It was odd, once calm the skies now seemed tainted as light flecks of snow dropped down to the ground, the temperature chilling as if a cold front had swept the land despite the surrounding areas almost unaffected by the random cold. A singular blonde could be seen smiling as he walked the streets, his body adorned in nothing more then normal muscle shirt and a pair of jeans alongside his normal sneakers. Many of the humans looked at him oddly, they were shivering while he seemed to flourish in the weather, however accidental the causation was of the storm he formed.

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Despite having been this newly formed Niveis for 2 decades, Nyx was still unused to the weather manipulations he caused. This seemed more instinctual for him then intentional, but it kept the temperatures lowered and it made him feel as if he was somewhat closer to the mountains. But, his instincts told him avoid the mountain tops, his body stopping for a brief moment in the streets as he glared upwards. It had been quite sometime since he had last seen one of the Initia and he made sure to avoid them, but the mere thought was enough to trigger a slight rage. 

Ice formed underneath his feet, his frosty azure eyes glowing momentarily before he shook himself, he couldn't afford to not pay attention just the mere thought sent him into another state of panic. He was still not used to fighting and if he did meet someone of an opposing nature, he would have to be ready to escape at any moment. 

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Good thing for his perception, he could smell escape routes from a mile away, not including the fact he had his wings.

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Rhydian paid the cash  to the cashier as  he lifted  the bag of groceries   exciting the shop as he made his way  towards  the  familiar  street his contact typically met him on , Rhydians mind  went back to the voicemail he received  saying there is a guy just like you " Rhydian knew this contact wouldn't call him unless he had actually something   he pulled his cell phone  from his jacket pocket seeing  the  time strike   9 pm.

Simon "he called out as his eyes scanned the alleyway as a teenager came forward in a scruffy tracksuit " where is the kid " Simon pointed to the street at the far side. Rhydian left the bag on the bench as he walked  in the direction  Simon had pointed   his eyes began  to scan the crows  the came towards him   as he  moved up the street  he pulled out his cell unaware  of who he was looking for for

Rhydian reluctantly  pressed Caspians number as  he raised it o his  ear   as  he  turned his head  he saw  the  normal  blue of a novel    disappear into the crowd  Rhydian heard the beep of the voice mail " Caspian its Rhydian    can you make any scouts  that are downtown we have a new Nivel  in town I lost them in the crowd" he hung up 

It was easy to know where Caspian would be on a Friday night.  Mickey's Irish pub was in a very busy corner of the human sector.  Drowning his torments as he usually did Caspian was annoyed by the persistent buzz of his phone.  Within a span of five minutes, the Scout Leader had received close to two dozen texts. Setting the pint of Guinness, the inky black liquid sloshed violently yet managing not to spill a drop on the table due to the foamy head.  It was Caspian's poison of choice.  It was a meal onto itself, Caspian enjoyed the silky smoothness of  the brew as it made it down his esophagus.  The long lasting malt after taste to continue to tempt his pallor.  This was his seventh Guinness, the night was young.  There was more drinking to be had.  Alas his sense of duty and honor ruled over his desire to drown another week in alcohol.

With a grown he picked up his phone which continued to buzz as he scanned the texts. the city.  On the corner of the street where Caspian was at.  Taking out his wallet, the Nivei left a Benjamin on the table, sprinting though the door like his rear had caught fire.  He was sober by the time his legs took him through the door of the establishment onto the busy street full of spectators and busy bodies.  *Anivia was not going to be happy."  Caspian scolded himself as he made it to the center of the commotion.  What he saw made his brows furrow.  There in the center of it all stood an albino male with a pleased look in his face surrounded by snow.

Caspian had dealt with males that abused their powers before, judging by the amount of snow and the quality of it, this was a new Nivei in an older body.  Caspian knew better than to judge by appearances only.  He could tell the male had calculated all escape routes available for him.  Chasing after him would only cause more commotion, so the best thing to do was to approach the male in a friendly way.

Caspian smelled like a brewery already so he played the part of a drunken man.  "Hey!" Caspian said as he stumbled clumsily towards the male. "That's a neat trick you did.  How you do that?"  He was about three feet away from him.

Nyx smiled, he loved the feeling of the ice surrounding him but soon it was like a switch, the snow seemed to slow down and his pale blue eyes fell upon an older drunk. Something was off, but the Nivei couldn't quite place his finger on why this male seemed suspicious, he smelled of liquor but his eyes were not drunk. However, he played along like he was clueless but his body despite its relaxed state was ready to immediately take off.

"Oh? It's nothing major. It's a simple prank, if you look on the rooftops a few friends of mine have placed snow machines on to create sort of a Christmas in July feeling." The lie was simple, it could've been fact checked but if this man was truly a drunk, he wouldn't doubt a word rolling off his tongue.

Nyx smiled, his eyes nothing but pure innocence but unless the male was truly paying attention he wouldn't notice the temperature dropping slowly as the older soul prepared for his exit. "However, I did have plans old boy and despite you having a cute face for an older guy. I don't think I am particularly interested in falling in bed with you just yet." It was coy, simple, and downright playful. Hell had Nyx been anyone else he would have fell for his own lie as he turned on his heel and back to walk towards a discreet alley way.

Would the drunk follow? Or would he walk away like a smart poppet?

Rhydian   barged his  way through the crowds as he slides to an alleyway     hr ran to the  nearest ladder  climbing   with haste  as he  ran across the ceiling  the ceiling as he  looked  over the street looking for that tiny clue   as he began running roof to roof as he scanned  the  crowds    as he   jumped down  to the ground . near Caspians  normal water hole 

Caspian " he called out knowing he was in potential danger he was taught to never look for alone nivels. Rhydian raised his phone dialling again  while  he took his earpiece out placing it in his ear  as he came upon some  snow  he began to follow  " pick up Caspian pick up  

* he followed the  traces of snow 

*Clever little boy* Caspian mused to himself.  This guy has an answer for everything.  His phone buzzed away in its coat pocket.  He should’ve return some texts letting all concerned know he was handling it, but he was not all there, never on Friday nights. One can only endure so much rejection. Loneliness was eating at the very marrow of his core.  Something had to happen, anything to shake him up and pull Caspian out of thus rut.  Carelessness was a word no one would associate Caspian Oakley with, but careless is what he was being at the moment.

A vein popped in the middle of his forehead as anger bubbled at the seems of his emotions.  This little kid wanted to play?  What a coincidence, Caspian wanted to play as well.  Ignoring the phone, he walked gingerly to the male, following him in a presence state of inebriation.

"Sorry old chap, no amount of alcohol will ever convince me to swing for the other team.  But I guess I could be flattered."  He looked at the snow, already melting.  Caspian had seen Anivia turned one entire street into a winter wonderland.  This guy was new.  He seemed a little nervous and a potential flight risk.  Supers were not allowed to show their gifts to common folk, and right now they were surrounded by humans.  Humans with phones, ready to record an icy flying creature...or two.  That won’t happen, Caspian had to use finesse.

"How about I buy you a round of your favorite poison?  I know this bar, we can talk and shit."  He burped for added effect as his eyes squinted and his body attempted to be straight.  All an act Caspian hoped the guy was buying.

"What’s yer name gov’ner? Lemme buy yer a drink aye?”  Caspian looked around waiting for his scouts to come.  He saw Snow on top of a ladder and rolled his eyes.  *Why is that man on the phone me not down here helping me. Can’t he see me?* At times Caspian was at a loss as to why Anivia had made Snow his second.

“That’s interesting, in such a short time your manner of speech has changed. Let’s be frank, you want something so please drop the act it’s almost insulting at this point.” Suddenly there was a shift in the males persona, this was the confidence of someone who had seen more the enough to deal with an altercation.

“You’re trying to damage control by bringing me into a bar, where you can either A. Drug me or B. Convince me to do something. Also your friend on the rough, into discreet in the slightest.” Annoyance filled his tone, they treated him like some imbecile. Like an easy target, so without much hesitation he glared towards the roofs of the surrounding buildings.

Ice started to form along the males arms, he was becoming defensive and it was not his favorite thing to do. Humans were surrounding him and he was sure that whoever led them wouldn’t be happy about a fight in their territory.

“My name is Nyx Arygis, I will give you the benefit of the doubt before I end you. What is you want old man?” Ice formed along the ground, it was slowly spreading but the mortals seemed unaware many thinking’s that it was just a happy prank.

Rhydian Looked down to see Caspian confronting the Nivels as he climbed back down  the ladder  " sorry lost him in the street so took to the roofs" Rhydian tone was blunt trying to keep calm " you need to learn to blend in a lot more then what you are doing, either way, your putting your self in danger let alone others like you.

I was pretty much as you, but I learnt to keep to my self but learnt to keep things in check, but you seem to enjoy making your presence know * Rhydian . began to pace back and forth behind " look I'm not in the mood for this especially when I have to explain why. This numbskull is drunk again " he turned his. head to Caspian " yes I could smell you from the next street over " his face became stern
as he looked at his options, he walked up to the Nivel grabbing his shoulder

The drunken gig was done.  Caspian’s eyes turned icy blue, his hand extended making a fine lasso like whip, as it hit the ground it shattered.  The people around them focused their attention on Caspian instead on the two Nivei that had began to argue.  He kept entertaining the people with tricks, smiling like it was all a show.  After five minutes of this charade, Caspian bowed, thanked the audience for their applause and said this had all been a little impromptu skid.  "The circus is coming to town next week, keep an eye out for the tents.  See you all there."

The crowd began to disperse.  Caspian walked towards the men.  "Okay youngster.  You are now in Evermore, and like it or not you need to come with us.  Our tribe leader would like to speak to you.  You are in no way bound to join us, but like all the supers in the city, you are expected to abide by our rules which help- is co-exists peacefully.  I strongly recommend you come with us, but if you choose to fight, there are two of us versus you.  I say the odds are in our favor.  Escape and we will hunt you down and bring you to Anivia Frostbourne our tribe leader.

Caspian’s voice was stern, his trance ready to take flight.  His wings would come out instantly as his hand prepared for battle.  He didn’t like to fight but he would if he had to.  He turned to Snow "I am as drunk as you are, stop fucking around and do your job."

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