Thaddeus spent the night scaring the guest of the in with his shadow manipulation abilities. He would never quite understand why humans had a need to get scared. Not that the Valkyr was complaining it brought in a decent cash flow after placing all of his money into the rundown inn to bring it up to the beautiful inn it was now. Vampiric modern was the term that Thad had coined for the Crowthorne. He gave a gentle yawn as he flicked on the coffee maker behind the front desk. After the long night he was going to need it to make it through a day of training his new hire.

He was in the middle of a big yawn when Hana Sae walked in, quickly closing his mouth he leaned against the front check in area. He looked to the time wondering if the day had truly gotten away from him or not. “I didn’t think  you would be early. Nevertheless glad you showed. A lot of people don’t like working in a Haunted Inn.” He said as the beep of the coffee machine drew his attention and he quickly made himself a cup.

He could feel the longing for blood, but that would have to wait until he could be sure that Hana could handle things on her own. He could already hear Gideon warning him about going for long periods of time without feeding, how it would make him pick back up his addictive habits. Clearing his throat and taking a long sip from the mug before returning his attention back ot her. “I got all your paperwork filed the other day, everything looks good to go. I guess first we can go through the book and see who is to check out, who reserved the rooms after and the time slots we need to clean the room.”

He waved his hand for her to join him behind the desk. “Take a seat.” he said as he moved around the desk and getting one of the lobby chairs to sit beside the office one. “So here you can see that these two rooms should be checking out by 11.” he said showing her the lines as he sipped on his mug letting the scent of the beans fill his nose. “And we have two more parties to check into those rooms at 5 so that gives us a 6 hour window to clean the rooms.” He said as he looked to her. “Think you can handle the cleaning of the rooms alone?” He asked as he could feel his eyes moving to the vine of her neck before looking away. “I may have to make a quick run around that time.” 

Yes working with a human was not going to be the easiest for him but Hana needed the job, and he needed the help.

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Ever since Hana had taken her summer break, she had been looking for a job. With Ha-joon being the only one bringing income into the house, she felt like she was slacking. Ha-joon had told Hana though, that she didn't need tp worry abut working, that he didn't even want her too. Hana knew most of that stemmed from his concerns for her and the fact that she had an illness. But, luckily the human had finally found a place hiring where she wouldn't have to over do it for herself or risk having an episode with her illness.  She'd basically be sitting on her ass all day checking people in, should she be lucky enough to be hired. A Haunted Inn was certainly something out of the ordinary, and many people would have steered clear, but there was something that she couldn't put her finger on, that kind of attracted her to the darkness of things like that. 

Hana liked that people assumed she was sweet and innocent, and she seemed to be great at fooling everyone with her shy-girl demeanor. 

Hana was anything but shy, and innocent - - but she could definitely agree that she was cute as fuck when she wanted to be. She knew she had a conceited, sometimes self centered way about her, and she was the definition of sophisticated. Girls either hated her for what she had, or envied her because they wanted to be her, and Hana enjoyed knowing that, but.. she wasn't your average snooty bitch, Hana tried to be kind to everyone.. even the less fortunate, instead of turning her nose up at them. 

Hana had been laying in her bed wide awake since 5 this morning, reflecting on everything that had been happening with her lately, that she had been hiding from Ha-joon. Sighing, she turned to her side, frowning as she cuddled up to the stuffed bear he had gifted her long ago for one of her birthday's. She wanted so badly to just tell him everything, and fix the huge void between them, but she knew if she told him one thing, she'd have to dig deep, and spill it all, and she wasn't ready for that herself. 

Another hour had passed on by, and Hana was now getting ready for her job interview. She knew she'd show up much earlier than the male had told her to on the phone, but she didn't have nothing else going on today, with that, she grabbed all her personal belongings, a folder full of all her legal documents and important papers, her keys, and phone. After everything was ready, she stuffed it all into an Aeropostal bag, and headed out, making sure not to wake Ha-joon. Hana got in her starter jeep, and began her short journey to the haunted inn with her music blaring and her nerves running wild. Of course she was nervous, she needed this job badly, but the fact that it was a Haunted Inn, made her want it. 

After pulling in, chills ran up and down her spine, and the human shivered a little when she first stepped inside. Hana's jaw ddropped slightly, she had only heard this man's voice, but until now, she'd never seen him, and wasn't sure she could work alongside a man like that without getting herself in trouble. As he spoke, filling her in on what they would start with, Hana realized she was too distracted and cleared her throat awkwardly. "Sorry, yeah that sounds good to me" she said in response, blushing slightly. 

Hana then walked behind the desk, and joined him as he gestured for her to do so, listening intently, making sure she didn't miss anything. "I think I can handle that. Feel free to do whatever you need, it'll give me time to practice without help.. I like doing things on my own anyways" she expressed, being the usual independent female she was. What could go wrong?, it was only a Haunted Inn. 

"Is there a way for me to reach you while you're gone? If you think you'll be back in a decent amount of time, then no worries but if youll be gone a while, I may need a way to reach you in case I screw something up" she stated, with a nervous hint to her tone. She couldn't help but wonder if it sounded like she was just trying to score his cell number after the way her jaw had dropped to the first sight of him. 

Hana had been put through some pretty intensive training back in Korea, and had eventually learned to pick a supernatural out when she was around one, so it wasn't long before she realized she'd be working alongside one, and while that fact didn't bother her at all, the curiosity about what he was did make her thoughts race a little. "I know you'be seen my name on plenty of papers, but I feel like properly introducing myself is necessary if we're gonna be working together. I'm Hana," she said with a cheeky grin gracing her features while holding a hand out towards him. "I look forward to getting a better feel of this place, what made you decide to run a Haunted Inn anyways? that's very unusual" she expressed, smirking a little while locking eyes with the beautiful creature before her. 

Thaddeus looked to her as he talked about her duties realizing that she was staring a long. Maybe it was due to his age he looked young to own an Inn. Maybe she was just nervous either way she seem to snap out of it, though when she blushed Thad gritted his teeth as her pores opened as the scent of her blood hit his nose. He hated being addicted to blood it has only ever caused him more problems than it was worth. He cleared his throat as he waited for her to come around and sit beside him as he showed her what to do. As she stated that she was sure she could handle things he stood up. The need for blood and rest was taking the Valkyr over.

Thad gave another yawn as he looked to her as she began to ask questions. He could tell she was nervous, he looked to the coffee and wondered how long he could stay awake with a few pots of coffee. “I just need to get some sleep, as I have been up all night. So my room is tight over there.” He pointed to the door through the office behind the desk. “If you don’t know what you are doing or something comes up just give me a knock. If I don’t answer which I doubt my number is taped here.” he pointed to the number taped under the book onto the desk.

Thad gave her a gentle smile as she introduced herself, He gave a slight chuckle and took hold of her hand and gave it a gentle shake. “I’m Thaddeus, feel free to call me Thad though.” He said as he dropped her hand and took a step away. “I hope you enjoy it, not many people want to work in a Haunted inn.” he chuckled as he walked around the desk sipping his coffee more as he thought. “I was given some money, and I was lost. I found this place and it just called to me. So I figured it was seeking me out. Besides who doesn’t enjoy a good scare every now and then.” He gave a flash of his smile. “I am a little bit of an unusual guy I guess.”

He moved to go to his room when he paused. “What made you want to work in a Haunted inn?” he asked curious now. “Also I need your papers so I can put you into the system.” He said as he looked over her. He was slightly nervous about leaving her alone to run things but he knew he had to give a little in order not to kill himself with his own business.

Hana cocked a brow at him, noting the way he gritted his teeth. She was fascinated with him already to say the least. And, Hana never found an interest for others, at least not this quickly. But something about him kept Hana on her toes, and she admittedly liked that. "Something wrong?" she asked, curious about why her presence seemed to trigger something for him. Maybe it was just him lacking sleep though. She seen him yawn a few times since she'd been here, "Someones a night owl" she teased before looking to the direction he pointed in, making a mental note of where his room was, and then down to the counter where he had written his number down. Taking her cell phone out, Hana saved it. "Hope you don't mind. I'm sure ill need it at some point" she expressed, giving him a faint smile. 

Hana's heart began to race however when he picked her hand up to shake it. She wasn't as nervous after that however, which she was thankful for. "I'm sure ill end up loving it here. I thought it was amazing to read about. I don't know why others don't find the appeal that I do, but then again, most people are narrow minded" she stated her opinion, shaking her head. It was sad how many opportunities people seemed to miss out on nowadays, just because they were too afraid to take a leap. Hana was one to never miss a chance at anything. If opportunity presented it's self, Hana leaped. Sometimes it did her good, other times it taught her a harsh lesson. 

Hana then arched a brow, but found herself smiling more genuinely at the story behind how this Inn came to be. "Well, I admire you Tad" she grinned, shortening his name enough to have given him a nickname from her already. "You felt something pulling you, and you followed your heart, has it been a succesful business?" she questioned, but figured she needed to hush soon so he could actually sleep. Hana chuckled, "I love a good scare. Halloween is coming up too, we'll have to decorate this place .. maybe even use the rooms that aren't booked to have some kind of haunted tour. That's surely going to bring a little business in for you" she smiled, knowing a thing or two in this department due to the college courses she was currently taking in business and organization, along with some fashion based classes. 

Standing to her feet, Hana handed the papers over to him that he needed from her, and with the gesture of her hand, she shooed him away "Go rest. Ive got this" she stated with a bright grin on her face, but a nervous energy that she was sure he could sense about her all the same. An hour in and Hana seemed to have been whizzing right through when a male came in, needing a room. Hana had been doing just fine, until asking for his ID. "i don't have an ID. I can pay more for the room" he said in a tone of desperation. Hana could sense something was up with him. He was drenched with sweat, and frantic. And not wanting to give an ID only made her think he didn't want a paper trail led to him. But, with Hana being new, she pulled out the sign in sheet stuck to a clipboard, and allowed him to go ahead and stay with the cash and him signing his name. 

To make sure, Hana decided to walk to Thaddeus room, giving the door a gentle knock as to not startle him from his sleep. After waiting for several minutes though, she decided to open his door, only cracking it so her voice could radiate through the crack. "Tad, I need you" she called out, hoping she wouldn't anger him. Something was up with that guy, and now she regretted giving him a room. She had to tell Thaddeus what was going on. 

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