"She's in the rain. 아름다웠던 널 그려보면, 흘러가버린 시간이 멈춰. (She's in the rain. When I look at how beautiful you are, time stops.)

Dark gray clouds covered Evermore's skyline, and zig-zagged lightning strikes flashed every now and then. The Celestial supposed it was beautiful to others, but to him, it just reminded him of loneliness and heartbreak. Light splashes of rain hit his face as he walked to his Surburban, and painted his car in silvery streaks of water. The brunette heard his sister shriek as she tried to run and slipped in a small puddle by the Celestial Castle's door. He shook his head and then shut his door, mindless to the fact that she was glaring at him. Switching his radio on, he fiddled with the radio stations until he found one that sounded okay to him. He instantly recognized the song as VAV's "I'm sorry." He actually quite liked the song so he turned down the volume letting it softly backtrack the sound of the rain hitting his car windshield. 

He had the radio on like this for the hour it took him to get to "Candy Striper." A gay bar in the middle of the city that he had been working at since he took up an interest in bartending, and making swirly, fruity drinks. He actually liked that they could wear whatever they wanted and that they could talk however they wanted as well. That included a bunch of flirting on Josh's part since he hadn't been able to find somebody to put his trust in. One part of being a Celestial was that he constantly glowed, which made him easier to spot by other Supernaturals. He was quite surprised that none of the Aspects and Ailward Guards had found him yet. His bar outfit consisted of a sleeveless, mesh shirt, leather pants, and Converse hi-tops that didn't seem to go at all. 

The brunette's phone ringing scared him half to death as he wasn't expecting a phone call. "Ey, Josh, Jackson wants you to make the cocktails tonight, okay?" The familiar voice of his fellow bartender Junmeyon echoed throughout his car. Josh shook his head and then hung up his phone with a smile. Junmeyon was a sweet guy, but way to maternal for him. A guy shouldn't be like that, at least not a straight guy. The ebony-haired male parked in his own personal spot, and then fixed his makeup in the mirror, and also checking that his Celestial mark wasn't that visible. The bad thing about having it under his left pectoral muscle was that everyone could see it, and that was risky. He only wanted Valkyr's and other species that weren't Aspects and Guards to see it. 

As soon as he got out of the car, he got soaked. The rain had turned into a torrential downpour and he hadn't brung an umbrella. Josh sprinted into the bar and toweled off his black hair with a soft towel that Junmeyon handed him. Mumbling a soft "Thanks" he walked behind the bar, and cast chocolate brown eyes around the room, coming to land on a handsome, black-haired male that looked lost. He wasn't sure how lost he was, because his eyebrows were pulled together in what seemed to be a confused expression.  With a sway of his hips, he walked towards the male and leaned over the bar, elbows holding him up. "Hi, babe. What can I get you? Fruity drink or something like a beer?" Josh asked, his choker pendant swinging forward. 

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"Your light" Charlie began, then paused, almost trying to find the words. "It was hard being around you, it was like I was constantly battling fatigue but now I feel stronger around you. I feel better equipped almost....I don't know its weird." He muttered before running his fingers through his short hair and chuckling. "You make me feel good." Charlie added quietly.

It was true, the energy that had been sapped away by the light had now come back and almost tripled.

"What now?"

"My light?" Joshua asked, raising a blonde eyebrow at the other male. "Oh, I see. My light was draining your energy and now that we're bonded you got your energy back and you can be around me without getting drained." The star stated and then smiled at the Valkyr's comment. It was nice to know that Charlie actually felt like that around him. "You make me feel good too." He replied with a soft smile.

It was almost like Josh had caused this to happen. Well, he was the one to initiate it, so he guessed that he would be able to protect the other more.

"I can protect you. You can also protect me. We'll feel if the other one is in danger." 

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