"She's in the rain. 아름다웠던 널 그려보면, 흘러가버린 시간이 멈춰. (She's in the rain. When I look at how beautiful you are, time stops.)

Dark gray clouds covered Evermore's skyline, and zig-zagged lightning strikes flashed every now and then. The Celestial supposed it was beautiful to others, but to him, it just reminded him of loneliness and heartbreak. Light splashes of rain hit his face as he walked to his Surburban, and painted his car in silvery streaks of water. The brunette heard his sister shriek as she tried to run and slipped in a small puddle by the Celestial Castle's door. He shook his head and then shut his door, mindless to the fact that she was glaring at him. Switching his radio on, he fiddled with the radio stations until he found one that sounded okay to him. He instantly recognized the song as VAV's "I'm sorry." He actually quite liked the song so he turned down the volume letting it softly backtrack the sound of the rain hitting his car windshield. 

He had the radio on like this for the hour it took him to get to "Candy Striper." A gay bar in the middle of the city that he had been working at since he took up an interest in bartending, and making swirly, fruity drinks. He actually liked that they could wear whatever they wanted and that they could talk however they wanted as well. That included a bunch of flirting on Josh's part since he hadn't been able to find somebody to put his trust in. One part of being a Celestial was that he constantly glowed, which made him easier to spot by other Supernaturals. He was quite surprised that none of the Aspects and Ailward Guards had found him yet. His bar outfit consisted of a sleeveless, mesh shirt, leather pants, and Converse hi-tops that didn't seem to go at all. 

The brunette's phone ringing scared him half to death as he wasn't expecting a phone call. "Ey, Josh, Jackson wants you to make the cocktails tonight, okay?" The familiar voice of his fellow bartender Junmeyon echoed throughout his car. Josh shook his head and then hung up his phone with a smile. Junmeyon was a sweet guy, but way to maternal for him. A guy shouldn't be like that, at least not a straight guy. The ebony-haired male parked in his own personal spot, and then fixed his makeup in the mirror, and also checking that his Celestial mark wasn't that visible. The bad thing about having it under his left pectoral muscle was that everyone could see it, and that was risky. He only wanted Valkyr's and other species that weren't Aspects and Guards to see it. 

As soon as he got out of the car, he got soaked. The rain had turned into a torrential downpour and he hadn't brung an umbrella. Josh sprinted into the bar and toweled off his black hair with a soft towel that Junmeyon handed him. Mumbling a soft "Thanks" he walked behind the bar, and cast chocolate brown eyes around the room, coming to land on a handsome, black-haired male that looked lost. He wasn't sure how lost he was, because his eyebrows were pulled together in what seemed to be a confused expression.  With a sway of his hips, he walked towards the male and leaned over the bar, elbows holding him up. "Hi, babe. What can I get you? Fruity drink or something like a beer?" Josh asked, his choker pendant swinging forward. 

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Grey clouds blanketed the skies of Evermore. Blackening the city. Then the heavens opened up, drop by drop the rain fell, heavier and heavier until the down pour was all one could hear, all one could smell and feel. Seconds outside was enough to drench a person to the bone. The weather pressed against the world like a sheet, humid and cold all at the same time. Out of the darkness forked a bright light, cutting into the clouds like a knife. Lightening, a flash bringing light to the dark, a reminder that even in the darkest of storms, there will be light. The thunder that rolled after each flash echoed through the skies and filled ones ears completely, so close to the flash it was almost an assault of the senses. 

Charlie had been sat on his window seat. The window open and one leg hanging out over the ledge, a cigarette clenched in his teeth. He'd been watching the storm roll in like a herd of horses across the land. Each cloud barreling across the sky until they blocked out the sun and streetlamps came on earlier than they have in weeks. He watched the clock tick on and on until 10pm rolled by and the storm was still in full force with no sign of relenting. Charlie loved this weather and felt like he was wasting it hauled up in his apartment. 

After another ten minutes, the Valkyr swung his legs back inside and hopped off the ledge. He drummed his fingers across his thighs and then sighed, running his fingers through his hair. He'd been in his apartment for the past three weeks, worried that his Ex Count was in the city...But tonight wasn't going to be one of those nights. He nodded to himself and formulated his plan, it was time to leave...To go out, or as the youth of the city said 'out out'.

He showered quickly, blow-dried his hair and proceeded to dress. Black, tight jeans with rips in the knee's, a white crisp short-sleeved shirt that hugged his slender frame. He pulled on a pair of black combat boots, wrapping a bright red bandanna around the right one. He stood, twisting and turning in his full-length mirror, making sure his hair looked good and his outfit hugged the way he wanted it too. When he was sure he looked as good as he could, he packed his pockets and grabbed a large umbrella so he wouldn't get soaked and have to spend the evening drying off. 

The club scene in Evermore was rather small, a few bars Charlie frequented often...and one he didn't. Candy Striper was a bar Charlie never dreamed of entering, it was one of Evermores only gay bars. Now, Charlie wasn't homophobic nor was he offended by the thought...However, for the last 80 years he'd had more than a few thoughts that were never towards women. Thoughts that Charlie had had before. Count had been a woman, someone Charlie had danced with and thought he loved for a large portion of his life, but the reason he danced with her was for his father...and the reason he stayed was because he didn't have much of a choice...So maybe...He shook his head and sighed, turning his back on the Candy Striper before stopping again.

Maybe...I am...

Charlie turned and headed quickly towards the Candy Striper, his feet heavy against the ground. He entered, chucked his umbrella into the coat closet and took a deep breath. The music had already penetrated his every sense, the smell of liquor heavy in the air and it made it almost like swimming. He walked towards the centre of the room where a circular bar stood in the very middle. Leaning onto it with his elbow, he watched every male that sashayed past him. His senses were in over drive, his eyes dancing from one person to the next, again and again. The men were either half dressed, their torso's glistening, or dressed the same as Charlie in form fit wear. 

A voice broke the silence and Charlie spun towards it, his eyes taking in the dark haired male before him. 'Babe' rolled off the boys tongue easier than a hot knife through butter, but his smile was intoxicating. Nodding, Charlie leaned closer "Beer? ice cold bottle if you have it." He said loudly so the boy, whose name tag read 'Joshua', and let a grin spread across his lips. 

Somehow the Valkyr relaxed instantly with the company around him. The men that danced around him, brushed against him or whispering sweet nothings into his ear...It excited Charlie, and he didn't know how exactly to feel about the whole experience. He needed alcohol... 

"Beer? Ice cold bottle we have, love. I'll go get it for you." Joshua said and twirled around, sashaying his hips past the male on his way to get the bottle. When he bent over, his ebony hair fell in his sky blue eyes making him seem like he had just gotten out of the shower, when really he had just gotten out of the refrigerated part of the bar. Clutching the cold beer bottle between two slender fingers he walked back to the front of the bar, setting the bottle down in front of the male. Joshua had been in this situation before. Men trying to flirt with him, brushing against him, or whispering in his ear as he had just seen a particularly pretty male do to the handsome male in front of him. Wait, he knew that guy. What the heck was Keonhee doing here? He worked the morning shift and was an all-around sweet guy, but a terrible flirt. Joshua liked Keonhee but sometimes he could be insufferable and weird. 

"So what brings you here, kitten? You look a little lost." Josh asked with a sweet lilt in his voice, using his full Korean accent to make it seem sexier. He liked making it seem like he had just come from Korea when really he hadn't been back in one hundred and fifty-seven years and he missed the sprawling grasslands of Womni-gu. Slinging his long legs over the counter, he slipped into the seat next to the handsome black-haired male. When he had gone to get the other male's drink, he had grabbed a fruit smoothie for himself since he wasn't planning on getting drunk, since he had to work tomorrow as well. 

When he had first come to the bar he had been a little lost too. Different males had caught his sky blue eyes and several were pretty, like very pretty. He couldn't help but act like a human teenager when he had seen them. He wasn't quite sure how a human teenager acted, but he thought he looked like one. That first night he had been here was a snowy one. Large flakes had fallen in his hair and had given him white eyelashes so he kinda looked like Jack Frost if Jack Frost was Asian and glowed. He realized he glowed now, but just left the glow on. Maybe the male next to him was a Valkyr? He certainly was gorgeous enough to be one, and he had the Valkyr male jawline that Josh had seen on several Valkyr males. They were all beautiful and reminded him of stone-cold statues sometimes. 

"If you want kitten, I can help you find your way? You're gorgeous, and a lost, gorgeous male is not a good thing, kitten." He purred, sliding a slender finger under the other male's chin. Tilting his head to the side he surveyed the other ebony-haired male's face. He had beautiful brown eyes with long lashes, full lips that looked so kissable but he restrained himself and soft black hair that seemed to fall in his face perfectly. 

As the male, Josh, went to fetch his beer...Charlie's eyes seemed to dart across the crowded room. From face to face, From grinding hips to sashaying behinds, He couldn't help but stare. His insides were in knots, every man that sauntered past and brushed their fingers against his shoulders or back sent a jolt of electric through him. A feeling the Valkyr had never had with women, Even count whom he'd shared so many years with. There was no spark their, no passion, mere...duty. He shuddered at the thought. When Josh returned, Charlie took the cold bottle from him and smiled nervously. His eyes still darting from Josh every time someone walked too close. 

Now, Joshua embodied every part of the Homosexuality Charlie had been warned to stay away from, so many years ago, back when he was human. Living in a time where it was wrong, cursed upon even, Charlie had shuddered at the thoughts he'd had about men around his village...But times had changed and Joshua was now beside him, purring the name kitten again and again. 

"Not lost." He muttered softly and then swallowed heavily. "Just...Out of character." Charlie was nervous, for the first time in a long time, nerves were his worst afflictions at that moment. When Charlie turned in his seat, he noticed a faint glow coming from the male beside him...A frown pulled at the Valkyrs features. Maybe Joshua was a Celestial...

A finger under his chin, snapped Charlie back to sense. Joshua turned his head towards him, whispering sweet nothings about being gorgeous. He jerked his chin away a little, shaking his head, his father voice in his head. "No, Im not...I mean... I don't... I mean..." He went quiet and merely frowned. "Im not gay" He added in a hushed tone. "Well, I don't think..." He stopped and looked around again, suddenly overwhelmed by what he was witnessing. 

"Im not sure whats happening..." He whispered.

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Josh watched curiously as he walked back to the bar. The slender ebony-haired male looked very confused about what he was seeing. The Celestial could understand that because he had once been in the male's spot. Beautiful men were grinning down at the other male, lips pulled back to show sparkling teeth. Josh could sense that the ebony-haired male was not used to what he was feeling and not used to the guys running their hands all over him or leaving sweet little pecks on his neck. The star was used to it happening to him. It happened all the time. When Josh came back he noticed that the other male was getting highly distracted by different men.

The star was quite sure he embodied something the other male had no business dealing with and that thought excited him. Josh loved helping lost men find their way. It was always something that made him feel better about himself since he couldn't be sure if the other male was gay or not. Pansexual, bisexual, etc. It didn't matter to Josh. If he could do something to help or flirt, he always did the latter, no matter who you were. 

"Out of character?" He asked, casting sky blue eyes on the male. When he sat down on the padded barstool, he noticed that the ebony-haired male had seen his glow. He hoped to the Lord above that this guy was not a Guard. And if he was... Well, Josh would be screwed then. He leaned forward a bit so that his mark was showing, might as well make the jump even if he was going to fall.

Josh flinched when the other male jerked his chin a little bit away from him. What had he done to make the other male do that? Had he said something wrong? Maybe made him uncomfortable? Josh sat back a bit but still made sure his mark showed, by shucking the shirt off. He had seen several of the other bartenders do it, and it was like really hot in the bar.  The star tilted his head in confusion at the other male's statement.

"I can help you with that, kitten. Already offered that." He purred and took a sip from his smoothie. "Maybe we should start on what you feel when I do this?" He asked and let his soft lips settle on the other male's neck.

An uncomfortable warmth spread across Charlie's skin, like fire, a blush raising the redness of his cheeks. He didn't know how to feel sat in a gay bar. His fathers words spun around his head like a marsh, pouring darkness through his feelings. He didn't know how to think, because homosexuality had been a sin growing up, that was the sign of the times, but Charlie had never lusted over women. Count was more to show his family that he was growing up, and look how that turned out...

His eyes flashed back to Joshua and then narrowed slightly. He was propositioning Charlie, and it somehow excited Charlie more than anything. Then, Charlie spotted what had caused the glow...A Celestial mark. The Mark itself almost made Charlies still heart beat, it was entrancing. When he'd first turned, Count told him how blood sharing made a bond, how it was one of the most intimate things Valkyr could do, then she told him of a Celestial bond, Less intimate but much more powerful. 

Before he even had time to think, the Celestial before him leaned over and pressed his lips against Charlies neck. It was like fire and the Valkyr let his eyes close for a split second before he swallowed heavily. "I-I..." The sound drained from his voice and he couldn't answer the other, he could only swallow again. Shifting from the bar, he shook his head "I don't think I should of come here." He snapped and took a few steps back, knocking into one of the men from before that had called him 'puppy' and stroked his back. Charlie flinched away from him and almost hissed before taking to the shadows and teleporting himself back outside. 

He felt strange as the rain began to beat down against his back. He hadn't gone far, just outside the door to the club...Charlie leaned over, breathing heavily. A lot of emotions, feelings he'd been surpressing for years, managed to bubble to the surface and it felt like his head was swimming with different voices, different people shouting and screaming and all because of a little confusion about his sexuality. He knew it was because of the time he was born, the 'Victorian' era did not smile politely upon Homosexuality. Charlie knew that it was accepted now, that he could exit that tiny cramped closet and no one would bat an eyelid...but habits died hard...He needed a drink, something heavier than a beer.  

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"Are you okay, kitten?" Joshua asked concerned. The other male's cheeks had turned a feverish red, and he wasn't sure if he had a cold or something made him embarrassed or the star had said something wrong. The purplish lights in the bar weren't helping either, it just made the other male seem sick. Josh's feminine side was urging him to try and see what was wrong with the other ebony-haired male, but he didn't want to anger the poor male by asking what was the matter with him. Maybe it was better to leave that part alone. 

If only Josh could tell if he was a Valkyr. Maybe then he would be able to explain that he was a Celestial and they had a bond they could do to protect each other. The star was a bit wary of it since he had no idea what the bond did. His brother's Volkiari, Ken, had explained some of the bond to him when he had been over for whatever the heck he and Cameron were doing. Ken had said that Celestial's and Valkyr's could exchange blood and make a bond that would let them know if the other was in trouble, or use the bond to save each other. 

With a yelp, Josh pulled back as the other male jerked away. Had he done something to trigger the other male's feelings? The star watched as the other dark-haired male twisted away from him. "Why? Is there something wrong with this bar?" Josh asked and then tried to get up as the other male bolted from the place he was sitting. There was a strong urge in the star to run after him and comfort him. With a sigh, Josh lifted himself off the barstool and weaved through the thick crowd, hissing at the blonde Lycanthrope that had decided to stroke the other male's back. It wasn't like he didn't hear the whispered 'puppy' that the blonde had said to the other ebony-haired male. "Out. Now. I don't ever want to see you again." The star said angrily and pushed the blonde away.

Walking through the back, he bumped into Jackson who seemed to be distracted with making something, With a mumbled 'sorry', he pushed the back door open and walked into the rain. Leaning against the wall for a moment, he let the cool rain run down his bare skin and tried to shut his glow off. For some reason, the damn thing wouldn't go away and Josh was getting frustrated. After debating for a moment he walked around the front and found the other dark-haired male, his hair glittering with the rain. "I'm sorry, kitten. I don't even know your name. Please listen to me?!" The star asked and blinked water out of his eyelashes. He must've been a sight for sore eyes. Water running down his bare torso, tattoos glinting, skin glowing, and hair as black as night. 

The rain had flooded down from the skies in large droplets, like a waterfall from heavens and it drenched Charlie to the bone. He managed to Steady his breathing slightly so he could try and get a handle on his emotions. It seemed, maybe, Charlie was interested in men. And maybe, just maybe, it was time to shut out the voice of his fathers ghost from his ears and actually begin to live for himself?

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A voice called through the rain and Charlie spun, his eyes falling on the glowing form of Joshua.Shaking his head, Charlie took half a step towards the Star. "I'm sorry." He began. "I just -" He moved closer again so their conversation remained just the two of them. "I haven't had chance to accept this side of myself. I'm older than I look and where I grew up it was still deemed a sin, punishable by prison and torture, if you were found to be gay or Bisexual." He grumbled a little to himself and then watched Josh' for a moment. 

"My name is Charlie." He said softly and gestured to him "Coincidentally a Valkyr" He added, pointing to Josh's Celestial mark.

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Could Josh be really feeling a connection to the male that had just run out on him? He wasn't sure since the other male was not sure of what the heck he was feeling. If he was coincidentally a Valkyr, then the star could bond with him and protect him from the dangers of being unsure of his sexuality. The rain kissed his bare skin as he tried desperately to find where the other male was hiding. 

"Sorry for what, kitten?" Josh asked and then shivered as the other male moved closer to talk to him, to just keep the conversation between the two of them so that the Lycans hanging around the outside couldn't hear what they were talking about. As he had finally calmed down his glow faded to a soft one, just barely illuminating the other male. He could see that he was clearly at war with himself over it. "I know about that. I'm one hundred and fifty-seven years old. I fell in a country where being gay is still a punishable thing." Josh explained with a soft voice toward the other. 

"Hi, Charlie. I'm Soonyoung or Joshua. It doesn't really matter which you call me." The star smiled sweetly and smiled sweetly at him. "Well, I am coincidentally a Celestial." He replies and then tugs Charlie into his arms. "Cry it out. Maybe it'll help." He says and pats the Valkyr's soft hair

Charlie frowned a little as Josh' said about sexuality being punishable where he fell. "The world is so cold." He muttered and ran his fingers through his rain covered hair. He probably looked ridiculous, like a drowned rat stood in the pouring rain, but he needed the air. Needed to clear his head, to get everything straight. 

Charlie stood, looking at the confident male before him. "How did you become so confident in yourself?" He asked sternly. "Saying it out loud is hard enough without actually having to wear it on my sleeve like you do." Grumbling to himself, the Valkyr shook his head and let out an exasperated laugh, all breath and no humor. "Its like, I feel like sometimes I just want to scream I think I'm gay and tell everyone all at once!" The Valkyr shook his head again and caught Josh's eyeline. "But coming out isn't that easy. I thought it would be but its not, and that actual scares me. That there are people in this city that will try to hurt me because I look at guys the same way they look at girls. Im not a push over, but the men that I drink with would string me up alive if they knew that I liked men." 

Charlie was at two odds in his mind. He considered himself a confident man, he held himself with the status he had, because when it bubbled down to it, Charlie was still a Lord. His official title was Lord Vizard and he still had his active title, So he held himself as such. Maybe another reason why he didn't want to come out of his cosy closet...

"The world is cold, kitten. But we learn to deal with it." Josh said, his lips curling into a sad smile. Charlie seemed to still be at war with himself, still seemed to not want to come out of the tight, restricting closet that was keeping him from giving into himself. The star wanted desperately to change that, to help him figure out just what the star wanted him to figure out.

"It took a long while," Soonyoung said, his eyes taking on a slitted shape as if he was tired and needed a nap. "After I lost Jisoo, I needed a long time to get over the fact she died." The star said sadly as he recounted his past to the Valkyr. "I regained confidence after I got over her and started working at the bar. Jackson took me in as if I was a brother. He kept me fed and helped me put myself back together again." He replied and then shook his head. "Calm down, kitten. It's hard for everybody to come out and say that they like men or the other way around for women." Soonyoung explained, his eyes widening a fraction as he saw the other male break down a little bit. "Scream it. There's nobody around but me. Let the world know that you changed your sexuality." The star replied moving his arms in a spread out motion. "If they do then come to tell me. I'll protect you from people who want to hurt you when you come out of the closet. There's a certain bond for it. Do you know about it?"

Soonyoung really wanted to help him, protect him, keep him close. Wanted to help him figure out himself, and wanted to help him get away from the ghosts of his past. If they were born, or in Soonyoung's case, fell in the 1800s, maybe they could have things in common. If he could get Charlie to exchange his blood with him, so they could create a bond that would let the other one know when they were in trouble, or when they were feeling bad. 

Kitten, there it was again, that nickname that Charlie hated. Kitten, it made the Valkyr sound weak, helpless even and he hated that. He could have growled when the world left the others lips once more...But it merely made Charlie glare...And that glare turned into a stare. He stared at Josh for what felt like too long as the Celestial spoke. Josh had soft features, carved perfectly...cropped chocolate hued locks and matching iris'. He was kinda...cute.

As the star said, there was no one around but him...The two of them in the privacy of this alley, soaked to the bone by the rain. Then he mentioned the bond, something Charlie had only heard about in books. But the bond was a bind, something tying two people together forever...He scrunched up his nose and nodded. "Yes..." He said softly "But that is something to connect two people..."

A noise suddenly broke the silent world the pair had entranced eachother in. Charlies head snapped up and one of the men he used to drink with stumbled away from the club they had just vacated, shouting profanities about 'Pansies'. The fat mans bulging eyes fell on Charlie and the words 'Am I right Vizard?!' slurred from the mans protruding lips and as if, in his last act of utter defiance, Charlie stalked towards Joshua and time seemed to slow down.

Within a second, Charlie lifted his hands and placed them tenderly, either side of Joshua's face, drawing the Celestial in and planting his lips directly onto the Stars. The kiss, was the first kiss Charlie had shared with a man. The first kiss he'd shared with anyone but Count, and it was as if the world slotted into place. The kiss itself, Charlie and Josh's lips intertwined in a dance, lasted for as long as the fat man slurred his abuse, got bored and left.
Slowly Charlie pulled away, leaving his hands either side of Joshua's face.

"Lets start again." He whispered, his eyes boring into the Stars. "I'm Charlie, and I'm gay." The Valkyr added, before tenderly leaning in for another kiss...

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It didn't seem like Charlie was going to admit that he was gay, and Soonyoung was willing to wait until he did. Even if it took all night. He didn't notice that Charlie was glaring at him, and he didn't notice how that glare turned into a stare. He was too busy staring off into space and thinking about how he should just tug Charlie over and kiss him. It would be exciting and kind of endearing for him. Soonyoung was a good kisser and it would get the other to admit that he was gay if he had felt anything from the kiss.

Nobody was in the alleyway, so Soonyoung stepped forward only to stop a few feet away from Charlie. He was a little bit nervous, and he wouldn't be able to take the kiss back if the other didn't like it. And the rain was only getting harder, nevertheless, it didn't bother the star. He knew the bond tied two people together forever and he was willing to do that. "But if you know it connects two people. It means I can protect you." 

Soonyoung finally gathered the courage to walk closer to him but was scared by the sudden noise of a person's footsteps. With a yelp, he backed away a little and tried not to physically strangle the person who had scared him. It seemed to be one of the guys he had seen in the bar earlier that would not stop drinking. He had been about to throw him out, but, Charlie had distracted him from doing just that. He wasn't going to say anything to the pudgy male since it would only make the situation worse. Snapping his head away from the pudgy male, he noticed Charlie stalking towards him.

It was if all time had slowed down for Soonyoung as he felt Charlie's lips touch his. He could feel the warmth of the Valkyr's hands on either side of his face, and it was entrancing. So he threw his slender arms around the other's neck and tilted his head in order to kiss him deeper. It seemed as if Charlie was coming to terms with his sexuality. Maybe he wanted to test it out on Soonyoung and the Celestial was perfectly okay with that. Charlie's lips were soft and smooth, while his lips were probably soft, but slick from the rain. He took in a deep breath after the other male drew away and gave him a soft smile while he could still feel the warmth of the other's hands on his face.

"Start again...?" He asked and then smiled gently. "Hi Charlie. I'm Joshua and I'm bisexual. Not gonna lie, but you are seriously gorgeous." He says and then laughs, sliding his lips over the other male in another kiss. 

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