The Niveis had been feeling, some tension lately. He wasn’t quite sure whether it was because he and his family were in a new city; getting used to the way of life there. The strange goings-ons, that he often heard about on the news. Or his constant worrying about his baby sister. Andersen didn’t want to be a bother, to Josefine. Or suffocate her, with his worrying. But given, what had happened to his sister; before the trio ended up in Evermore. It was only fair that the Middle Dietrich was concerned and worried for his sister’s safety. Despite, being relieved; that she found her way back home and was in one piece. He would have gladly, ripped those that kidnapped her/hurt her into shreds. But, he didn’t know who they were. As his sister, had yet to tell him and their brother Andrew; who those culprits were. As much as he wanted more information. Anders also, didn’t want to force his sister. Hopefully, she would speak when she was ready.

The Niveis, strongly disliked; anyone messing with his family/those that were close to him. His siblings, were important to him. And he would go to hell and back just to protect his siblings. It was rarely that Anders would risk his life; for anyone but them. But there was one other person, he couldn’t help but be protective over. A certain young diviner. Andersen wasn’t entirely too sure, what all of it means just yet. His mind constantly riddled with so many thoughts. It felt like he was a bit all over the place.

Needing some peace, and time to calm the mess of thoughts; rushing around in his head. Anders needed to detox, from the stress and chaos going on around him lately. Figuring, that some time in nature, the fresh air, a little adventure of his own; would help clear his mind. With his love for water. Andersen decided, on exploring the River Banks, in the city. From brief glimpses. The river banks, had some nice scenery. Maybe, it’s just what he needed. Always finding, that spending time in nature; was the best remedy for detoxing from stress. It wasn’t long before the Niveis left the motel room; that served as his home for the last few weeks. The Niveis hadn’t found a place,that he liked to call home yet. So for now, the motel room would have to do for now. The Niveis wasn’t too picky. It was a comfort, for now. But it wouldn’t do for much longer. He needed more space, to call home. But his indecisiveness, about what he liked best, kept him from buying anything he seen previously. Anders was a bit picky, in that sense. But, he and his siblings all had enough money to get by in the meantime. None of them were desperate, to earn more in order to live.

Walking through the city. Andersen made his way to the River Banks; in the Diviner Territory. Taking note of the scenery around him, as he walked. The Niveis was quiet observant. And liked to take in the details, of the places he passed/visited. 

It was quite a warm afternoon, but the breeze felt quite nice. The closer he got to the river banks; the breeze seemed to grow. Feeling a bit cooler, by the water source. With each breath he took, inhaling the fresh air around him. The Niveis was slowly starting to relax; to try and forget the troubles, his life seemed to be burdened with.

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Offering a faint smirk in his direction, she shrugged "sorry, I guess I can often let my mouth get the better of situations like this" she admitted. She definitely did have self preservation in check. She avoided putting herself in harmful / dangerous situations a all costs. Hana never took risks, and had been the golden child of her and Ha-joon. She despised that small fact, but she didn't know any other way to live life.

Hana frowned, would Ha-joon ever realize she meant well by what she did and said to protect him? She feared not, because she admittedly did tend to treat him like a child at times, and she imagined that it got old, pretty quickly. "I guess so. But, I guess we could be more careful of how we look out for them. Sometimes we have to let them go, in order to learn how to live a life period. If they never make mistakes, they never learn" she sighed. It was hard to imagine not being a motherly figure to Ha-joon, but he was doing a wonderful job, and she couldn't be more proud of the man he became.

"Oh don't worry." she started off with a soft giggle, and gazed out into the distance "I don't think anyone could actually handle switching majors like I did, and then end up going for both career paths. It's way too much to take on when you're just starting out" she admitted, and smiled brightly. She was so ready to finish college and pursue her dreams. She had only gotten this far though, because of a sour deal she'd made with her parents to marry a well respected Korean guy,  by a certain age. In return, they had allowed her and Ha-joon to move and study in the US.  But now with the deadline of that deal coming up, she was starting to regret it just a little. MArrying someone she would probably never love, hurt her beyond words.

She had to keep her mind off of that, and Anders helped in doing so when he asked about ghosts. Hana chuckled and made eye contact with him long enough to respond "Not yet. If any come out to play, youll be the first I tell" she grinned, and while ghosts used to be something that scared her, she knew there were scarier things in this city. So now, she didn't really mind the ghosts and spirits all that much. Working at a haunted INN had done her some good. It allowed her to open her mind to something brand new, and that was always refreshing.

Hana shrugged, as he spoke about what she'd order, and how the prices were more if it was a themed night, or a holiday "Well, with Christmas right around the corner, i'm definitely coming back here. I think their Thanksgiving meals are pretty cheap though, and their turkey is the best" she expressed with bright eyes full of happiness. "Half it is then" she then said, when he agreed that it was a good idea. "thank you by the way, for coming here with me.. for saving my life to be frank" she smiled genuinely, and chuckled, blushing some when he commented on her order with the word 'wow'. "I know, I get that all the time. Im sure I could out eat any grown man" she teased, and poked her tongue out playfully.

Hana arched a brow when he ordered red wine "I definitely wasn't expecting that" she chuckled jokingly. "You strike me as a bourbon or scotch type of man. Red wine is great though, at least you have good taste" she complimented, andd flashed him a smirk. "That cake sounds pretty good, I think ill have the same for dessert" she added to her order, and looked back to Anders. "Ive never tried coffee flavored cake, I hope I don't regret it. Is it good?" she asked curiously, and handed the menu back to the waitress, laughing at his next comment as they now sat alone.

"Guilty" she stated, and placed her elbows on the table, resting her chin on her knuckles, gazing to him curiously. "Well, first things first. Why is it so cold around you? Like, when I accidentally touched you, I recoiled because your skin was so cold, but even the air around you is a little chilly" she stated, wondering if that was just part of what he was, or if it was just that cold outside now that the weather was changing. The waiter returned with their drinks, and headed back for their food, and Hana remained silent, waiting for Anders to respond, while humming softly to the music in the background, playfully swaying left to right in her seat. "And feel free to ask me anything you want. I like questions .. it helps me get to know whoever im talking to" she finished off,  and continued singing along to what was playing in the background.

Anders just gave Hana a nod in understanding as she apologised. No hard feelings. The Niveis could sometimes cold off as cold; to a lot of people. And to most; unless they were someone he was close to/or a friend; he was devoid of feelings. It was his way of guarding himself in a way. Everyone had their tactics of self preservation. But he actually liked getting to know this human girl; so he was his more friendly, chatty type. Then his cold mask.

Hana did have a point. Funnily enough; she raised plenty of good one’s in the last few moments. Even if his sister was old, like himself. That didn’t mean that there wasn’t more room for more mistakes and room to grow; even for Immortal creatures; there was room for development. Maybe his protective mode; could sometimes go a little over-board; all the times his sister told him to stop breathing down her neck, and give her space instead of constantly hovering/over protecting from everything replayed in his mind. Yep. “True, I guess I feel more responsible...having practically raised her for most of our lives.” When their parents were killed; Anders was responsible for Josefine. No wonder, it made him so protective. Even if she was an adult; sometimes he still saw the small young girl; that needed help and protection. To him, she will always be his baby sister; no matter how old.

“I don’t think, I’ve really known anyone to do that.” He said honestly. Most people he had met and known over the centuries; had a variety of jobs in their life if they were finding themselves. But switching degrees mid way through; was still new to the Niveis. “What made you want to study in the US?” he asked curious. Andersen supposed maybe there was a better education system here, than in Korea. Or that her entire family moved, for whatever purpose.

When she promised to tell him about any ghosts; he looked amused. “I look forward to it. Might be a repeat of Halloween, with any stories.” he laughed.

It seemed like this restaurant and meals got Hana excited about Christmas. “You should probably bring your brother along, or a few friends along for the holidays. Might get a discount.” Or so he heard. Otherwise, it’d be a bit expensive for one person. As she thanked him. Andersen gave her a soft smile. “No worries. You’re quite fun to hang out with; it’s nice to have some new company.” Who knew that him giving her back her inhaler would lead to slow forming friendship. Her retort amused the Niveis, shaking his head with a slight chuckle. “You can sure compete.”

Anders had his way of surprising people in return. Raising an eyebrow as she suggested those drinks. “Mhh, the hard stuff...I tend to go for those, when things are rough.” But generally, he liked wine with a good meal. The Niveis was amused, as Hana also ordered a tiramisu too. “You’ve never tried Tiramisu?” Wow, the girl was missing out on some good cake.”It’s one of my favorites...but I might be biased. I suppose it’s more of a preferential thing,especially if people are big on coffee.” Some people disliked it, so it wasn’t always a win win.

And then there came the question that he was expecting. True, as a Niveis; he was much colder than a cold-blooded human. Even with Winter slowly approaching Evermore; the colder air around him didn’t help much. But he was unphased by the cold. As an Ice Phoenix; he loved the cold now. As the waiter approached with their drinks; Anders gave him a nod, before he sighed. This might take a while to explain. Luckily, not many people were around. “How good are you with keeping secrets?” Anders didn’t want to risk telling her the entire truth; if she’d go around telling the city. The Niveis smirked slightly, as she suggested he ask questions too. This might just get more interesting.

Hana nodded, knowing exactly what it felt like to be the older sibling, which in her case and Anders both, raising their younger siblings. "I did the same thing. Which, i'm sure we've got different reasons as to why we helped raise our siblings, but I do know it can be both a gift and a curse. I often treat my brother like he's still a child, and it has caused him to grow distant. He still loves me of course, but I know there's some resentment there. Gotta be careful with how protective you are, seems to do more damage than good sometimes" she commented, sighing some as she thought about how she could have lost Ha-joon's respect.

"Well, now you do" she stated playfully when he commented that he didn't know  many people, or anyone actually, who had switched degree's midway through college like she had. "It's been hard, switching like that, but it has also given me plenty of options as for what I wanna do career wise. I can either put my own brand out, fashion wise, or my next option, which will take a little more out of me; helping troubled teens" she sighed, and wondered if shed went in over her head picking two different career paths. Both careers tugged at Hana's heart, so she supposed she had went the right way with her choices, but in the end, she could only choose one, and when she did, she had hoped it would be without regret.

"Well, Korea's education system has many differences. For starters, the rule to not touch students, doesn't even apply in Korea. And also in Korea, students are made to clean up the class rooms and such after each class. Also Students eat with their class and need teacher approval to exit the cafeteria after they are done eating. Most students are required to show their trays to their homeroom teachers and they best be empty, otherwise they will be forced to eat any leftover food. And all that is just really small stuff compared to how USA runs their school's and the enviroments around them."

After ranting about the school system, how things are ran, and what made her want to study in the US, Hana blushed and looked to him apologetically. "I suppose you didn't care to hear all of that. Im so sorry" she laughed, embarrassed by how she had vented so much just now. "But yeah, basically it was just a better idea for me and my brother to study here in the US. Though the deal that I made with my parents to study here, didn't come cheap. I have a due date coming up soon, and i'm not sure i'm ready  for it" she frowned, and fought tears that threatened to pour down her cheeks.

Hana nodded and put her finger up to her chin "I think that actually sounds like an amazing thing to do with / for my brother. He loves to eat as well, so bringing him here would be a great way to bond with him. It's actually what we reunited with; food. We ended up talking our issues out over a good dinner" she smiled, but knew there was still so much heartbreak to put on him yet. Hana had only put a small dent in the truth, and she had to tell him what their parents were doing, which wasn't going to come easy, then came the whole marriage thing, that she was almost sure Ha-joon would end up feeling responsible for, where she had only made the deal, just for them to study and get jobs in the US.

"Nope never. But, I guess ill see what all the fuss is about" she pointed, as the waitress came with a big tray of food that they'd ordered. "It does smell really good though, almost mouth watering" she laughed, admitting how hungry she was, especially now that the food was just about to land on their table. "Well, I have an understanding that knowledge can be powerful, and dangerous. So, whatever you tell me, will never leave this table" she nodded, and took a large swig from her glass as she waited for the waiter to leave, and to hear Anders' story.

Anders wasn’t sure if he would call it a curse; sure it may have been tough trying to be a parental figure and a brother; to his baby sister after their parents were killed. Paternal skills didn’t come easy; but it was rewarding. It helped him grow in a way;but since he adored his baby sister; he did love to spoil her, give her the best life she possibly could get; despite the circumstances. But depending what Hana went through with her younger brother; for her it might have been a different story. “Yeah, sometimes being the elder sibling can be tough, if we forget where to draw the line.” Anders was trying to be less overprotective. After all, his sister was old enough to take care of herself, even if he still saw her as the small child that often needed his help and support growing up. Not to mention; he was also trying to get used to his big brother Andrew spoiling him once in a while; for most of their existence. It was just him and Josefine; as their elder brother had been out of the picture. So the tables were turning. So now being 3 instead of 2, things were different. Especially, since it had taken Andrew the longest to adjust to having him and Josefine around. In a way, it was still a learning progress. Even now. Centuries of occasions and memories missed and needed to make up for.

Her playful remark made him smile.”Indeed, seems like you got a wide range of possibilities though.” Hana seemed like a smart and dedicated young woman; so Andersen was sure she would pick wisely despite the hard choice she would have, when it came to picking between them. “I suppose I had it a bit easier. I was always off the scientific mind; so went with Chemical Engineering.” At least his previous job, entailed quite a wide range of things; so his working days were never the same. Even with the wide range of careers in the science department; Anders always knew what he wanted to do.

Leaning against his seat’ Anders listened to Hana tell him more about the Korea education. Yikes, it sounded strict. “Wow...well I can see, why you and your brother would want to study here instead.”

“No,’s alright.” The Niveis shook his head at her apology. “I didn’t know much about the Korean Education system, so something new learned.” he gave her a smile. Andersen was more aware of the European and American Education systems, so new information was always appreciated.If venting made her feel better; he wasn’t going to stop her. But his brows furrowed in slight confusion, at her next few words. Deal? Deadline? What was Hana on about? But whatever it was, he could tell she was upset by it. “Deal?” Anders questioned. Yep. The Niveis didn’t have a filter sometimes; so he didn’t stop himself from asking. “Unless, it’s an arranged bad can it be?” He didn’t think arranged marriages was the 21st century. And the prospect of that seemed ancient/medieval to him. But he had no idea that he hit the nail on the head with that assumption.

As she spoke about reuniting with her brother over food, he slightly chuckled. “Sounds like he might like this place then.” he gave her a smile. Sometimes dinner, helped people open up. A lot of people always talked over dinner. For whatever reasons they had. Andersen half debated if he should tell Hana the truth, or opt to wiggle out of it again. But the young woman could see through him earlier; so truth was better. Hopefully, he wouldn’t be making a mistake by telling her said truth. It’s not like he meant her harm. If he wanted to hurt her; he wouldn’t have helped her in the first place.

“Well, hopefully you’ll grow to like it.” The Niveis said with a soft chuckle. It indeed was a lot of food that arrived all together. It seemed even more of a load; then just stating the order. “I agree, it does smell good.” He was hungry too. Anders took a sip of his wine; almost to try and calm his nerves. Once the waiter left...he took a deep breath. “I am going to go out on a limb here, and say that you know about Supernaturals?” With the way she didn’t believe him, and questioned him. The human surely had some knowledge? But how much she knew? Andersen had no idea, but he would find out in the next few moments.

“As you seem to have guessed. I am not human.” Anders admitted; keeping his voice low. So no one would eavesdrop, but loud enough for her to hear. “I was born into an Initia tribe, once upon a time. My mother was a fire Initia...a powerful one at that.So there were high expectations that me and my siblings would be as skilled, with that element. And yes, me and my siblings were skilled with that element...but more so than our mother. We were different. We were Phoenix’s. And to our tribe, the Phoenix were enemies. The two species had been at war for a long us being the enemy...we were an abomination. Mother tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible. But once the tribe found out, that we were different...our parents paid the price with their life.” Anders frowned at the bitter memory. As he began to eat, between telling Hana his story. “My sister was small at the time. I took her and fled with her; otherwise we would have been next. Our elder brother, had been long he was the first to leave the tribe and our family behind, when Josefine was barely old enough to even remember him. But as she grew older; we’ve searched for him. Trying to put our family...or what was left of it together.”

“Back in the 80’s. We finally found him. It wasn’t exactly the typical sibling reunion you’d expect.” Andersen winced at the memories; especially those that led him to his and his siblings dying and their final rebirth into a Niveis. “At the time, my elder brother worked as a mercenary...and Josefine was the target on his list. Luckily, my sister managed to persuade Andrew; that she was family...and that we both had been searching for him. But his bosses weren’t too happy. So they were at the ready to finish the job themselves.” It was like it was yesterday; Andersen had retold the story a few times lately. But it was always the same bitterness. “As you might have guessed...they succeed in killing us. For a long while,there was nothing but the cold water and darkness. But when we were reborn...we were different. The fire...was gone. Instead there was a coldness to us. A new..self.” Anders looked at Hana. “We were reborn, into a Niveis. Or an Ice Phoenix if you’d prefer the less fancy term for it. It’s why...I am so cold to the touch and the cold air around me. As a Niveis...we’re very reliant on the cold. The heat slows us down.” Anders explained. “I’ve been a Niveis for the last 34 years, give or take…” Hopefully, she wouldn’t freak out on him and still keep this all a secret. “I still find myself missing my fire, but most of the time...I am bitter and hate the element, I was once very much in touch with.” Almost like he had a bit of a personality swap, with being reborn into a Niveis. But according to Anivia and Daehyun, all former Phoenix went through that struggle of hate and love, relationship with elements.

The human sighed. She knew that when it came to drawing a line for Ha-joon, that she had drawn to much of one. "Yeah, my thing is that without meaning too, ive ended up smothering my brother. I became a hellicopter parent" she admitted, grimacing as she stared at the floor. "But for me, it wasn't something forced onto me. I sat by my mothers bedside after she gave birth to Ha-joon, eagerly waiting to learn everything I could about how to take care of him. My first instinct was to protect him at any cost, and I guess it just got out of hand, to the point that I ended up treating him like a child" she frowned "we have to be careful not to do that too our younger siblings" she added, figuring he may know a thing or two about what she was saying.

Hana nodded proudly when he spoke of her wide variety of options for her career. "So Chemical Engineering. What do you do?" she asked, because unless it was fashion, or wanting to help troubled teens, or troubled people in general, then it normally didn't interest Hana. She had never cared about the science of anything, but learning something new never hurt, much like Anders had just said about Korean eductation systems. She didn't expect anything less when he said wow. Most didn't understand, especially if they hadn't lived it. But, she guessed it was like that with all things. "Yeah, it was rough, but I do often miss home. Ive come to call this city home too, but itll never be Korea" she admitted, but she wouldn't have traded living and studying here for anything. Ha-joon was doing so good for himself, and she couldn't be anything but proud of him.

Hana laughed through the tears. Because yeah, he had literally nailed it when he said arranged marriage. She sighed, and gazed up to him through her lashes. "You got it. My father wanted to force me to walk the path he built for me, but i always rebelled somehow. He found the perfect way to finally make me do what he thinks is best. In order to live here and study here, i'm meant to marry a well respected male from Korea by a certain age. Sadly that birthday is coming around the corner" Hana couldn't even imagine marrying someone that she might not love, it sickened her. "But no one ever truly defies that man. He would only find a way to hurt anyone that I do try to love if it's not someone he approves of" she sighed softly. Because there was already someone in mind, and she knew her father wouldn't agree.

Hana cleared her throat and scanned their surroundings before answering his question. "I'm sorry for putting you on the spot like this. But yes, I know some" she stated, when he asked if she knew about supernaturals. Hana nodded though when he said he wasn't human, and sipped her drink as he began to tell his story. Immediately, the human found herself choked up by the heart break it caused her. She could see the pain and agony in Anders eyes as he relived those moments to share his story with her. Naturally, Hana just wanted to comfort him, and decided to reach over the table to hold his hand as he went on with explaining.

"My gosh Anders, i'm so so sorry" she frowned, and blinked away the tears that had pooled in her doe eyes. She gently squeezed his hand to let him know she was there, as she felt him shaking a little. To hear him say that his parents had paid with their lives, for the sake of protecting their children crushed Hana. Usually she wasn't this sensitive, but damn this hurt to hear about. She guessed he had really been through hell and back. Her mouth dropped open though when he went further and explained that his brother was meant to kill their own flesh and blood sister. "Oh my god, seriously?" she asked, completely floored that someone would even have to endure this much pain in a lifetime. The story had ended with Anders saying that he and his siblings had finally been killed, and came back as Niveis. Something Hana didn't know much about at all. "That explains your touch, and why it's so cold." she said, but she didn't mind it while holding his hand. On the inside, Anders seemed like such a warm and humble person, except for that spark of hatred in his eyes when he mentioned hating the fire that he once had such a passion for.

"Poor soul, you've been through so much Anders, but it should be rewarding that you've not let it define you. Im sure you still dwell on that stuff all the time, but you seem to be a pretty great guy" she complimented, but it was the truth. "So as a Niveis you'll never age?" she asked curiously, because he had mentioned being a Niveis for the last 34 years of his life. Hana frowned and continued holding his hand a moment longer "Do you have your siblings back together now, and they're okay?" she asked, hoping that answer would be yes, after so much pain. Anders deserved a lifetime of happiness after all the suffering. They all three did. "I hate what you've endured, but if you ever need me, i'll be here" she stated, offering her friendship. And while that may not be much for some people, for someone like Anders, she could imagine it would mean the world. She figured he had trust issues though, and that was fair.

"I don't blame you for the bitterness. I wouldn't expect anything less" she added, before smiling a little "But, ive gotta say, you're the first Ice Phoenix ive ever met, so that makes you special" she said playfully, in hopes to lighten the mood. "So with Winter fast approaching, do you like Christmas / have Christmas plans?" she asked, with a plan in mind for after they finished eating. She wanted nothing more than to take his mind off the story he had just told. She could see that he was in pain and it hurt her a little more than she should have let it. Hana naturally just cared for people though, so it wasn't out of the ordinary for her.

As Hana spoke about being an older sister; and her mistake of smothering Ha-Joon, with her over protectiveness. Yeah, that didn’t sound so good to him. “Yeah, I suppose I always see my baby sister, as that. The small child, that needed protecting. I know she can handle her own; but guess my instincts always got in the way, when over-protecting her.” But after losing their parents, having enemies after them; whom could blame him? He didn’t want to loose her, as she and Andrew were the last family he had. But he’d take Hana’s advice; it’d spare him and his baby sister arguments about his overprotective nature.

The moment, she had asked about his old career; the Niveis smirked slightly. It was quite a complex job. But with his scientific mind, he had always loved it. “Well, I always used to help design manufacturing processes, for all different things; food, fuel, chemicals, medicine. There’s an element of math involved, when problems arose. If you got the quantity and mixtures wrong; well...disasters coming.” Especially with Chemicals involved, so you had to be pretty careful. With the education systems he had been used to; he couldn’t quite imagine what the one in Korea must have felt like on student. So he couldn’t blame Hana and her brother, for getting their education here. “Of course, no matter where you are; that’ll always be your first home.” Andersen understood that. He could relate; as there had been times where he had missed Copenhagen. Even if it hadn’t been safe to return to; with the Initia tribe hunting him and his siblings down. But, it was home.

Her tears, yet ironic laughter made the Niveis stopped. Yep, she confirmed it. He had hit the nail on the head with his guess. “Your father, does realise this is the 21st century right?” Andersen asked her. “The idea, just seems...very medieval.” His brows furrowed. It didn’t seem fair on Hana; her giving up her own happiness for the sake of an arranged marriage. “That isn’t fair. I take it, your father is very traditional and set in his ways?” he could guess. “But, he shouldn’t punish you...or your other half, if you happen to fall in love, with someone else that he didn’t pick for you.” If he was a good father. Andersen would think, he would be happy for his daughter, nonetheless of whom she’d pick.

As she apologised for putting him on the spot; he gave half a smile. “It’s okay. I just don’t share my past often.” And it was true. Only few people knew about his past; Hana would be one of them. But she wasn’t in the dark about Supernaturals; so it somewhat made the conversation bit easier; even if she’d come to learn about a new set of species.

The Niveis could almost see his own grief mirrored in her eyes, as he spoke. The Human surprised him, when she took his cold hand. But the comfort was appreciated.

Trying not to get too choked up; The elder Male, always tried to keep himself composed. But yeah,his past did always stir up buried emotions, memories he wanted to forget and the likes. “It’s not your fault. I suppose everyone has their….fair share of bad memories, in one shape or another.” Something to over-come. It’s probably one of the things that made him bit cold to someone people; not wanting to get attached emotionally. It’d put them in danger. Andersen wasn’t sure, if he could put up with more loss, than he had endured in his life, previously. The middle Dietrich just nodded; at her shock. “Yeah, his boss wasn’t so...happy about our existence...much less, alone the fact that Andrew didn’t complete the job back then.” Hence, why they all got killed; as revenge for the failed task.

“Yeah, sorry about that. That kind of comes with it.” Anders spoke, when she referred to his cold touch. “Few other factions always joke about, by calling us the ‘Ice-Chickens’ Even in such a moment, a little joke could help lighten the mood slightly.

When she mentioned it not defining him, he let out a slight dry chuckle. “That, I am not so sure about.” He said honestly. “I don’t exactly let people, get too close to me. I always have had a tendency to pull away, emotionally. It’s not easy to let a lot of people in.” So in that way, yes; he may be defined by the past. But Hana was sweet with her compliment. As she asked about his age; Anders looked slightly amused. It was always something, when someone asked about his age; it had been known to surprise a few people. Especially if they weren’t sure how the Immortality thing worked. “I’ve looked like this...for a long time, before I became a Niveis. But it kind of sealed the Immortality deal, with my last re-birth as a Niveis. So my life, as a Phoenix had been...a long one.” Much too long maybe, but he still wasn’t old as some Immortal beings.

As she asked about his siblings; he gave her a slight nod. “Yeah, I baby sister did go missing, shortly before we moved to Evermore.” That made him frown again. It hadn’t been the best few months, worrying about Josefine, whilst in a new city. “But, she’s home and safe again. I think my older brother, is still adjusting to...well the family unit. As he’s been used to being alone for so long.” As she expressed her friendship. Anders gave her hand a slight squeeze; a silent thank you. Even if he didn’t say it outloud in the moment; he appreciated it. Strangely enough, despite knowing her a short amount of time. The human was someone whom he felt like he could trust. And trust, didn’t come that easily to him; so that was saying something. The Niveis had been eating his food; in between conversing with Hana.

When she mentioned, he was the first of his kind that she met. He nodded. “From my understanding, it’s a fairly new species. I didn’t know, an Ice-Phoenix, was a thing. Until I became one” She’d probably run into a few more Ice-Phoenix/ a tribe lived in Evermore. Andersen was still getting to know them. Giving her a soft smile. He could appreciate, her trying to make him feel better. When she asked about his holiday plans. “I did always love the Winter Holidays. I think my sister wants to drag me to a few winter festivals and markets.” Josefine did always have a habit of pulling him into social events like that; even when he was in his moody moments; and would prefer to be alone. “What about you?” he asked. Taking another bite of his food.

Hana had grown rather fond of Anderson in the short time they had known one another. She was never one to deny a connection, no matter the amount of time, it could be minutes, hours, days, weeks or years. If she liked a person, time didn't play a factor in the reasons. She guessed part of her seeing Anders as someone she wanted a friendship with however, was because they had something to relate on. The fact that he seemed to get it, when it came to how she had smothered Ha-joon, made her want to get to know the male even more. Most people didn't understand why Hana had acted as she did over her brother, but Anders did, and that was relieving in more ways than a few.

The human smiled as she listened intently when he explained what it was he'd actually done for his old job. It all sounded complicated, but after he listed everything he did the scientific measures for, she could imagine it paid well. He literally worked with a little bit of everything that people needed to survive. "I guess you weren't complaining on pay day though" she smirked slightly, eyeing those who passed them from the corner of her eye. She didn't care where she was, Hana was cautious and alert of her surroundings.

Hana nodded when he agreed to her statement about how Korea would always be her first home. "I'll likely spend my vacation there. I doubt it will be within even in sniffing distance of my parents. But, it would be nice to see some of my old friends" she stated. And while that was true, Hana felt like she needed to go back there to investigate some things. She knew the secrets here parents were holding onto, were much bigger than anything her and Ha-joon could prepare themselves for. If she could get to Korea and back safely, then that was her next plan. She was sure with the new circle of friends she had here in the city, she could convince one to go with her.

Hana had wiped her eyes, but chuckled once more to the way Andersen responded "I don't think he evolved with the new generation. He's a very set in his way type of man. I imagine he was raised the same way that he's trying to raise me.. he did a good job bringing me up, and I can't say he was a bad father.. he was just a very pushy one.. but now" she inhaled and ran her hand over her eyes again "Now, things are different" she added, unsure of what to believe anymore when it came to her parents. She wanted so badly to just believe that they werent the reason her and Ha-joon were living in fear right now. But, that would have been unrealistic. She knew her parents had done something very bad. And it would be her and her brother who paid for it. But, for someone to harm Ha-joon, they would have had to literally kill Hana. She was a force of nature when it came to her brother.

Hana grimaced at how cold his skin was, and she found it rather hard to keep holding his hand .. she had always been a touchy type of female, especially if someone she liked or cared for was going through something hard. She could almost feel his grief. As empathetic as Hana was, she often felt other people's emotions. Hana withdrew her hand, and covered it with the sleeve of her jacket, quirking a brow at how he had mentioned that his brothers boss wasn't happy that they even existed. She'd just calmed her emotions down, and decided to keep her footing on them. Hana hated to cry in front of people, and it was especially awkward when she was crying over someone else's situation.She shook her head as to let him know it was okay, that is skin was basically frigid to the touch "It's certainly surprising if you don't already know about it" she chuckled, because she had jumped a little when first touching his hand moments ago.Laughing, Hana shook her head "what a name" she commented about how others called him and his kind 'ice chickens'

She could understand that he had an issue letting people in. "I would be the same I guess. But i'm sure it gets lonely, even if you know you're protecting people by keeping them at arms length, I don't doubt that you get lonely" she shrugged slightly, everyone got lonely when they didn't have many people in their lives, even if they chose it to be that way. "Well, don't worry. You look good for an ancient man" she quipped playfully and leaned back in her chair, arching her back slightly as she stretched. She could never sit in one place for too long without feeling the nagging aches and pains of being a human. But, she supposed it beat being somewhere where she was being psychically active, and embarrassing herself by running out of air too soon. Usually Hana had issues keeping up with others when it came to certain events, and it made her feel a little less worthy of things.

Hana clasped her hands together, applauding cheerfully about him saying his sister was home and safe again. "I'm sure your brother will come to terms with the fact that you guys are always going to be there for him. Perhaps it's more him trying to forgive himself right now" she wouldn't be able to go on with a life like Andrew's and forgive herself too easily, so she could only imagine that he was likely having issues forgiving himself. Hana had taken enough of her college courses in psychology before switching her course of life, to have known a thing or two when it came to knowing he right words to say. It was the moments when she actually got to use that knowledge and help people, that she couldn't help but wonder if this was the path she should be on, rather than the fashion industry that her heart longed for so badly. 

"I don't know really. I mean, ive made a lot of new friends .." she started and gave him a look as if to say he was now one of those friends "So it's hard to say what all i'll get myself into before winter comes to an end. I'm really hoping to have some fun. Ive recently learned that it's not a sin to live my life for me" she chuckled a little sarcastically. God the things she could say to her father. She was sure she had an entire list of phrases for him by now. "I guess we'll see though" she added with a faint smile, "I guess we should get a check. I should get home before it gets to late and too dangerous for me to be out here alone.. unless you want to walk me to my door" she grinned, she wouldn't mind having him do that, and knowing where she lived, just for the sake of them being able to hang out again. As she stood to her feet, Hana waited for Anders after paying half the bill and placing a few one's under a napkin to tip their waitress.

Andersen didn’t think, he’d be that fond of someone lately. But he liked being around the human. She understood him, didn’t judge him and offered him a friendship despite his complicated past and slightly icy persona. She was a pretty cool girl to get to know. “No, I can’t say I was.” he admitted with a chuckle, as Hana brought up pay day. “It was pretty decent money actually. And helped keep me and my sister going.” That was for sure, even when Josefine had her own job. The were well off, with their jobs.

On the subject of homes. Anders couldn’t think of the last time he had been in Copenhagen. It was centuries ago. He and his sister, never went back after they fled. Mainly, because it wasn’t safe for them; when the Initia tribe were hunting them down like a pack of wild dogs. “I am sure, seeing some old faces might do you good, when you go to visit.” he said with a smile. Even if she didn’t want to be around her parents; he was sure, she had other people whom would make her stay worth the while. Not knowing the reason why she felt the need to go back and investigate. If he knew...he’d probably talk her out of it, for it being a dangerous task at hand.

At least, he could make the girl laugh; when she was feeling so down. That was worth something at least. “I doubt, he even know what modern means...with his way of thinking.” Of course no offense to Hana and her brother; it was their father he was talking about. But the Niveis didn’t have much of a filter on him, when he spoke his mind.  “If he was raised that way. I’d think, he’d want better for his children...then to force them down the same path.” At least, that was his way of thinking. He couldn’t imagine how her brother must be feeling, if he already knew what was in store for his elder sister. “I suppose every parent...has their cons and pros, when it comes to the way they raise their offspring.” he commented. His mother definitely wasn’t an angel in the raising department. Just thinking off all the things she has done to her family, to keep their true identity safe and driving their elder brother away from home.

Seeing her flinching at his cold touch slightly. Anders lightly let her hand go. Knowing she was probably cold.“Sorry...I know...I am icicle.” he gave her a smile. “Well...given that...Niveis is technically still a new species of sorts...and my siblings and I...never encountered one before..until after we became one ourselves. It took a while to get used to our new….selves…” But after meeting the leader of the Niveis Tribe; he understood things a bit better. Anivia had a fresh outlook on the way she viewed their element and what it meant. Chuckling along with her. “Could be worse...could be Ice Turkey.” Anders personally, wasn’t fond of Turkey. Didn’t have much meat on it, if he was honest. Or it always turned out dry.

Andersen hadn’t really thought much about the lonely card. But Hana was right. Sometimes even the most stubborn people had a moment of loneliness. “Yeah, I suppose I’ve had moments of feeling like that.” He could imagine, it was worse for his elder brother. Whom had always been a lone wolf.  As he was finishing off his food. Anders rose an eyebrow, before he ended up chuckling as she called him ancient. “Well...thanks for that.” It wasn’t the usual compliment, most people would get. But hey. At least, she had a good sense of humour. “I’d hate to hear, what you’d call me...if I ever reach 1000.” He said teasingly. What was worse than Ancient? Nothing probably.

He smiled at her reaction. He had a feeling she would quite like his sister. Making a note to introduce the girls one day, especially if Hana was looking for more girl friends out in the city.  “Yeah, I suppose he’s still going through that. Who knows, what’s going on in his mind.” As he knew his brother kept most of the things bottled up; unless he or Josefine found ways to get it out of him, with questions.

As she mentioned having new friends, he nodded. “That’s good that you..” realising he was part of that group, from the look she gave him. Made the Niveis smile. Turned out to be a good thing for them both. “That seems like a good thing to remember.” he chuckled softly, as she mentioned living her life. Compared to him, she was young, had her whole life ahead of her. “Just try, not to get into too much trouble.” He didn’t need her losing her inhaler and having a panic attack, amidst the fun she’d get into. Hearing her, about going home. “I don’t mind walking you home. At least, I know you’ll get home safely.” Since they didn’t seem to finish desert. He had asked for the waitress to put their desserts in a box. Paying for his half; before he left a tip under his empty glass. Once he got the box of desserts. Andersen headed outside with Hana. Walking her home. It was quite a nice evening; the air felt fresh and crisp. Not really bothering him...since he loved the cold.

“If you ever need something, feel free to call me.” Anders told Hana. He would be more than happy to help her out. What are friends for, right? Or if she just wanted to hang out, that was more than fine by him too. Once they reached her house. “Have a good night Hana. Here are the desserts..I am sure, your brother will enjoy some of it too.” he chuckled. Leaving the box with Hana. He felt a bit too stuffed; so he thought to leave even his own piece with Hana, so she could share with her brother. “I’ll see you around.” Giving her a friendly hug, before they said goodnight. Making sure to leave his phone number with her, in case she wanted to hung out/or needed him for help, with something. Leaving the young Human for the rest of the night; knowing she was safe at home. The Niveis, made his way back towards his own home.


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