Carnivals were nearly all year round. Put up in places all over where it’s open and running for a number of days before it’s moved once before. It was a place where Wes went with his sister a lot. A time they were allowed to escape for the orphanage long enough to have some fun and time away. As in those places people weren’t allowed to leave and go to places fun. A prison as he always liked to call it. Back then he was counting down the days till he was older to move out and get emancipated. The only thing was that he could move out but had to wait long enough to be legal guardian of his sister. It all was complicated. Wes and Natalie tried to go to the  Carnival when they could. Making it tradition as of such. A way to keep their childhood alive and they’re sibling relationship wouldn’t change however old they get. Till now it was how everything all gone but now everything's changed. Natalie was a coma, putting a hold on their plans. Not knowing all that's going on with her, if or when she wakes. With the Carnival coming up he’d organised to with Rowan. To go with instead as he knew it would be what she could of wanted.

Wes had even driven all the way there. Soon after arriving at the carnival Wes stood waiting for the Scott. People all passing him and no sign of him, Wes was soon wondering where he’d gotten two as they had said a time they were going to meet. Yet he was on time whilst Rowan weren’t. Right on queue he felt a vibration in his pocket, coming from his phone. Signalling he’d got a text, fishing out of his pocket Wes looked to see it was a text from Rowan. Reading it he soon found out he’d been already stood up something about his friend had a date or something. So he weren’t coming. Explaining why there was no sign of him. Leaving Wes at the Carnival all alone. Wes could easily just leave and go back home like he’d never even came but he was here now. Yet he’d come all this way, why not go and see if the Carnival had changed for the better or if it’s gotten worse than what he could remember.

Night time was the best time to go a carnival. When it’s all lit up with it’s bright colourful lights, similar to when Blackpool amusements are all lit up from what he’d seen. All the rides and confection stands and what not were lit up easily seen from miles away. Bumper cars and twister were one of his favourites. Able to see what they had them here. Entering the carnival Wes headed straight to where the main rides were seeing a long queue for both the bumper cars and the twister. Yet the like to the ferris wheel was basically. Maybe he’d changed his plans of what rides to go on first. Going to the front of the line able to go in a Ferris wheel cart by himself, not knowing he soon wouldn’t be so alone.

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Go on a Ferris Wheel

She probably had been drunk when she had written the list, Val mused looking at the crinkly page. It had been one of those slow days in the dojo. The members were hardly new now and often did not need personal supervision so Val had left them to the training and taking advantage of the day had decided to sort her house. She had been in the process of cleaning her closet when she had uncovered a box with all her travel memories- everything from an old coin, tickets, pendants and the usual postcards. Amongst all the trinkets, she had fold her old diary and uncovered a bucket-list that her 16 year old self had written. It had made her chuckle and yet a pang of something shot up at her heart at this evident example of her naivety.

She had not done a single thing listed on there.

And somehow as the day progressed, she felt the urge to do something on there. Maybe as a tribute to her younger self or maybe, just for a moment, to live in times when ignorance was truly bliss. She had heard some of Dhampirs discussing a Carnival in the city and deciding to do something out of her comfort zone, Val prepared to attend it.

The place was buzzing with couples and screeching children and Valeria stood at the entrance for a moment, taking the sights in before joining the crowds. She ambled around aimlessly for a while, eating and gazing around before finally coming upon the Ferris Wheel. The line was long and it was a while before she could come up front. As the man before her got on the seat, she let out a muffled curse. It would a while before the next ride would begin and Val found her patience wearing thin. Motioning the guards there to hold for a minute, she walked up to the guy. “Excuse me, I hope you won’t mind me joining you. I just don’t have the time to wait for another 20 minutes before catching the next ride” and without waiting for his answer, she got in the cart with him.

She was attempting to strike out an item from her 16 year old self bucket list, but Val figured she didn’t have to really be all that polite or modest while doing it.


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