Promises. What exactly defines a promise?  People who barely even knew you often promised things that they couldn't give.But, the one promise Ash would never recover from, was the promise Tate made to him, to come back. Tate was Ash's father, blood or not, that was his father. Tate Dunford was a Therian who'd taken Ash under his wing from the moment Ash was born, until the moment he walked out the door, promising he'd be back. The only part of Tate that returned however was his head in a box, warning those who remained in Tate's home to leave or that would be them next. 

Ash had only been a young boy back then; and even now, at twenty five, he couldn't comprehend what'd happened back then. Only that his father, and the rest of his fathers pack had been at odds with a pack of rogue species. Those rogues took everything from Ash, and the cops covered up both Ash's fathers death, and Joseline's death .. his step mother. From that point on, Ash decided he wanted to finish school and become a forensic pathologist. Those who were called to the scene of a murder to determine the cause of death. Ash would never again allow corrupt cops to just cover someones death up as if it were that simple. 

Ash had been brought up by a bunch of mafia gang members / Therian's, and had learned to live life their way. IT was all he had ever known. Dealing drugs, womanizing, and cutting those short at the knees who crossed him. Tate's mark would forever be on Ash, and though Tate wasn't here to see Ash flourish, Ash still lived every day in Tate's name. Ash hadn't been sleeping much lately. There was something dark brewing in the city, and even though he was a human, Ash could feel it in every corner, every dark alley.. he wasn't sure what was going on, but it left him feeling unhinged. 

Rising from the comfort of his couch, Ash stumbled through the mess in his floor, and threw some clothes on, gathered his personal belongings, and headed out for the evening. Ever since the Therian's from the pack  his father ran, had sent Ash away, Ash hadn't been around anymore . He had yet to even encounter any of them here in the city except for one girl in particular that he had been tracking. Ash wanted to know her, simply because she was the only Therian he'd seen around. HE knew there were plenty more, but she intrigued him. Temptress is what he'd nicknamed her. The late nights that Ash found himself in the bar, he watched her party her nights away, and how she won over every male's attention near and far. Guys were morons though. And, Ash hadn't flocked after her the way that they had. 

Tonight however, he planned to approach her at the very least. After catching a cab, Ash headed to the bakery he had learned she worked at, and figured from there, if she agreed, that they could head to the bar, where he could win over the information he desired with a few drinks. The ride to the bakery from where Ash's apartment was, took no time. After handing the driver the money for his ride, Ash exited the cab, and walked into the bakery, waiting for her to finish waiting on the customers she had, before approaching the counter. "Can I get two of your coconut tarts, and a honey cinnamon roll please?" he asked, not wanting to come off as a stalker, so he decided he'd order in, and enjoy being a little closer to the female he was so fascinated with. He wasn't sure if she had ever noticed him popping up in a lot of the places she'd been in lately, but a lot of it happened to be coincidence. But, coincidence made Ash uneasy, and he wanted to know more. 

The one thing he'd noticed about her each and every time he saw her, even now, was that she held a certain pain behind her eyes, with a dash of a rebellious streak. Ash needed a drinking pal, hell, he needed a friend in general. He may of just been in luck, or maybe, he was pressing his luck. He'd soon figure that out. 

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Temperance had always been quite the party girl since her maturing enough to transform into her beastial form. Rebelling against the world that took her father and the innocence of her teenage years from her. Robbing what time she had with her father simply cause they entered someone's turf and tried to claim her. She rebelled and it nearly cost her, her life but in the end her father's family came to the rescue and saved her life. 

Tonight however was different instead of partying the night away like she would usually do she was working in the Bakery she owned since most wouldn't realize the twenty-six year old slip of a girl owned a successful bakery though it was named after a fairy tale which is why she loved it so, Little Red's Bakery, was her baby. So when she heard someone order she didn't question it before filling the order. "Here you go that'll be $5 even." She replied to him her cornflower blue eyes sparkling with mischief that she was known to often cause. 

"You know if you wanted my number all you had to do was ask. Oh before you deny it I can recognize you from the bar I hang at." She said in a matter fact tone. She knew this guy was following her around always popping up granted she was never cautious about such things. She couldn't really understand why he was always popping up unless he was one of her Suitors that would be. She was intrigued by him and from scent alone he was human and she had no desire to deal repercussions of a human knowing. 

Ash fished his walet from his pocket, and flopped a ten dollar bill onto the counter, smiling faintly before leaning down, and propping his elbows up onto the counter. "Keep the change Temptress" he winked, giving the first clue that he'd been watching her for quite some time now, without seeming like a stalker. Ash assumed he had been a step ahead of her, until she mentioned him getting her number. "So if I ask, that means youll give it to me then?" he questioned in a joking manner, giving her a crooked grin. 

Ash was still pretty messed up about the way he'd lost his family and everything he had ever knew back in his hometown, nd being around this girl, triggered those emotions for him, but thankfully for her, he was just a human who didn't have supernatural abilities to reflect on when anger boiled his blood and he became enraged, for Ash, the most he could do was beat the shit out of something, and hope for it to make him feel a little better. 

Ash threw his hands up in a defnesive manner, and chuckled "Hey, I wasn't going to deny anything at all, doll. I figured you'd catch on soon enough, but that's all you've done. You have no idea why you've noticed me around the places you're at as often as ive been" he expressed, and began eyeing her a little more seriously. Ash needed to tell her why he'd been watching her, otherwise, it seemed flat out fucking creepy. Ash sighed, and ran his hands through his hair, turning his jet black mane into a mess, but he didn't care right now. Frustration spun him a little, and  had his head hurting. "Ill take that number though.. or you can come join me for breakfast" he stated, giving her a more genuine smile. 

Maybe all this just summed up to Ash wanting to be around what he knew best again; Therians. A pack of Therians had raised him from a newborn up to the age of 17, and he still had yet to find his biological parents, who were apparently worthless pieces of shit, locked away behind prison bars for the dirty deeds they'd done while Ash was still in the womb. "The names Ash, Ash Dunford" he stated, and walked on over to a table, beckoning her to follow him. Perhaps he was coming off flirty, but Ash typially went for males only, and one in specific had been haunting his thoughts lately. But, he did want to get to know this girl, after all the time he had spent watching her, or watchng out for her.. he wasn't sure which it was, but after all of that time, he thought he owed it to himself to at least get to know a little about who she was beyond the party girl he'd been looking out for, from a distance. 


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