The last couple of weeks had been filled with non stop interviews, appointments, and deadlines. Now that she had a weekend off and time to herself Malia decided to take a trip to the local aquarium. Sea life and decor would make for a relaxing day and as she stepped into the line to purchase a ticket she couldn't help but pat herself on the back for spoiling herself today. Standing behind a couple of other customers she glanced to a nearby chart and tried to decide what displays she would like to see first. Since Dolphins were her favorite she decided that she would try and make them a priority. 

"Miss?" A voice called out and brought her back to the present moment. Malia stepped forward and paid the entrance fee. After being given her ticket to enter inside she immediately wandered to the gift shop and allowed her gaze to wander over elegant sea themed jewelry. Though Malia didn't stay too long admiring the jewels because the prices were outrageous. Hearing an announcement about a upcoming Dolphin show Malia left the gift shop, found the stadium, and selected a seat away from the crowd to watch the performance. 

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Daniel was behind the scenes of today's dolphin show. He made sure they were all good to perform and hate nicely. One of the dolphins were pregnant, so she would just be swimming around today. Slipping on his wet suit, he zipped himself up, and walked out to the stage. This was like a mini sea world show, right in the heart of the city.

Her stepped into the crystal blue of the walk way that lead into the water. Blowing a whistle that would only be heard by the dolphins, they all lined up for their food. Tossing out some fish for them to eat, he smiles. Adjusting the head piece on his head, he spoke up.

"Hello, welcome to The Eternal City Aquarium! Today's show will presented by me, Daniel Porter. These creatures (dolphins) are one of the most intelligent of the ocean. SO I hope you enjoy our show today." He stepped back, and gave a winning smile, before the show began.

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