Kicking off the pebbles on the pavement using his feet, Hanseol kept staring out in the distance with a rueful look. Sometimes he looked as if he was constipated or in pain, other times, he looked like he was blank. It was all the side effects of not being able to find the person he wished to find so bad. Ever since that day with Sunmin, he hasn’t been able to forget about the other Celestial that had a big possibility of being his brother, if not twin, considering where the mark was located at. A Gemini twin for a Celestial? Judging from the Gemini constellation alone, he wasn’t surprised that was possible because it’s a jointed constellation, to begin with too. If everyone else had siblings; namely the Braelynd siblings and Belangers… it shouldn’t be a surprising thing to find out that he had one too, right? Only it wasn’t normal to find a sibling after spending decades alone. And most siblings fell on the same day, making them the same age as one another. 

There had been plenty of questions bombarding Hanseol’s head ever since that day. His days were quite dull and systematic so to say, he would often stay up late at nights to pinpoint the last location Sunmin may be seen at, or if he didn’t want to wallow in his sense of failure, he would stay back to work overtime while studying at the clinic. His evaluation tests would be taking place in a few weeks and he needed to ace them if he had any intentions of maintaining his position in the sector but with everything that was happening? It feels like that’s not going to happen soon. It wasn’t until two days ago that he was reminded to hit Ophelia up regarding their plans; ones that were made a while ago. He felt guilty that he had almost forgotten all about it amidst his busy schedule but made time to spend his day with her today. 

It was why he was currently waiting for the Wayfinder at the mall, having promised that he would bring her to the bowling alley later in their conversation a few months ago. Well, he intends to keep his word. As always. While waiting for the raven-haired female to make her appearance, Han mulled over his decisions over the past few weeks, to which he found himself grimacing because he had also neglected his significant other a considerable amount. Again. Running his hands over his hair, Han groaned in response to the recap he just did in his head, surely this search for one person wouldn’t be bringing a detrimental side effect to his life right now. Is it? He hated that he’s always doing that, yet Jae never said much about it which made him even guiltier because that wasn’t supposed to happen. That wasn’t how things were supposed to go down, no. 

Dressed in his windbreaker and jeans, he tucked his hands into his pockets and pressed his lips together while staring into the distance once again. At this point, the earthquake can erupt and still, he wouldn’t be bothered as much as someone should. Though he was still looking forward to spending time with Ophelia, he needed that time off too and after seeing his boyfriend sleeping soundly after a late night’s studying session, he didn’t want to interrupt whatever’s left of his blissful time in la-la land. Han made sure to sneak out without waking him up and had to bribe Byul and Yeontan so they wouldn’t bark as loud too. A part of him reminded himself to bring something back for the dhampir because bringing back gifts had been a norm for him, whether it be flowers or new journals for him to write into. Thankfully, it’s only been about 10 minutes since he sat on the bench in front of the bowling alley, waiting for Ophelia, it gave him a small duration to be thinking of what he’s been doing.

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A part of her didn’t want evenings like this to end because they always made her feel so much more in touch with the world, the wayfinder could often feel lost or like she didn’t exactly belong here but normal evenings doing things like this, it definitely made her feel more in touch. “That sounds like a nice future” she commented and smiled softly “I’m not even sure what my happy entails though” she gave a sheepish smile. There was a time in her life where she might have thought it was finding love but she wasn’t so sure about that anymore. “Everything we experience shapes the person we become, he’s learned for most of his life to figure things out alone” she squeezed Han’s shoulder gently “Be patient, no one changes overnight”.

She imagined it must be confusing for both of them, neither knowing how they were supposed to act around one another because it wasn’t like they had grown up aside one another like other siblings “You should do what you can to be there for him but don’t punish yourself for not knowing things you couldn’t have know” she pointed it out with a caring but stern voice, it wasn’t Han’s fault that he didn’t know he had a brother but she knew he was the type to blame himself. She smiled softly and nodded “Even though I know I can never meet the other stars in my line, I know they always looked out for me, I hope to look out for the next one who comes after me” she nodded, that was the legacy of the Dreyvalian line. 

She smiled, it was nice to have a friend she could just go out and do fun things with, hearing him talking about his life excitedly had definitely made her day ten times better “Sounds good, we can get one of those giant buckets of popcorn” she commented and grinned, it was little things like that which excited the Wayfinder. “Me too, if there was one wish I want to throw into the nether and put all my hopes behind, it’s that things can stay like this” she nodded a few times as she walked alongside him. When they came up towards the castle she grinned and nodded “Have a safe trip and don’t forget to eat well” she commented with a smile before they parted ways and she headed up the hill to the castle, waving back to him as she went. 


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