Whistling idly, his mind mulling over several different subjects at once Ambrose was on autopilot as he made his way downtown. The paper's office was on the outskirts, giving him plenty of time as he walked the Organization's headquarters to think about a thing before he arrived. It was part of city living that he enjoyed, walking through the streets gave him a unique opportunity to absorb the pulse of the city. Not to mention he was used to walking where he needed to go, no matter the distance he enjoyed using his own two legs to get there. It had been the way his mother had liked to travel and he took after his mother in all things.

Crossing the street at a jog he dodged a couple of oncoming cars and mounted the steps to the tall building, waving his watch at a panel beside the door to gain access. Bypassing the security desk with a flash of his press badge, waving at the guards on duty Ambrose headed for the elevator banks located smack dab in the center of the high rise. The doors slid open and he stepped into, punching in the access code for the top sections of the building. The Organization owned the entire building however the top floors were reserved for those who had proper access of which he was one of them. As the car rose through the building floors the male thought about how far the human race had come and just who had pushed to get them there. All of the updated technology could be attributed to Sariah and the push for distribution had come from Giselle. The moment the fiery blonde had taken over things had changed quickly, building on the mere ideas that had been dreamed up and making them a reality.

His job was to keep it all under wraps and disseminate wrong information and explanations so as to keep the ignorant in bliss. Thus far that had been easy but lately, it was becoming more of an exercise in mass storytelling. The key to a good lie was taking a grain of the truth and building around it, stretching and mutating the rest into a pretty package. In recent weeks, however, something was overtaking the city, spreading through the streets slowly, like a cancer. He couldn't quite put a name to the unease or even put his finger on specific events that attributed to it but it was there. Which meant in order to keep the people calm he was forced to get creative.

Finally, the elevator came to a halt, the doors opening on a quiet hallway, a set of double doors opened wide on a reception desk that was manned by a single young woman. Hands tucked inside the pockets of his jacket Ambrose strolled down the hall, shooting a wink at the brunette who upon seeing him frantically tried to rein him in with entreaties about appointments and not disturbing her boss. Shooting her a charming smile he leaned over the desk to check that Sariah was alone before heading into the blonde's office. Reassuring the secretary that she wouldn't get into any trouble the male knocked twice and entered. Normally he would have made an appointment but this couldn't wait nor was he going to give her time to slide on her armor. He knew she wasn't going to be happy with him; all the more reason for an ambush.

“Knock, knock. Ready or not here I am.” He grinned a crooked smile, hazel eyes dancing as he let himself in. He had found it better to apologize than ask for permission, at least that way he couldn't avoided or shot down.

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She shrugged a little “Terrifying probably isn’t a bad thing in your case” she explained as she leaned back in her chair, placing her hands in her lap “I mean you have to be a certain level of strong to be able to handle the harsh truth I’m sure you see” news wasn’t exactly a ball of happiness after all, most of the topics tended to be gruesome and when you multiplied that with the supernatural factor, it only seemed to grow. She chuckled under her breath as he ducked her hypothetical jabs at his age with ease “You make it sound like some kind of valuable that could be sold on the black market” she commented with a shake of her head. His cocky smile did make her narrow her eyes back at him for a moment though because she knew exactly what had crossed his mind and she was warning him to keep his mouth shut.

It was interesting to hear his perspective on other ambassadors because he was much further removed from the circle than he was and an outsider perspective might be just what she needed to keep a level head. “I guess a part of me wants to believe everyone comes here with the intention of wanting to build a life for themselves and live peacefully but the other knows that’s a pipe dream” though none of the ambassadors had shown her bad intentions, Gideon has been in the city longer than her and while he might have his own rules and opinions, he always signed the peace treaty whenever the opportunity came up “I mean if I was at risk of causing an entire timeline meltdown because I died, I think I’d seek out help too” she responded thoughtfully and shrugged “Do you think we should be making counter alliances?” she definitely had enough pull with some factions to build her own bridges if she wanted to.

She tapped her fingers against the table as she listened to him talk about the Niveis, they were definitely the most mysterious species to her, their history was kept pretty tightly under wraps and she was sure there was probably a reason for that, though when you a sister species to the Phoenixes she could understand why they might want to downplay their own conflicts “True, you never really know where you stand when it comes to politics because things can change as quickly as the wind direction” she pressed her lips together “Heavy is the head” she commented as she pressed a hand against her temple, thinking too hard about alliances and potential betrayals would definitely drive her a little insane that was for sure.

She chuckled giving a mock glare when he held his hands up in surrender “I understand the necessary evil, it’s not the first time I’ve had to make sacrifices in the name of this city” she let out a long breath and sighed gently, it definitely wasn’t an easy thing to do and she was sure it would drive most people insane but her drive to do what was best for the city tended to overweigh everything else “Yeah I imagine it’s not that hard to distract them from the little things but this doesn’t feel quite so little anymore” she sighed a little, there was definitely this tension in her stomach which was screaming at her that she needed to be cautious but the other ambassadors weren’t her worries.

“I had a feeling you wouldn’t mind the help” she responded with a wry smile, it wasn’t exactly a secret that the organization intelligence department contained some of the best hackers that could be found, hell she was one of them before she decided to trade the computer for the desk. She rolled her eyes playfully when he said he would send reports every Friday but that he would visit if anything big came up “Well you’re likely to be the first to know given your web” she nodded, very valuable to the organization she knew that much “Though it does beg the question of whether you actually ever get any rest” she commented with a raised brow.

She had a point, reporting and writing up current events wasn’t for the faint of heart. Some of the things he had seen and written about had turned his stomach, all but destroying his view of humanity as a whole. There were occasional stories that he managed to dig into that enabled him to see the best in certain individuals, those rare people who didn’t have skeletons hanging in their closet. The rest, if you did enough digging, would unearth a whole lot of darkness that had a person questioning the future of mankind. Then again it was a rare talent of his to be able to uncover these little ticks with hardly any effort at all. “I suppose if looked at from an outsider's point of view my little talents might be perceived as terrifying.” He hadn’t ever really given thought about his writing, since his thirst and drive to get to the truth often overrode any other emotion he might have had.

Running his hand through his hair a grin touched his lips at her description of his hair. “It might be. There are tons of men who would die for this sort of coloring.” They both knew he was blowing smoke, as most men these days prefer a solid and natural color as opposed to the grey look. Ambrose, on the other hand, was in the minority, he didn’t much care what he looked like or how much grey hair he had. He was more interested in things going on around him than in his own looks.

The subject then turned to the other species and alliances that were being formed. Her question to him was a blunt one and something he had been mulling over for a while. The Celestial-Valkyr alliance made those two species a force to be reckoned with if things came to blows. The Ailwards and their Guard were another virtual army with untold amounts of power and knowledge at their command. The Therians would be the optimal choice for alliances, while the growing Initia faction and the fact that they were the only tribe to have every master within their ranks gave them a distinct appeal. The Niveis were powerful but scattered, the Nephilim were still healing from the death of their previous Ambassador; which then left the Diviners who were content to mind their own business. “I don’t think it would hurt. The Therians and the Initia are who I would suggest. Both have strong leadership and aren’t fractured by some sort of strife.” That was at least his suggestion based on the information he had, but in the end, Sariah was going to make her own decision and he had no doubt it would be a good one.

Once more he gave her a crooked grin, “When you are in my line of work you tend to take all the help you can get.” They both knew he wasn’t talking about reporting either, his position as one of the main intelligence gathers was hard-pressed and not easy by any means. With so many moving parts and individuals trying to hide things within the city it was a wonder he ever managed to rest. As if reading his mind Sariah inquired about his sleep which made his eyes grow a little big and a nervous laugh escape him, “Ya know I could ask you the same question.” They both probably worked a little harder than was needed and yet neither of them would stop. Not until the city was safe.

“Anyway, I’m gonna head out before you start asking about my diet too.” He grimaced at that thought as he turned and headed for the door. “Later boss.”

She chuckled at the way he admitted that perhaps he could see why his work might be considered frightening to those outside of the usual circle “I guess the key thing that makes it a talent and something to be admired is what you choose to achieve with such skills” in his case she did notice the efforts he made to try and make the world better, but giving people that little bit of hope they needed but still remaining to his journalism roots and ensuring that people were delivered the things they needed to know. She gave a playful roll of her eyes when he said someone really might want to sell his hair on the black market but she had to admit, he did make aging look better than most, probably because he didn’t really make an effort to try and hide it and instead seemed pretty confident in showing it as it was.

She pressed her lips together as she listened to his thoughts on potential alliances, it was something she had considered for a long time, knowing that humans and perhaps the Celestials were at the most disadvantage in the city when it came to their abilities and strength it made sense to seek out some kind of partnership but then also she had to think about the message that might send to the other factions “True, and both the ambassadors seem to like me so that’s a good start” of course everyone now knew that Orion liked her a whole lot but she had also met Sofi in passing and the two of them got along decently too, same as she did with Sierra before she decided to step down and move on from the city. “Definitely something to think about along the way” she commented and nodded slightly, the last thing she wanted to do was rush into any kind of decision she would regret, she planned on taking time to consider all the factors and options.

“Probably wise, I imagine you make as many enemies as you do friends after all” she responded with a slight shake of her head, he was smart and he knew what he was doing that was for sure, he sought out the people who could help him and in return, he helped them. She definitely got the impression from him that he cared about the city far more than he would outright admit. “True, heavy is the head that wears the...title I suppose” someone had to step up and take responsibility for the organization when Violet decided to step down and Sariah didn’t regret doing so, she was taking care of her people and her city, something she intended to do for as long as she possibly could.

“Well that’s certainly a topic for the next time then” she responded, shaking her head as she watched him head out of the office and through the halls, she had a look of slight disbelief on her face as she sank back into her seat a puzzled look etched on her expression because it was always an experience whenever she had a meeting with Ambrose. Before long though, she was back to her usual grind.


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