It had been over a week since Tansy ran from the pack and from him. The woman didn’t know her place and never had and this enraged him even though she wasn’t here. That anger became a physical manifestation as he slammed his fist into the wall breaking through the Sheetrock his body shaking in rage.

A frightened young beta stood in the door way and Elijah took in a deep breath relishing the scent, it was one he loved. After all there was no easier way to keep people in line other than fear, if they feared you then they would never plot against you too afraid of being found out. Those who sought to take him down always ended up six feet under. Some had come close but when in his territory no one bestest him and he ensured that in countless underhanded ways. There was only one true Alpha and that was him. “Are you going to stand there silently all night or are you going to give me news on my wife?” There was a growling undertone to his words the beta jumping in fright.

A few rounds of rock, paper, scissors had delegated the young beta to be the one to give Elijah he bad news. “So far we’ve found nothing pointing to where she may have gone but we did find this in one of the pawn shops.” Gulping down his fear the beta moved forward to drop Tansy’s wedding ring into his hand. Naturally brown eyes became over taken with red as Elijah snarled grabbing the beta by the front of the first and pulling him in.

The two were face to face just a few inches between and the beta could feel Elijah’s hot breath on his skin which made it crawl. “And is that all you have to tell me?” The beta silently continued to panic, his body trembling.

“I...we looked into all the friends Tansy used to have none of them know where she is!” The beta blurted out fearing for his life as he stared into murderous red eyes.

Elijah was so close to snapping the beta’s neck and putting him out of his misery. The beta was physically weak and weak of mind not able to even hold his tongue. “What if Destiny Chase? No, sorry Destiny Valkyrie.” Eli still wasn’t used to her name change even if the other Lycan had married years ago.

The beta gulped again knowing his answer was not going to be a welcomed one. “She’s dead Alpha, been dead for about two years.” Listening Elijah nodded before releasing the beta. It was only a matter of time before Destiny’s big mouth and inability to listen to a man would get her into trouble.

“What of her husband? The Valkyrie family never knew when to turn people away. Idiots were weak and stupid enough to protect humans.” His nose wrinkled in disgust at the very idea. No self respecting Alpha should ever put humans above themselves, Therians were a superior species, not guard pets for humans.

The feeling of terror caused the beta to scamper back before getting to his feet again. “I don’t know Elijah, the Therians in the area just said he ran. Packed what he could fit in the vehicles and headed for some place in Colorado...”

After the beta said Colorado, Elijah had stopped listening, after all nothing other than Colorado was important. There was only one safe haven in the state of Colorado that anyone would run to. It was the perfect place for a run away pack member to hide, the perfect place to blend in and try and start over. “Evermore.” The name of the city tumbled from the Alpha’s lips, “Find out everything you can about the pack in Evermore. Seems we’re going on a road trip.”

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