Eden tossed and turned for the majority of her night, unable to get past events to stop hainting her. Eden had never had an easy go of it, and she supposed she was at her very lowest the day she became a Valkyr. Living with the Heathcliff family, had came with a rather hefty price. Not only had Eden died to save their sons life, but when she was brought back as a Valkyr, by one of the family friends, she was tossed out into the streets. Spat at and cursed by her own mother, Eden stared through the window from the streets, unable to grasp why they did that to her. Lady Heathcliff peeked out the window just long enough to tell Eden that no creature of the night would be welcomed in their home. 

Eden was still tormented by the moment she jolted back to life and barged through, into the room where her mother stood, the HEathcliff's, and Lord Caldwell, and how guards ambushed Eden with sharp objects, ushering her away from her very own mother, and out the door, onto her ass. Thankfully Lord Caldwell felt obliagted to help her since he'd been the one to bring Eden back as a Valkyr. Lord Caldwell gave Eden a place to sleep that night, a hot meal, a change of clothes, and a plane ticket to Evermore, where he knew the Valkyr ambassador and plenty more like Eden.  A place where she could possible start her life over, with just the duffle bag of clothes she had, and 200$ to rent herself a room for a few nights. After that, it had all been on Eden. 

After that 200$ in cash ran out, Eden felt as though the weight of the world had fallen upon her shoulders. And it did. She no longer had  a way to afford her room, so she began pulling old tricks out of her bag, and began visiting rich men, lurking around the night clubs and bars where she knew Evermore's most wealthiest men hung around at. It was then that she was able to afford the rent on her motel room again, and it was then that the Valkyr fell into a shame spiral, hating her very being for the things she had resorted to, in order to make money to support herself. Meeting Knox had been the only thing that had felt right for Eden in a long time. Knox was someone she knew wouldn't ever take advantage of her, or offer her money in return for sex. Lately they had been one anothers comfort, each others escape from the reality's they lived, and frankly, he hd became Eden's favorite person. She knew how she felt about him deep down, but she couldn't allow herself to admit to anything right now. She was too afraid of the damage that could be done, should she express herself, and he not feel the same. 

Eden enjoyed their random stop by's though, the small talk in the hallway, the invitations each of them gave for when  one of them splurged and brought to much fast food home, and his amazing personality, with that stunning smile of his.She simply couldn't wait for the time to begin where they could start having movie nights, and maybe even spending the nights in one anothers rooms. Eden's mind had been on Knox now of all times, as a rich man approached her, commenting on her beauty, which she fed off of. Eden thanked him, and aftr he asked if she'd like to go somewhere more quiet, Eden asked what was in it for her, letting him know she wasn't giving her pride away for free, and he was reeled in, just like the rest. This was too easy, but oh so degrading and hurtful to a woman like Eden. Her body was her sanctuary. IT should have remained as pure as her heart once was, but it paid her bills, so she felt as though she had no other choice. 

The man she had consented too however, began getting too rough with her, causing Eden to bare down and deal for the moment while tears pooled in her doe eyes. The rough her got, the less she could tolerate it however, until the word 'stop escaped her mouth. Eden's request seemed to fall upon death ears however. The Valkyr feared for her life in that moment, as wel as her innocence in that moment. He had covered her mouth, keeping her from being able to shout for help., and she knew she couldn't use Valkyr abilities in a dance club for human eyes to witness. Eden gripped his hand though, easily breaking it with the flick of her wristt before an unlikely source came to help her. 

Eden realized her hero was now in danger however. "Get out of here" she hissed at the other (Lucius) overwhelmed by the need / urge to protect him from a man who was trying to hurt her to begin with. But, she could sense that he wasn't going to leave her to deal with the man alone, and before anything else could be said the man who'd gotten rough with Eden, smirked "Well well well, what do we have here? A piss poor excuse for a boyfriend if you ask me" he said in a drunken slur, "Hes not my boyfriend you drunk piece of shit, but I can assure he's more of a man than you can ever dream of being. You can't just  do what you did to females and get by with it!" she yelled at him, sending a hefty slap through his face, but recoiled at him drawing back to hit her back. 

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Attachments; a word the celestial male never believed in. He never got close to someone, even if Lucius did they end up being dead. Even the family that brought him into the family was never attached to them. A commitment was something he found funny since he is someone who never stays in one place, not even someone who wants to be with him does not come even close to success. Lucius does not want anyone near him in fear he might do something he will never forgive himself.

One person came close but sadly is not living anymore, now another is going to try to do the same cycle which is something he is trying not to give in. It’s already a lot for him to be attracted to Ash but it’s something he didn’t ask or wished for in the end.  Lucius never said he is a hero or someone to help out another even if he makes him happy to protect some people from danger this night was like any other night so far for the star. He is always at the right place at the right time for danger and trouble to find him.

As he walked into the night club smelling the alcohol with his eyes on the ladies that walked by him made him smile. Lucius knew they are only looking at him for his looks as he has given the same favor to them back. Lucis is not one for being a playboy in his values but actions do speak louder than words. Not given a care what people think of him, he is just minded his own business. Ordering a drink his brown eyes looked around as they laid on a woman that didn’t look right at all. A male’s hand on her mouth but the one thing he caught on was how scared she is in her brown eyes. Noticing the male who held the woman looked at him made Lucius’ blood boil for some reason.

Standing up as he felt everyone now looking at him and the other male, it looks like things are going downhill very quickly. Hearing the female’s telling him to get was not going to push him away. For him to feel no attachment to anyone she caught his eyes for sure. If they are looking for a fight then a fight is what the bar will be getting. “Am a single man with a complicated situation with another man. I, for one thing, a woman does not need a made for her to be happy for all we know she could have a girlfriend,” he spoke up sighing at the point females are always looking at the stereotype then who they really are.

When he watches the female stand up for herself one thing that crosses the line with him was the male hitting her. “I guess she is right am more of a man then you are. No man lays his hand on a woman even to hit her. Come on show me what you’re made of.” Lucius said hoping this will give the women time to escape if the male did not bring any of his men with him. Lucius never likes rich people, they always sit around, get all the lady to suck them and throw other people around like a piece of trash. It looks like he is less than a jerk if you put someone like the other male in comparison. 

Eden's head was simply spinning from the situation currently unfolding before her and the two men. One of them, a complete douche bag, whom she'd found herself in trouble with due to the ways she paid her bills. This was likely her breaking point tonight. She feared she'd be kicked out of her motel room after this, because it simply wasn't worth the risk any longer. Who was to say that she'd be this lucky the next time one of the rich men she approached decided to be a little too rough with her. She gazed to the male who had intervened, seeing a faint glow surrounding his entire being, which she decided not to comment on. As far as she knew, only her supernatural eye had caught it. The man they were dealing with, was nothing more than a disgusting human, who had enough money to talk his way out of a wet paper bag if he wanted to.

The man had finally let go of Eden, and focused on the other male who was seemingly taking Eden's side. She could only watch with a set of widened eyes that were full of fear right now. "Don't lay a finger on him you disgusting peasant!" she raised her tone, before gazing back to the guy beside of her, giving a nod of appreciation. If not for him, she would have likely been drug away to a dark alley by now, so that the man could really have his way with her.

Eden tilted her head, eyeing the other however when he admitted he was a single man with a complicated situation with another male. He was definitely brave for blurting out his sexual status in a very crowded bar. She admired him for that, and how he came to her rescue, but feared that he'd get hurt on her behalf, and that was something she didn't need on her already full plate. She really missed her mother right now. Her mother would have embraced her and told her to figure out her worth. Argent had been the closest thing to what Eden needed in her life besides Knox of course. The man had swung at her hero,  while Eden had been stuck in thought. She could only frown, because this was all her fault .

Eden's blood began boiling, and she knew her supernatural instincts would get in the way of this. All she really wanted to do, was rip his neck open, and lay the bastard to rest. The male who had tried saving her, was now the target of this messed up game, and Eden tried once more stepping in the way "Leave him alone!" she shouted, and gripped a beer bottle in a feeble attempt to hit him with it. She failed though, and when she missed, the larger male pushed her hard enough to cause her to land on the floor, while a group of his friends decided to join them and hold Eden back as her attacker squared off to fight the man who had tried saving her. "We won't jump in, but you won't either. We are merely here to keep you from intervening again." one of the three males spoke, who stood behind her, holding her arms so that she couldn't do anything except for watch. "He was only trying to help me from this piece of filth that you call a friend" she jerked, trying to get her arms free, and looked to the other supernatural, shedding tears, her heart torn over the fact that all of this was her fault.

She did give him a knowing grin however, even through the tears that she shed, there was a sense of relief, because she knew he could likely destroy the man that'd hit him. She inhaled, because the male who had tried saving her, had already told her attacker to show him what he was made of, so when he hit him, she couldn't help but wonder if this would get bad enough that someones supernatural status got exposed in such a public settling like this. Eden gazed from her right to her left, giving each of the men responsible for holding her back, an evil glare. God have mercy on their souls should she ever see them out in the midst of night time and alone after this.

The male could tell the other male in front of him had no value to touch a woman. Lucius will not move until he knew she would be alright. His brown eyes never left the male as he could feel the night would get exciting. He could tell he was dealing with other Human but the female is who he was unsure but something about her made him stay he didn't understand why. He barely could care for himself a little less than the male who has his eyes on him. Oh, Ash, Lucius was sorry if there will be casualties or the police will be involved. 

As he watched the male let the female go to have full attention to him, Lucius was ready for anything. He saw some Escrima Sticks so he if can dodge at the right time he could roll to get them and fight in defense. Just because he is a star does not mean he will use his powers, that is the last thing he wanted was a guard or two at his doorstep. When the female spoke up he could not help but to chuckle when she called the other male a Peasant. She was not wrong but made him wonder who she is. An important person? 

Lucius has no filter about he is was, if people didn't like him that is fine he could care less. He saw the reaction of the other male grew in disgust. Looks like he ne of those people but he was not there to fight oh what gender he is attracted to or what his life is. As a bisexual, he could admit the other female is very attractive but since Ash came into his life he was not going to betray himself as a loyal person. He saying he is the female's boyfriend would not do him any good either so there is no winning.  Lucius stood his ground until he saw the male make his moves as he rolled to the sticks held both of them in his hands. " What's wrong was I too fast for you?" he asked knowing it will annoy the other male. 

Watching the female, he thought it was brave but a wrong move knowing it will make the other male madder than before. The star wondered where the male's friend was as they slowly came out he knew the police would come out for sure as people started to run out of the room. "Looks like no one is sleeping tonight," he said as Lucius rose to his feet. Once he did the fight begin as he was trying to talk it all outside so no one would get hurt but looks like the limit was the room. The male did show him what he is made of but it was not enough for Lucius. Someone like the other would be allowed to touch people if he does not know how to treat them. "You call that all you got, come on you can do better then that," he said knowing if he can tire the male out it would be easier for the police to handcuff him and possible see Ash and knowing him will lecture him what was he thinking.

Eden wasn't blind nor stupid. She noticed the way he visibly checked her out, and while any other night, she would have given him at least a smile of appreciation, tonight was a different ballgame, where all her attention had to be centered on a male who threatened her safety. She eyed the one who had intervened to help her as he chuckled. She assumed it was because she called the piece of shit in front of them, a peasant. Eden was such a humble person most of the time, but this man before her, definitely brought a darker Eden out to play.

The Valkyr had no time to react though. When the smaller male rolled, and grabbed the sticks, her mouth fell open after a small gasp escaped her plump, glossed lips. His question to her offender made the Valkyr smirk. She finally felt safe enough to stand back and just watch. She would intervene if she had to. But, from the way the guy was handling himself, and those sticks, he seemed to have it under control.

Eden watched, for what seemed like ages, while he tried his best to tire the male out. It all happened so fast that she barely knew what was going on when the larger male fell to his knees holding his head. Natural reflexes caused Eden's hand to fly up and cover her mouth as a dramatic gasp escaped her lungs. With eyes full of tears and fear, she looked to the male with the sticks, still not even knowing his name. An eerie silence loomed over them in that moment. And she couldn't help but tremble as she looked from him, to the male on the ground.

Eden's balance had completely left her in that moment, and she barely managed to keep herself standing. After stumbling back a few inches, she felt the cold wall hit her back, and while trying to process what had just happened, she slid down, until her ass hit the floor. "Is he.." she started, but struggled to speak "Is he de- -.." she couldn't bring herself to ask the three words as she continued gazing from the man who saved her, down to the man who had assaulted her.

Lucius grew fond from the female knowing what she said is true. The star was not leaving until something gets solved or get the female out of harm's away. Lucius knew what he was doing is heroic and knowing he would be called that but really he was not being one other then him doing the right thing. It would make it obvious. 

He knew to be careful, he knew to watch every move the other male made. Everything he is showing is him watching people through the years along with him working out. Lucius never wanted to be a monster or to kill someone, looks like he got out of control as his mind went to ending everything. When the male fell to the group Lucius looked down at him as everyone screamed in horror.

The star looked at the male wondering why he had not gotten up or said anything as he crouched down putting two figures on the male's neck in horror. He stood up and looked around, the male is dead and it was something he didn't want to do intentionally.  

Walking toward the female holding out his hand. "We need to get out of here. Someone could've called the police already." The star knew if Ash knew it was him he is dead for sure. Once the female took his hand he rushed them out of the bar to his car. "What a night." He said starting the car as he drove away in a clam away as the police driven past them. "Sorry, Ash." He said under his breath. Lucius brought them to a faraway hotel while the car ride over was quiet. "We should be safe here. Shit, why were you with that guy anyway? Are you an important person or something?" Lucius said knowing they had questions. 

The star laid in his car seat with a long sigh. What were they going to do? Maybe she had someone to pick her up or will they find the guys following them all the way out. Lucius knew people like the guy he killed deserved what they got tonight but he would be going to jail with no doubt. "What's your name? I don't think pretty face will get me anywhere." Lucius said knowing that would get him a slap in the face if not then he would be questioning the others tolerances. 

Eden wasn't sure what had happened at first. She heard the screams of horror from other people, and she saw the man fall to the ground lifeless. But, still, she hadn't really grasped what it had meant. Eden began heaving, and she looked to the male who had saved her, for answers? She wasn't sure what she expected him to do or say, she just needed to hear him say anything at all right now.

When they left the scene and got into what she suspected was his car, Eden looked over at him with an 'are-you-kidding-me' type of glare. "What a night?" she repeated, and blinked a time or two over in his direction. "You just..we jjust ..I" she could barely form sentences and thinking straight was just not a luxury for Eden right now. "Who the hell is Ash? Wait.. DID YOU KNOW THE MAN YOU JUST KILLED?!!" her voice pitched some, she assumed the name Ash, was the man's name who was now lying dead on the ground.

He has just literally saved Eden's life, so at the very least, maybe she owed him an answer. After the car stopped, Eden laid her head against the window, tears falling down her cheeks to his question, the Valkyr shook her head and frowned. "I'm no one special. I was with him because .." now this would be the hard part. How does one just blurt this out? "It's how I afford my rent" she swallowed harshly, and frowned at him before averted her gaze and looking away.

Eden rolled her eyes when he asked for her name, and mentioned that a pretty face wouldn't get him far "No, but it might get you a nice little cot in prison. I hear their food is extra salty." she glared straight through him, and if looks could kill, he'd be a dead ass. She understood she was a gorgeous female, but it was her downfall in life, and the very reason someone ended up dead tonight. "I obviously am not going back where I live.. you take me back there, then the cops pick me up. A nobody like me? Ill rot in a prison cell. We're staying right here tonight.. you can sleep in your back seat, I don't need to sleep, not like I could even if I tried"

Eden was barely making it at the motel as it was, and if it wasn't for Knox's talents with Mrs Sanders, she wouldn't be there at all. So, she wasn't going back home, not with everything she could possibly take back with her. Having the police show up to question her, would certainly give her a one way ticket out of that motel. She could hear sirens from the distance. Unsure if they had caught up to her and the male beside her, she gave him a look that likely spoke louder than anything she could have said right now. "The names Eden, Eden Shaw" she finally said, clearing her throat before flipping the question.

"Since you may go to prison for a girl you barely know, Do I get a name?" since he decided to use her looks to ask for her name, she figured fair was fair. "I don't think we're safe here.." she expressed as the sounds of those sirens were now closer than she'd heard them earlier. The one thing Eden didn't even know, was that Lucius was in way more danger than she was. The use of Celestial power, that would become a whole new set of problems for them. For whatever reason, she felt that if she needed to take the blame for this and let him run, then she would. It wouldn't have happened if not for her being mixed up with the wrong kind of men in this city.

Lucius was someone he vowed to never kill anyone no matter how much someone bad has done to someone else. With him turning around seeing the other is not responding the star didn't know what he was going to do or say but to get the female who was targeted out of the building and far away. He was sick he took life from the world but he knew the balance will be back to normal when a new life is born.

"I never want to kill him," he said trying to think beyond the other yelling.  How is he going to face everything but there was a bright side to everything he didn't use his species powers at the end of the day. He could not be tracked down by Malva or anyone in the aspects or worst a guard he might know. When she asked how are Ash and he just sighed. "Ash... is my partner." Lucius felt weird saying that but in the heat of the moment those are words he thought of. "Look all I wanted to do is knock him out call the police get you got to safety and let the police do their job I never wanted anyone to die. It looks like fate had other plans." Lucius said annoyed but focus on the road.

The star looked over at the female as he sighed. "So you're a prostitute?" it did make sense to him why she was there and why she is with someone rich jerk who is properly wanted to be killed by others. Maybe he did a good thing for those people but it didn't help him from what could happen to him along with Ash. He knew something Lucius would do he will lose Ash, this is why he does not want to fall in love or have someone to have by his side. Nothing ends well for him. 

Maybe he deserves what she said. "You're not the only one who has said that to me. I think a lot of people want to get rid of me." Someone like Lucius always looks after himself and him alone but this time, for the first time he wanted to do something for someone else and he still gets hate for it so many if he disappears no one will not miss him or even know he is around or alive. "Don't you have anyone who can look after you, maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend?" he asked. If someone is going to jail it would be him. When she finally told him her name Lucius looked at her and nodded. "Nice to know a name." 

Lucius turned to her when she said for his. "Lucius, Lucius Wright." The star sighed knowing she is right, "Look I know this might sound selfish but I think the only one who might be going is me I was just protecting you in self-defense. You had no part with the death of the man but my own hands." Lucius said knowing his fate so he didn't want to hide it. "It would be more trouble if I didn't use my powers You would not be seeing me at all right now or something will happen to you to forget. If I have to use them then I will but we should be fine right now." He said looking down at his phone unsure if he should contact Ash or not.

Eden had never been a fan of violence, and even during the newbie days where she didn't have a clue how to feed without killing someone, she never enjoyed the site of a dead body. Those she had killed by complete accident still haunted her to this day, so to say she was processing okay.. was a big lie. Knowing someone had just taken a life, and for her? That made it so much worse, and she couldn't help but feel guilty, that if she'd chosen a different path, a different way to make money, that this wouldn't have happened at all. Eden cringed as she felt inside of her bra, gripping the money in her palm until it was crushed like trash. She didn't want this.. not anymore. Something had to give, but to say before it's too late.. well, it was too late. Someone died because of her. 

Eden's brow arched when Lucius said Ash was his partner... almost smirking at how he said it so shyly. "Well, you don't sound too convincing. Are you just coming out?" she immediately put her hand over her mouth, shamed that she'd asked such a personal thing, but it was better than focusing on the dead body that laid back in the street they'd just fled from. "I didn't say you meant for this to happen.. It's just ... God.." her voice cracked, and tears rolled down her cheeks again. "You did that because of me, because I was being attacked .. how can I live with myself knowing I caused one man to take another man's life. Neither him, nor you deserved the events of this night..." and while yes, the man had been violent and rough with Eden, she still felt he didn't deserve to die for that, and Lucius didn't deserve all of this on his shoulders.. suddenly having a murder case on his plate, and it likely causing him and his partner issues. 

"So this Ash guy. He sounds like an important figure. What does he do?" she asked curiously, hoping she hadn't been putting two and two together, where she assumed Ash worked for ECPD.. if so, she knew for sure this would cause him and Lucius issues. 

Eden shot a daggering glare at Lucius and how he so boldly asked if she was a prostitute. It hurt. Deeply. But, that wasn't his fault, and the only reason it hurt so bad, was because she never wanted Knox to think less of her, and he was the very reason she'd been looking for an honest, legal way of making money. Nodding her head gently, Eden glanced to him from the corner of her eyes. "I prefer call-girl.. but yes.. or at least I have been until now.. what happened tonight, I never want that to happen again, and it could at any given time, it comes with the job. I'm so sorry for causing this" she swallowed harshly, before folding her arms underneath her bust. "I stay in a motel, and Knox will of course look after me, he's someone I met when I moved there and he's amazing, but he also don't know much about my night life.. and I feel guilty enough without adding to it by having him protect me from the scum bags that I entertain for money.." Eden definitely hated what she'd been doing, but she had been put on the street the moment she woke up as a Valkyr, and had followed the lead of other women who made their money the same way that she did now. 

Eden frowned at Lucius .. it hurt even more when he said his name, especially hearing him say he would be the only one locked behind bars for tonights events. "I can't believe this is happening.. this isn't fair.. and this isn't something that you should be going through.. I have to do something to help.. I don't know what, but I can't just sit here and let you go away for protecting me" she sobbed, breathing heavily as she thought of just how messed up this was. When he mentioned using his powers, the Valkyr arched her brow again after wiping the stained makeup off her cheeks "I hope you're right.." she could tell there was something more to it when he mentioned his powers. He had a haunted look in his eyes.. but she didn't want to pry. "What do we do now?" she then asked, noticing the way he continued to look at his phone, she knew he needed to get a hold of his partner. This wasn't something you could keep from a significant other. She would eventually tell Knox about the darker things in her life, but right now, she just wanted to get herself.. and even Lucius somewhere safer, and more isolated, that way he didn't go to prison. 

"You're a supernatural, who took a human life.. they are not going to go easy on you... we could run.." as much as she hated to say those words, she didn't wanna see Lucius get hurt because of what he had done, or seem like he was dangerous as a supernatural posing a threat to humans. "Could your partner help in this situation?" Eden didn't know what kind of rank he had in the city, but anything was better than nothing right now.. 

"I may have one idea.. but we need to be some place more private.." all she knew, was that she wanted, even needed to protect him now too, and she knew there was one way to do that. 

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