Since moving to Evermore, the young Initia had made plenty of friends. But there were few that she truly considered being close to. One of them was Elias Braelynd. A celestial. The red-haired young man, became her second best-friend after the Ailward Aspect; Erythreus.  Jessalyn had always enjoyed Elias’s company. The two had met about a 1 year ago; when Jessalyn was taking horse-riding lessons. The young Initia loved animals; always had since she was a young child. Out of the family, she was the only one that actually could stand and even liked Cedric’s cat. The other despised, that creature. Especially her elder sister Sierra. 

Jessalyn thought it would be fun, to learn something new; after the first lesson she had taken up a new hobby and interest. Jess and Eli, bonded quickly over their mutual love for horses. It wasn’t long before the horse-riding lessons, turned into her visiting the Ranch more often; to spend time with her new friend.

The pair were close enough; that Elias had asked Jessalyn to take care of the ranch for a while. As he was temporary leaving Evermore City. Jess knew a little of the reasons, why he was skipping town. Heart-break. Jessalyn hated to see him so down, but she understood he needed his space to try and heal. But being a good friend; she promised to take car of the Ranch and the horses. Out of the horses Belladona and Spirit; were her two favourites. Even though Bells, seemed to be on the wilder side of things; she was the horse that Jessalyn mainly took her horse riding lessons with. Jessa’s loving and calm nature, in turn calming the horse down.

It was another morning. And Jessalyn had been at the ranch since the morning. She didn’t know that Elias was back in town; as he had forgotten to tell her he was coming back. Jess had spent the morning, cleaning out the water and food tanks for the horses. Letting all of them roam outside in their area. As it was nice and sunny outside. And it gave her time to do other chores around the ranch.

The young Initia was in a good mood. Humming to herself, as she worked away. Shifting a few fresh Haysacks around for the horses; after she refilled their feeders with fresh water and horse food.

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