Shortly after the fall of Skye and the aspects and guards settled themselves into Evermore, Bexley began to look for her own place. It didn’t take long till she was moved out and starting her own shop in Evermore. It was her perfect excuse for  her not to be around the group of people that had become a family to her. They had all lost so much in the fall of the Isle, but the pain was something she didn't want to face. She couldn’t be around the others mourning with them, trying to convince one another everything was okay, when it wasn’t.

While she had always been a passionate business woman she never thought it would be a way to escape from people she shouldn’t be escaping from. The thought of losing anyone in their dwindling numbers was far to much emotion for the guard. She turned to self remedies to not focus on the worst in life, she placed herself in a routine and only went outside of it when the aspects called upon her for a mission, or events to keep up appearances the best she could. Though her calls to check in became less.

That morning was like any other, up working out in her home gym, shower, breakfast, covering the scar on her eye with makeup, and off to her shop Diviner Intervention. She unlocked the door walking through the deep green wooden door flipping the sign to open as she placed her bag under the counter, flicking the lights on. She moved her way to the order she received yesterday and began to unbox the crystals, running her finger along the jagged edge of one, connecting to the energy that radiated from it for a moment, before placing it on the display. The ding of the door opening behind her, made her automatically greet whomever walked in. “Welcome to Diviner Intervention, Let me know if you need help finding anything.”

The dark diviner turned around coming face to face with Simon, taking in the male who came in she gave a smile. The warmth that radiated from him seem to be natural. Anyone walking in would think the diviner was a psychic the truth was she was just good at reading people. It was a useful skill she developed with time. "Ah, you look like a man on the mission." She said as she tilted her head to the side and gave a soft smile to him "A gift?" she finally landed on, as she didn't feel diviner energy form him. "Who is it for?" she asked "Maybe I can help you pick something out."

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Bexley wasn’t know for being warm to others, it came with becoming a dark diviner willingly. Yet when it came to her customers she tried her hardest to be welcoming. Spells and scents filling the shop making it even more inviting than her chilly presences. Though at this point she had many years of practice to become as skilled as she was with smiling and acting almost normal. So when the dirty blonde male walked into her shop she gave a slight pause.

He looked sad in his eyes somewhat, maybe for the person he was hoping to get the gift for. He offered a soft smile to him “Not at all, I am just rather good at reading people.” she gave him a friendly wink as she looked over her shoulder and smiled “Well if you are looking for protection jewelry you have come to the right place.” She let her dark chocolate gaze moved back to Simons as she placed her hand on his arm leading him to the counter before she walked around pulling out an arrangement of necklaces, bracelets and rings.

“Lover or family?” she asked as she picked up a few options till he said that it was for his sister. Giving a soft chuckle “Ah I was an only child, how is it to have a sibling?” she said as she then laid out a few options in front of him. “These items are all infused with Stones to ease the mind along with offer protection.” This was her favorite part of her job, helping those ease the worries they may hold. Since becoming a dark diviner she didn’t feel she could help anyone for a long time.

Bexley eyes lifted to the door and gave a smile “Welcome, I will be with you in a moment, feel free to look around.” she then turned her attention back to the man in front of her. The males made her uneasy, even though she knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself. “I think the bracelet would be something that she would love.” She said and then heard a display fall over. She gave a soft sigh, “Excuse me.” she said as she moved to the back where the knocked over display was when she leaned over to pick up the bottles of open oil she felt the sharp whack to the back of her head.

Blackness took hold of her mind as she heard commotion and yelling, she couldn’t move for what felt like forever though she was sure it was only a few moments. She rose to her feet completely missing what had happened inside of her shop the only thing she could tell was everything was ransacked. When someone grabbed her wrist her eyes shifted emerald green as she muttered out the spell to have them suffocate. She casted a protection spell that wouldn’t let anyone leave or come in.

Through the black spots of her vision she looked at the person she was choking out. Seeing it was the dirty blonde male before she released her hold on him. “Screw you.” she breathed out heavily. “And I thought you actually had a sister you were worried about.” she panted out as the black spots took over her vision again and she feel to the ground the blood pouring from the back of her head, her spell locking them inside of her shop.

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