Shortly after the fall of Skye and the aspects and guards settled themselves into Evermore, Bexley began to look for her own place. It didn’t take long till she was moved out and starting her own shop in Evermore. It was her perfect excuse for  her not to be around the group of people that had become a family to her. They had all lost so much in the fall of the Isle, but the pain was something she didn't want to face. She couldn’t be around the others mourning with them, trying to convince one another everything was okay, when it wasn’t.

While she had always been a passionate business woman she never thought it would be a way to escape from people she shouldn’t be escaping from. The thought of losing anyone in their dwindling numbers was far to much emotion for the guard. She turned to self remedies to not focus on the worst in life, she placed herself in a routine and only went outside of it when the aspects called upon her for a mission, or events to keep up appearances the best she could. Though her calls to check in became less.

That morning was like any other, up working out in her home gym, shower, breakfast, covering the scar on her eye with makeup, and off to her shop Diviner Intervention. She unlocked the door walking through the deep green wooden door flipping the sign to open as she placed her bag under the counter, flicking the lights on. She moved her way to the order she received yesterday and began to unbox the crystals, running her finger along the jagged edge of one, connecting to the energy that radiated from it for a moment, before placing it on the display. The ding of the door opening behind her, made her automatically greet whomever walked in. “Welcome to Diviner Intervention, Let me know if you need help finding anything.”

The dark diviner turned around coming face to face with Simon, taking in the male who came in she gave a smile. The warmth that radiated from him seem to be natural. Anyone walking in would think the diviner was a psychic the truth was she was just good at reading people. It was a useful skill she developed with time. "Ah, you look like a man on the mission." She said as she tilted her head to the side and gave a soft smile to him "A gift?" she finally landed on, as she didn't feel diviner energy form him. "Who is it for?" she asked "Maybe I can help you pick something out."

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It was rare for Simon to have a free morning, most mornings were already scheduled in advance with whatever tasks his work asked of him. However, there was always a time where a gap appeared and free time was given. So Simon didn’t hesitate to take that time and spend it for himself. He took a small hike early in the morning before meeting his sister, Sky, for breakfast. Due to his busy life and also hers respectively, it had been some time since he had seen his twin sister.

After getting himself cleaned up, he headed to the diner and caught up with Sky over a nice breakfast. She was still the same. He listened as she talked about the chaos of her life with exaggerations of details that he knew his sister would do  all of his life. He chuckled as he listened, shaking his head here and there out of amusement of her antics. “Always one for the dramatics, huh, Sky?” He teased lightheartedly with a smile before offering the best advice he could give. That’s what he always did. Taking on that role especially after they both found their element and with his sister worrying about it the most, he assured her that her worries were just that and they won’t come true.

They both had been through a lot within a short time and every time he saw her, he was worried that she would slip back into her old self when their parents died but he was relieved to see that she was her lively self, the version of his sister that he knew his whole life. Though he could see the worry in her eyes about him as he took it hard too but he was back on his feet and planned to stay that way.

They said their ‘see you laters’ as she left work and Simon would be having to head to the office soon. So as he decided to walk around the streets a little bit longer before heading to his car, he stopped a store that looked fairly new. He could already tell what kind of shop it was from the name and to be honest, the magic of the diviners had always interested him.

Walking in, he figured he could find some charm for Sky to ease her mind or protect her. He gazed at the items in the shop, all of them looking like vintage from another time all the way from leather bound books that lined the shelves to the jewelry display right at the front of the store. His eyes were fixed on a crystal necklace before being met with the woman who greeted him when he walked into the shop.

“Morning,” Simon greeted as he returned a friendly smile of his own. He released a soft chuckle as he nodded, “That obvious huh?” He said, figuring she could sense what he was in here for. “It is a gift actually. I’m looking for something for protection or… to ease worries?” He said, unsure of how to word it. “I know you must hear that every day with tourists walking in. It’s for my sister. She has a head full of worries and I thought I could find something to help her with that or to keep her safe,” he said as he smiled at the woman. Simon was a very protective person especially of his family.

His eyes shifted over towards the door when he heard the bell at the door chime as a few guys walked in. Something in his gut turned once he laid on eyes on them as if something wasn’t right. He had a good gut instinct and always listened to it. It made his eyebrows knit together as he watched them a moment longer before he turned back to the woman, hoping his gut was telling him wrong this time. “Anything like that would be a help,” he finished as his features smoothed out and he let an easy smile spread across his lips once more.

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