“Come on Virindeus!” Aurelia called out as she stood leaning against a tree in the middle of the woods sighing softly and leaned her head to the side watching the Aspect as he rooted around in the dirt. She rolled her eyes as she scanned the area once again feeling out for danger. “You know, you and these seeds are to much hippy love for me.” she scoffed pushing off the tree as she kicked the dirt on the ground. She owed Deus her life but in the moment she wonder if she could get away with leaving him behind.

Her mind had drifted to the day that Deus saved her causing her to feel bonded to him in a protective way. When she let her mind slip from the task at hand she got lost in that moment the pain she felt. When she heard her name being yelled by Deus pulling her to the present moment. As a vampire had pinned down Deus and she hissed out and was across the forest yanking him off her Aspect. Deus refused to use force if he could avoid it making it so Rei was the one who would fight.

Rei turned around grabbing the vampire by the collar and hissed out “Who are you and who sent you.” she let her fangs grow out as she snarled again “Answer me!” When the vampire swung on her it was clear that the vampire wasn’t even a few years old, someone was creating vampires and that was against vampire rule, she picked him up off the ground the fabric of his shirt ripping as she tossed him back not letting go of his shirt causing it to rip from his body she was going to rip his heart from his chest but Deus voice caught her ears and she turned back seeing he found his seeds. She rolled her eyes turning back around to see the rouge vampire gone.

Rei looked to the shirt and found a card in the pocket of it. She took one of the bags the Deus brought stuffing the shirt in the bag and made their way back to the Ailward manor. Rei used her connections to learn that the business card belonged to a man name Scorpios who was a guard for hire. She smirked as she got the location for him from her contact and then she got ready leaving the manor after checking in on Deus.

She made her way into the city to a bar called The Bite. It was a bar where vampires could get drinks mixed with blood from willing donors. She walked in the first thing that hit her was the scent of human blood as vampires danced with humans biting into them, places like this made her skin crawl as she pushed past people she finally made her way to the bar “Whiskey without the blood.” she order as she turned around her eyes looking for her target. She had to know who was after the aspects, someone had turned this sap and sicked him on her aspect.

She tossed the whiskey back and then the new vampire scent caught her nose and she set the glass down crossing the bar to the dance floor she found the vampire and yanked him from the human he bit down on and backed him up against the wall picking him up off the ground “Now we are going to have a little chat about why you came after my friend and if you answer my questions I will let you live and not tell your king you are a rogue.” she hissed out.

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A series of mutters of disgust bypassed his lips as he came to understand his next job; the mysterious man who had hired him kept practically all critical information close to his chest which infuriated Scorpios to no end. The fact all communication was through the phone was enough for him to know something shady was going on and this something was probably much bigger than himself and the faction he was apart of.  Yet before the respected Dhampir could refuse this job, his employer had already sent through a rather large sum of cash through to his account to protect a fresh and fairly newborn vampire. “For the love of God.” He caught, and pinched the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb; Valeria would certainly not approve of this job, but in all honesty, he couldn’t see this ending well even if he refused it - the man on the other end of the phone sounded very mafia like and Scorpios could only imagine what could happen to him and his loved ones if he did.

Bearing all of this in mind, he would make sure his weapon would constantly be attached to his body for this newborn vampire could even turn on him - he knew how unpredictable they could be; hell, Scorpios didn’t doubt that the vampire didn’t understand what his mission was and why he doing what he asked. With a very frustrated huff, Scorpios left his cabin and headed in the directions to the bar where he would find his soon to be protectee.

Upon reaching the bar, a sigh of almost disgust escaped his lips - did he really have to go into the club which would be full of his distant relatives who would be neck deep in devouring some poor human’s blood. Before he entered, Scorpios had to remind himself that he couldn’t save all the humans in the club, and the likelihood of them wanting to be saved would also be slim. Thus, as he entered he kept his vision solely on his protectee who seemed to be having quite a lot of fun with multiple of women; Scorp simply shook his head and rolled his ice blue eyes - his fingers drumming against his Twin Sai Swords as he stood at the very edge of the dancefloor. Human girls would attempt to gain his attention yet he simply shrugged them off, as politely as he could but his patience ran thin these days.

It was then, just as he escorted one very flirtatious woman to the seating area, he noticed a very feisty blonde vampire approach his own vampire for the evening. His brows furrowed as she pinned and lifted the fledgling from the ground  and he couldn’t help but cuss a series of words under his breath - his fingers automatically wrapping around the handle of both of his Sai swords. He pulled them from their casing and aimed the point to the middle of the blonde’s back. Without much hesitation, he casted the rune of pain infliction to the attacking woman, allowing him to channel the power to cut all air supply - allowing her to choke on her own breath. It was a sight that he didn’t enjoy but he would be a liar if he didn’t like the feeling it gave him, to cast a rune, to feel its power run down the length of is Sai Swords. He often felt that his kind neglected this power they could have and he would push Valeria to make this a more permanent training programme.

“Run!” His Italian voice shouted aggressively to the fledging as he knew he couldn’t hold the rune for long - to inflict such a rune would use most of his energy and he knew he would definitely need some after she caught her breath. With a nod, he watched his protectee disappear into the sea of vampires and humans alike and it was then that he allowed his victim to feel the luxury of air again. “As if you would have let him live” Scorpios put his swords away and back in his belt as his words were laced with a husky chuckle - as if anyone would believe such a sentence.

Aurelia was so focused on the new vampire in front of her, how quickly she could just snap his neck and move on with her life and then she felt as if she couldn’t breathe. This caught her off guard since she didn’t have to breathe but she hadn’t felt like she was choking since she was a Nephilim, causing her to gasp out. She dropped the man she had held to the wall and fell to her knees as her head turned looking at the man who was telling the new vampire to run. She gasped gagging as she tried to breath and watched the man run off.

The dark-haired Dhampir got in the way of her getting answers about who was trying to harm her aspect, and she couldn’t allow that, even at that moment as she couldn’t breathe she turned all her focused on the other male. She slowly rose to her feet, and the moment she felt that she could breathe again, she was cross the room pinning him to the wall “Of course I wouldn’t have, he is a rouge, if I didn’t kill him, one of the kings men would soon enough. No one should be making new vampires, and if they are they should be claimed, and sense you are only a halfling I don’t expect you to understand.”

She pressed her elbow into his shoulder as rough as she could. That one rune used that she counted, and having a Dhampir daughter meant she knew that they could only use three within a twenty-four hour period. So at best bet he just had two more runes he could use against her, so she could force him to use the last two he had or try and play nice. “That man came after the person I am meant to guard with my life. I want to know who made him and sent him on this suicide mission. And if you plan on getting in my way, I will kill you as well without a second thought.”

She pushed him against the wall one more time for good measure and then let him go “Some things are far bigger than a new fledgling child. So don’t get yourself killed over someone who wouldn’t even bat an eye over your death.” She said as she sniffed the hair the blood of the humans in the room overwhelming her senses. Growling lowly she began to move through the club pushing humans and vampires aside as she started her search for the man she had lost moments before.

Scorpios still felt completely uncomfortable in the club that he was standing in, let alone what kind if individual he was protecting. In fact, he couldn’t wait to get rid of his vampire; he only had a few hours left of protecting him and after that, Scorp wouldn’t feel that guilty with the amount of money that was transfered into his account. From the moment he was hired to this job, he knew something shady was going on and he wasn’t one to be part of something that was truly out of his league or any of his business - he tried to only protect those that needed him, such as humans and some supernatural who couldn’t fend for themselves or if they felt unsafe, therefore, tonights mission was foreign to him. Scorpios was taken away from his thoughts as his gaze fixed upon the ferocious vampire storming her way towards him, and for some reason, he allowed her to pin him up against the wall, as for now, he was not needed to protect someone as he had managed to steal her attention.

“A halfling and bloody proud of that.” His thick Italian spat back at her through the loud music of the club. Boy was he happy he wasn’t a full vampire, he had met too many throughout his years and it was safe to say, they truly weren’t his kind of people. Whilst in Italy, he had made a friend in the Vampire Faction and she was rather psychotic, therefore, he didn’t feel  too much guilt when their friendship faded. A low grunt bypassed the barrier of his teeth as she rather harshly pressed her elbow into his shoulder, but he also couldn’t help but laugh a little - he did enjoy a feisty woman, he always found himself drawn to them hence why Valeria had somehow worked her way in.

He didn’t plan on using anymore runes, the only one he could truly use would be the one he used before, the pain infliction. Scorpios allowed her to throw some more blows to his shoulder; allowing her to get any anger on him before going after the vampire; he listened to her words with eager ears, he wanted to know why she was so hellbound to killing the fledgling. “Then if the King’s men are going to kill him anyway, why are you driven to get him yourself? If I was you, I’d go back to protect the one you’ve sworn to protect, there could be more out there.” Scorpios felt a slight wink drop from his left eye as he felt her drop his weight back to the ground to go through the crowds to hope to find her prey.

Scorpios muttered a series of swear words in Italian under his breath as he followed her; he was never one for the chase, the girls always chased him but alas, he here was. He barged his way through the crowd, apologising to anyone who he bumped into until he and his blonde vampire friend were near the back door which opened up to the back alley where the tenders would pick up beer supplies. Once she was in distance, Scorpios flung himself at her to pin her to the cold ground - his body holding hers down. “I’m only on the clock for a few more hours, love. Try and wait until 3am so I can get my fair share of my wage in protecting that awful creature.” He allowed his fingers to wrap around her wrist tightly. “Once 3am comes, then that little rat is all yours” His words were spoken through gritted teeth.

Aurelia truly had no problem with Dhampir’s as her own daughter was one and yet right now she was pissed off and in a blood rage as she wanted to rip out the vampires throat that dare think he could lay a finger on an aspect especially one that she felt she was driven to protect. She hissed out softly at the Italian accented Dhampir “How dare you get in the way of this little one.” she said as she hit him again. “Because he needs to pay for attacking the person I am sworn to protect.” she stated simply

Dhampirs would never truly understand the need to protect someone when it becomes a connection it was something that couldn’t be fought. It was in her nature to hunt down the threat and take its life with her bare hands “He is safe.” she said simply “I am not the only person who protects this person.” She pushed him against the wall rougher before letting him go to find the vampire. He wouldn’t get far he still reeked of fledglingness. She pushed people aside with ease scoffing at the humans who willing just gave themselves over to vampires all for the hopes of being one.

Being a vampire was not a life she wished on anyone not even herself but she was far too scared of death to seek out a new way of life so she fights knowing that one day she will meet her end but that would not be today. She was focused on getting to the vampire she had not been watching  her back as his body knocked her to the cold ground and she snarled out “I don’t want to hurt you so kindly get the fuck off of me.” She snarled again as his fingers tighter on her wrist.

When it became clear to ehr that he truly was only protecting the vampire for the money it caused another heated wave to raise in her and in swift movements she broke his old taking his arm, flipping him over and pressing her knee into his back as she held his arm twisting it to add pain “Now tell me who hired you to protect this vampire? I need names and then, and only then Will I let your little fledgling see 3 am before I rip his throat out and then his heart.” She said adding pressure to his arm to show she was serious. “Speak boy.”

Scorpios could understand and put himself in her shoes and her belief system when it came down to protecting someone; he, himself, had experienced the strong desire to fulfil one's duty to defend those that needed their help. It had been drummed into him from a young age that he was destined to protect - of course, he never believed in killing and would try and find other alternatives, however, sometimes that wasn't the case. The only difference between himself and the fiery blonde vampire which was pinned beneath him was that she had a connection with only a few people that she needed to protect whereas it was his duty to protect anyone and everyone no matter who they were and what their background looked like. From the moment he received this task he was unhappy and incredibly uncomfortable; his distant relatives were not his favourite creatures, however, that was primarily down to what they needed to do to survive. He was sure she would believe that he was protecting the vampire just for the money but she couldn't have been more wrong; part of it was his duty as it was requested and part of it was sadly due to the threat that would have come his way. Denying such authority that his client held would surely bring death upon his faction and possibly others whom he had sworn to protect.

“So kindly get the fuck off of me” Just the mere sentence triggered a husky chuckle to rumble within the confinements of his ribcage; he wasn't sure why it made his lips curl upwards - maybe it was the polite aggressive tone which laced each word. However, before he able to contemplate releasing her from his hold she had already decided the next move which made them switch positions. Upon feeling her knee to his back and her delicate fingers wrapping around his wrist, Scorp couldn't help but smirk. “I like the feisty ones.” He mused in a breathless manner; his ice blue eyes flickering to their corners to make sure she wasn't planning on touching his Twin Sai Swords as that would well and truly get up his goat. No one was allowed to touch those, not even fellow Dhampirs in the training ring. Once he was sure she hadn't touched them he moved his attention to her and to the questions which she posed on him which caused him to grunt in frustration; he knew very little which was unlike him in so many ways.

“Unfortunately, Fangs. I know very little about the man who had hired me.” He felt her press harder upon his back making him grimace; he would need to get her off of him and he knew he only had two more runes left. His Father had trained him to cast runes without his weapon at a young age but it had been years since he last did so, thus, he only hoped it would stun her for a moment to get the power dynamic back to fair play. “I believe him to be part of a gang, Mafia, maybe, due to his presence through the phone and how he transferred the money and hung up on me before I could reject this mission. He isn't working alone, that is for sure. Why he went after your protectee, I really don't know.” Scorpios closed his eyes to try and cast the rune from his mind, picturing the symbol clearly in his foremind and how she would be tortured - the feeling of direct sunlight and burning would do the trick. “Now, please, kindly get the fuck off of me” He repeated her phrase in a jesting tone knowing the rune would take a toll on her in a few seconds; just  a spark was all he wished.

Once he felt her pressure upon his body loosen and then leave him, he swiftly jumped up and dusted himself down. With a slight cough, he turned his attention back to the blonde vampire. “Now as we are done with the pleasantries, my name is Scorpios.” Scorp took a cautious step forwards, he no longer wished to fight and would happily assist her after 3am if she was truthful of who the fledgling attacked.  “Will you tell me who he attacked? Then maybe, maybe, I'll assist you in tracking down the ringleader of this shenanigan. I do not want him striking again and posing as a threat to this city.” That was certainly the last thing he wanted and he was more than happy to put his life on the line to protect those of Evermore city. Scorpios looked down to the watch on his wrist, they had a least another hour or so before he was free from his duties, but the question was, could he tame this temptress for that long before the mission would begin once more. 

Aurelia wasn’t sure of her actions in this moment between the two of them, She only was seeing red and yet she had manage to refrain herself from completely ripping out his throat some would call that growth. She gritted her teeth as he said he didn’t know much of the man he was protecting, she wanted to question him, more but the Dhampir she had pressed into the gravel offered his ideas of who the new fledgling was working with. If it was a larger group or gang that could mean all of the aspects were being sought after. She swallowed roughly, her brain so focused on his words that she didn’t notice the burning until it had began to overthrow her senses, she couldn’t remember the last time that she had felt the burn of the sun since she had been giving a sun ring in hear early years of a vampire. She gasped out stumbling backwards off of him as he used her own polite aggressive demand from not moments ago.

She hissed at him as he jumped up looking to her, once the pain faded she stared at the Dhampir as he moved closer giving his name. She let out a long huff and loosened her shoulders holding up her hands slightly as if to signal she was not going to fight him anymore. “Aurelia,” she said her name with the russian accent that came and went after a millennium alive she could mask it but sometimes it just slipped. She stared at him for a long moment as he asked her to tell him who the fledgling had attacked. She weight her options in her mind as she looked down, She was to keep the aspects a secret, but what if not telling the Dhampir about who she was hunting and why could be a reason for one of them getting hurt. She couldn’t have that on her head.

So she decided to tell the truth and take whatever trouble came from the aspects later. “The people I protect are of a different breed.” She said as she took a long moment “They keep the world in balance. They placed aside what they once were to become these new beings. Without them the world would be thrown into pure chaos, even more so than it already is.” She said as she looked back to him “They are known as Ailward Aspects. And we who guard them have abandon or lives in factions to protect the greater good. To make sure they are safe. Your dear protectee, attacked the aspect of life. He had the never to go after him right in front of me.” she snarled more so at her efforts of the vampire being able to get the drop on her because she was to focused on rushing Deus.

“You bringing up that this may be a larger group behind these movements makes me believe that this piece of scum is in fact better to me alive at least for now.” She crossed her arms over her chest as she stepped closer to Scorpios “He is a chicken shit, and will lead us to the big dogs. That is if you are up for a mission where one or both of us will most likely get roughed up and I can promise some thrilling one liners.” She chuckled lightly and quickly returned to her angry side. “Where shall we begin?” She asked him,

A sigh of relief bypassed his lips as he watched the vampire weigh up her options before finally realising that he was no longer the one she should be fighting. Due to this, his tense muscles relaxed some, albeit not completely as he had known her long enough to realise that she was just as temperamental as a firework and could bite back at him at anytime. He was, however, impressed by her not reacting to the little bit of fake sunshine that he forced upon her; he knew for a fact he would have been reactive to that. It did make him think she could get her own back at one point, but that thought was intensified as he often found it difficult to trust new people but in the world they all lived in, he couldn't fault that personality trait of his. Upon hearing her name, Scorpios nodded somewhat, and noted her Russian accent; what a sight it would be for others to see the Italian and the Russian working together. “Well, it would've been a pleasure to meet you if we had met under different circumstances.” He jested whilst watching her contemplating how to answer his question regarding her protectee; it was like he could see the hamster going round in her head.

Scorpios waited patiently whilst she debated and found himself leaning against the wall, his hands sought comfort in his jacket pockets; yet he couldn't help but offer a smile as she opened up about who she was protecting. His head tilted curiously as she spoke of the Aspects before simply nodding. Of course this thing is bigger than what I should be dealing with He muttered to himself internally, however, a contemplative look found his tanned features; he could, unfortunately understand why people would want to go after such beings. If anything, it was almost the surprise in her growling tone that something like this could happen which  baffled him. Scorpios would assume the Aspects would be continuously under threat by other beings. “I'm not sure nerve had anything to do with it, but you know.” His broad shoulders shrugged, almost dismissing that topic.

An arrogant looking expression found his countenance as the realisation hit her that the fledgling was better off alive; and he couldn't help but clear his throat. “You can thank me later for keeping that little runt alive” His words were laced with a chuckle as he nodded in agreement on the thing leading them to his maker; and if he did, it would he a fight on who would kill him first - Aurelia or the mysterious employer. “A chance to listen to more wondrous one liners? How could one turn down such an offer.” Scorpios sounded flabbergasted before leaning away from the wall as she stepped forwards. He had no idea how to truly track someone down without his contacts and he would prefer to keep this job on the downlow. His lips rolled in thought before curling at one side. “Can you not… Sniff him out? I am pretty sure I saw you sniff the air in the club just now.” Scorpios teased and he knew if he continued to tease her it would end up with him being on the receiving end of her right hook; but at this moment in time, pushing her buttons happened to be too fun to pass up.

Aurelia had become well known for her temperamental demeanor, but it was only because of who she was protecting. Vampires are furiously protective when it comes to the things that are theirs and, in a way, all the Aspects were part of her family and have been for some time. She would give up her life for any one of them even Death himself. So her angry demeanor grew worst when someone tried to attacked Deus right in front of her, it was worst in that case as Deus had once saved Aurelia life so she felt even more protective of the hippy. She hated how her vampire chose that she must protect that man the way it had. She hated Deus hippy ways of life and the judgement he always passed on to her, damn aspect of life. She cursed her self every day, but today a vampire dared to kill him and she wasn’t having that. She nodded to the Italian “Would have been nice to meet over a damn drink not over this shit.” She chuckled to herself slightly “How many jokes start with an Italian and a Russian walk into a bar? Think we proved the stereo type correct this evening?” she asked as she offer a slight smile before returning to her serious demeanor once again.

So, there you had it, she explained to him what the aspects where and why they were important, the most important people in Evermore. With being important a target was painted on their back, Aurelia knew that better then most of the guards as she has lived the life of always looking over your shoulder. She sighed heavily as she watched him lean against the building. “The aspects have always had a target on your back I mean with one of them being killed could send the world into apocalyptic times. So, they knew that they had to protect themselves but only by people who are worthy. We all as the Ailward Guards had to go through a test passing through a barrier to prove we were pure of heart. In the end I guess I fell more let down by myself for getting distracted enough that I couldn’t sense the fledgling from miles away and get the aspect I was guarding to safety.” She looked to the end of the alley way. “I guess my pride is hurt more than anything.

She gave him a sideways glance at the arrogant that crossed his face “You literally could give this one Ailward guard a run for his money when it comes to Arrogance halfing.” She couldn’t help the small chuckle that left her lips as she shook her head to him “So maybe you had the right idea keeping him alive you were not doing it for the right reasons through. You were doing it for a paycheck.” She pointed out to him. She smirked softly as she raised a brow to him “Yeah one-liners for sure are going to be interesting. Maybe we should go into business together The Russian and The Italian its like two mobs meeting.” She chuckled half heartedly as she began to move towards the entrance of the Alley way and stopped turning and facing him “Did you just tell me to sniff him out like I was some Therian?” She raised a brow at him and growled “If you hadn’t just agreed to helping me I would knock you right upside the head.” She rolled her crystal orbs as she looked to the ally again “I don’t have his scent anymore, the rage and the fabric I had made him easy to track to the club.” She admitted to him as she pulled out her phone “But I have contacts also, do you know the fledging’s name by chance?”

The seconds ticked by, tick, tock, as if he was waiting for a time bomb to explode as a result of his comment of her sniffing the rogue vampire out; and when it didn't come his was quite literally taken back and if he was honest with himself, maybe a little bit upset that he didn't get the reaction that he wanted from her. However, he knew there would be other opportunities to do so, therefore, he quickly picked himself up from such disappointment. “You can't hurt the help” He shook his head a little smugly, a slight chuckle bypassing his lips as he tilted his head to the side, looking down the alleyway; his brows forwarding at her comment of no longer having the vampires scent in which he groaned internally. Despite the groan, it wasn't necessarily an issue either, there were more ways in which they could find the little runt - either he could call up the man who hired him, if the number would allow it, or they both could go to their own contacts for intel; and he wasn't sure which route he would rather take. Getting others involved or trying to speak to the man who made him uncomfortable.

The fledglings name? He rolled his lips in thought, he hadn't really paid that much attention to who he was protecting but the name would've been conversed at some point. Feeling her intense gaze on him forced him to rack his memory; not that his brain hurt from the information she had given him regarding the Aspects. “Mateo Lopez, I believe" He hoped, but he nodded to reassure Aurelia; the more Scorpios thought about it, the more he recalled the name being briefly mentioned. “Is that going to be enough for your contacts to track him down?” Scorpios already began the slow walk down the alleyway, looking over his shoulder to catch her following him - although it would soon be him following her. “I can inform the Dhampirs of the man who had hired me also, now that we know that he poses as a threat to the Aspects which consequently poses a threat to the rest of the city.” The tone that laced his words made them come across extremely business like; as if his playfulness had been pushed to the side in the blink of an eye. Scorpios glanced to her hand as she had already picked up her phone, ready to make the call; he was impressed, the woman meant business and took her role as a guard extremely seriously. Before she had a chance to dial in a number, one of her comments from before bugged him, nagged at his core and he needed to get it off his chest. “For the record, I didn't do it for the paycheque" Scorp shook his head. “For if I had known what or who or why I was protecting, I would have flagged it up to Valeria and my men straight away"

Scorp wasn't sure if she would believe him or not, but he had to say something - he knew his conscious was clear and would happily donate his money to charity once the job was done. He glanced up at the sky as they came to the main road before turning to her; he noticed she was making the call, thus remained silent. He would wait to hear back from her contacts before calling his own.

“You are wrong Scorps I can hurt the help all I want, just can’t kill the help.” She smiled smugly at him and winked “So keep up with the sniffing comments and I may make you a pin cushion.” She teased him back before moving to the entrance of the alleyway. “We could always get a tracking spell from a diviner that owes me a favor.” She muttered under her breath “I’ll just have to go on a date with him for the help.” She groaned slightly making a face “The man is handsy and not in a good way.” She said as she tried to smell the air in an effort for him not to see hoping to catch the scent she had once before. “No point to drag anyone in on it that isn’t expendable.” She said looking to him watching the gears in his head moving. “Trying to keep this on the down low after all.” She said.

Again the gears were going in his head, “Is your memory that bad you can’t remember a name halfling?” She raised a brow to him “Mateo Lopez.” She repeated and nodded as she looked form him again to the street. “Its something if nothing else.” She said to him and then pulled his arm making him follow beside her as she began to walk down the sidewalk pushing through the busy night life that flooded the streets. “For now let us try the Diviner route wouldn’t want you getting in trouble with your boss.” She winked to him and smiled as she moved to a door and raised her hand knocking on it. “If it comes down to it we will get more people involved but I wish to keep as many people out of it as I can Scorp.” She had typed the name and a brief description of what the man looked like to the person behind the door.

The name Valeria made her head snap to him in that moment “you know Valeria?” She asked and then shook her head “of course you do, you are a Dhampir.” She shook her head slightly and rubbed her neck. Valeria and Aurelia had become friends in such a strange way so there was no reason to press forward on that issue, it just wasn’t a name she was expecting to leave his lips that moment. “I believe you, I am sure if you knew he had done harm you would have taken care of it, this was bigger then you.” She said as she looked to the door again this time twisting the knob till it broke and walked in “Gavin I swear to god I know you got my text.”

“Aurelia!” The diviner leaned over the arm of the couch backwards the joint hanging from his lips as he smirked to her “I told you, you couldn’t keep away from me baby girl.” He stood up looking to Scorps “Listen I am all or three ways but…” he looked over the male “actually he could work.”

Aurelia rolled her eyes and the closed the gap between her and the diviner punching him in the gut holding him while he kneeled over “That is for the baby girl comment.” She helped him stand up and look in her eyes “Tracking spell now!” she said and pushed him towards the back room.

“Alright, alright.” The diviner coughed out “you know one of these days I am going to win you over.” He said as he looked to his phone using the info given to him as he got to work.

“In your dreams I was done with diviners a long time ago.” She said as she looked away from him to Scorps.

Scorpios mused under his breath in an amused tone, his head shaking somewhat as his icey blue hues scanned the area. “Hurt the help and you're on your own, Fangs.” His tone remained just as playful as her own and it amused him that just mere moments ago they were at each other's throats; but now they were having a laugh as if they had known each other for years. An unkept brow quirked at the suggestion of a tracking spell to find the little runt and before she could even explain what the cost would to get this help made him laugh; mainly because the idea that crossed her mind clearly made her uncomfortable. The moment she told him what she would need to do, to get the Diviner to help, Scorpios could not control the bellow of a laughter that erupted from the depths of his belly. “You have to go on a date with him?” Scorp shook his head, a series of different images ran through his head as he pictured her going on a date - however, he very much doubted she would allow this man to touch her when she didn’t want to be touched. “Now that would be something I would like to see.” He commented, his lips rolling together in thought as they began to walk down the street once more; his gaze witnessed her attempting to sniff the air once more and it took all of his will power not to make a witty, and teasing comment. In order to keep that said comment locked behind the barrier of his teeth, Scorp cleared his throat a few times to swallow the comment back down.

With her arm hooped through his, they danced their way through the busy crowds of Evermore city to head towards the home of this Diviner. “I have always been better with faces, I’ll have you know” He counteracted, before nodding in agreement that they would keep this between themselves unless absolutely necessary. His gaze remained alert, his eyes rolling swiftly within their sockets as they came up to a door; it was a natural instinct of his to be aware of their surroundings at any given point, and the fact they were stood at a Diviner location did not sit well in his gut; diviners, with a click of their fingers could bring anyone down. Scorpios stood behind Aurelia with her hands behind his back, ready to grab his Twin Sai Swords in case anything were to happen. “Did you… Did you just have a blonde moment?” Scorpios could feel the corner of his lips tugging upwards as she suddenly cringed at her comment of him knowing Valeria; however, he was curious on how a vampire, and a guard like herself would know of Valeria, and he made a mental note that he would satisfy that curiosity later once they had completed the current mission.

Scorpios remained silent as he watched the blonde break the door handle which separated them with the Diviner which was on the other side; and with a slight nod, he followed after into the building. Once inside the building, and before he glanced at the one named Gavin, Scorp glanced around the area and it looked like Gavin was one to party am to pm; at it most definitely smelt like it too. His features grimaced slightly before turning to face Rei and Gavin interacting but more so when he felt the man’s gaze run from head to toe; the grimace only intensified as he rose his two brows at the man. “Eyes on the prize, numbskull.” Scorpios muttered as he allowed Rei to do her thing; he took the opportunity to stalk the man’s house, examining different objects which were scattered along many surfaces. A smile remained hidden in the corner of his lips as he admired the man’s stubbornness, and dedication to win over Aurelia in a romantic way.

“So how is this going to work? Tracking a man with only his name and possible appearance?” Scorpios leaned against the wooden door frame, his arms crossing over his chest as he watched Gavin get to work and with Rei watching over him like a strict headteacher.

Aurelia rolled her vibrant blue eyes slightly at him “Is fangs going to be my new nickname from you Halfling? Does this mean we are becoming the best of friends?” she said in an overly amusing tone making sure the sarcastic notes hung in the air the same way. She chuckled in amusement as they moved through the streets it was always nice to find someone who didn’t hold the fact she had threatened to rip out their throat against her. To be fair she tended threat it a lot. She shrugged at his bellowing laughter and chuckled her own “Let us just say the man is persistent even when it’s been made clear he wouldn’t get what he want.” She smirked at him and in a teasing tone said “Something you would like to see or something you wish would happen to you Halfling.” She rubbed her hands together in a relaxing manor as if to try and relieve some of the tension that had built up over the last few moments. It had been a long time since she felt she had failed at something and this fledgling was not going to be the reason she failed.

“Just wasn’t a name I was expecting you to say in this moment was all.” She said as he mind went to the unlikely friend she had made with Valeria. Took a text to a stranger that she got off a bathroom wall to find the one woman besides her daughter she thought of as a best friend “Besides it seems you have a things for strong blondes.” She smirked to him as they made their way into the home of the diviner. Unlike her counterpart Aurelia enjoyed some diviners, granted there were the wild card ones that took you by surprise and stab you in the back, like the face from her past but Gavin was a simpler horn dog of a diviner who with a little whisper in the ear would do as she asked. “You can put the swords away, he won’t harm us.” She told Scorp as she moved with Gavin to his kitchen as he pulled out his spell book.

“Simple.” Rei said as she looked over to Scorpios as his question how she was going to find the fledgling with only a name. She smiled and moved closer to Gavin “Cast a spell for all the new fledgling in evermore from there we will narrow it down. Vampires are not made like they use to be so the number should be rather limited.”

Gavin smirked up to her and winked “Freshly reanimated on sweet cheeks.” He said as he got to work leaving Aurelia to move back towards Scorpios as she chuckled at his remarks of calling her endearing terms. He was about one of very few he let get away with it, mainly because she was grateful to him for giving daylight rings to people she brought to him. They waited for what felt like a long time. “Ah you are in luck only three came up and two are with the King.” He said as he flipped the map over to them.

“Good work Gavin.” Rei said as she looked to the map and growled softly “The damn fool returned to the blood club.” She said as she turned to look to Scorps mainly annoyed that she could have just hung around slightly longer and caught him with ease.

“Now about payment?” Gavin smirked as he ran his finger along Rei arm.

“Don’t make me break you Gavin.” She said reaching in her pocket tossing him some catch “Better luck next time.” She chuckled to him with a wink before moving back to the door “Fix your lock you pot head.” She called out with a laugh before making her way back down the streets back to the club.  She looked back to Scorps with a slight smirk “Ready to get your Veronica Mars on?”

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