As long as the kitsune can remember she has always been distant. Since Sera's Mother's death, she not been thinking about her own self but to bring her father way to his own self. Seraphina hated to admit but she is very lost with no idea how to go forward and think of herself. 

Being the daughter of a father who found love again it was part of meeting the women who caught her father's eyes.  Sera meets Sariah a few times when she came around to having some time with her father. It's something she didn't mind at all since she likes to get the time alone. The kitsune only were given the blonde small smiles and Hellos with her leaving with no other word. It was not like her not to be unfriendly to others but it's the effects of being distant. her father talked to her about why she barley talks to Sariah, it was not like Sera didn't like the female it was more like her not sure what to do or say. Talking to people who she is not familiar with is much hard for Sera then what people would think.  

As the kitsune stayed home knowing no one will be home for a few hours she thought to stay in her normal clothes and not train like she normally would do. She had been trying to figure herself out such as what she likes to do beyond her training, did she have any skills? What type of job would she be into to work for her own way of living? How to talk to people and to make friends. Seraphina lacked a lot of skills for her own life. You can say she's been living under a rock. 

As she walked down the stairs to the kitchen to get an apple she heard the doorbell ring leaving a confusing look on the young kitsune's face. her brown hues laid on the clock wondering who it would at the door around lunchtime? Sera put her hair up in a ponytail as she went to the door and look through the peek hole. When she says the blonde female she knew it was for her father, did he not tell her that he is working today? The Kitsune opened the door and put a smile on her face. " Hello, Sariah. Please come in. Do you want some water?" Seraphina opened the door for the other to come into the house. " My father is not here. he is working so he would be home later." Seraphina said as she closed the door when the female is in the house. 

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Since the moment Sariah and Orion had decided to start dating, the human ambassador knew things were going to be complicated, how could they not be given all the factors? They were both public figures in the city consistently under scrutiny, neither of them really had the best track record when it came to falling in love and quite importantly, Orion had a family, one he was very close with and cared for to the moon and back.

Orion had told Sariah everything about his past, including how his first wife, with whom he shared two children, had been killed in the line of action while his pack were working to protect humans from Valkyr who had become consumed by their bloodlust. She felt for Seraphina and Arwyn who had lost their mother way before they should have. She supposed that’s why she had always tried to tread carefully with both of them, she wanted them to like her, of course she did and neither of them had outright said anything rude to her but she got the feeling like they were both unsure about her. And who could blame them, it had only been three years since they lost their mom and she supposed they were still grieving in their own ways.

Still, Sariah really wanted to change that, especially now that Orion and her had decided to go public. She didn’t want Sera to feel like she was trying to replace her mom in any way but she did want her to know she could count on her and to feel like the two of them were on good terms. All these thoughts were rushing through her head as she pulled up outside of the house in her car and gazed at the window. She took a long breath, she was definitely nervous because she supposed she just really wanted things to go well, but when she got nervous she tended to ramble and that was probably the worst thing she could do. Hell, here she was rambling in her head rather than getting up and walking to the door.

Eventually she managed to gather up the courage and climbed out of the car, locking the door behind her and knocking on the front door to the house, she took a long breath and then smiled brightly when Sera opened the door, Orion had been right when he said she’d be free today so she was glad about that “Water would be great actually” she spoke as she stepped inside, following her into the house and then closing the door behind her “Oh that’s okay I uh-” she trailed off for a moment “I actually came to see you” she admitted and then bit on her tongue reminding herself in her head not to awkward “I noticed that a couple of your jackets were getting holes in them and thought we could go look for a new one” Sera didn’t seem like the shopping or fashion type but it was the best she could come up with.

“If you’re not busy that is” she added realizing she could totally be interrupting randomly on her day, she grimaced a little realizing she was probably trying too hard so she decided to be a little more honest “I guess we just haven’t really had the chance to chat and I’d really like to hang out and get to know you a little better” she admitted with a slight nod of her head hoping that didn’t sound weird.

After her mother passed away Seraphina never really talked to people other them her family and some people who broke through her walls of isolation. There were days she could not look at her self in the mirror or she will break down crying. Sera misses her mother but she knew to live in the past will never help her grown and live the best life. That's what her mother would want. Seraphina knew nothing can't replace her mother but she knew one day her father would move on to someone new. Seraphina wanted her father to be happy and whoever can put a smile on his face is enough for Sera as a daughter to be happy. It would be hard, yes, not like she is the problem child who is picky it was just her talking to them. 

One thing Seraphina noticed about Sariah is that she is not pushing anything but is willing to get to know them. The kitsune admired that about Sariah.  Her blue eyes laid on the blonde as a shy smile came on her face as she went to the kitchen to get the glass of water. Midway of putting the glass under the ice cube machine to their fridge standing still hearing what the other female came here for. Not a lot wanted to come around to see her in a way it felt weird for the Kitsune as she resumes getting the water. After doing so she walked into the living room handing the other the glass. Listening to the other as her eyes went to her jackets and then to the female. It is true she does have wholes in her jackets, due to her training in the middle of the woods where no one knows where she is events does happen when she falls or does something that is reckless. Sera thought the other her very observant, very impressed. 

"Oh wow.," she said looked down not sure what to say. "Not a lot of people goes through the trouble to see me." The Kitsune said trying to form words.  Speechless she is but hearing what the other said about getting to know her better. Sera understood what the other meant for the longest she never said words but a Hello when her father introduced Sariah. "Your so nice, how can I say no." Seraphina smiled a little bigger from her shy smile.  "Honestly, I didn't plan to get out of the house. I don't have any reason to get out of the house other than watching it when Dad is away.  I don't know if you would call that busy." she said with a light laugh.

"Let's... um, stay here for a little while since you just got here. Sit down and relax it must have been a long drive." Seraphina said sitting down on the couch. Sera saw how the other is trying so she didn't think for herself to try as well. Not like it will kill her. "I may not be the best talker. It's hard for me to talk with people will it's more like finding someone to talk about and form the right words." Seraphina said truthfully. The Kitsune did felt a little embarrassed for still being in her lazy clothes in front of the other. Not like she has anything to say Seraphina preferred to dress right in front of others. She is a very respectful person no matter who they are family, strangers and most of all to her father's girlfriend she does not want to ruin something. Seraphina could never understand love or how it would feel but how pure love can be she would hate to ruin it for two people. "So um... What do you want to know about me?" Seraphina asked knowing the other brought it up. "Or else you want to wait until we go shopping. It does not matter to me."

Sariah had always tried to give Sera her space because she seemed to want it, she wasn’t sure whether that was because she was just introverted and preferred to be alone or if she was specifically avoiding the human ambassador. She couldn’t really blame Sera for being wary, three years wasn’t a long time to process and move past the death of her parent, especially if you allowed yourself to get caught up in the sadness instead of trying to move forward. Sariah was walking a delicate balance of wanting to know Orion’s children and be a part of their lives and not wanting to overstep the role she played, especially because of the age difference between her and Orion. “Aw, why not, you seem pretty fun to me” she commented with a bright smile “And your taste in music is excellent, don’t think I haven’t heard all those jams you play at full volume” she nodded, she loved music of all kinds and she’d definitely heard some really good ones coming from Sera’s room.

“Well then maybe you need more excuses to get out of the house” she nodded a little “You know if you ever just want somewhere to go where it’s quiet you’re always welcome at my apartment, my cat might want you to give her attention cause honestly she’s the neediest cat ever but other than that it’s a nice place” she laughed softly, honestly, she liked having a reason to make the place look nice and to host people. Sariah had friends but they were more the meet for coffee kind of friends rather than the type you invited over for dinner or anything, her parents came to visit the apartment from time to time when they were in Evermore but aside from that, it was just her and Ada. “Busy is whatever you want it to be, you don’t have to be doing anything in particular, if you don’t want to be interrupted, you’re busy” she found it was very important to draw that line at times, sometimes you just wanted to be alone and that was a valid feeling to have.

“Okay sure” she spoke as she looked around the different spots on the couch and took a seat on it, taking the glass of water Sera offered with a thank you “It actually was a pretty long drive, turns out traffic on a Saturday morning is pretty awful in the city center” she shrugged “Then again that’s not entirely surprising considering all the shopping malls are in the center” Sariah didn’t mind living in the hustle and bustle but it was definitely quieter out here in the therianthrope territory. “Oh that’s okay me too, though I have this tendency to over talk and then I end up getting on this trail I can't stop and I keep talking to try and explain why I’m being so awkward and before I know it I’m rambling” she pressed her lips together and laughed “Like right now” she hid her face behind her hands for a moment out of embarrassment.

“Well I’m really curious about what you like doing?” she suggested realizing she would need to lead on the conversation here but she didn’t mind, she was good at just bringing up random topics as long as the other person didn’t get annoyed by her rambling “I think your dad said you trained a lot? What does that entail?” honestly she was curious what Sera did with her spare time, she knew she didn’t have a job right now but that was all she really knew. “We can go whenever you’re ready” she assured noting she seemed concerned about the logistics of the plans “No time limit, I have all day free, so we can go wherever, get some lunch maybe” she shrugged “I know a place that does really good pancakes if you like sweets” she realized she was probably bombarding her with information so she went quiet and let Sera process it all.

Just recently, the young kitsune wants to move on with her life. It was a hard choice for her knowing what her mother would want is for her to live the life that she never got to. Seraphina did think about dating, college does things she never thought when she came to the city she wants to do. Seraphina admits it's not a choice she does not want to make but knowing she can't live with her father forever. Knowing one day he wants to see her happy and be the women she is meant to be. 

When the blonde talked more about her music taste, Seraphina smiled as she looked down then looking at the other. "Thanks. it's a long time since I heard someone say am fun and with my music tastes are good. I mean if you want I can make you a playlist? I won't mind sharing at all." This should not be a shock to the kitsune knowing she never had a limit to how loud her music is. Guess that is her being used too it, as she is trying to forget things she just put her earbuds in to drown out the sounds her mind was trying to make her think about it.  

Sera knew the other is right about getting out of the house. She indeed needs to get out to meet people, maybe find someone to go on a date since it is a thought but the action might be hard to get by. Yeah, she met once guy but does know where things will lead. it was not a for sure. Sera is not a gossip girl at all as she does not like to tell everything without the facts. Even by one blind date, Sera didn't know if she is cut out for love or is worthy for someone to love her. That could be her scared to tell the other about the history of her family, the death of her mother, one thing for sure was to scare them away by them knowing about her with weapons. What guy would date someone like that? The one had not come to her or maybe he has but she is being blinded. Her blue eyes brighten by when she heard about the other's cat. "You have a cat? I love cats. I mean who doesn't their paws, beautiful fur. I can talk for hours about cats." Sera said with a bright smile. "Thank you for the offer. I will think about it for sure." 

As the kitsune listened Sariah, nodding at what she said. "My busy is me..... No today am not busy. Forget the first part." Seraphina sighed, she didn't know if it was her being mind blown the other was here to see her or she is by herself way too much. It was to soon to tell about her night terrors and anxiety she still hates. Not even her father or her brother knows about them. One day she will tell them but at the moment it's something she could handle by her training makes her forget everything.

"Sounds like rest is the right choice," Sera said. The blonde knew what the other is talking about. She faced that many times, driving though it is not a fun time. The kitsune looked at the other as she explained her rambling. Sera found the other's rambling very cute as she giggled a little. " Your good. I can see why dad likes you. It's alright to be awkward at times. I won't judge you, not like I have something already to do so. I..... I must stop talking or I will say something in the wrong way." Sera said looking at her hands that had to hold each other. One thing she does when she is nervous.

As the subject got changed to herself Sera didn't know what she could say. One of the conversations she didn't like to talk about. Sariah says she seems fun to be around so it can't be hard to say what is on her mind. "Well I mean I don't have a lot. At the moment am trying to find my likes at the moment but I can try to tell you what I have so far." Sera said as she breathed in ready to answer anything. As the word training came come she looked down, here we go the very thing she does not like to bring up. For Sariah however, it would be different. Wouldn't her father have told the female about the family history already? "Well, I do like to be in shape along with my skills of shooting trees. It's been something I always do ever since I was a girl. You can say I don't want to forget any of it. For now and days I practice self-defense since anything can happen. That's all I will say due to it's something I never really talk about. I don't like scaring people in short." Sera said the truth. "I do like reading. I'm thinking about college but not sure what I will be good at. You can say I don't know what am good at other than training. Sera sat there trying to think what more she can say since there is no rush in going to the mall. The kitsune looked at the time thinking if they can leave before lunch rush for those who do work on Saturdays they might have an easier time along with finding a place to park. 

"I don't mind sweets at all nor pancakes." Sera didn't mind keeping up it was her forming words is something she is trying to bring out. "Well, I can tell you a little more about me. I'm 25, my birthday is on July 4th. Am single, not sure if love is cut out for me but then is also me saying how unsure and have not met a lot of people. Unemployed but looking. I love my family even with one has choices I will never understand. Am a Cancer if Zodiac signs are your thing. I do like trying new things. Am currently trying to catch up with the trends and fashion. My wardrobe is still the same for many years." Sera said the last part embarrassed. She hoped that will spark more interest in the other for questions she might have. 

“I would absolutely love that” she spoke in reference to the music playlist and smiled gently at her “I’m always trying to find new music but I never seem to find the time to actually do any research, always busy” she laughed softly, she had definitely noted down a few of the lyrics she’d heard from Sera’s room and searched them up afterwards though “What kind of music do you like most?” she had heard a decent range of stuff from her so she wasn’t really sure what her preference was, or maybe she just liked a bit of everything which was pretty cool too.

“You do?” she asked brightly when she spoke about her like for cats “You know I never thought I was a cat person but one day I was out walking in the winter and this little kitten tried to follow me home” she pressed her lips together “she was so small and frail and clearly hadn’t eaten in a long time so I brought her home with me and nursed her back to health, I looked for her owner but she didn’t seem to have one” she had a sad expression “So I decided to keep her and she’s been a part of my life since” she grinned “Have you thought about getting a cat if you love them so much?” she raised her brows curiously, it was nice to see Sera interested in something because most of the time she seemed pretty disconnected. Sariah had assumed that maybe she just didn’t like her or didn’t like the idea of her considering she lost her mother pretty young. “Oh” she spoke softly before pulling her phone out of her pocket so show her a picture of Ada, her little cat.

She nodded softly with an understanding expression when the kitsune seemed hesitant about talking about her schedule, she had done that before, told people she was busy when she wasn’t just because she didn’t want to face the world that day. She got it better than the other female probably knew. She didn’t say anything more on it because she didn’t feel like she was in the place to breach that topic with her but Sariah definitely made a mental note to look out for her and make sure she was okay, attempt to make conversation a little more often now she realized the younger female didn’t seem to dislike her.

She was a little embarrassed by her rambling, she had always had this habit of over talking about things and digging herself into holes she didn’t always know how to get out of. She noted the way Sera stopped herself and tilted her head slightly “You don’t have to worry about watching your words around me, believe me, I’ve been through way worse than a few odd sentences” plus she didn’t believe for a second that Sera had bad intentions with her words, she had always been so polite and sweet every time that the human ambassador had spoken with her, however limited, she seemed like a good person.

She could see there was some discomfort in the kitsune when she was talking about herself, the way she would shuffle a little awkwardly and avoided eye contact telling Sariah pretty quickly that it wasn’t her favorite subject. Still, she didn’t go with her gut instinct to apologize because it seemed like the younger blonde did want to say something “That’s okay, there’s time to figure that stuff out, you don’t need to feel like you understand it all right now” she assured her and then nodded softly “I used to love training” she spoke gently “I wanted to join the army when I was younger, I would have too but things didn’t pan out” she glanced over at her and shrugged “I don’t scare easy, if I did then I probably wouldn’t be here...I imagine your dad told you how we met” or maybe he didn’t, she wasn’t really sure how in-depth he had gone with Sera and Arwyn, she was still figuring it all out.

“Well did you have anything you dreamed of being as a kid?” she asked curiously “At one point I wanted to be an astronaut” she spoke and then gave a mock roll of her eyes “I was a pretty ambitious kid, guess I still am in a way, though more behind a desk than actually out there on the front line nowadays” she pressed her lips together “And it doesn’t have to be something you’re already good at, you just need to find something that interests you, you know, learning can be fun too, despite all the stigma about school” though Sariah had always been a bit of a nerd she supposed. “Great, then we shall have a treat, just tell my diet, it’s still made at me for ignoring it” she laughed softly.

Sariah wasn’t much older than Sera, but it seemed like they lived very different lives, Sariah had always been very academic focused while Sera seemed to have definitely been pulled into the family business “I feel you on the love front, for so long I kinda wonder if I was cursed to just find men who don’t know the meaning of commitment” she blushed softly because that had all changed when she met Orion “A cancer huh, if I remember rightly back from those times I used to read horoscopes, that makes you an intuitive and loyal person” she smiled bright “I’m a Pieces” she affirmed with a nod, she did laugh when Sera talked about her wardrobe though “Well I can definitely help with that last one, as you may have noticed already, I’m a little obsessed with fashion...especially shoes….it’s a whole thing” she grinned looking down at the heels she was wearing and laughed “Don’t worry I don’t expect you to wear stilettos or anything” took years of practice to walk gracefully in them.

The young kitsune smiled as the other said they would love to. "It's hard to find new music that no one knows but am happy to hear something is like me. I understand You and Dad has big jobs this is a guess of course." Sera thought about what comes to mind without saying anything new. "I will have to look when I get my phone and open them up. Sometimes I just listen to random music on Pandora which is the reason I create the playlists I have today." Sera said with a light smile. "What are some you like to listen to. Maybe I can make one around you insert with a little mix and twist that can be surprising." 

"Ah, am sure she is thankful to you. " Sera said happily the cat is very healthy and very loved. When the question came to her about owning a cat she shooked her head. The kitsune never thought about getting a cat, she has heard about animals are good for people who have anxiety, depression and many other things. "I never thought of it really. I would love to have one when am sad and alone. Animals are very special and understand us more than most." Seraphina was not going to tell about her night terrors when she has not told her own family.  Sera got out of her mind when she saw Sariah's cat as she smiled. "Oh my goodness, she is so pretty!" 

The kitsune is very happy the other is very understanding. "Oh, what I was going to say was not towards you but myself. I would say it but personally I have not told my dad yet. I just don't want to make him feel worst knowing since he does not know he would be hurt. I can say your rambling is very cute to be really honest. When am comfortable with someone I can talk my head off, shocking I have to talk people's ears off in my life. You can say I know how you feel. Say the girl who is very distant towards people I don't know but does not mean I won't want to get to know them if you guys what am coming from." Seraphina said thinking she needed to explain herself. 

As the path to recovering, little things have been an effort by the other to learn about herself again. Music has helped her a little bit, reading has helped along with watching videos or things she likes. Since she has the hands for putting things together and pulling apart things, she has some ideas to improve her rooms from old high school life to look like she is not living in the past. Seraphina didn't like people going into her room with it she finds it embarrassing knowing you pick up something you can find old writings to photos and journals. Knowing the moving forward and life is moving quickly she wants the positive and send the negative out. "Really? What stopped you?" Sera asked. As the older female asks if she knew how they meet Seraphina shook her head no. "I have no heard about it. I never really asked but if you like to tell me I won't mind. Why did dad scare you?" Sera asked wondering.

 Dreams, a word Sera has not thought about in a long time. " I mean I always wanted to be like my dad. Still, do but I know I got a lot to learn." Sera said thinking back what she wanted to do. " Well I mean I never really tell anyone this but I can sing?" Sera asked unsure if that was something. Of course, she wants to be a family person like she already is but in the long route she loves helping people. Taking care of her father might have been the cause of skill, to understand, to listen and to guide someone to be their better self. Sera guessed she did have something but forgot about it when she grew up. Sera laughed a little as she thought about school life, "You know after coming here from Nevada this might seem strange but I kinda miss the feeling of School. Am thinking about going into college but am having a hard time with choosing. The thought of going back to school makes me feel happy, meeting new people maybe get some more friends." It's been years, might be why she is excited about the feeling of it all. " So what got you to think about being an astronaut? Did something trigger the thought or you just love the idea about going into space?" Sera asked wondering knowing science is something most people likes to learn about. Who wouldn't want to see something new and very cool?

Seraphina laughed a little. "Diet? Sariah you don't need to. I mean you look amazing already.  You don't mind me calling you by your name right? Don't want to offend you in any way." She was surprised that the other is in one. It might be to get in better shape or getting a better eating style so should could of token it the wrong way. "The more you talk about how you and Dad met really make me want to know," Sera said knowing the times she saw her father come home with his smiling really wide told the kitsune everything. "I think this might be a surprise for me saying what I said to I never really dated a guy or ever had a boyfriend. I just think no one would like me in that way to tell you the truth. You're not alone I don't either." She giggled a little. Looks like they can talk for hours, in truths Sera forgot about her being distant at all. It felt so natural to her which made everything great.

Hearing what a Cancer really it made sense to her, hey loyal so anyone she crosses who enters her life. "Looks like we are both water signs. I like that." Sera looked down at the other's shoes and nodded. "You have a nice sense of fashion. My wardrobe is a little High School, tomboyish to say the lest. A very good thing am not dating or I would not know what to do.  What type of fashion do you see on me?" Sera asking know she found a few she liked but hearing it from someone could make her look into more and try out different styles she never thought of.  "Oh boy, I have never tried wearing anything that high. Maybe small and work my way up but I love them on you."

“I kinda love a little bit of everything, though I tend to avoid rap and really heavy rock” she bit her lip as she considered for a moment what her actual taste in music actually was, it wasn’t easy to describe “I guess anything with meaningful lyrics, nothing too superficial” she met the younger girl’s gaze wondering if she made any sense at all. Talking about Ada always made her smile, the human ambassador loved having a pet to care for, even though she never thought she’d be a cat person before she got one “You should get one, they’re incredibly therapeutic to have on a bad day” she smiled softly and then nodded a little “And sometimes it’s nice to know someone is relying on you” on the bad days where stress got too much, remembering she had her kitty waiting for her at home could be enough to keep her going. “Isn’t she?” she gushed as she looked at the picture she had shown Sera “though she’s much cuter in person” she giggled softly because she could talk about Ada for hours.

“That’s okay” she spoke with effortless smile, honestly, getting Sera to open up to her on any level was a major improvement and she wasn’t going to take any of that for granted “We have all the time in the world, you can talk about things when you feel ready to, or not at all” she gave an affirming nod, she wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s toes but she also wanted Sera to know she was there for her if she needed something, even if it was just a distraction from life. When Sera asked her why she never went into the army she shrugged her shoulders lightly “I would have, but unfortunately they found that I have an irregular heartbeat which means I wouldn’t be fit for active duty” she nodded slightly, she was okay with that reality now but back then it had been a little crushing “If you listen really closely, your therian hearing can probably pick it up” she spoke softly and nodded slightly.

Sariah couldn’t stop the smile that graced her lips and the laugh that escaped as she went to tell the story of how she met Orion “Well you know I work for the organization right?” she spoke it softly before continuing “Well part of my job was to develop new tech used to keep supernatural rogues at bay and I’d developed an early version of our serum used for our blinding devices we use nowadays” she nodded knowing Sera would be able to tell where this was going soon. “So a certain nasty valkyr wouldn’t leave me be at a charity event I was attending and your dad was working security, I threw the serum over the valkyr to get him to back off but I totally freaked and threw some over Orion too” it was funny to say now but back then she had totally been panicking over the therianthrope she had just temporarily blinded.

She nodded a little when Sera said she wanted to be like her dad “Well that’s a very broad statement” she spoke softly and smiled “I think you can have elements of him in who you are while also being your own person too” when she said she could sing Sariah smiled brightly “Ooooh now that is interesting” she spoke with raised brows “Do I sense guitar lessons in your future?”’ she teased with a laugh because most artists nowadays could play their own instruments too and then they could make music for channels like YouTube where it was free for anyone to see and invest themselves into. “I mean you’re talking to the girl who liked being at school more than she did at home, so I totally get what you mean, learning doesn’t have to be a chore like some people make it out to be” she definitely find that to be her experience anyway. Sera’s question about he wanting to be an astronaut made her shrug “I mean who hasn’t dreamed of going to space at least once” she laughed softly “But I did always love astrology, my dad always used to get the telescope out on our balcony every time there was a major astrological event and I guess it all comes from that” she still loved space, just not quite so obsessively now.

She gave Sera a kind smile when she said she didn’t need to diet “That’s sweet of you, thank you, but I have to eat well to take care of my heart” she nodded when Sera asked if it was okay to call her by her name “Absolutely, or call me Riah if you like, that’s what my friends do” she winked slightly. Sariah listened to what Sera had to say about her love life and then she pressed her lips together “It doesn’t surprise me that you haven’t had a boyfriend but not for the reasons you listed” she looked back at her completely truthful “Honestly, you strike me as the kind of girl who knows her own worth and the fact you didn’t go through the phase where you put your own worth down for a man, says everything” she nodded slightly “And eventually you’re gonna meet someone who feels worth the chance” that was Sariah’s way of telling Sera she didn’t need to put herself down for not catching the attention of idiot high school boys.

She nodded enthusiastically at the comment on both of their Zodiac signs but it was talking about fashion that got Sariah really invested because she had definitely noticed that Sera had a lack of range of outfits and she knew that was something she could help with “Well I don’t think you need to give up the tomboy vibes, they definitely suit you, but I’m thinking maybe swap some of the leather jackets for some denim ones, maybe a few pairs of ripped jeans, little edgy but not too much and” she bit her lip “Maybe even some florals if you’re feeling a little daring” she wiggled her brows slightly “It takes some practice to wear heels, but I’m sure we could find you some killer boots to keep the spirit” boots seemed more her style “that’ll be the fun of the shopping part, getting to try some stuff you normally wouldn’t dream of” she nodded slightly.

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