Fighting and training have been on things the Dhampir has been lacking. Knowing some and with Tae's help, he has gained little more confidence about himself. It will be a long journey for him to learn everything he needs to know by his choice and no one telling him what to do.  In this, on the other hand, Nikolas heard about on male who catch his attention a Valkyr who is a pure Viking. What the male has learned about that era they know most fighting skills. 

When asking about the male most who was training by him knew the areas the Viking is usually known to be.  Took time out of his job to locate him as it ends up being successful. He is always willing to help him as well. Nikolas wished he had Tae and the male during his time growing up around his family but in a way maybe it was best that way. Going out of their comfort zone to talk and get into the unknown is something not a lot of people want to do in everyday life. They are just missing out. 

Lucky today is one of Nikolas's day off, which is rare, he sought the build the Viking told him to meet.  The Dhampir didn't know what will come out of this training by the end of the day it could not be as worst as his first time training with Taehyun. He could remember it like it happened yesterday, going against the odds, changing his ways on how Nik saw himself and the world around him.  After a while he found the building and walked in, looking around confused as to why the male picked this building out of all that was around. "Hello? It's Nikolas. You told me to meet you here.' he called out wondering where the other was or is. 

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Once a Viking, always a Viking. Those routes had always lived on in Eirik; even if as a Valkyr he could not return back to his old ways of life; before he had been turned. The Viking element was strongly embedded in him. From the way he held himself, to his fighting skills and expertise in combat and weaponry. He was a force to be reckoned with, when angry. The Valkyr was always known to be fierce in battle. But he was one of the best trainers around; even people outside of his own faction coming to him for help. The Viking never turned away anyone that needed his help.

Nikolas, was his new student. The Dhampir was young and Eirik could see, he was full of potential. He just needed the right help, to learn the ways of combat and fighting. Instead of meeting with Nikolas, at his faction house in the training room; this time he picked out a secluded spot. An old building, he sometimes used to train with his students away from the usual area. Mainly it served it’s purposes for it’s vast area; plenty of room to move about. Plus, it gave off the element of surprise for it’s location; as anyone could stumble upon a fight...anywhere...any time. 

Just like young Nik, Eirik’s schedule was packed. But that morning, he had time away from his weaponry store; so he could focus on training duties. Arriving not long after Nikolas; Eirik heard the young male calling out from he entered the building. “Thank you for meeting me here. Pleasure to see you again.” he spoke, approaching the younger male. Giving him a smile.“How are you feeling today?” He questioned, hoping that the other one was not nervous. But sometimes, that could be expected of his students. Nerves did tend to get the best of people; especially if they least expected it. Eirik was no stranger to that.

When the Dhampir noticed the Viking he walked in looking around unsure if this was a safe idea. "Same to you. Can I asked why you chose a building like this?" Nikolas didn't know what the build is capable of yet. As stood in front of the male. "Feeling ok," Nikolas said knowing he hopes after this the other won't doubt him but it was not going to let it get in the way. The only thing Nik was nervous about is his lack of confidence or not being strong enough for the other to work with.

 Nikolas took off his jacket feeling the cold guide up his skin laying a thin sheet of goosebumps. "So where are we starting?" he asked. On his way here, he didn't know what to bring so he brought himself only.  reaching out to his phone to be greeted by a photo with him and Audrina to turn on his ringer to silent. Nikolas knew he needed to be focused and great ready for anything the other wants to throw at him. 

It will be hours before he needed to go in for work and for anything little dove wanted to throw at him. Thinking about the blonde made him very happy and more motived to get better and prove to her he is a protector without her knowing he is a Dhampir.  It's worst her mother hates him but he is sure she will like him knowing he will not move from where he is standing with Audrina. The dhampir knew she is worth everything, she is the reason he never really thinks about his family or his past problems. He did wonder what he did to catch her eyes in the first place. 

When the young Dhampir asked why he picked out this place. It was not an unexpected Question. Eirik could have guessed that he would ask such a question. “Good question.” he mused “One, because it’s a vast open area. Gives us plenty of space to move about when training. And two, element of surprise.” he pointed out. “One thing, I always try and teach my students is; that a fight/attack could happen anywhere, take you by surprise. So this building, in a way is a symbol of that.” Nothing in life, ever went the way someone would expect it to. One always had to be prepared for anything, anywhere. “Which is why, keeping your guard up, is important. Or someone could surprise you in unpleasant ways.” Getting caught off guard, wasn’t a good thing. Not in a battle. Especially, life or death situation.

“Try not to be too tense. It’s never good, when it comes to training.” Eirik mused, when he heard his reply to his question. “Today, we’re going to focus on target practise with weapons, before we move onto hand to hand combat.” Walking over to a corner in the abandoned building. Eirik flipped open a large wooden chest, he kept hidden there. He had some weapons there. Including daggers, bow and arrow. You name it. And also some targets.Pulling out the targets. The Valkyr quickly set up the targets across the room. Before switching on a few lights; to add some better lighting in the building.

“Feel free to look through the weapons and see, which you want to practise with first.” He gestured for Nik to pick his weapon of choice. With his vast skill and knowledge around weapons. Eirik could teach Nik, with pretty much anything the young Dhampir could imagine. In the meantime. The Valkyr carried on, setting up what was needed to start off their target session.

It makes sense why the others choose a place like this, you will never where the enemy could come out. Nik nodded looking at the other. "Guess you can say I never had to type of element in training before. It's usually out in the open or in a small room by myself. This is different for sure." he said. This is something he is not used to or came close to doing. This is something that his siblings might have done when he was stuck in a room full of books. The Dhampir knew what the other is talking about it happened the day he saved his father and other lives, showing up without anyone knowing did catch them off guard. 

Hearing what the other said Nikolas closed his eyes taking a deep breath and out with his month to get relaxed all the way to his core. he didn't expect to hear about hand to hand combat but it did make sense since anyone can disarm someone with a weapon within seconds.  Nikolas didn't bring his own weapon knowing how big it is, that was its the downfall. He was been thinking about making a suitcase build for this Krull Glaive. He didn't want to be that guy to walk around with a weapon and get looks from people on the street along with he couldn't give out his species as well. 

The Dhampir watch the other walk to the corner of the room they are standing in. Nikolas didn't see the chest there when he walked in but to be fair he didn't give himself a chance to look around only the safety part of his mind was triggered.

He walked over to look into the chest as the best of him took over. Looking into the chest his eyes catch something that he felt drawn to. hearing the other telling him to look through the weapons he reached in pulling out a sword as his eyes went awe. "This is a beautiful sword you have here." His blue eyes looked over the handwork that was put into the blade. He looked up to the male. "How does one will a sword? is it hard?" he asked wondering they can touch on this. 

Listening to Nikolas, tell him about what sort of training he was used to. The older male nodded. “A lot of my students, are used to their ‘normal’ places, when it comes to training. But I try and get them used to,different things. To expand their knowledge and skills.” This was one way, to help them learn. Different settings; to know they would be prepared for anything that could come at them.

As he finished setting up the targets around the room; He glanced over his shoulder seeing Nikolas had picked out a sword. “Interesting first choice.” He didn’t think, Nik would go for the sword. Since it was a bit of a harder weapon to wield and control. But if the Dhampir liked a challenge; than he would do his best to teach him with it. But knowing, it’d prove to be quite an interesting training session.

“Thank you. It’s one of my older swords; but still lethal.” Eirik walked over to Nikolas; as he was inspecting the sword. “It is a bit harder, since it’s quite heavy and a big weapon. But once you learn to handle’ll come more naturally.” he explained. But that was with everything; it just took some time and practise to get used to something; weapons included. “First’s all about the grip. If you hold a sword too loosely...chances’ll fly from your hands and you’ll injure yourself and or someone else, in the process. You also need to hold it in the right position...or the sword won’t be stable in your grip. That can also lead to injuries and gets easily disarmed by your opponent. Third, you also have to flexible in the wrist; for you to wield the sword, without dropping it. But if your wrist is too won’t do you much good either. There has to be certain amount of tension, to keep a steady yet flexible hold on it.” If anything, those three things were most important to remember, when working with a sword. Eirik let it all sink in; as he paused for a few moments. Knowing it was a bit of information for Nik to take in, when it came to swords.

The Dhampir can understand where the other is coming from and it is important. Knowing the same thing over and over again does not say enemies or attackers won’t do the same thing to be readable. “I can see your point. My family might have done this before but I never have done so this will be a new experience.” The Dhampir said as he looked at the other scratching out his arms and his neck.  

He didn’t know why his eyes were locked upon the words out of all weapons he could want to learn from but he felt the same feeling as his weapon of choice which was in it’s in his suitcase but it hard for someone to find the tab to even open. “The weapon of old but the story is still being written,” Nikolas said knowing the Sword has been an old choice of weapons thought out history it’s not just in the Viking era but in many types of history around the world of war and respect within a rank of royal or a high class.

“Old as a time like I said. How old is beauty?” he asked wondering what’s its story. Listening to what the other said as the dhampir nodded. “Learning more weapons is better than knowing one. Adding the sword is still a commonly used weapon even now in days. Well not as common as a gun or anything but you know what I kinda mean.” Nikolas said looking u at the other. Listening to the other as he did what the other said to do. It is true it’s not as easy as one, two, three, there are so many more things you need to keep in mind. The dhampir didn’t think the other would see him picking up the most challenging thing out of everything he had. “By looking at you seems shocked I picked up this sword out of all things. 

Eirik nodded his head. “Not every trainer opts for this tactic with his students.” he told Nikolas. “But doing something new, is good for you. At least, you’ll learn how to be prepared in case something were to happen outside of training.” You never know when someone would attack you for whatever reason. Better keep his students updated and prepared for such things.

There was something that the Valkyr always liked about the young Dhampir. Maybe it was the wisdom Nik had for his young age. Like he could understand weapons on a deeper level, than some. Especially with that statement.  He knew Nikolas was smart. After all, the young male was a lawyer. But he also had other smarts, which would make him a good potential student. If only Nikolas would believe in himself. As Nikolas asked about how old the sword was. Eirik chuckled, smiling at his curiosity. “This particular sword is around 870 years old.” So indeed was quite old, but not as old as some of the swords he had in his life. Eirik also had younger swords at his disposal. But he always preferred older weapons. 

“I agree. The more you know, you get a bigger advantage.” The former Viking agreed, with a nod. Eirik nodded. “Daggers and bladed weapons are even more popular than guns, by statistics at least.” Most of his customers, preferred bladed weapons than guns. Swords and bows and arrows were the next popular choices after that. As Nikolas caught him out on his shock. Eirik nodded. “Most students opt for something easier during their first weapon training. You picked out the more complex and challenging weapon.” Maybe that’s why he was surprised. But it was in a good way. It showed that Nikolas was willing to learn and be challenged, by opting for something different.

Nikolas laughed a bit knowing the other does not know how he was raised in the world, "If I never had a trainer in my life." he said looking at the other. "The reason I never have done this before is that my family thought I was weak to hold my own, to protect someone." Preparing for the unknown is also better as well as knowing your surroundings. Everything he will learn from the Viking will be brand new to him but Nikolas is prepared to take up the challenge and become a stronger person. 

The Dhampir was knowledgeable, book smart he would not call himself but it does gain an appreciation for weapon throughout the years. Old to modern, like movies you can't tell but to be drawn to the old classics. Nikolas didn't want to be known to the world about being smart or that lawyer kid, he wants to gain confidence in himself in the courtroom to the field of danger. Protecting people is his first passion in life and with that choice being ripping from him without no one asking is criminal. 

He is scared of his decisions and his voice is not good enough for anyone to hear or to be counted for. Hearing the age of the sword made Nikolas look at the blade, "I believe this sword has many stories to tell due to its age. I wonder what it saw." he said. 

Knowing the enemy grants you more advantage but let your guard down and be cocky will be your downfall. "Only those who masters will be quick enough to catch a bullet if they only dream to be much of a pro," Nikolas asked, a blade is much dangerous then a gun he always wanted to see someone who trains with draggers in action. 

"Guess you can say I am a challenger," Nikolas said he knew his own weapon is one-handed just like a sword. It not that it's the same difference but it's how to your grip and moves the weapon in your hand, what muscles should be the focus, a sword like the one he is holding is an extra arm. Lose the arm in a fight is game over, that is the challenge Nikolas is willing to learn, how to balance his muscles, see the open opportunity for the strike. 


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