“Come on Virindeus!” Aurelia called out as she stood leaning against a tree in the middle of the woods sighing softly and leaned her head to the side watching the Aspect as he rooted around in the dirt. She rolled her eyes as she scanned the area once again feeling out for danger. “You know, you and these seeds are to much hippy love for me.” she scoffed pushing off the tree as she kicked the dirt on the ground. She owed Deus her life but in the moment she wonder if she could get away with leaving him behind.

Her mind had drifted to the day that Deus saved her causing her to feel bonded to him in a protective way. When she let her mind slip from the task at hand she got lost in that moment the pain she felt. When she heard her name being yelled by Deus pulling her to the present moment. As a vampire had pinned down Deus and she hissed out and was across the forest yanking him off her Aspect. Deus refused to use force if he could avoid it making it so Rei was the one who would fight.

Rei turned around grabbing the vampire by the collar and hissed out “Who are you and who sent you.” she let her fangs grow out as she snarled again “Answer me!” When the vampire swung on her it was clear that the vampire wasn’t even a few years old, someone was creating vampires and that was against vampire rule, she picked him up off the ground the fabric of his shirt ripping as she tossed him back not letting go of his shirt causing it to rip from his body she was going to rip his heart from his chest but Deus voice caught her ears and she turned back seeing he found his seeds. She rolled her eyes turning back around to see the rouge vampire gone.

Rei looked to the shirt and found a card in the pocket of it. She took one of the bags the Deus brought stuffing the shirt in the bag and made their way back to the Ailward manor. Rei used her connections to learn that the business card belonged to a man name Scorpios who was a guard for hire. She smirked as she got the location for him from her contact and then she got ready leaving the manor after checking in on Deus.

She made her way into the city to a bar called The Bite. It was a bar where vampires could get drinks mixed with blood from willing donors. She walked in the first thing that hit her was the scent of human blood as vampires danced with humans biting into them, places like this made her skin crawl as she pushed past people she finally made her way to the bar “Whiskey without the blood.” she order as she turned around her eyes looking for her target. She had to know who was after the aspects, someone had turned this sap and sicked him on her aspect.

She tossed the whiskey back and then the new vampire scent caught her nose and she set the glass down crossing the bar to the dance floor she found the vampire and yanked him from the human he bit down on and backed him up against the wall picking him up off the ground “Now we are going to have a little chat about why you came after my friend and if you answer my questions I will let you live and not tell your king you are a rogue.” she hissed out.

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A smirk tugged up at the very corners of his mouth as he nodded in a somewhat satisfied and smug fashion at his nickname for her. “It is staying, and by the sounds of it, you are rather fixed on the name Halfling for me too.” He grumbled at the nickname, however, he had been called a lot worse in the past, therefore, he would allow it purely out of not wanting to hear what else she could call him. “So it seems, we have become best friends” Scorpios laughed, it had been many years since he was able to regard someone as a friend, let alone a best friend; he believed that he left a lot of those behind when he left Milan and even then he didn’t know if they were true friends or purely friends out of convenience to his name. Despite this, part of him knew that the two of them were jesting here, yet that wasn’t enough to rule out a possible friendship in the future; it would be good to have someone besides his Faction members who looked up at him more as a teacher than someone of their equal. It also helped that Valeria also knew this feisty blonde, which after more thought, could be a curse in disguise - having two blondes against him could truly be troubling. Scorp cleared his throat at her comment and shook his head. “Something I would like to see, thank you very much. I don’t know where those fangs have been” A cheeky wink dropped from his left eye as he waited to see what kind of reaction that would have provoked; maybe she would take that frustration and annoyance out on the Diviner.

“I suppose as the ambassador to my Faction, I guess I can’t be too surprised that she knows the unlikely.” Scorp mused softly, his gaze fixed upon the Diviner in front of them, his brow quirking curiously at the spell book that he brought out; in fact, the spell book enticed Scorpios closer, so much so that he tried to peek over the other males shoulder to see what one looked like. He had a job once, to protect a vulnerable Diviner and he always remembered the book that she held close to her chest, almost like a comfort blanket. Out the corner of his eye, he noticed Gavin giving him side eye himself which made Scorp retreat backwards once again. Scorpios nodded in an impressed manner as they explained how they would go about locating this fledging even without much information and he couldn’t help but also be concerned; magic. His eye blue eyes rolled in annoyance as he heard that the fledgling returned back to the club; it was such an obvious but moronic move on his part, however, Scorpios did admire his bravery.

His lips parted as if he was going to say something in response to the annoyance that was evident on Rei’s expression as well as the annoyance which laced her words yet the Gavin fellow soon broke that. Scorpios rose both of his brows playfully and suggestively as he gave them a slight wiggle once Gavin asked for payment, however, he remained silent as she threw him some cash for the services he had just provided. He gave the man a swift nod before following Aurelia back out of the man’s place and down the busy streets once more. “Teasing a man like that, it’s a terrible crime indeed. His ego wounded, thinking he will never be good for anyone - you monster” Scorp laughed, his hands stuffing themselves in his coat pocket. “So what’s the plan, this is more your forte than mine.” Which he hated, being out of his comfort zone or for the fact he had to rely on someone else to help him.

Aurelia chuckled at him “Halfling and Fangs quiet the team we will make.” she chuckled at him. “To be fair, I have a daughter who is a dhampir, and I said it purely out of anger but it can stick.”  She said honestly to him sicking her hands in her pockets and looked to him and thought for a short moment “I am not sure if I have really ever had a best friend, not someone who considers themselves that anyways.” she spoke out more absentmindedly before she cleared her throat and chuckled “Don’t mind the old lady don’t listen to me.” She said as she looked him over and rolled her eyes at him. “My fangs are the least of your concerns pretty boy.” she said as she licked her fangs slowly “But we can always rip into each other later and see whose work better.” she said back to him sarcastically to him.

“Val and I know each other through...Random forces of life.” she stated to him as she looked back to the Diviner. She focused on him as he moved closer and she chuckled at Scorpios “Magic peaks your interest huh?” she looked him over and smiles softly before they both looked at each other with annoyance. Aurelia was cursing in Russian as they made their way back towards the club. She cut her gaze to Scorps “Please that man hooks up with anyone who walks through his shop that will let him, he is a product of free love one for all. He will have someone in there in an hour who will give themselves willingly and enjoy it, they should thank me for the warm up.” She snarled and then crossed her arms “Besides do you consider a punch to the gut foreplay if so remind me later and I will gladly provide it for you to walk home and wank off too.” She was clearly still annoyed at that point.

She let out a huff and sighed as she thought for a moment as she came to a stop just short of the club “The point is to tail him right?” She asked raising a brow to him “Go in and keep watch over him you still have two hours.” she said looking to her watch on her wrist and then she looked around finding a fire escape across the street. “I will wait for your time to be up or whenever he leaves I will follow him on the roof tops, and you can try and tail him?” it was the best plan she could come up with on the fly “Unless you have some form of tracker you can slip on to him.” she sighed softly as she looked to him from the roof across the street. “Any other ideas?” She smirked “Hey maybe he is gay and you can try and see if he will take you home.”

Scorpios couldn’t help but glance to her from the corner of his eye as he sensed that she was about to open up to him regarding the status of a best friend; and in fact, he felt proud that she decided to let him in, if only a little bit. A slight smile played on his lips as she finally realised what she was doing and what she was saying, the clearing of the throat made him exhale in amusement. “Best friends are hard to come across, especially in our world” Scorp commented with a sight nod of his head before laughing as she called herself an old lady. “Well, you said it, not me, Granny” The Dhampir mused teasingly before quirking a brow at her suggestive comment of testing each other’s fangs out, he reached out and ruffled her blonde mass of hair somewhat. “Has that chat up line ever worked out for you, love?” Despite the question, deep down he was sure that the line had worked on some souls; a lot of the supernatural men that he had come across seemed to be into the whole feisty, and dominate female - and part of him also enjoyed that aspect. Scorpios liked a woman who could put him in his place and to challenge him but he also liked to be the protector.

His broad shoulders gave a slight roll when she caught and commented on how he became intrigued by the book which held many spells. “Magic both fascinates me and frightens me” Scorp replied matter of factly. “It can be your greatest ally but also your greatest enemy - and sometimes, for those like ourselves, it's always best to dust up on some knowledge to know what could be coming your way.”  Yet the seriousness of this conversation soon changed as once again they took on a rather suggestive tone regarding the man who helped them out previously and his sexual habits. Scorpios shook his head amused before replying. “I’m sure you wanting to punch me in the stomach is something that you certainly wouldn’t forget” He commented, a husky chuckle laced his words as her own annoyance rang in the air; one of them had to keep it lighthearted.

Scorpios remained silent for a few moments as she spoke of a few ideas on what they should do next regarding the fledgling; and instinctively, he glanced down to his watch as she noted that he still had two hours to go before his time was up and he was free from this job. His lips rolled together in thought. “I don’t particularly want to stay in that club for two hours, he trusts me enough to led him out to safety and blame it on the sun coming up or something.” Scorp quirked a brow as he stole a glance her way. “I will take him to some form of safe house, I am sure there are plenty of abandoned looking places where you can have your wicked way with him?” A small smirk fluttered upon his lips as he knew the hunger for inflicting pain would soon find its way onto her own painted lips. Scorpios cleared his throat and took a few steps forwards only to glance to her over his shoulder. “I have already been hit on once this evening by another man, and that is enough” His tone remained playful as he nodded his head to the side asking her to hide. “Hide over there, you’ll see me return again in an hour or so”

He raised a palm in a way to tell her to stay, much like how one would tell a young puppy to stay before nodding to security to let him back into the club; once in, he grimaced at the scene once again, however, he soon diverted his gaze to attempt to find his protectee.

“If you call me Granny Scorpios I will slice you in half slowly.” she threatened him. “I am not a grandmother yet and even when I will be oe, I will see be to young to be one.” she stated simply then her mind drifted to the thought of Tatiana having children. She then wondered if Tatiana even wanted children. Aurelia use to want six but never had found someone to have another child with, and Tatiana had become all she need for the most part. She still longed for deeper connections with others, but very few stuck around when having to deal with such a violent nature. As he reached up and messed with her blonde locks took her back slightly. No one ever touched her without invitation. “First off if you don’t think I get enough action you are sorely wrong, second don’t touch me.” she said as she whacked away his hand not that she didn’t enjoy it, just threw her off, and she didn’t like that he was able to do that. “Besides…” she purred out to him “are you saying you don’t wish to bite me?” she wiggled her brow slightly at him, for some reason her playful side was pulled forward, maybe it was because he seemed comfortable with her dominating angry side, which wasn’t all sides to her, Aurelia was a complex creature.

As her gaze moved over to him. “Good that makes you not an idiot then.” she stated simply “We should fear magic just as much as we are fascinated by it.” she simply nodded along with his thought. “I have spent over a thousand years learning about different magic and even still doesn’t feel like long enough.” she said to him. She could feel the amusement coming off of him as she spoke, which in turn slowly made her less annoyed which she was thrown off on why that worked once again. “I am not a fan of just hitting someone to hit them.” she looked him over and sighed, “I just…” she shrugged towards him as she reached up tying her blonde locks up in a ponytail. “I have never never had someone question my actions in the way you have this evening.” she adjusted her sun ring on her finger looking to the moon of the night. “Only thing I can think is this newbie has to be somewhere once the sun comes up.”

Scorpios already seem to be on the same track of mind when it came to the sun. Most vampires didn’t have the pleasure of having sun rings like the guards did. So she would be safe in the morning hours unlike him, he would need to be somewhere safe, and a place away from the crowd would be better for what she had in mind “Safe house it is then.” she moved her gaze to his catching him stealing a glace her way. “It will be an morning after he will not forget.” she smirked back at him knowing that the way he said it had a double meaning, so did hers which she was clear. “What not a fan of being hit on by the same sex?” She chuckled softly as she moved towards the busy night street that was dying down. “I would say it was your looks that attracted him, but since I know the man would fuck anything that moves, can’t be that.” she winked as she slipped into the shadows of the alleyway and climbed on to a fire escape to sit and wait for him to return with the protectee.

Something about the waiting game always made Aurelia antsy, she was placing all her faith in a man she had just met. For all she knew he could take the protectee, tell him her plans and lead him to safety. Though if that was the case she would track Scorpios down and take care of him also. Aurelia was good at what she does, if she doesn’t let emotions get involved, which was her downfall with this fledgling. She was letting emotions drive her will to kill him instead of learning who wanted to kill an aspect anyways. Scorps had calmed her down enough to realize that, he had an eerie calm over her. She looked to her watch as the hand moved slowly while the hour past.

Scorpios left Rei lurking in the shadows with one final roll of his crystal blue eyes at her sarcastic comment of being hit on by members of his own sex; in his time, he had his fair share of males hitting on him, which he saw as a compliment, but it was the awkward moment of having to reject them that he struggled with. As a teenager, he couldn't care, in fact, he was very rude to both men and women when it came to saying no; he was gracious when it came to courting a woman, he was very good at it. However, when he was hit on by someone he wasn't attracted to, Scorp couldn't keep that level of cool and composure. As time developed, he had matured and after many slaps by Siena regarding this subject; the manner in which he rejected a potential girlfriend or simply fuck buddy had changed. Nevertheless, he appreciated anyone who had the confidence to approach someone and flirt with them and handle rejection at the same time; because, back in the day, rejection was something that he couldn’t handle - not that he ever experienced it that often. The D’Angelos were always wanted, always popular and always desired. Yet with Scorp now, oh how he has changed - before, he liked it without little work, for a woman to fall for him but now, he loved the challenge.

Once again, he approached security with a nod, whom let him in without the need to do the necessary checks; one of the benefits of working in the industry he had ended up in. Scorp did however note the look the two men gave the other as he realised this would be his second time entering the building; he knew how this would make him look. Just the mere thought of that curled the very tips of his lips into an amused smirk before the darkness and loud beats greeted him. Scorpios cringed somewhat at the potent smell of blood and alcohol which drenched the air; and it made him feel physically sick. Now that he stood well within the walls of the club, he glanced at his watch and noted the time; ideally, he needed to get the vampire out as soon as possible but he knew the challenges he would face - there were plenty of women, and plenty of blood to keep this vampire going a lifetime. The Dhampir continued to dodge the crowds until he came across Matteo; both messy brows arched at the scene before him yet he couldn’t help but be amused by it - the vampire having a women on each arm. In fact, there was a part of Scorp that really didn’t want to cockblock - but alas, there were more important matters at hand rather than whether or not the vampire could perform.

Scorpios approached by clearing his throat and leaned in, barely missing the girls as he did so. “C’mon mate, the sun will be up soon and well…” He glanced at the window for a moment “If you would like to live, without some crazy ass hunter on your case too, you will come with me” Scorp hoped that would be enough, the sun and Rei - both possible to kill. He knew for a fact, that if he was in his shoes, he would be out of here, no matter how attractive the women were. To try and provoke an answer, Scorp clicked his tongue against the back of his teeth in a tic tok manner which much to his surprise worked; his lips curled upwards in a smirk as he finally led the moron out of the club quicker than expected. The moment they reached the outdoors, Scorpios playfully grasped a security guard’s shoulder in a gesture of goodbye before glancing to see if he could find Rei in the shadows; despite not seeing her, he could definitely feel her rather angry stare. “Matteo, follow me. I know of a safe house to keep you in until tomorrow night.” He reassured the rather buzzed vampire which led to a rather confused expression to find his features; yet his broad shoulders gave off a roll as he led the rather annoying vampire to one of the abandoned buildings which resided just on the outskirts of town - somewhat near his own home but Matteo would never know.

“Safe and sound, now for the love of God. Stay put” His tone playful yet frustrated as the two males entered the dusty cabin - Matteo already investigating what the building had to offer; before Scorp closed the door, he looked out at the darkened road for any sighting of the female vampire before closing the door. “You only have another hour with me, so behave will you? After that, you can have all the women and all the blood you can get your grubby hands on”

Rei looked up to the night sky as she got herself settle on the rooftop looking down to where the bouncers where, she was thankful neither of them were guards since a lot of the guards tend to have side jobs as bouncers for clubs.  Aurelia kept her gaze to the club door even as her mind drifted around to thoughts of her daughter. Lately Tatiana had been going on tones of missions to avoid Malva, it caused great concern for her as she worried about her welling being. While Tatiana didn’t believe Aurelia, she truly only wanted the best for her daughter and  as time went on she wondered if letting her join the guard was the best idea. It felt like both of their lives were much more about work then any sort of personal life. She couldn’t sit in her thoughts to long as Scorps emerged from the building with the man and Aurelia quietly rose to her feet taking a deep whiff of the air to get the vampire scent deep within her nostrils before she began to talk along the rooftops following behind the two.

The moment that Scorps walked into a building she watched him search into the darkness for her, which caused Aurelia to look out a slight chuckle and then look to the time that glowed on her phone. An hour was the time she had to wait before she could get her hands on the Matteo. She moved to the roof of of an abandoned building across from the cabin making sure she was down wind just in case. She pulled the dagger from her boot and ran her finger along the blade slowly and smirked ever so softly at the thought of torturing the other vampire. To be honest out of all the guards Aurelia had done the most questionable stuff, she was the darkest guard by far but it was all in the name of good. Lawful evil is how she best could be called, she mused to herself. While she was deep in thoughts she listen to Scorp keep his client in the dark. It made the vampire feel slightly proud that the Dhampir could keep such a calm exterior.

As the time seem to click by slowly finally the last hour had passed and Aurelia jumped down from the roof crossing over to the door and leaned against the door frame and gave a soft knock and said in a sweet voice “Mr. Scorpios I have the girls you called for. Sorry it took so long.” She leaned her head to the side smirking waiting for him to open the door so she could walk in. As the door opened she looked to the dark haired male and then her gaze turned to the vampire and she walked into the room. “Sun is coming up Matteo, Question is you wanna take your chance with it or me?” She said as she walked in and over to him pushing him back onto a chair “You may survive me.” She said as she circled him, before placing her blade under his chin and tilted his head up to her. “You could leave if you want Dhampir, this is going to get bloody I am sure.” She smiled darkly pressing the blade just enough to draw blood “Or stay and learn a trick or two.”

Aurelia turned her attention fully to Matteo “So tell me who are you and why you are after the aspects. Who hired you? Since you were created recently I am sure that you are only a pawn of your creator. So I would be willing to give you a chance let you leave here and live your best vampire life if you give me the name and location of your creator.” She said pulling another blade from her boot stabbing it through his thigh to show she was being serious.

This next and final hour was truly going to test his patience; in fact, if he would give it much debate, part of him would choose to guard this fledgling in a public place, even the club - primarily because it meant that he wouldn’t need to entertain him himself, nor keep him company with small talk and the very out of date beers that resided in the fridge. For the sake of his stomach, he dismissed the fledglings offer for the beer, knowing all too well that if he drank it, he probably wouldn’t leave the toilet the next day. Scorpios sat upon the very dusty sofa and picked up the television magazine which rested on the coffee table before him; his ice blue gaze occasionally glancing up through his eye lashes to watch what Matteo was up to - and it really wasn’t anything interesting. It was either drinking, pacing the hallway whilst checking his watch before just laying back on the sofa and sighing very dramatically. “You may only have an hour left with me, but you have at least another 12 hours before you can go out again so you better get used to it” Scorp was blunt, although there was a softness in his voice as he did not want to aggravate the man but also because, despite his beliefs - he did find himself sympathising for him as well as the other vampires that were not as luck as Aurelia who had the pleasure of wearing a sunlight ring; what a miserable life it must be for those who cannot go out in daylight.

Once Scorpio’s words were processed, Matteo finally began to relax; he finally realised he had all of eternity to get used to being stuck within the shadows throughout the day and after that, as much as Scorp would hate to admit it, the man became slightly more bearable. In fact, after that moment, time began to tick by a lot quicker and before he knew it, there was a loud thud upon the front door, with Rei’s voice chim through the cracks. Upon hearing the words, he couldn’t help but chuckle and shake his head before glancing up at Matteo who seemed to have perked up quite considerably; his eyes lighting up eagerily as he glanced between Scorp and the door. “Yes, despite finding your lifestyle disgusting, I couldn’t have you rot” Scorp offered a crooked smile before standing and wandering to the door; he turned to face the almost bouncing vampire. “Good God, you are like a teenager who has just wants every girl in sight” His ice blue gaze rolled dramatically before opening the door and allowing the feisty blonde into the room; in the very depths of his stomach, a place where he was not willing to go but he knew, he knew he was feeling some form of remorse for allowing Rei in - he very much doubted that she would allow him to live. If Scorp was being honest with himself, Matteo only needed someone to train him on how to control his blood lust and work well within society.

Scorpios closed the front door with his back before taking off to the kitchen, he waved a hand in dismissal; indicating he was going to stay and see this through despite him now being off of the clock. He couldn’t help but slowly glance at Matteo and the slight fear in his expression which proved to Scorp that he was nothing but a boy who got changed without a choice, without an option; he had his life snatched away from him, away from his family and those that loved him just for the sake of someone wanting to take out their frustration on these Aspects. “Matteo, buddy. Just answer her questions and I’m sure she will show you some mercy” Just as he finished his sentence, he couldn’t help but grimace - his features scrunching up as the knife went through the lad’s thigh; his scream rang through the walls. Do not get involved, do not get involved Scorpios kept repeating himself internally, this was not his fight any longer therefore, he needn’t get involved, however, he did feel obligated to see how it ended and if he could be of further assistance to Rei in finding out who the big boss was.

Rei stood there after shoving the blade deep into Matteo thigh slightly flinching at the scream the man let out thankful that they were in an abandon part of the town. Rei looked over to Scorp noticing the grimace on his face and it caused her to wince slightly as she walked behind Matteo twisting her fingers into the vampire hair yanking his head back as she took the blade from her hip pressing it to his neck glading the blade over it just enough to cause a slight cut. “Thing is Scorpios dear is right. Give me what I need to know and you can live another day. Maybe help me and I will offer you a ring that lets you walk in the daylight.” She said as she lowered her mouth to the man's ear as her eyes held Scorpios gaze for a long moment.

As Matteo cursed out in spanish as he was in pain and then she pulled on his hair hard “Just tell me what moron sent you after the aspects? Do you know what happens if an aspect is murder you dumbass? Chaos, discord, destruction. The world would be thrown out of balance and you would be to blame if you had manage to kill the aspect of life.” She said with a hiss to him “Time after time people have come to kill the aspects and have failed for over a millennium you think people would give up at this point knowing it could ruin the world we all live on.” She said pushing the mans head forward as she moved sitting in in front of him in a chair crossing her legs,

Still Matteo sat there quiet staring at her with blood now all over his shirt. She let out a long sigh and turned her head to look over at Scorp for a moment before switching tactics. “Listen.” she said as she turned her face back to the vampire. “The people who changed you, are using you as a pawn. They wanted someone that if you died they would not have batted a lash. If you help me you will be given a chance at life maybe even at the best of lives.” she leaned her arms on her knees as she looked to him “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to keep my family safe.” she said looking into the males eyes “Please don’t make me kill you.”  it was probably the softest Scorp had seen the vampire.

In an attempt to distract himself from the violence before him, Scorpios made himself scarce and found himself looking through the cupboards which were near to empty; they only held a few tinned foods and some cleaning products, which made him wonder why they disappeared. It was clear that they didn't necessarily leave in a hurry as he would expect to see more food yet they didn't leave slowly either. From just the objects in the room, he wanted to say that whoever lived here were human;  and if they were, he assumed they left in fear of how many supernatural beings began to occupy the eternal city. His lips curled somewhat as he heard some form of bargaining with the fledgling, to any Vampire, he assumed a daylight ring would feel like Christmas everyday; and surely would sway any Vampire in giving out any information. Yet the fact that even with that offer, Matteo remained silent which truly stunned the Dhampir - maybe the fledgling was more clever than he originally thought; he probably saw straight through Rei and gathered that she would not give him such a thing despite him answering her. Scorp, however, would understand why Rei would not give him the ring - for now, Matteo was out of control, thus it would be letting a serial killer loose 24 hours a day; he would need to calm down before such luxury could be given to him.

It was the line which she gave the fledgling that caught Scorpios’ attention - not that he would have ever admitted it, but he had no idea what the consequence would be if Matteo had succeed in killing the Aspect. The destruction that would happen would probably be something that one person could not imagine, no matter how hard they would try to; maybe this is was the turning point for him - that he would finally respect the Ailward Guards just a little more than what he currently did. However, why dragons needed to protection would always be beyond him. Scorp moved to lean against the counter, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the two play out, and how tactics were constantly changing yet this was a side that he had never seen - despite only knowing Rei for a couple of hours. Ice blue eyes flickered between the two, wondering how this sentence would affect the fledgling - maybe it was too soon after his change for him to see reason, would he still have a hold on part of his humanity to see that he was being used?

Scorpios sighed and moved forwards to sit upon the table alongside Rei - almost like a Mother and Father attempting to reason with their child. “If you tell Fangs here the truth, Matteo, I promise you, I won’t allow her to kill you” He glanced at the blonde beside him and gave her a rather stern look before turning his attention back to Matteo. “A Dhampir swears to protect, so you know you have my word” Scorp nodded once before leaning his forearms upon his thighs, waiting to see if that also helped him sway to their side. Silence ticked by, enough to irritate the Dhampir before Matteo eventually broke, with a very dramatic sigh as he leaned back into the sofa, defeated. “His name is Felix, he runs an underground vampire basecamp, he is starting with the Aspects in order to take the City.”

Aurelia could hear Scorpios rummaging around, she was vastly clear that many did not approve of her methods of getting information. Its not like she enjoyed it, even if she played it off like she did, at the end of the day it was torture and it took its toll on her mind just like it would any normal person. It was rather impressive that the vampire. This threat was great and real if the vampire was so willing to stay so quiet. It caused the panic in Rei to raise even if she wouldn’t let it show in her face. She kept her stone cold stair on Matteo. She hated having to go into what could happen not only to Evermore but to the world if someone killed an aspect. Hoping she could break through would come and that she didn’t have to take out someone who was just being used as a pawn no matter how angry she was hours before, she was not at a calm point.

What caught her off guard was how Scorpios came to her side to help her, no longer silent and watching but taking a side. The correct side though calling her fangs made her bite back the chuckle that wanted to come out before looking to Matteo “I would take the deal, let the Dhampir come with you to the Manor and you will see that we are willing to help show people things they never knew were apart of this world.” As the two waited in silence waiting to see if Matteo would give up the guy who created him to move to the Ailward guard side. As he spoke the name of the vampire a soft growl left her throat. “Perfect.” Felix was a complication to her. “Thank you for your help.” She said as she stood up pulling her blade free walking around and cutting his hands free.

She looked to the two before sliding her dagger back into her sheath. “You will be bound here till night time again, since the sun has raisin.” She said as she pulled her jacket back on and crossed her arms “When it is night time you will need to go to the Ailward Manor in the south side of the city. It will be the only place to keep you safe. Felix doesn’t play games and kills those he turns and feeds on them. It's a sick game to him.” she looked down to the blood on her hands before moving over to wash it off. “You got in the wrong bed Matteo, but I’ll help you. After all Felix is my fault.” she cleared her throat and pulled back looking to the pair across from her.

“I took pity on Felix a long time ago he was sick and dying and I turned him to save him.” she looked down to the floor “He looked so much like someone I once knew that I couldn’t just let him die. When he changed though he was dark and twisted and while I tried to train him he rebelled and well.” She gave a heavy sigh as she shook her head slightly. “You are my responsibility now Matteo. Welcome to the guard.” She gave a sigh as she moved to the door. “I am going to check in on a room and stuff, if you want to come along scorps.” she said somberly.

It almost took him by surprise when Matteo eventually caved into the both of them in terms of his maker and why he was ordered to kill The Aspect; he assumed it was the promise of life which won him over - and just maybe it was a promise that this Felix had never given. Perhaps, Matteo knew deep down, that despite if he was successful in the killing, he would still die himself. Scorpios highly doubted he caved with information because he understood just how important The Aspect was. In fact, at times, Scorp didn't truly recognise the importance of these dragon people - he himself only saw them as that; shifters who felt like royalty and thus needed protection. He didn't believe those that could turn into such beings or who could wield as much power as that would ever need to use other, potentially weaker species for protection; yet that could be his own ignorance and maybe his time with Rei would broaden his knowledge. The Dhampir watched his very distant relative stand as well as grab her knife before walking round to stand behind the fledgling; and despite not wanting to, and wanting to believe Rei was a woman of her word - Scorp's breath got caught at the back of his throat. In his advantage, he remained collected to see what she was about to do; his eyes shutting in relief when she only cut the other vampire free.

Scorpios listened to Rei speak, and a brow quirked upward as she mentioned that Felix was her fault; many different questions began to buzz within his mind but they were going to be topics of conversations later. His lips curled somewhat as he glanced at the vampire coated in his own blood. “The manor is easy to find, trust me, you want miss it” Scorp had only been to the manor once, but never inside it; and it was true - it was a sight to behold. He eventually stood and wandered to the kitchen to gather up some damp towels before he flung them towards Matteo so he could wash himself up; he suspected the water that ran in the abandoned shower would only make one more dirty. His arms naturally crossed over his chest as he studied Rei, her words processing in his mind as he came to terms that it was she who turned their current problem into a vampire. Yet, for some unknown reason, this did not surprise him nor did he find himself holding the blame over Rei; she was not to know he would turn out the way he did. Scorp noted the sudden change in her behaviour and in particular on her countenance. As Rei walked by him to head towards the door, his hand instinctively reached out to softly grasp the crook in her arm.

“Do not blame yourself” He reassured. “You changed him from the goodness of your heart and it is he, whose heart is nothing more than darkness” Scorp didn't know how much good his words would do but he hoped it was enough to lift her spirits once more. He simply nodded his response that he would leave with her, twisting he grabbed his jacket which he left on the counter. “Clean yourself up, we'll see you in a few hours” Scorpios regarded Matteo one final time before setting out once more with Rei. He exhaled as the weak morning sun beamed upon his flesh which craved its attention; the two walked in silence for a few moments until he decided to break it. “I'm starting to believe this is not just a power attack, but a personal attack upon yourself” Scorp commented, his eyes remained fixated upon the road ahead in an attempt to find somewhere for both of them to rest; he knew he sure needed it, his muscles had began to burn in weariness. “But however this pans out, I'll be with you, Fangs” He grinned, his shoulder playfully nudged her own; it had shocked him, but it also pleased him that despite the rocky start, that the both of them actually got on.

Aurelia was lost in her mind, she was blaming herself for the threat that dared to take out one of the aspects. She made a reckless choice and now she was to pay for it, but she would not be paying for it with aspect blood. She moved to the door, on a mission ready to rip the heart out of Felix the moment she found him. She was sure he had lost his soul and became a vampire by now. Pure darkness is what he had to become, to be changing people to attack the aspects. Feeling the soft gasp on the crook of her arm caused her to turn her head to look at Scorps her brows pulling together as she turned facing him. She let a wave of calmness brush through her reminding herself that she was a Guard, that she needed to control herself or she would be no better than Felix.

She let her electric blue eyes hold on Scorp solom face as if all he was doing was simply stating a fact. “I wish it was the simple Stella.” He placed her hand along his that held onto her arm “I knew Felix was a loose canon long before I changed him, he constantly would steal, get into fights he couldn’t win, and lastly got himself hooked on heroin. He was a friend of my daughters, she was so torn up when we found him after he had been missing for a few days. He had completely overdosed a few hours before we found him.” Rei let her hand drop from his. “Tatiana begged me to change him that he didn’t deserve this.” She hung her head “I went against my better judgement and changed him.”

Rei kept her head hung for a moment before lifting it and let out a breath. “He didn’t take long to get hooked on blood and transforming into the vampire he is to this day. He is driven mad and convinced that the Aspects can take the madness away. I told him if I ever saw him again I would rip his heart out. So yes Scorpios, this is my fault.” she said pulling her arm from his hold. “Try and keep up Stella.” he said as she moved out of the door as she kept her lips pressed tight in a line. “You are right. He is calling my attention and I am sure I will learn why soon enough.”

She was tired and the sun was getting to her along with fatigue. With a sigh she looked around and then looked to him she could tell he was getting tired. “I have a place not far from here we can rest up and we can make our move in a few hours. Felix will be trapped in his den.” she said as she nodded her head, her lips turning up slightly as he called her fangs. “Thank you but if you want to pull out at anytime please do. I don’t want you getting hurt.” she said as she walked towards one of the large hotels that were in town, the door man open the door.

“Welcome back Ms. Ivakov.” he said as she passed through. Rei nodded to him moving towards the elevator. Once he was in she pressed the button to the penthouse suite placing her hand on the scanner. The elevator beeping “Welcome back Ms. Ivakov.” She looked to him “I don’t want to hear a word.” she said as the doors opened up to a stunning all black penthouse suite. Her photography along with artwork from others lining the walls as she walked deeper. “If you want to clean up their is a bedroom through their that has male clothing in it.” she said pulling off her jacket and tossing it over the couch while pointing down the hall. “Take your pick they are guard clothing something will fit.” she called out as she made herself a drink looking to the cut on her arm she hadn’t noticed gaining with a sigh.

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