Aureus was pouring over one of the books containing memories, the specific ones being from Ophelia and everything she had seen on the Isle of Skye, it was a heavy burden to take on himself every time since it shattered his heart. It was getting slightly easier to see but every time he pulled out of the memory there were tears leaking from his eyes and trickling down his cheeks. It wasn’t just his own emotions and sorrow that he felt as seeing his people fighting one another, but the emotions Ophelia has felt as well. Hearing a knock at his bedroom door he placed the book aside, putting it in a locked drawer of his nightstand and locking it away.

Stranding he moved towards the door opening it to find one of the guards he had recruited, a man he know considered a friend. “Miles, what brings you to the dreary portion of the manor?” He mused with the slightest hint of a smile on his lips.

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The Ailward faction had saved him. He’s well aware of that and he credits Aureus with the majority of it, if it hadn’t been for the Aspect approaching him that night in the bar there’s no telling where Miles would be right now. They’d suffered a great loss though, one that had hit Aureus harder than most. Combined with the strange new threat on the horizon and Miles has noticed that the Aspect of Time is absolutely overdoing it. Not that Miles is a stranger to hard work and responsibility, he’s quite the hard worker himself, but he finds that he’s concerned for just how worn down and tired Reus has looked whenever he’s seen him lately.

When he’s met with a shut door and Reus being locked away most of the day yet again, he determines he’s going to get him distracted from all this mess at least for a few hours. He raps lightly on the door, greeting him with a smile as a white fluff ball of a puppy jumps excitedly around his feet, tail wagging the whole time. Miles hasn’t had Ammy very long, but she’s always excited to see people and Reus is no exception. “Grab your coat, you need a break and I think we both could use a drink.” He can see the exhaustion on Reus’s face, something all too familiar to the nephilim. Reus knows Miles well enough to recognize that expression. Behind his friendly grin are the eyes of someone who isn’t willing to take no for an answer.

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