanted to anymore, he couldn’t see himself enjoying a good time while he wasn’t sure where his child was. His friends often told him he still needed to celebrate and not let his life go on pause, something deep down just stopped the man from enjoying things in life.

Criss Crossing his legs on the chair he straightened his back resting his hands on his knees, this position was natural and comfortable for him;because of all his hours of meditation. “Do you know what happened to this young woman?”

Lyra watched his features intently as he took the the morgues table. She let out a sigh as she made her way towards the table, uncovering the face again of the victim. Her breathe held in her chest and didn't release until he said it wasn't her. She released the breath, the muscles in her shoulders unknitting slightly as the breath whistled through her lips.

Lyra placed her hand upon his arm and gave it a little squeeze. "Im always grateful its not her Mikaere. She IS out there." She said softly, reassuring the man beside her.  Truth was, Lyra didnt know, but she was hopeful. She wanted the girl to be out there..."Dont worry, it important what you're doing here...And im usually here alone anyway so..." She shrugged her shoulders before chuckling at his next question.

How was she? Lyra hadn't been asked that in a long time. Her life was one big auto pilot recently and she had to actually think about her response to Mik'. "I'm okay...A lot more bodies coming through so im busy more than anything."

When he asked about the Hallowee party, she snorted a laugh out and shook her head. "Not me I dont think. I spend most of my time alone down here...I wouldn't know who to go with r what to go as...Im not a party girl anymore" She said with a chuckle before running her hand through her hair and moving to sit across from him.

"It appears she was suffocated, but their are no marks that make it obvious HOW. Supernatural of course, but i don't know if the affixiation was the cause of death or a cover-up."

When she squeezed his arm Mik placed his large hand over hers for a brief moment before pulling his hand away and resting it upon his lap. “I do hope she is out there to Lyra, though it doesn’t hurt any less going through all of this time and time again. Thank you for helping me.” He was truly grateful for all she did for him. “It is important to me, it doesn’t always make it important for others.” The large man stood up his eyes watched the petite woman move about doing her job.

“The dark force within this city has rattled it to its core, I wish there was a way to put a stop to the line of bodies you see. Nobody should have to face this much death.” Though it was her job Mika was certain it had to rattle her on the inside no matter how used to it she was.

“Aye Parties and I don’t seem to mix well these days either, I avoided the Halloween and the Christmas ones. I don’t have much to celebrate right now.”

Mikaere moved over to the young woman on the table his eyes moving over her soft features “Such a shame to see a life ended before it’s time for no other reason than someone else’s pleasure.” The anger was evident in his tone. “How do you do it? How do you not succumb to the overwhelming feelings you must be experiencing?” His hues locked on hers.

The Niveis was often cold, calm, and hard to read he had trained himself to be that way after losing his wife and child. He refused to let himself love another person if he didn’t love then he couldn’t be hurt when the person was ripped away from him. Too many nights he would still wake in a cold sweat screaming out for his wife or having the same nightmare of holding her dead body in his arms.

A smile lifted her features as he placed his large hand over her slim one. When he pulled his hand away, she too retracted the comforting gesture. "Well, if she hasn't come through my door, i bet she'll go through yours walking." Lyra shifted off to go about her tasks.

When he responded about parties, she let out a twinkle of a laugh "I avoided them too, don't worry." She purred before turning to the table once more. "It is a shame yes." She added and then frowned.

His anger took her by surpise and Lyra watched him carefully. "You know coping is a strong word Mikaere." She snapped in response. The truth was, Lyra coped by sitting alone in a dark room, as if she'd cried every tear her body had and now she just sat, her shoulders shaking but no sound. No tears.

Mikaere couldn’t help but smile at her encouraging words “I do hope you are right my friend.” He watched her move about the room listening to her speak though her body langue changed and his heart softened. “Lyra I am here for you. You can talk to me at any point you know that right?” He asked as he approached her.

Mik wrapped his arms around her and held her tight to his chest “Cope is a strong word but everyone needs someone to lean on sometimes to.” He whispered in a soothing tone as he held the smaller woman in his arms. “Lean on me I can handle it.” He reassured her, as his hand rested on the back of her head and the small of her back in a comforting embrace.

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