Virindeus found himself wanting to find a special gift for Riley. The Lycan who was brought to him after being run over by a car that he helped heal up. He wondered why he couldn’t get the young girl out of his mind. Each day that had passed he realized he saw a wild free spirit unlike another in a girl her age. She was an animal at heart but often looked like the world around her was trying to steal that from her. He wanted her to be wild unlike how he could be. If he could shift into an animal and get lost among the trees for endless amounts of times he would. He wanted to nurture who she was.

So he found himself wondering shops trying to find a gift for her. Though it was a strange reason for a gift. Could he really adopt her as a grown woman? Was it to weird? These were the thoughts as he took in all the different expensive items he was sure she would hate. With a soft sigh he found himself pushing open the door to a pawn shop open listening to the ding before he saw the white furball. He smiled to the cat and moved closer as his hand trailed along the cats nose softly. “Well aren’t you beautiful.” he said looking to all the things around the room. “Think I find a good gift here huh?” he sighed.

“Now what should one get a girl who is well past the age of adoption to say ‘hey I would like you as my daughter’ and ‘always stay true to your wild self.’?” he mused allowed with his back to the counter. “Think they sell a card that says all that?” He said moving to the shelf and picking up one of the items there. He could tell the item wasn’t just a normal pot. He had been around Malva so long he could tell a magical item by touch. “Maybe a tree? Thought I have plenty of them at home.” He sighed softly. “Why is this such a struggle?” he muttered to himself softly.

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If there was one sales ploy that was completely foolproof when it came to the shop, it was his cat Ivy, she had a mind of her own so it wasn’t like he could actually stop her if he wanted to, but the white Persian cat always seemed to get the attention of the customers and helped to get them in the door. That was why he let her roam around the shop as and when she wanted even though she usually managed to get under his feet at the worst moments or would incessantly meow at him while he was working because she wanted attention or food.

He’d left her manning the shop for a while as he headed into the back to the storeroom to arrange some of the purchase paperwork he’d been meaning to do yesterday and picking out new stock items to put on display. He heard the door telling him a customer had come in though and he heard them talking in a soft voice which made him chuckle because it seemed like people couldn’t resist telling his cat their entire life story. She would stick around as long as the person gave her attention, it was a fair deal really.

Kal came out of the room, leaning against the counter as he listened to the other male ramble with a soft smile to himself “I’d advise against the tree” he interjected with a chuckle under his breath “Hardly something you can treasure and keep, after all, I’m sure she’d prefer something she could keep with her” hopefully the male wouldn’t mind his interruption too much “Ivy is a good listener but I’m afraid she’s an awful advisor, she’d probably convince you getting catnip is the best course of action” as if to protest the car mewled at him to which he gave a playful glare, sometimes he actually felt like he could talk to his cat, which almost sounded insane.

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